Are the dealings of the two-faced MEP being investigated in Brussels?

After further details of the scandal involving the Hungarian MEP were revealed, V4NA turned to Brussels to find out if an investigation was underway into the Momentum Party representative Katalin Cseh's EU tenders.

English POLITIKA 2021. JÚLIUS 29. 17:10

A series of details came to light last week regarding the corruption scandal of an MEP of Hungary’s liberal Momentum party. Katalin Cseh, Vice-Chair of the EP Renew Europe Group, was the managing director of Pannonia Nyomda Kft (Pannonia Printing Ltd) for five years. As it turned out, the company founded by her father and the network of affiliated companies

has won more than 3 million euros in EU funding in recent years,

while the politician and her party’s domestic campaigning have been primarily built on the rhetoric that exclusively government-friendly companies can win such tenders.

It also came to light that the company managed by Katalin Cseh applied for EU funding with a project that aimed to promote Budapest’s bid to host the Olympics, while Cseh as a politician kept collecting signatures against holding the Olympics in Budapest.

Moreover, the firm presented an already existing technology as an entirely new one in the application in order to receive EU funding. The company also established new premises since the firm was not eligible to submit an application with its premises registered earlier in Budapest.

Az üggyel kapcsolatban levélben fordultunk az Európai Bizottság átláthatóságért és értékekért felelős alelnökéhez, Vera Jourovához, valamint az Európai Ügyészséghez, hogy milyen vizsgálatot indítottak az ügyben, hiszen jelen esetben uniós támogatásokról is szó van.

V4NA has contacted the European Commission Vice-President for Transparency and Values Vera Jourova, and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to inquire what investigation has been launched into this matter since EU funding is also involved.




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