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UK adds Slovakia to red list

Slovakia and other European countries have been added to the UK government's travel quarantine list, according to Sky News.

Austria and Germany impose restrictions, Belgium eases them despite worsening numbers

As the number of coronavirus infections is on the rise, Bavaria and Austria have introduced further restrictions. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced new precautionary measures,...

Officer defends violent criminal

After a news site had published an article about a convicted criminal along with his photo, a female officer approached the portal’s journalist and asked for the removal of the photo, saying it has a negative impact on the delinquent. She also said that Ali, the convicted felon, had already changed and regrets his actions.

Muslim first names dominate in 2019

According to data made available by the central statistical office, the proportion of Muslim names given to children born last year is over 21 per cent nationwide....

"Poland never had any LGBT-free zones"

In a recent interview with V4NA, Ordo Iuris Vice President Tymoteusz Zych provided a detailed rebuttal of the fake news first commented on by the European Commission chief and then by US presidential candidate Joe Biden. Poles aren't haters but they do reject the ideology which they can distinguish from actual people, the expert said.

School assistant fired for opposing gender fluidity seeks damages

When a Christian teaching assistant raised concerns over her school's plans to teach pupils LGBT lessons, it ultimately led to her dismissal. She now seeks damages at an employment tribunal,...

Charlie Hebdo chief forced to leave home because of threats

After receiving credible death threats Marika Bret, Charlie Hebdo's HR chief, was forced to vacate her home at short notice. Ms Bret, who has been living under police protection since the 2015 terrorist attack, decided to draw attention to the severity of her situation.

"Czech Soros" invests in foreign media company

Hungary's Telex news portal has announced on Facebook that it would soon receive a grant of 200,000 euros from the Czech Republic for its launch. The donation was offered by Economia, a publishing company owned by Zdenek Bakala, which also runs several Czech newspapers. Bakala is often referred to as the "Czech Soros", as both support the same NGO.

Half of coronavirus patients in hospital are illegal migrants

The number of newly registered coronavirus infections reached a record high on Monday and, although a significant proportion of those infected are asymptomatic, many of them are illegal migrants. As the situation worsens, authorities warn that closures may be reintroduced soon.

Police bust Arab clan for tax fraud

On Tuesday morning, German police's special agency against organised crime carried out coordinated raids in Berlin and Brandenburg on suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering....

Arson triggers second migrant surge

Even though they set fire to their camp once their asylum requests were rejected, Western countries began lining up to take them in voluntarily. Germany continues to be the champion of migration,...

They wanted to abolish police, now they need it

The city council of Minneapolis has questioned its police chief about the growing crime wave and asked where police were when they were needed. Just a few months ago, however, the same city council voted to dissolve the police department in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Show features adult nudity to teach kids body positivity

A new children’s show featuring naked grown-ups aims to teach kids that the human body must be accepted in every shape and form. Transgender people are regularly invited,...

Two officers critically injured in car chase

Speeding off in a stolen car, a 16-year-old teen tried to run over an officer who fired at him in the outskirts of Paris on Sunday. Three French police officers were injured - two of them critically - when a motorist,...

White, blonde girl can't have opinion in school

A white-skinned blonde girl's opinion does not matter, according to her teacher, a video recently posted on social media reveals. The case is a good example of what is taking place in British schools. A recent report suggests that white-skinned children are at a disadvantage in education because schools tend to support students of colour.

Flu jabs to help contain the virus

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has proposed setting up temporary outpatient hispitals - so-called "fever clinics" - for the autumn and winter periods to better protect the elderly from both the coronavirus and the regular flu,...

Judges and lawyers block expulsion of migrants

There are ongoing efforts in the United Kingdom to block the deportation of migrants who have arrived illegally, oftentimes using the sea routes. The migrants' expulsion remains problematic, even if they are to be redistributed in other European countries.

Riots cause billions in damage

Riots triggered by George Floyd's death have caused up to $2 billion in property damage, according to US insurance companies. Tensions are still running high as Antifas have unleashed another attack on each other.

Czech Republic may reintroduce state of emergency

The re-introduction of a state of emergency in the Czech Republic due to the spread of coronavirus cannot be ruled out, as the statements of leading Czech politicians in Saturday's newspapers revealed.

Quran-burning and migrant gangs in Sweden

Tensions were running high in Sweden after several copies of the Quran had been burnt on the call of Rasmus Paludan, leader of the Danish Hard Line (Stram Kurs) party....

Truth hurts, so Traore Committee blocks V4NA on Twitter

V4NA has published several articles exposing the wheelings and dealings of the Traore family, originally from Mali, as well as the crimes committed by its members....

