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Tension mounts again after police incident

Barely a year after George Floyd's death, violent protests have erupted in and around Minneapolis again over the death of a black man.

Man shot dead in Paris accomplice in murder

The man of colour in his early 30s has an extensive criminal history, including police records for drug trafficking and murder committed by an organised gang,...

Interior minister condemns desecration of mosque, opposition cries double standards

The interior minister has visited the mosque damaged by vandals and asked police to provide an increased nationwide presence around Muslim places of worship,...

With Hungary's help, 200 persecuted Syrian families could return home

Jean Abdo Arbach, the archbishop of the Syrian city of Homs, thanked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the Hungarian people for the support which allowed 200 Syrian refugee families to return to their homes, PM Orban's press chief told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Monday.

Teachers need protection against gender ideology

A recently passed bill aims to protect teachers from negative repercussions, should they fail to address a transgender student by the exact pronoun preferred by that particular student.

Police probe more illegal dinner parties, politicians implied

Hundreds of people were fined after a restaurant in the capital was raided by police over the weekend. The mayor of the country's second largest city is also accused of having attended an illegal dinner,...

Another violent weekend sees police attacked with petrol bombs and fireworks - videos

The weekend saw a number of similar anti-police attacks in several places. The raging mob has set cars ablaze and attacked officers arriving at the scene,...

Pandemic rules do not apply to illegal migrants

In Milan, where iIllegal mosques are springing up by the dozen, hundreds tend to gather in defiance of pandemic-related restrictions.

Protests break out over racist graffiti until perpetrator's race disclosed

Students protested and boycotted the college for days after anti-Black racial slurs appeared on the wall. The association campaigning for the civil rights of people of colour spoke out against the appalling incident. It was later revealed that the epithets were made by a Black student, but this did not make headline news.

State bill to require studying the constitution

College and university students would be required to attend a course on the history of the country, the workings of the government, and the founding documents....

Authorities order mayor to green-light building of Islamist school

The administrative court's decision, ordering a mayor to issue a permit for the constuction of an Islamist school, is yet another shocking example of growing Islamisation in the country....

A civilisation that legalises euthanasia deserves no respect, renowned writer says

A civilisation that legalises mercy killing loses all its right to respect, the writer says, and then bolsters his opinion with several arguments. The issue has come into focus as the legalisation of euthanasia is currently being discussed in parliament....

PM Orban: Eastern vaccines a good choice

What happened in Brussels in terms of vaccine procurements followed the same pattern than in the case of migration. An unexpected situation arose, and by the time they realised that they could be in for trouble,...

Muslim converts to Christianity must hide and feign

Muslims in France who have converted to Christianity are frequently ostracised from their families and even threatened with death, according to a recent report by the European Centre for Law and Justice....

Democratic Party adviser may have been involved in naked Dubai photoshoot

Vitaly Grechin, who is on good terms with leading Democratic Party politicians in the US, may have been the organiser of a nude photoshoot in Dubai, which provoked a general outcry....

Deutsche Welle a compulsive liar when it comes to Hungary

Deutsche Welle, Germany's international public broadcaster, has published a report about the firing of Hungarian goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry from Hertha Berlin. The article's title contains a lie and we asked DW why.

Hundreds of inmates request transfer to women's jails

Nearly 300 inmates have requested transfers since the new prison legislation on housing transgender convicts took effect. Most want to be housed in women's facilities.

Most people oppose spending public funds on mosque

The majority of the population disagree with the city's decision to support the construction of a local mosque with a significant amount of money, a recent survey found....

Pine trees classed as part of racist history

A high school has porponed a vote to change its mascot to an evergreen tree over concerns about its potential ties to the lynching of black people.

Criminals of African descent attack businessman

The former politician turned wealthy businessman and his wife were brutally attacked, tied up and beaten in their home by four burglars of African descent....

French inoculation drive veers off track

The closed inoculation points, the disagreements between mayors, the millions of citizens placed on priority vaccination lists and a lack of trust from people have all played a role in France's derailed vaccination drive....

