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PM Morawiecki: My family and I will be vaccinated in due course

Let's give ourselves a chance at normalcy, let's get vaccinated. My family and I will receive the jab when it is our turn, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday.

Politico propagandists have difficulty tolerating other views

Tensions were running high at the editorial board of the US Politico newspaper, as staffers found it difficult to accept that Politico's newsletter was complied by Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentator-journalist.

Twitter CEO talks Trump ban on leaked video

"This is going to be much bigger than just one account," Twitter' CEO Jack Dorsey is heard saying in a recording obtained by Project Veritas.

Nationwide curfew to begin at 6, as part of new restrictions

The prime minister has announced a countrywide curfew starting on Saturday: people must stay indoors from 6 pm every day. The government will strengthen border controls and tighten the general health protocols that apply in schools.

Radical Islamists expand their cobweb

Radicalised Islamist terrorists are pushing ahead relentlessly in both the country's schools and workplaces, and their representatives are present nearly everywhere. Their increasingly violent actions often lead to tragedies.

Attorney would take away Republicans' children and put them in re-education camps

A former PBS employee said he would send the children of Republican voters to re-education camps. He also said that "Trump is close to Hitler." He shared his views before the presidential elections took place in November, unaware of being recorded on camera.

Migrant minors repeatedly break into restaurant - video

A gang of youths has broken into the same restaurant eight times. Unaccompanied migrant minors pose a growing problem around the country. In the capital,...

Capitol Building rioters organised on Twitter

While the 'conservative' Parler platform was blamed for Capitol riots and incitement to violence, it has turned out that most demonstrators organised on Twitter. Meanwhile, divisions growing deeper, with some envisioning a split of the US into two.

Anti-Semitic food runner to be deported

An Algerian man who refused service to Jewish clients recently was arrested and is to be expelled from the country due to problems with his documents.

Minister diverts attention from Muslims, saying Evangelicals request virginity certificates

In a political TV show, the minister in charge of citizenship stated that virginity tests are demanded by Evangelical families. The religious group disagrees with the statement....

The doctor who kept fetal remains

The abortion doctor stored over two thousand medically preserved fetal remains in boxes, but authorities will likely never find out about the backgound of the horrific scene.

Government to place minor migrants at families

One of the departements is planning to resolve the problem of overcrowded reception centres by placing unaccompanied minor migrants at volunteering host families,...

Greece: Enough of migration!

Greeks have emphatically rejected any additional expansion of the country's existing migrant camps, a plan proposed by the government to accommodate newly arrived migrants....

Style Guide shows trans ideologues how to write about women

Articles regarding women's issues should clearly refer to women as women and stick to pronouns that reflect the biological sex of transgender persons. These are just two of the basic principles in a style guide produced by an organisation that felt the need to clarify these issues.

Antifa seeks to ban conservative journalist's book on them

Antifa wants to ban a book that has not even been published yet. All this comes as little surprise, because the book discusses the movement and its struggle to destroy democracy.

BLM now under Soros's influence

Back in 1983, a group of communists exploded a bomb in the US Capitol Building. One of the emblematic figures involved was Susan Rosenberg, who shows a great deal of activity today around the Black Lives Matter movement. According to official documents, BLM has come under the influence of an organisation sponsored by US stock market speculator George Soros.

School closes after teachers receive death threats

An entire institution was forced to close down after its teachers had received messages featuring pornographic and jihadi content, as well as death threats....

Food runner refuses to serve Jews

The man refused work, saying point-blank that he would not be serving Jews. There have been similar incidents in two separate restaurants, with many deciding to report the case to the authorities.

Rural crime hit a record high last year

Some departements have witnessed a 20-per-cent increase in violent crime since last year. According to figures published by the interior ministry, nearly 20 gendarmes were attacked across the country each day in 2020.

Companies the new target of Islamist terrorism?

Workplaces have no tools at their disposal to spot or identify radicalised employees. Companies are vulnerable in this regard, which makes them a potential target for Islamist terrorists.

Conservative voices to be silenced

Parler, a conservative social media platform, became virtually inaccessible, allegedly because its users have engaged in inciting violence. Tech giants, however, appear to be eerily unperturbed by users sharing photos of Donald Trump's severed head, covered in blood.

