Only those vaccinated or recovered allowed in restaurants and hair salons

In light of the dire coronavirus situation, the country's federal and provincial leadership will hold an epidemiological summit on Friday.

NAGYVILÁG English 2021. NOVEMBER 5. 10:40

Authorities in Vienna and Upper Austria will introduce pre-emptive epidemiological restrictions due to a rapid rise in the number of infections and the situation in hospitals.

Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig announced on Thursday, that starting at the end of next week, only those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus or possess a valid certificate as proof of having recovered from the disease (2G rule) will be allowed to enter catering venues, partake in services involving physical contact (such as at hair salons), or attend gatherings and events of 25 people or more. In addition, authorities in the capital are launching a new vaccination programme targeting children between the ages of 5 and 12.

The situation in Austria is “very serious,” Mr Ludwig said, adding that – according to some forecasts – hospital bed occupancy will soon rise to an all-time high across the country.

Details of the new 2G regulation are being worked out. The mayor said the new rules in Vienna, which may also be introduced throughout Austria, are intended to prevent further closures.

Disease control measures will also be tightened In Upper Austria, which has been a Covid hotspot for weeks. From Monday, the 2.5G rule will apply in many areas of the state, which means that in addition to a vaccination certificate or a proof of recovery, a recently performed negative PCR test will also be required to use certain services.

The federal government and state leaders will discuss on Friday night the possible nationwide introduction of further restrictions.