Government to tighten anti-squatting laws - video

Parliament has unanimously passed an amendment to simplify and accelerate legal proceedings against squatters. According to the amendment, intruders occupying a property can soon be expelled within 72 hours....

PM Orban: Europe is being built in Central Europe today

Europe is being built in Central Europe today, with the Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs, and Poles building it, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the inauguration ceremony of the new bridge in Komarom that spans the Danube at the Hungary-Slovakia border. Slovak PM Igor Matovic said he hoped that additional bridges connecting the two nations could be built in the future.

Minister admits dire situation is due to migrant crime – video

Speaking in parliament, the minister in charge has admitted that the situation was becoming increasingly worrying due to the large number of illegal migrants and the growing crime rate....

Police find semi-conscious migrants in smugglers' truck

Police arrested a 51-year-old Turkish man on suspicion of people smuggling. The man is charged with attempting to illegally transport 43 Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish migrants from Romania to Austria in a refrigerator truck trailer....

PM Orban: “We've already succeeded once, and we'll succeed again”

In a brief video shared on his social media account, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke of decisions made during Wednesday's cabinet meeting regarding the country coronavirus defence.

Traore clan chief blames police for cousin's death - video

Apparently, anti-racism activist Assa Traore is unable to accept that her cousin - who stole two scooters, fled police, jumped into the river Seine and drowned - was described as a motorcycle thief by the press....

Migrant kills priest who took him in

A priest from an Italian city was found dead on the street after a Tunisian man stabbed him several times with a knife, causing his death. The priest had previously helped the migrant and put him up in the parish.

Two deputy mayors resign in two months

Within two months, two of the capital's deputy mayors have been forced to quit, both over accusations of sexual harassment. The deputy mayor who has just stepped down denies allegations but resigned from his office so as not to trigger unwanted political uproar.

"Enter at your own risk"

Several billboards have been erected on the outskirts of the city, warning that police are no longer able to guarantee the safety of city dwellers and visitors. The phenomenon raises awareness to the dark side of BLM protests. In response to the demands of activists, some city leaders made drastic cuts to police budgets, thus reducing their effectiveness.

Evidence shows gentle gastroblogger is radical Islamist

It has emerged that the headscarved female university student who shared a number of recipes online for those on a budget has also disseminated Islamist views besides giving free cooking tips....

Capital's gang war provokes shootout threatening children – video

In the northeastern part of the capital, mostly inhabited by migrants, members of rival gangs were seen hurling fireworks at each other in broad daylight....

Another Traore clan member has brush with the law

The cousin of Adama Traore, also known as the French George Floyd, jumped into the river Seine and drowned as he was trying to get away from police officers....

Merkel to admit another 1500 migrants, expects others to follow suit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that Germany will take in another 1500 migrants, but she criticised her Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz for Austria's approach in the debate on relocating migrants from Lesbos....

Human Rights Declaration based on sharia signed thirty years ago

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which was signed by 45 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Conference. The document, which interprets human rights according to Muslims' views, on the basis of sharia law, came in response to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Message by Italian Democrat: "Salvini to hang"

A young Democratic Party candidate has taken a selfie with a cocktail in front of the words “Salvini to hang” spray-painted on a wall. His district in Turin,...

Journalist receives death threats for comment

A journalist with one of the country’s most prestigious newspapers has received death threats after she wrote a comment referring to the 9/11 terrorist attacks under a video of a girl wearing a headscarf and giving cooking tips to her fellow university students. The journalist’s comment has sent shockwaves through social media, with some attacking her and others taking her side. Some have tried to highlight the dubious activities of the headscarved girl in the video.

BLM produces another violent weekend

All hell broke loose again in several US cities because of this weekend's BLM protests. Some demonstrators blocked the emergency entrance of a hospital, others occupied a bridge, while many called on their fellow citizens to join their riot after a man, brandishing a knife at police, was shot during his arrest.

Topless women storm famous museum - video

Half-naked women's rights activists with slogans written across their breasts expressed support for a young woman who was barred from entering a museum in the capital,...

Lawmakers protest Brussels' embarrassing mistake

MEPs of the Greek Syriza party have sent a letter of complaint to European Commission chief Ursula Von der Leyen and EP President David Sassoli after the two organisations in Brussels had wrongly claimed that the Hagia Sophia in Istambul falls under the control of the Cyprus government.

Gdansk protests rainbow aggression

Many were opposed to Saturday's protest dubbed “Gdansk Against Rainbow Aggression” and their counter-demonstration, initiated by members of the LGBT community,...