Serbian president receives Chinese jab

On Tuesday President Aleksander Vucic was inoculated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine in the Serbian village of Rudna Glavain, in the eastern municipality of Majdanpek.

Centre of Milan flooded by migrants

Alcoholism, violence committed by illegal migrants, homelessness and even sex scenes have become an everyday occurence in Italy's Milan, according to Lega party MEP Silvia Sardone,...

Catholic Church under attack by gender activists

LGBT and women's rights organisations in Austria and Germany have challenged a Vatican decree which states that Catholic clergy cannot bless same-sex unions.

Anti-vaxxer protests inoculation drive after receiving jab

Authorities have detained five people at an anti-vaccination protest in Belgrade but, as it turns out, one of them had already received the anti-covid jab. Serbian PM Ana Brnabic has called the incident the most egregious case of hypocrisy.

Panel says bishop broke church law in banning same-sex marriages

The bishop is leaving the church after he received a warning, because he objected to blessing same-sex marriage in his diocese.

Same-sex couples given full parental rights

According to a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court, both same-sex adoptive legal guardians of minors will be granted parental status if they can prove that the biological mother voluntarily gave up the child for adoption.

PM Orban: We are fighting and each jab gets us closer to victory

"This year, as was the case last year, we celebrate Easter differently and not in the intimacy of family," Hungary's prime minister wrote on social media. In his Easter Monday greeting, Viktor Orban reminisced about the Easter of two years agp, adding that now is the time for work. "We are working to defeat the virus as quickly as possible," he wrote.

Migrant flees in pink PJs

Back in mid-March, a female student had a strange surprise in Montpellier, France.

George Soros continues his power grab in education

American stock market speculator George Soros provided a 500-million-dollar endowment to support US-based Bard College whose president happens to be a member of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) advisory board.

Viktor Orban: on the first or second day after Easter, the 2.5 millionth Hungarian will be vaccinated

Early Easter morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the Hungaropharma distribution centre in the 10th district of Budapest, from where vaccine shipments are delivered to vaccination points every morning, the Hungarian premier's press chief Bertalan Havasi, informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

Sputnik V development institute director reacts to Argentine president becoming infected

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez's rapid test for coronavirus was positive. As the president received the Russian Sputnik V vaccination in January, Alexander Gintsburg, microbiologist and director of the Gamaleya Institute, which developed the jab, responded quickly.

Slave's portrait to be added to 20-dollar bill

The idea of changing the 20 dollar banknote, first raised under Obama's presidency, was given new impetus by Joe Biden. The redesigned banknote will feature a black woman born into slavery,...

Second-graders shown cartoon with erect penis

A video discussing various fears children face has been shown to second-grade students. It features an image, visible for several seconds, of a man with an erect penis as he rises above a child. The local schools' superintendent responded to the case only by writing that the content of the video was inappropriate.

Greta statue sparks anger among students

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, funds should have been spent on supporting students in need, instead of a life-sized sculpture of Greta Thunberg, according to students.

Macron to speed up inoculation drive, but not enough vaccines

A French GP said he had received a total of 4 doses of the vaccine since the end of February. Authorities have set up vaccination centres in some of the country's stadiums to accelerate the inoculation campaign,...

Was Stella Kyriakides aware that she signed a bad deal?

The European Commission has practically admitted that it signed a worse vaccine procurement contract than the UK. Responding to our questions, they made no effort to try and deny that the agreement contains no binding assurances or guarantees for the manufacturer.

PM Orban: Gradual reopening may begin after Easter

In Europe those who reject migration and support the traditional family model, those who reject multicultural societies and want to preserve their national identities without having to live in a Brussels-centric European empire have no sufficient representation. On Thursday Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki and Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy's right-wing Lega party will discuss the establishment of such a platform. This is one of the topics PM Orban touched upon during his exclusive interview with Hungary's public broadcaster, where he also explained how the reopening could unfold in Hungary.

France to introduce nationwide lockdown

The president announced that restrictions already in force in départements with high infection rates will be extended across the country. As a new measure, schools will be closed for several weeks.

