Drug addict attacks woman – video

Although – as promised by the mayor – the drug addicts were cleared from the park which they had occupied for more than a month, the dangerous figures are still very much present in the surrounding area. One individual on drugs insulted a woman, prompting a demonstration outside the town hall by residents.

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For weeks, residents in the 19th district of Paris have been living in fear because city leaders decided to open up the public park of Jardin d’Eole for several hundred drug addicts in an attempt to clear the neighbourhood around Stalingrad metro station. The lives of residents living around the park have become hellish ever since. A couple of days ago a woman under the influence of drugs assaulted a toddler. Drug addicts gathered on the football pitch in the park to shoot each other up with syringes. A local resident complained that police officers are not patrolling the area and violence has become a daily occurrence.

In an interview with LCI, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo pledged to remove the drug addicts from the park by 30 June. She delivered on her promise; the druggies are loitering everywhere else in the area, except for the park.


Residents say the situation has grown even worse than before, and is now intolerable.



The park has been cleared, but with drug junkies now taking their daily dose at the entrance and on the streets, resident fear being attacked when they go home late at night.


The alarm and fear of locals is not unfounded, especially considering how they are being treated by the intruders. One of them insulted a woman riding a bike on the street, blocking her way and demanding her mobile phone. When she refused to hand it over, he spat her in the face. The incident happened in broad daylight and was recorded on video.


Residents say that the situation is intolerable and are organising a demonstration in front of the town hall on 6 July, because in their view Ms Hidalgo and the police are not solving the problem, merely moving it. They are confident that there will be a big turnout, from the entire capital and not only from the district concerned.






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