Over three thousand churches renewed in Carpathian Basin in ten years

The past decade has witnessed the revonation of more than three thousand churches in the Carpathian Basin, the Minister of State for Church and National Minority Relations highlighted in Fejer County's Bodajk on Sunday,...

Andrej Babis asks everyone to follow “3R” rule

No one died of coronavirus yesterday and the Czech Republic is performing fairly well considering its low fatality rates, so I am calling on the media to stop its scaremongering campaign,...

Al-Qaeda threatens Charlie Hebdo

Al-Qaeda scheduled its threat to Charlie Hebdo to the anniversary of the 11 September attacks. They warned that the French weekly would be mistaken if it believed that the attack on them that took place five years ago was a one off.

Scandalous Netflix film to face criminal investigation for child porn

Netflix's new release, a movie featuring little girls, has received a massive backlash for depicting the girls in compromising positions. The film has triggered general outcry and led to a 'cancel Netflix initiative.' A state representative has recently called on the Attorney General's Office to launch an investigation regerading the movie for possible violations of child exploitation and child pornography laws.

PM Orban: Healthcare is ready to deal with next wave of epidemic

Healthcare is ready to deal with the next wave of the coronavirus epidemic, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video published on his social media page on Saturday,...

Record number of cases in France, restrictions in Austria

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in France, with 9,843 new cases registered on 10 September, which is an absolute record. In view of the emergency, the Defence Council met to decide on new measures that are hoped to curb the virus....

If you don't want Islam here, why did you bring us here?

A muslim woman was instigating a violent riot with a burning torch in her hand in response to the earlier Quran-burning in Malmo. Police are currently investigating the incident.

Another attempt to erase women

In a bid to be more inclusive and target all those who identify as female, TED's annual female-focused event - TEDxLondonWomen - has been renamed to include the term "womxn". The decision has caused considerable outcry, with many arguing that the alternative spelling is but another attempt to erase biological women.

Deputy mayor calls "need" a just excuse for squatters - video

The ordeal of an elderly couple, who had to prove their case when their holiday home was occupied by squatters in order to kick them out during a lengthy procedure lasting several weeks,...

70% of French say society has turned savage

Seventy per cent of the French believe that France has become more "savage" and violent, the results of a recent survey show. Government and opposition supporters appear to agree in equal proportion that France has developed serious public safety issues.

Authorities close down 32 schools 10 days into school year

Barely ten days into the new academic year which began in September, authorities had to close down 32 schools and send home a total of 524 students due to the virus.

Emmanuel Macron to take in more migrants

Although France is already home to thousands of illegal migrants, President Emmanuel Macron and government spokesman Gabriel Attal have announced that the country - as a sign of solidarity with Greece - will participate in accommodating the residents of the Lesbos migrant camp,...

French law protecting squatters, not owners is absurd

An elderly French couple has had to endure quite an ordeal in mid-August when they returned to their holiday beach home only to find out that they could not enter their own house because it was occupied by squatters who had changed the locks. They turned to the authorities, but to no avail: the law does not allow squatters to be evicted if they have stayed in the property for more than 48 hours. In that case, legal proceedings are required.

Hungary's lung transplantation program goes independent

Hungarian Human Resources MInister Miklos Kasler has described 8 September as a milestone in Hungary's lung transplantation history, stressing that - going forward - Hungary will be able to perform lung transplant surgeries independent of Vienna's AKH Clinic. From a total of HUF 3bn (€8,4 million), Hungary's National Blood Transfusion Service received three new, well-equipped operating theatres, the minister told a press briefing in Budapest on Thursday.

Films must meet criteria of political correctness to be nominated for Oscars

Filmmakers must be very careful if they want to produce a film eligible for Oscars. From 2024, only films meeting the recently announced requirements can be nominated for the Best Picture category....

Inclusive sanitary pads launched for all kinds of people

It was only a matter of time before sanitary pads and tampons in line with the LGBT ideology appeared on the market. The most recent example is the Luna product line, which is intended not for women, but for "people who are menstruating." Many have been outraged at the product, some go as far as to say that the company wants to erase women altogether.

Antiracist Baby - A book on anti-racist parenting

A new children’s book teaches parents how to educate children from an early age to fight racism. Babies are told, among other things, to confess if they were racists. The book is recommended for children up to 3 years of age.

Traore Committee sends death threats to anyone who is against them

The victims are women, former sympathisers of the Traore Committee, who received death threats in the spring of 2019 from Youssouf Traore, a known criminal and brother of Assa Traore, leading figure of the anti-racism movement. Taha Bouhafs, a journalist and activist sympathising with the committee, tried to discourage the women from filing a complaint, but they have broken the silence now.

