V4 countries help with vaccines, ventilators, masks and medicine

Poland is helping Serbia, while Hungary is assisting Romania in grappling with the ever worsening epidemic situation.

English NAGYVILÁG 2021. OKTÓBER 28. 11:20

Hungary is sending another shipment of medical aid to Romania, Peter Szijjarto announced on social media Thursday morning. The shipment is being dispatched today, the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade stated.

“Hungary is sending 40 ventilators, 1650 non-invasive ventilation masks and 3000 boxes of favipiravir tablets to 20 hospitals primarily in Transylvania, Romania, in order to help the country grapple with the pandemic successfully,” the foreign minister said, adding that the pandemic knows no borders, therefore successful epidemic management in neighbouring countries greatly contributes to the success of epidemic management in Hungary.

In Romania, due to low vaccination rates, the current surge in the pandemic is extremely severe, and many hospitals are overwhelmed. Consultations on the assistance needed are ongoing between the governments of the two countries, including ethnic Hungarian members from the Romanian cabinet, such as Deputy Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor and Deputy Health Minister Attila Cseke.

Poland, another V4 country, is also providing help outside its borders during the fourth wave. The Polish government is shipping 200 thousand doses of Moderna vaccine to Serbia, which will then have five vaccine types available in the country. “Based on the traditionally friendly and close relations between the two countries, the Polish government has decided to transfer 200 thousand doses of vaccine free of charge to Serbia so that the mass rollout of the vaccine can continue smoothly,” the vajma.info portal reported, quoting the Serb government’s statement.



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