Many Belgians consume disinfectants during pandemic

Shocking new statistics released by the Belgian Anti-Poison Centre reveal that they received a record number of calls during the pandemic. It also turned out that keeping disinfectants has backfired in several households.

Soros's son is alarmed

Alexander Soros, the son of the US stock market speculator George Soros, commented on the rioting on Capitol Hill in a lengthy post on Twitter. Back in time a bit,...

Christmas tree has no place in Muslim district, Vienna migrants say

Videos recorded by police have revealed additional details about migrants wreaking havoc in Vienna on New Year's Eve.

Weather phenomena to be named after migrants

It is common practice for meteorologists to give names to certain weather phenomena, for instance to hurricanes. In Germany, cyclones will be given names that are typically used by immigrants,...

Children's show features man with giant penis

In the cartoon designed for children aged four, the hero solves problems with his over-sized penis. Many are outraged by the programme, but others find it perfectly acceptable.

Grammy nominations declined on grounds of all white list

The three acts were nominated for the prestigious award in the best children’s album category.

European Medicines Agency approves Moderna's vaccine

On Wedesday, the EU's Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended granting a conditional marketing authorisation for US pharmaceutical company Moderna's anti-Covid vaccine.

Sleeping Beauty becomes sleep disorder specialist as Berlin Senate wants non-discriminatory tales

To replace classic tales that are viewed "discriminatory, racist or sexist", a guide partly financed by the Berlin senate suggests stories where Little Red Riding Hood ends up finding happiness as an animal rights activist, and where Sleeping Beauty becomes an expert who treats sleeping disorders.

To say that coronavirus vaccine was developed using Hungarian minds is no exaggeration

Most of the scientists doing the research into a vaccine against the coronavirus are Hungarian, "so it's only a bit of a stretch to say that this is a Hungarian vaccine developed with American money and Hungarian minds,...

Atheists rattled by children's show discussing God

Apparently, a TV show about vegetables has many atheist parents outraged. One parent described the show as an "insidious mind virus", while another seems to have noticed "the subtle Christian brainwashing" to which he has not paid heed before.

PM Orban on kosher slaughter ban: Europe must guarantee religious freedom and protect its Judeo-Christian heritage

A ruling in December by the European Court of Justice upholding a ban on kosher ritual slaughter is an attack against religious freedom, Judeo-Christian heritage and the Jewish communities living in Europe, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban wrote in a letter addressed to Jichak Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem, the head of the Prime Minister's Press Office told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Tuesday.

Vice president's fascinating childhood story already told in 1965

Vice president-elect Kamala Harris shared an inspiring childhood story in a recent interview with ELLE magazine. It soon turned out that her recollection bears a striking resemblance to a story already told by Martin Luther King.

Abortion, the leading cause of death in 2020

In 2020, abortion was the single largest cause of death. It ended the lives of over 42 million unborn babies, far exceeding cancer or coronavirus-related deaths.

Migrants reject reception centre after luxury hotel

A group of illegal migrants has been transported to a refugee center in Thebes, central Greece. The migrants, however, refused to set foot in the centre and demanded to be taken to a luxury hotel where some of them have been provided accommodation before.

Criminal rapper praised by state TV may be linked to kidnapping

Many complained when state TV broadcast an interview with a rapper boasting a heavy criminal background. It turned out recently that he may have been involved in a brutal kidnapping incident last year, which eventually led to his arrest on New Year’s Eve.

Driver films attack on police in broad daylight

One teenager dies in a shootout, a man gets beaten to death with baseball bats and police officers suffer another vicious attack. France witnessed yet another weekend full of violence.

Amen and awoman, opening prayer by a Democrat

Besides the usual amen, the Democrat congressman also added "awoman" at the end of his opening prayer to furnish a more enlightened conclusion. This woke gesture, however, only served as proof of his utter ignorance, because the term amen at the end of prayers means "so be it", and has nothing to do with men.

Life is a gift, euthanasia is failure

"Life is a gift, euthanasia is failure," Archbishop Juan José Omella, president of the Episcopal Conference of Spain said, reacting to a law on regulating active euthanasia that was adopted by the Spanish parliament on Thursday.