Dine-and-dash youngsters wound baby with knife

The five youngsters have left a restaurant without paying, but the owner gave chase. One of them began wielding a bread knife he got from another restaurant,...

Democratic VP candidate proud of anti-Semitic father

On Monday Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris met the family of Jacob Blake, whose shooting by police during a recent protest in Kenosha has triggered mass riots. The Democratic politician described the Blakes as an 'incredible family', although it turned out that Blake's father had shared anti-Semitic content online.

Hungary supports educational, healthcare and social projects in Kenya

Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kenya's Nyeri Anthony Muheria, Chancellor of the Tangaza University of Eastern Africa Gary Mueller and Chief Executive Officer of the development group Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) Tom Lalampaa penned a letter to thank Prime Minister Viktor Orban for Hungary's financial support. PM Orban's press chief has informed Hungary's state news agency (MTI) about the projects to be implemented from the Hungarian funding.

White students discriminated in education

The president of the National Union of Students has come up with discriminatory proposals against white students and this is not the first time that white students have had to face negative discrimination.

Instagram suspends accounts of two Charlie Hebdo journalists

The social media site decided to suspend the journalists' accounts after staff at the satirical weekly had re-published the infamous Muhammad cartoons....

Map exposing Soros network used by 200 thousand people

International news agency V4NA has explored during this spring the names of organisations that enjoy the support of George Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF).

Another big city orders revision of statues and street names

The culture of toppling and damaging statues in the United States has quickly spiralled over to Europe. Under pressure from anarchists, a growing number of big cities are beginning to review their current statues, and children are not left out, either.

"Allah should curse Charlie," angry Muslim leader says

The trial of suspects linked to the bloody jihadist attacks in January 2015 began in Paris on Wednesday. To mark the occasion of the lawsuit, Charlie Hebdo re-published the caricatures depicting Prophet Muhammed on its front page the same day....

Anarchist attacks police, sets friend on fire - video

The United States has witnessed over a hundred days of violent riots triggered by the death of George Floyd so far. The worst-hit city is Portland, where Black Lives Matter activists,...

“All Black lives matter” - More and more speak out against abortion clinics

More than 120 leading black politicians, including Democrats and Republicans, have written a letter to the foundation that operates Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to demand that they "confront the systemic racism of America's abortion practices." The famous rapper, Kanye West, said abortion clinics were set up to kill black people.

Germany and France pay migrants to go home

As part of a Franco-German joint operation, 51 Iraqi migrants were repatriated, who were willing to return home voluntarily in exchange for a nice sum of money....

Merkel promises integration, but number of unemployed migrants keeps rising

It was exactly five years ago, on 4 September, 2015, when Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered the entry of illegal migrants detained at the Serbian-Hungarian border into Germany without registration....

Authorities close down 22 schools as teaching starts

Although the academic year in France began according to schedule on 1 September, parents are worried as 20 schools have already decided to close and switch to online learning because of the infections....

PM openly supports gay parade

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin will be the official patron of the Helsinki Pride to be held next week, the prime minister's office announced on Friday....

City unable to stop construction of illegal mosque

Austria's foreign ministry rejected Vienna's request for help in halting the construction of another illegal mosque. The foreign ministry argues that the city management,...

V4NA writes to leading European politicians re Hungarian anti-Semitic candidate

V4NA has contacted several European politicians to find out about their views on racism and anti-Semitism.

Violence spirals out of control, many cities witness daily stabbings

Peace and tranquility are a thing of the past in many major French cities, as authorities have witnessed a sharp rise in crime and violence after the lockdown....

Police uncover ISIS cell ready to carry out bombing

Police in North Macedonia have identified three members of an extremist Islamist cell based on partially obscured photos and their initials. Their accumulated weapons arsenal suggests that the Muslim radicals were preparing for suicide bombings in the Western Balkan country.

Charlie Hebdo trial: over quarter of French Muslims refuse to condemn attack

A survey shows that 28 per cent of Muslims living in France refuse to condemn the attack on the editorial staff of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. This is in stark contrast to the French population,...

Most Italians want interior minister to resign

54.7 per cent of Italians have said they wanted Interior minister Luciana Lamorgese to resign because of the government's poor handling of the migration situation,...

Vegans equate cheese with bloodshed

Vegans have chosen violence as their preferred tool to express what they think. This week they caused considerable damage in a cheese factory in Paris,...

Paedophiles show their faces online

Besides speaking out and sharing posts about their sickening desires, some paedophiles have gone so far as revealing their face online, which makes them easy to identify. Meanwhile, a group of parents is fighting to remove social media accounts that use emojis to indicate that their owners are interested in child pornography.