Hundreds protest against migrant camps

"Neither in Lesbos, nor anywhere, we will not turn Greek islands into prisons," hundreds of demonstrators chanted as they marched to the governor's office to protest against the construction of new camps on the islands, with over a quarter of a billion euros in funding from the EU.

France and Belgium grapple with vaccine shortages

Although the French president appears rather pleased with his government's pandemic response, numbers tell a different story. Criticising the government,...

Islamism a growing influence, affecting children - video

There appears to be almost no place in the country where Islamism is not present on a daily basis. Several teachers and students have been placed under police protection,...

Number of those vaccinated reaches two million in V4 country

"Another step forward," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on social media, commenting on the fact that the number of those who have been vaccinated in Hungary has reached two million.

V4NA interview: "I am pro-life and unashamedly so"

To legitimise abortion on the grounds of disability is sending a message to those in our society who live with disabilities that they are lesser, and that is wrong, British MP Carla Lockhart has told V4NA in a recent interview.

Conditions worsen in outskirts of Milan

Authorities registered three stabbing attacks around Milan's infamous Viale Molise avenue last week. Recently, Lega MEP Silvia Sardone has visited the occupied buildings and Milan's most dangerous streets, where she also spoke to migrants. Later, she shared a video in which she presented the bleak conditions that prevail.

"Woman" redefined to favour trans people

It is possible to redefine the term “woman” to include men who identify as female, all in the spirit of equality and inclusion. A women’s organisation has described the fact that the government intends to redefine what it means to be a woman as truly shocking.

"A white person is to keep quiet at black people's meeting"

The deputy mayor's statement expressing approval of a student union's discriminatory practice against white students has drawn strong reactions. Many find the deputy mayor's racism against white people unacceptable. One politician has called on prosecutors to investigate the case,

Pro-lifers to end DIY at-home abortions

The government allowed for at-home abortions last year as a temporary option because of the pandemic, but now they are mulling the possibility of extending the measure permanently. Several pro-life organisations argue that the practice, which involves no medical supervision at home, is generally dangerous for women.

Cars set ablaze, police officers knifed at the weekend - videos

The weekend saw a number of violent incidents targeting police, including cars set ablaze by thugs, officers who were knifed and the shooting of an illegal music video.

PM Orban: in order to reopen schools, faculty must be vaccinated

"We are managing to prioritise teachers in the vaccination schedule and I urge them to register for the jab," Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in his video message uploaded to social media.

Explicit regulation needed to protect free speech on campuses

Lawmakers want to stop the violations of free speech pervading universities. Restrictions on free expression are most often directed against conservative students and professors.

Inoculation of mothers-to-be approved in V4 country

After establishing an official professional position on the safety of vaccinating pregnant women, they may receive the jab out of turn, the minister responsible for Hungarian family policy posted on social media on Sunday.

Liberals intolerant of aborted babies memorial

A group of conservative students placed flags in honour of babies killed in abortions. Less than twelve hours later nothing was left of the memorial. The conservative students say their liberal peers may have a hand in the disappearance.

Green party representatives launch attack against athletes

Opposition environmentalists voted against city financial support for several elite athletes, claiming they have made millions in competitions. The mayor called the behaviour of Green Party politicians shameful.

Divine Comedy censored

Parts relating to Muhammad and Islam in Dante's Divine Comedy have been left out from new Belgian and Dutch translations of the work, because they may be offensive to Muslims.

Hungary may ease resctirction after Easter

A few days after Easter, the number of people vaccinated will exceed 2.5 million in Hungary, so there will be a gradual relaxation of resctirctions, the Hungarian Prime Minister's office chief has said.

City leaders sell property to Muslim group way below market price

A Muslim organisation has purchased a building at an extremely reasonable price from the municipality in order to expand its mosque. The opposition is outraged,...

NGO sets up another huge tent camp for migrants – videos

An NGO helping refugees has set up a migrant camp consisting of hundreds of tents in one of the capital's emblematic squares. The NGO's goal is to secure permanent accommodation for the migrants....

Green city leadership sides with radical Islamism

Both government and opposition politicians consider the Green party mayor’s decision unacceptable, arguing that it generously supports foreign influence. A member of the largest opposition party has launched a petition against central payouts towards the construction of a controversial mosque.