Burning cars and confiscated Molotov cocktails on New Year's Eve

Cars were set on fire by thugs on New Year’s Eve and young people equipped with Molotov cocktails were detained by police.

Andrzej Duda: We Poles have shown what is best in us

We, the Poles, have demonstrated incredible determination and sacrifice. We have shown our best traits: solidarity, kindness, readiness to cooperate, understanding, Polish President Andrzej Doda said in his New Year's Eve address to the nation. The head of state thanked Polish people for all that.

Let us be grateful in 2021!

Instead of the usual New Year's resolutions, "let's make one serious decision now": to be grateful in 2021 "for the lives we could save" and for the "touching moments in which we could help each other,...

Hungarian public media awards biochemist

Hungarian biochemist Katalin Kariko is the winner of the inaugural Public Media's Person of the Year Award in Hungary. Her work was crucial in the development of one of the vaccines against COVID-19.

Croatia to hold national day of mourning on Saturday

Croatia's government will hold a national day of mourning on 2 January to honour the victims of the earthquake, Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic has said....

News sites stage blackout to protest Google censorship

Five of Sweden's largest alternative media outlets have organised a daily blackout to protest against Google's censorship. They called on the government to protect freedom of speech and opinion from digital censorship after YouTube had removed SwebbTV,...

George Clooney can be bought

Recent press reports suggesting that Italy's state-owned national broadcaster (RAI) has paid over 150,000 euros to American actor George Clooney to appear on one of its talk shows have provoked a general outcry....

How gender ideology has expanded in 2020

Tales promoting gender ideology, transitioning children, gender neutral pronouns and individuals referred to as members of the otherkin community have all been a part of 2020. Gender ideology is gaining ground and receiving a growing attention. If, however, someone tries to express opposing views, they will face efforts to undermine and discredit them.

New social media without censorship

Reacting to Facebook's constant and unjustified censorship, a new social media site was launched in Hungary. Responding to a question by the Magyar Nemzet newspaper, Hundub's founder emphasized that freedom of speech and opinion are basic principles on the site, which will offer its users a number of new features, compared to the usual functions of the traditional social media platforms.

Hungary Helps Program has provided support to more than hundred thousand people

In the past almost four years, the Hungary Helps Program has helped more than a hundred thousand people, the Hungarian Secretary of State responsible for helping persecuted Christians and implementing the Hungary Helps Program told the state media....

UK and Spain express their gratitude to Poland

The British deputy foreign secretary has thanked Poland for providing help in testing the more than ten thousand truck drivers stuck at Dover. Spain and Portugal also expressed their gratitude for Poland's contribution.

Jihadis massacred people, set fire to churches and kidnapped priest at Christmas

Several people died in Nigeria at Christmas when the Islamist organization Boko Haram attacked a number of villages, mostly inhabited by Christians. Jihadists also set fire to two churches and a hospital, and stole food and medical equipment.

Christmas brings back strict corona restrictions

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz expects a third corona wave and a further increase in infection numbers in the first half of next year, he told ORF,...

Schoolboy wants Gazprom shares from Putin for Christmas

The Kreml was highly appreciative of the Kyrgyz schoolboy's letter addressed to Vladimir Putin.

Situation in Dover disgraceful, Polish doctors help

"I haven't showered in five days" and "I'm driving my pregnant wife home" are just some of the remarks made by the more than ten thousand lorry drivers who are still being tested at Dover....

Communist government encourages people to eat rodents

Guinea pig specialities have recently been the main topic of a cooking show aired in Cuba. This is not the first time the Communist government has resorted to unusual means to battle famine.

PM Orban sends Christmas greetings with grandchild

The Hungarian prime minister has shared his message on Facebook.

Migrants refuse Covid testing to avoid deportation

Migrants facing deportation have found a legal loophole to stay in the European country where, according to the laws, no one can be forced to take a Covid test.

PM Orban: We've entered decisive phase of battle, the first vaccine doses will arrive in three days

Hungary will receive its first shipment of the coronavirus vaccine in three days, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his Facebook video after a meeting of the Operative Board coordinating Hungary’s pandemic response.

Technical and legal border barrier works

Soldiers and police will continue to protect the border even during the holidays and Hungary will carry on with its current migration policy next year, the Hungarian prime minister's top domestic security adviser emphasized on Wednesday.

