PM Orban talks with NATO Secretary General in person

In a video message posted on his social media, the Hungarian prime minister reported on his talks with Jens Stoltenberg and on the NATO summit.

English POLITIKA 2022. FEBRUÁR 26. 10:46

As V4NA have reported, the Hungarian premier was the only head of state or government of NATO countries to personally attend the alliance’s extraordinary summit in Brussels on Friday. At NATO Headquarters, the Hungarian PM also held talks with Jens Stoltenberg, the organisation’s Secretary General.

“I explained and made clear that Hungary is a country in a difficult situation: We have a hundred and thirty-some kilometres of border with Ukraine. Hungary’s security must be guaranteed in this situation, as well, as it is the most important,”

Mr Orban underlined, adding that

“I have made it clear that Hungary will not participate in this war, and will not allow itself to be drawn into it. However, we will provide appropriate care for refugees arriving in Hungary,”

PM Orban concluded his video message.



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