Gyurcsany remains proud of his "speech of lies"

Exactly 15 years ago today, former Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany's infamous "speech of lies", which was delivered behind closed doors in Balatonoszod, was leaked to the public. On the occasion of the anniversary, a video resurfaced on the internet in which Gyurcsany, the current leader of the Hungarian left-wing, is shown addressing an audience under the banners of his new party and referring to his scandalous speech that triggered clashes nationwide as one marking the beginning of a new era.

POLITIKA English 2021. SZEPTEMBER 17. 13:48

“He even lies about his lies,” Mate Kocsis, parliamentary group leader of Hungary’s majority governing party, posted about Ferenc Gyurcsany on social media to “mark” the anniversary of the day when the so-called Oszod speech was disclosed to the public. The Fidesz politician also shared a video, in which the former prime minister and now leader of the entire left, tries to portray his speech of lies as a motivational talk under his Democratic Coalition party (DK) banner.

In the video the former premier, whose words 15 years ago sparked demonstrations suppressed by violent police brutality, once again referred to Hungary as a “f***ing country”. He stated,

“Damn it, if there exists a change of era, that began in Oszod!”

“Why should I be ashamed?” Mr Gyurcsany put the rhetorical question to his audience, then concluded his speech with the less than modest remark that he was born “to make it better.”