EU should launch own Netflix

The proposal aims to create the European equivalent of the streaming giant in order to reduce the latter's market dominance and strengthen European culture.

NAGYVILÁG English 2021. OKTÓBER 9. 12:33

Slovenia, currently holding the EU rotating presidency, has proposed launching a European streaming platform modelled on the operation of Netflix. The future “pan-European” platform would be overseen by the European Commission and EU member states, according to the document.

Slovenia argues that the European Union should consider “Europe’s digital and technological sovereignty”, which could abate the strong influence American companies have in favour of European cultural companies and organisations. The move aims to promote cultural diversity and the art of European filmmaking, while eliminating US domination. The measure would also encourage the production and distribution of films for children and teenagers “in order to provide the future generation of viewers with European content that can benefit their physical, psychological and moral development.”

Although the document does not name Netflix explicitly, the proposed operating principles described suggest that the streaming giant is the provider in question.

US-based streaming providers have more than 80 million subscribers in Europe. The popularity of the streaming giant Netflix plummeted a year ago – the number of those cancelling subscriptions going up eight-fold – after the film Cuties was released on the platform. The movie features pre-teen girls in a highly sexualised visual context and plot.