PM Orban: We always stand on the Hungarian side of history

Prime Minister Viktor Orban received members of the Diaspora Council, whom he thanked for their organisations effectively and bravely standing up for Hungary, even recently, in international debates the world over, Bertalan Havasi, the prime minister’s press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

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According to Mr Orban, the situation of Hungarian communities around the world has not become any easier since the last meeting of the Diaspora Council, and now there is a war under way.

It is not easy to stand one’s ground and to pursue a rational policy. Brussels is also putting pressure on us and in the meantime, an economic recession is unfolding before our eyes,

he said.

In the European Union, in his view, the most likely scenario is that only the countries of Central Europe will be able to stay out of this recession. Recession avoidance is Hungary’s goal, and there is a realistic chance of achieving it if the government successfully completes the job of crisis management.

Today, we have more allies, more friends in international politics than before, Mr Orban said referring to the results of the elections held in Italy and Israel, as well as the midterms in the United States.

We are a global nation and every voice which counters the many unfounded, negative opinions being spread about our country by our political opponents is important in the international clamour of battle, Mr Orban said at the reception.

We stand on the Hungarian side of history and will remain there. We stand up for Hungarian interests, and this is how we perform the task of nation-building. We continue to request the valuable contribution of the Diaspora Council in this endeavour and are grateful for their work,

the prime minister stated.



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