Teachers in V4 country to be vaccinated before school reopenings

Due to the pandemic situation, educational institutions can be reopened in mid-April at the earliest, when the number of people inoculated exceeds 2.5 million,...

PM Morawiecki: EU must use every legal tool to boost vaccine production

Vaccines are a global public good, not the exclusive property of any one company, the Polish prime minister wrote in the Brussels-based Politico magazine, proposing two main courses of action.

Government announces further pandemic-related restrictions

The new measures will take effect on Saturday and are expected to stay in place for one month. The changes will affect schools and retailers, as well as service providers.

Government to set up inoculation points to speed up sluggish vaccine rollout

As France's vaccination rate trails slightly behind even the EU's rather modest average, the government has decided to accelerate its vaccination drive....

Kamala Harris laughs at migrants held in inhumane conditions

During his term, former US President Donald Trump was consistently accused of treating migrants badly, but new photos reveal that the Biden administration is keeping immigrants,...

Hate speech investigation against Traore Committee member underway

Prosecution has launched an investigation against the anti-police activist for publicly vilifying officers. Citing the pandemic, authorities have refused to grant permission to a commemoration in tribute to a female officer who had taken her own life,...

Infections drop slightly in V4 state

Despite the improvement in the epidemic situation, the government intends to keep the current strict measures in effect until at least mid-April.

Student union bars white students from discussions on discrimination

The union's president has admitted the discriminatory practice. Although several politicians and public figures say the union should be dissolved, some have defended it.

School district launches campaign against whiteness

Teachers were told to disrupt dominant white culture and not to let parents stand in the way of social equity. Nowadays the trend of state schools attempting to steer easily influenced children towards leftist principles is no longer a novelty.

Green party politicians unperturbed by the fact that they finance Islamists

Although Green politicians are funding Islamists, they don't seem to care, said an MEP regarding plans by the city leadership to cover a significant portion of the renovation costs of the local mosque,...

At-home abortion an alarming solution

The vast majority of GPs are concerned about the affects of at-home abortions on women, who decide to terminate their pregnancy without medical supervision, because of the coronavirus pandemic. In many cases the abortions are the result of coercion or domestic violence.

Unrest continues in Milan

In the suburbs of Milan, local residents are exposed to the attacks of illegal migrants and violent crime is on the rise. The city's vacant buildings are occupied by squatters,...

Soros-funded organisation keeps hundreds of millions on off-shore account

A US organisation called the Southern Poverty Law Center keeps more than USD 160 million in various offshore accounts. It has received tens of thousands of dollars in support from George Soros.

PM Orban: Long live the friendship of Hungarian and Polish people

The Hungarian prime minister published a panoramic picture on social media on the occasion of the Day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship.

Nigerian variant of coronavirus brought to Italy by migrant

Testing in a refugee camp in Sicily has revealed that a 16-year-old illegal immigrant was infected with the Nigerian variant of the coronavirus.

Students barred from naming class after beheaded teacher

First-year students at a university were dumbfounded by the decision of the management of the school's political institute, who barred them from naming their class after a professor who was brutally decapitated a few months ago....

Many organisations quit Muslim council

The council's chairman believes that the move is aimed at making impossible the work of the existing organisation, which cooperates with the government....

Hair care brand promotes rainbow family

The ad promoting inclusion focuses on a transgender child, who saw growing her hair as an important factor in her gender change.

Public figures protect their accounts after cyber attacks and death threats

A minister and a former politician of one of the largest parties have decided to make their Twitter accounts private, because they have been harassed and threatened by several users and the social media platform has failed to address their complaints.

Anarchists defecate at the feet of lined-up officers

On Sunday, Bristol saw violent demonstrations over a bill that would confer new powers to police. Far-left protesters clashed with police and burnt several vehicles.

Univeristy restricts conservative youth organisations

A university has suspended several conservative student organisations citing a flimsy pretext, saying the organisations had failed to comply with its social distancing and mask-wearing rules. However, according to the secretary of one organisation, these allegations are contrary to what happened.