Cop killer found dead

The enraged, crazy man was found dead," French interior minister wrote on social media. Gerald Darmanin added that he will travel to the scene where a gunman killed three officers - called to a domestic violence incident - shorty after Tuesday midnight.

Cancel culture extremely damaging in universities

Free speech is severely restricted in many universites, a recent research suggests. The situation is so dire that state legislation may be required to stop censorship.

Vaccination of health workers starts on 27 December

The vaccination of health workers in Hungary will begin on 27 December. The arrival from the EU of 5,500 doses of vaccine looks certain at this point, with additional shipments to follow in the coming days, the Hungarian prime minister's office chief told an online press briefing on Tuesday.

Vatican: vaccines using cell lines from aborted fetuses morally acceptable

A statement issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) says it is ethical for Roman Catholics to receive coronavirus vaccines that have been developed using cell lines from aborted fetuses.

600 thousand vaccine doses to arrive by early January

Poland will receive 300 thousand doses of anti-coronavirus vaccine at the end of December and an additional 300 thousand doses in early January, Chancellery Chief Michal Dworczyk said.

Black votes should count twice

A professor has recently published an article under the auspices of the BLM movement, arguing that the votes of black Americans should count twice.

Don't wash your hair to protect the environment

Hot showers produce a lot of CO2 emissions so people should use dry sampoo instead of washing their hair, according to a recent ad by a dry shampoo manufacturer, whose message will likely conquer the hearts and minds of today's climate crusaders.

PM Orban: Pandemic preparedness likely to remain throughout all of 2021

As things currently stand, we need to get ready that we will likely have to maintain the country's pandemic preparedness thoughout all of 2021, PM Viktor Orban said in the Carmelite Monastery in Budapest on Monday morning, after presenting leaders of the National Hospital Directorate with their instruments of appointment.

BLM crashes charity fundraiser for children with cancer

The cancer fundraiser for sick children was interrupted by BLM activists, who found a way to steal the event with a protest and direct attention to themselves.

Russian Orthodox Metropolitan outraged by Biden's words

In a recent television show, Russian Metropolitan Hilarion recalled Joe Biden's comments during the campaign, suggesting that eight-year-old children can decide if they are transgender, and are able to make a decision regarding their gender change. People who propagate such ideas should "be locked up", the bishop said.

Senegalese migrant beats ticket inspectors

Ticket inspectors have suffered another attack by a migrant in the Milan Metro.

Left-wing party describes Holy Family as 'migrants'

Poland's centre-left Spring (Wiosna) political party commemorated International Migrants Day with the image of the Holy Family. Christianity has recently become the target of an increasing number of attacks in Poland.

According to UEFA's logic, BLM movement is racist

UEFA has launched an investigation into a term used during a football match. The word uttered also appears in the name of a prominent anti-racism movement,...

Strangers set ablaze Christmas tree purposely

Many called it a childish and utterly useless act when strangers deliberately set fire to a Christmas tree displayed on the main city square in a “vulnerable” district.

Dictionary tells us which words not to use

An on-line dictionary has decided to seize the initiative and make a compilation of words and expressions to be avoided, claiming they are offensive to others. Among others, the terms 'ninja' or 'hysterical' made the list of undesirable words.

Another attempt at abolishing families

A journalist finds it horrible that parents restrict their children in certain things. He says parents are downright tyrants and members of the oppressing class along with white and rich individuals.

Verdict delivered in historic Charlie Hebdo trial

A three-month series of lawsuits and trials preceded the verdict locking up main defendants for decades.

French fishermen threaten UK blockade if unable to use British waters

French fishermen would ban British products from the French ports if they would be banned from fishing in British waters after Brexit. On Sunday, it was announced that the British Government will use the Royal Navy to keep EU vessels out,...

Cartoon Network teaches gender pronouns

A children's television channel has created educational cartoons showing characters discussing gender pronouns and sexuality. The cartoon features characters with a neutral gender identity.

Facebook restricts access to minister's account

Facebook has restricted access to an election-related post written by the justice minister, allowing far fewer people to read the entry. The politician now expects an answer as to why access to her post was restricted, and why she was not notified in advance.

