Disinformation spread about ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia

The fake news is about holding an alleged referendum and the secession of the western part of Ukraine.

English NAGYVILÁG 2022. FEBRUÁR 25. 16:52

It’s an unfounded lie, let’s call it what it is: disinformation appeared today about ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia – writes the Hungarian PM’s State Secretary for International Communication and Relations in a Facebook post today.

According to Zoltan Kovacs, some Russian-language media outlets citing Ukrainian sources reported that the ethnic minorities living in Transcarpathia are planning to hold a referendum on seceding from Ukraine. In addition, according to the fake news, the Hungarians of Transcarpathia have asked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to protect them from genocide, the politician continues, making clear that these lies have been refuted by the competent Ukrainian authorities themselves.

The state secretary emphasized that the war in Ukraine was “the worst-case scenario” and that it was in the interest of the people of Hungary and the region to “restore peace as soon as possible”.

We are constantly monitoring the developments and will not allow Hungary to be drifted into the war, Mr Kovacs writes in conclusion of his post.

In the western parts of Ukraine called Transcarpathia, adjacent to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and, to a lesser extent, Poland, there are about 150,000 Hungarian-speaking people.




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