Pre-schoolers sensitised during learning names of colours

Pre-schoolers sensitised during learning names of colours

The gender lobby has plans to influence children even during one of the most basic learning processes. They would teach colours to kids in a way that would prevent them from attributing traditional beliefs to them.

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The board book teaches young children about colours, but exclusively through the colours of the Pride flag.It also strives to dismantle stereotypes associated with colours, something that is also reflected in the title – ‘Pink is for boys’ – of the book.

According to an article published on Psychology Today, colours are of paramount importance in terms of children’s development. They are crucial during the early development of the brain and preschool children are also particularly sensitive to colours. So the gender lobby is clearly trying to influence children even during the most basic learning process by portraying simple things like colours in a non-traditional way.

The book features boys in pictures associated with traditionally „girlish” colours, and vice versa. Some images present situations in which traditional gender roles are reversed.

On several occasions the book features a character whose gender cannot be determined, i.e. it has a non-binary character.

At the end of the book, we see all the characters marching hand-in hand-under a rainbow and the caption says: “And all the colors are for everyone.”

As we wrote earlier, it is not the first attempt to indoctrinate children with ideas of inclusion through the Pride flag. The Nickelodeon children’s channel produced a video for Pride month featuring popular drag queen and leftist activist Nina West, who performed a song to kids on Pride and the rainbow flag.

The Pride Song walks its viewers through the meaning of the colours featured in the gay pride flag. The video was aired in the form of an ad on the Nickelodeon channel and it was also made available online.



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