Macron's Lebanon visit sparks angry protest - video

While the French president outlined his plans on saving Lebanon in Beirut, hundreds of dissatisfied people took to the capital's streets to protest against the cooperation between Macron and Lebanon's rulers....

Terrorist threat in country higher than ever

The interior minister said that more than 8,000 radicalised Islamist terrorists are registered by the authorities, there are currently 505 inmates detained for terrorism in the country’s prisons and 702 prisoners are at risk of radicalisation....

Greens in favour of disarming police officers in Europe

Vienna being one of the world's safest cities, the Greens disagree with police officers carrying firearms, as revealed by their response given on the website set up for the Vienna municipal elections....

Several hundred migrants pitch camp outside city hall - video

More than a hundred migrant families set up tents outside the Paris city hall during the night, with the help of a pro-migration organisation that aims to find an adequate and permanent solution to the housing problem of immigrants....

Man attempts rape in New York City's elite neighbourhood in broad daylight

A recent incident reveals how crime is spiralling out of control in New York City. A man pushed a woman to the ground and tried to rape her at an underground station a short while ago....

Racism hits BBC

Several of its former and current black employees accuse the BBC of being institutionally racist. Speaking in anonymous reports, they liken working for Britain's public service broadcaster to being on a plantation....

Portland shooting perhaps premeditated

A Trump supporter was shot dead in Portland during Saturday night's riots. Additional information and a new footage that has surfaced since the incident suggest that the deadly shooting could have been premeditated. "I'm 100 per cent Antifa," the man suspected of the murder had posted earlier on social media.

Rioting against racism is racist

The racist card has been played rather frequently in recent months, but the latest addition to the list of things already labbeled as racist is simply astounding. A recent article published on the website of the National Public Radio argues that used in the context on anti-racism rallies, the word 'riot' is rooted in racism.

Angry Italians protest migration in Lampedusa

On Sunday residents on the island of Lampedusa staged a protest against the arrival of five hundred migrants in a single boat, which has led to overcrowding in the local holding camp....

Protesters celebrate death of Trump supporter

Protests in Portland are more and more violent, this weekend, for example, a man was shot and killed. It also turned out that he was a Trump supporter, which made the extremist protesters overjoyed, one even said that she was not sorry at all over a fascist dying.

School starts as normal, but epidemiological procedures need to be taken very seriously

School starts as normal "with the addition that epidemiological procedures must be taken very seriously," the Hungarian minister of human resources emphasized in an interview with the Hungarian public media. Miklos Kasler said that if coronavirus appeared in a school, then one class or, in the case of more infections, several classes or the whole school would switch to digital education.

Yes to acceptance, no to aggressive propaganda

Poles support acceptance but say no to intrusive propaganda and strengthening of certain ideologies, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview on LGBT ideology.

Stabbings and harassments increase on ground of BLM

The series of BLM demonstrations make people feel more prone to act more violently. In addition to violent protesters yelling into the faces of ordinary people enjoying their dinner and trying to persuade them to support the movement, some also felt free to stab white people on the ground of the BLM ideology.

Mother in legal fight for her transgender daughter’s sperm

The woman's child was originally born a boy but later identified herself as a transgender girl. At a young age, she had her sperm frozen in hope of conceiving biological children later, but she passed away recently, and now her mother is taking legal action to retain her frozen sperm.

PM Orban: We've ordered strict border protection measures

At its meeting on Saturday the border patrol action group of Hungary's Operative Board examined the technical details of strict border protection measures,...

Anti-Islam actions lead to violence in Malmo – videos

Although Swedish police have denied to grant a Danish politician permission to stage an anti-Islam protest, his supporters decided to go ahead with the Quran-burning rally, while others kept kicking a copy of the Quran on a public square. By nighttime, the anti-Islam protests have led to agressive riots in Malmo.

Number of infections shows rapid growth in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, health authorities detected 486 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday, the second highest number since the beginning of the outbreak in spring, according to data published on the Czech health ministry's website on Saturday morning.

Left backs candidate known for anti-Semitic statements

Despite some rude and anti-Semitic comments uttered by a Hungarian parliamentary candidate, the left-wing opposition insists on lining up behind him ahead of the upcoming by-elections. Anti-Semitism is not uncharted waters at the politician's party, as several party members have been embroiled in various anti-Semitic scandals.

Czech students start on 1 September, no masks are needed

In the Czech Republic over 1.4 million primary and secondary school students are beginning the new semester on 1 September.

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