Viktor Orban names the ministers of his fifth government

Viktor Orban names the ministers of his fifth government

Following the formal request of the President of the Republic, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban held consultations on forming a new government and reached an agreement with the ministers of his future government on their joint work for the next four years, the PM's press chief told the Hungarian state news agency (MTI) on Friday.

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Bertalan Havasi recalled that in earlier statements, Viktor Orban pointed out that

we have a decade of perils ahead of us, there is war, there are rising prices across Europe, there are signs of a serious European energy crisis, EU economies are facing hardships and we have yet to leave the era of epidemics behind.

Quoting the words of Viktor Orban, the head of the Prime Minister’s Press Office said that on 3 April, people made a clear decision and expect the country’s leaders to protect them from these dangers, as well as to protect Hungary.

“We must stay out of the war and seek responses to the challenges of the economic crisis unfolding in Europe that will ensure that Hungary is able to preserve the results the country has achieved. Hungary needs a government capable of providing the right answers to the challenges the country faces. Viktor Orban has designed the structure of the government in line with this logic, and has chosen the people leading the government on this basis,” the press chief said.

List of ministers and portfolios:

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for national policy, church affairs and ethnicities: Zsolt Semjen
Minister of Agriculture: Istvan Nagy
Minister of Interior: Sandor Pinter
Construction and Investment Ministry: Janos Lazar
Minister of Defence: Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky
Minister of Justice: Judit Varga
Minister of Culture and Innovation: Janos Csak
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Peter Szijjarto
Minister heading the Cabinet Office: Antal Rogan
Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office: Gergely Gulyas
Minister of Finance: Mihaly Varga
Minister of Technology and Industry: Laszlo Palkovics
Minister of Economic Development: Marton Nagy
Minister of Regional Development and Utilization of EU Funds: Tibor Navracsics