Machine guns now a part of Christmas in Sweden

Armed officers will also be among Stockholm's Christmas sights this year as the city braces for a possible terrorist attack. Authorities have already built several barriers to prevent a car attack,...

Fake Greta

As lies by the climate crusader are frequently exposed, it's becoming increasingly clear that her environmental concerns are merely part of a well-organised marketing campaign.

Country marred by ongoing culture war

While those speaking out against radical Islamism are threatened and even murdered, an activist promoting systemic anti-police propaganda on the opposing end of the political spectrum has been awarded. According to a renowned essayist, there's an ongoing ideological and generational war against the country.

Activist decorates Christmas tree with tool used for abortions

An employee at an abortion clinic has proudly tweeted a photo of his decorated Christmas tree. The tree topper was a pair of forceps used for abortion procedures.

Andrzej Duda: I want the vaccination process to run smoothly

I want the vaccination process to run smoothly, and the decisions made should be accurate, effective, and met with understanding, said Polish President Andrzej Duda,...

Locals furious after migrants beat young man

Tension between locals and migrants are running high in the Canary Islands. This year saw the arrival of at least 17,000 migrants by the end of November, and most have been accommodated in hotels. They have become increasingly confrontational with locals and their presence in large numbers is also a threat to tourism, already hit hard by the current health crisis.

Biden turns his back on BLM

Joe Biden has discussed racial equality with civil rights leaders without inviting anyone to represent the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM activists were outraged, stressing that their exclusion from the meeting - after helping Biden to power - is unacceptable.

Homosexuals risk three years in prison

International advocacy organisations have called on Uzbekistan to stop prosecuting homosexuals.

Schools force teachers to take white privilege training

A school district is forcing teachers to participate in trainings where they are taught about their "white privilege". The aim is to make them even more aware of their unconscious bias.

Greta Thunberg's hypocrisy exposed

The climate crusader who regularly speaks out against deforestation has become editor-in-chief for a day at a newspaper printed in hundreds of thousands of copies each day. Apparently, Greta only stikes a critical tone when she is not affected.

Radical left-wing activist named Guardian of the Year

The activist, selected to be one of TIME magazine's Guardians of the Year, has mobilised thousands of people amidst the coronavirus pandemic to protest against police violence and racism,...

Former player compares black footballers to slaves

In a press interview a former player has compared the fate of black footballers to those of slaves who used to run from their masters on the plantations....

Conservative voters receive vicious threats

Some radicals make only verbal threats, while others commit acts of violence. Unknown perpetrators have recenty thown explosives in a house; the owner believes he got attacked for supporting Trump.

PM Orban: We have trust in the overwhelming power of faith and unity

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has greeted members of the Hungarian Jewish community in a letter on the occasion of Hanukkah, wishing peaceful celebrations despite the epidemic situation, press chief of the Prime Minister's Office Bertalan Havasi told Hungarian state news agency MTI.

Departement reports several Islamist threats and attacks

Seven priests have received Islamist threat letters complete with "Allahu Akbar." Days later a radicalized 20-year-old attacked and injured two police officers with a knife - all in the same departement.

Still void of the madness

A university, standing behind its principles and values and refusing to bow to the insanity of gender ideology, considers their take refreshing. Admissions campaign: although their students are not scientists, they know science and that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

Bill on separatism before the Council of Ministers

The new bill, presented by the prime minister, contains 54 articles regarding the practice of the Muslim religion, home schooling, forced marriages, online incitement to hatred and the protection of civil servants....

Migrants know which NGO to contact after arriving in Greece

A Norwegian NGO, which claims that people reaching the Greek islands on boats are not "illegal immigrants", communicates with them on WhatsApp and Facebook,...

The fears of George Soros - Part III

Soros is making arrangements to avoid his biggest fear, that his image will sink into oblivion. In a bid to strenghten his personal cult, he wants to maintain the 'Soros myth' through his organisations as long as he can.

Media coverage full of victims of colour of alleged police violence

While white victims of terrorist attacks are soon forgotten, the media continues to echo the names of people of colour who died or suffered injuries while resisting police,...

President's message on son's health gets censored

Censorship on social media has reached a new level. It appears that US President Donald Trump cannot share a simple post without it being flagged, even if his message is not about the election.

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