Many places require a PCR test along with vaccination certificate

In a matter of days, nationwide lockdowns could be imposed on the unvaccinated – the first country in the world to do so.

NAGYVILÁG English 2021. NOVEMBER 14. 11:10

Vienna has imposed further restrictions: Mayor Michael Ludwig (Social Democratic Party SPO) announced on Friday that at nighttime catering establishments and at events of over 25 persons the “2G plus” measure will be in effect, meaning that those having a vaccination certificate also have to present a negative PCR test result not older than 48 hours. The vaccination rollout is also being stepped up with the third jab being made available as early as four months after the second dose, instead of the current six months.

The Austrian chancellor has no good news for the unvaccinated, announcing a few days ago that they will have neither a merry Christmas nor a nice winter; if the current situation continues, lockdowns are likely to be inevitable for them. However, Alexander Schallenberg ruled out lockdown measures as a restriction for the vaccinated.

As he put it, why should two thirds of the population be restricted just because one third are reluctant to get vaccinated. He pointed out that under the epidemic plan adopted earlier by the federal and state government leaders, it is a matter of days before lockdowns will be imposed on the unvaccinated, adding that he hopes the “threat” of lockdown will have an impact on the willingness to vaccinate. In Austria, talk of making vaccination mandatory for certain occupations is also on the table.