Illegal migrants arrive with plenty of cash, new clothes and high-end phones

Photos showing illegal immigrants arriving on Spanish shores with thousands of euros in cash were posted on social media by a journalist and anti-immigration activist,...

Roman numerals banished from museum to aid comprehension

Arabic numerals will be used instead of Roman in the Carnavalet Museum in Paris to make it easier for visitors to understand. Some say this is a perfect illustratation of the "cultural catastrophe" that is currently taking place all across the world.

British variant wreaks havoc in Poland

"We can see that this mutation is extremely aggressive and has already supplanted the classic coronavirus," Poland's deputy health minister has said, with regard to the British strain of the virus being linked to 80 per cent of the new infections across the country, on average.

Migrants attend mosques, flouting restrictions

In the primarily immigrant district in the north of Milan, premises illegally used as mosques are opening up in violation of city codes and pandemic restrictions.

Some outdoor sports considered racist

Years of oppression have led to people of colour feeling uncomfortable in the outdoors. This needs to be eradicated according to progressives. The main problem with ski resorts is that they are frequented by mainly Whites.

People leaving the capital region en masse, trains full - photos

Following the prime minister's announcement of month-long restrictions, the mass exodus from the capital and surrounding region has begun, with many trying to travel to the countryside before the quarantine comes into force,...

Super straight becomes new sexual orientation

Super straight people are only attracted to the opposite sex, to those who identify with their biological gender assigned at birth, meaning they are not transgender....

Much tougher action needed against juvenile offenders - an exclusive interview

In an interview with V4NA, the secretary general of a French police union spoke about the violence that often affects minors, the causes of the escalating gang wars and possible solutions. In his view, much tougher action and harsher punishment would be needed.

Efforts to classify paedophilia as normal

There are growing efforts to classify sexual relationship between adults and children as lawful and to provide explanations for paedophilia. A divisive television show has sparked renewed debate over the issue recently.

Epidemic situation in France critical, government takes controversial steps

The prime minister told a press conference that stricter restictions will be implemented in several departements. The figures are steadily deteriorating,...

Unprecedented discrimination: Muslim supermarket won't hire female workers

A job posting by a Muslim supermarket soon to be opened has triggered a general outcry. The notice says women should not apply, even though the Labour Code explicitly prohibits any type of discrimination based on religion or gender.

Anti-racism activist flouts regulations in a row

The activist, notorious for her anti-police and anti-racism views, had a spat with protesters who staged a demonstration to raise awareness to the predicament cultural institutions are in....

Deutsche Welle apologises for defamatory report

German public service broadcaster Deutsche Welle has recently aired a report on renovation projects in Budapest's Castle District. However, it soon turned out that the report was manipulated and DW was forced to apologise.

Europe remains closed

Vaccination campaigns, proceeding at a slower or faster pace, are underway across Europe, but reopening remains a question in most member states. It appears that people in many countries will once again need to postpone trips, gatherings and celebrations planned for April and the Easter holiday.

Statue erected for climate celebrity Greta

A university has decided to erect a statue of Greta Thunberg. They are of the opinion that the work will be an inspiration to all the students.

Word "slave" disappears from dictionary, word "black" to be capitalised

The dictionary will replace the word "slave" as a noun identifying a person with the adjective "enslaved" in an effort to promote a more inclusive language. Updates also include capitalising "Indigenous" and "Black" while the word "white" remains in lowercase.

Anti-religion foundation targets FBI

The anti-religion foundation finds it inappropriate that the FBI has a chaplain who offers prayers at the bureau's graduation ceremonies, arguing that the FBI cannot support or endorse any religion.

European Medicines Agency shifts responsibility to member states

It is the prerogative of member states to make national-level decisions concerning vaccines, the head of the European Medicines Agency has said.

EMA chief ignores questions

V4NA has sent a written inquiry to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding the current situation. We will publish EMA's reply as soon as we have it.

Interior minister shuts down mosque, now wants it reopened

The mosque was shut down for promoting radical Islamist views, but its imam has resigned so that the mosque could reopen before the month of Ramadan. The interior minister has called on the prefect to take the necessary steps for the mosque's reopening.

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