LGBTQ propaganda camouflaged as storybook

LGBTQ propaganda camouflaged as storybook

The publication presented in the form of a storybook for young ones has no story line or protagonist, it's pure LGBTQ propaganda. The authors make no attempt to conceal or disguise that their sole goal is to sensitise children with a focus on rainbow families, rather than the traditional family model.

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The propaganda publication in the format of a storybook – „Love Makes a Family” – is illustrated with drawings of rainbow families to show what the authors believe it means to love and accept each other. The book’s front cover features a gay and a lesbian couple playing with their kids, as well as a wide range of rainbow families on the later pages, all intended for young ones.







Beyond that, the collection of propaganda poster drawings published in the form of a storybook teaches nothing to children.

It does not teach kids about numbers or colours, there is no story line, not even a protagonist. The picture book is purely a collection of LGBTQ propaganda

with the sole aim of making young preschoolers unsure of themselves.

Interestingly, the board book portrays a family with a father, a mother and children only once. It’s a Muslim family strolling in the zoo. Apparently, the authors thought it was important to enhance the book’s diversity with a Muslim family, but they shied away from depicting them as a non-traditional family.

On the back of the book, it is clearly and openly explained that in the authors’ view, a family is made up of a group of loving beings, regardless of traditions or biological features. Their message to children says: „Whether you have one parent, two moms, two dads, a mom and a dad, or another wonderful caregiver, there’s one thing that makes every family a family… and that’s love!”

The book targets children at an age when storybooks are one of their primary learning resources. Psychology Today points out that parents reading aloud to their children expose them to a range of words and stories that may not be part of their normal everyday experience, and that it helps them develop and grasp concepts.




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