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George Soros and his boundless hypocrisy

Although the US stock market speculator portrays himself as the patron of minorities, the picture is far more complex. While he supports the Black Lives Matter movement with significant amounts, he also lavishly sponsors a network called Planned Parenthood that runs abortion clinics. As is known, abortion is one of the key threats that black communities face in the United States.

Muslim students protest against headscarf ban

Activists have staged a demonstration dubbed Hijabis Fight Back in Brussels to protest against the Belgian Constitutional Court's ruling issued on Saturday,...

Womb transplant may be next step toward abolishing traditional family

Some doctors who perform gender reassignment surgeries are actively campaigning for uterine transplants. The procedure would allow transgender women to receive womb implants from cis-women,...

Brother of BLM icon in court again

The brother of the French BLM icon, Adama Traore, has been brought to justice again for an assassination attempt against a police officer. At the first trial he was only convicted of intentional crime,...

Do not treat paedophiles as criminals

One man convicted of paedophilia has been elected mayor while another, the former assistant of a child molester, will serve as the capital's deputy mayor. Nowadays a growing number of paedophilia cases are simply overlooked, provided it is in someone's interest. A recently launched movement is fighting for social acceptance of paedophilia as activists argue that it is just another sexual orientation.

When you think they can’t sink any lower, they do

Barely a few weeks after the Hungarian left's bogus video featuring a fake ambulance officer has provoked a general outcry, production is in full swing again in their fake news factory. This time the threads of the case go all the way to Spain.

Government members to face public prosecution for mismanaging coronavirus pandemic

More than 80 complaints have been received against members of the government, including the prime minister and two health ministers, accusing them of failing to fight coronavirus pandemic. Officials are now awaiting prosecution investigations into the failure.

New prime minister gives interview

The new French prime minister gave an interview in which he said he considered the values of the republic the most important and was trying to form an effective, functioning government.

Rapper says BLM movement is product of Soros and "his boys" - video

The rapper Lord Jamar did not at all shroud his views in an interview, when he said that it had been Soros and "his boys" orchestrating the BLM movement,...

Poland takes over V4 presidency

Poland has taken over the rotating presidency of the Visegrad Group from the Czech Republic. To mark the occasion, the V4 premiers held a joint summit, where discussions focused on the next EU budget.

President appoints successor of resigned prime minister

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who resigned, will be succeeded by the former deputy chief of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy's office.

Soros network launches legal attacks because of migrants

A fake NGO linked to billionaire speculator George Soros is accusing a county council of not providing adequate care to a migrant boy, who identified himself as a minor, although a bone scan revealed that he was older than 18. The European Court of Human Rights has also brought the country under fire, issuing its fourth condemnation in a month.

Prime minister resigns

In less than a week after he was elected as mayor, the prime minister has decided to resign, along with his entire cabinet. This means the president must begin work promptly to set up a new government.

Government won't apologise for country's history

During a recent parliamentary debate on the issue of racism, the prime minister stressed that he will not apologise for the country's history of slavery. This is not the right time, he said, adding that making an apology would lead to further polarisation in society.

Skimping on police budget leads to alarming crime stats

The city council has cut one billion dollars from the New York Police Department's budget, while statistics show that the number of homicides has increased by 25 per cent, and the rate of car thefts by 60 per cent during the riots sparked by BLM anarchists. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles school police chief tendered his resignation after his department's budget had been slashed. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is also planning to curtail the budget of the capital's police and fire services, while offering top dollar to recently hired "racism spotters".

Jihadis held in jails are released in growing numbers

Although the number of terrorists detained in Belgian prisons is in decline, their numbers are still high, accounting for 1.7 per cent of the country's prison population....

Authorities seize tonnes of "Jihad drug"

Fourteen tonnes of synthetic drugs were seized by authorities on Wednesday in the southern Italian port of Salerno. The shipment came from Syria and part of it was intended for the European fighters of the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

Some lives don't matter in Brussels

Although he spoke about ethnic Hungarians in a denigrating tone and was even fined for his remarks, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will become the honoured recipient of the Charlemagne Prize. The director of the award board appears to find no fault with the politician's remarks, whom he considers to be a champion of European values.

Soros attorney to ruin homeowners' life who tried to protect their property

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets again in the US city of St Louis, but when they entered a private property they were scared off by a gun-toting couple. St Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner condemned Mark and Patricia McCloskey's action, and ordered an investigation into the incident. It turns out, however, that Ms Gardner enjoys the support of George Soros.

Hard hit aviation giant to cut thousands of jobs in Europe

Several airline companies appear to be struggling in the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the sector's major players has been forced to take drastic steps to survive,...

Two ministers placed in police protection

The move became necessary after Turkish nationalists had sent death threats to the two politicians.

President to reshuffle cabinet in early July

Following a disastrous defeat at the municipal elections, Emmanuel Macron has decided to revamp his cabinet in a bid to embrace a green turnaround. The future of the current prime minister,...

Pro-Greta activists try to hijack plane

In its latest stunt XR, supported by Greta Thunberg, attempted to occupy and ground a plane, demanding governments to withdraw state funding from air traffic....

Migrants set up camp in city centre

Minor migrants have set up a tent camp in the city center in a bid to persuade the government to grant them more support. The immigrants also want to be treated as minors in order to receive better care,...

"Deport the prime minister!"

Immigrants are organising pro-migration demonstrations across Greece, with protests escalating to the point of threatening the country's prime minister with deportation.

Migrant filmed roasting cat on street

A passer-by in Italy has noticed a migrant roasting a cat for a meal on the pavement in broad daylight. The scene was captured on video and shared by Giorgia Meloni,...

Brits do not want to rewrite history

A recent survey - conducted among British people in response to the activities of radical BLM protesters, self-proclaimed justice warriors and statue-topplers - appears to demolish the activists' core arguments....

Anarchists would ban domestic flights

The anarchist organisation Extinction Rebellion stormed Orly Airport in Paris, demanding a ban on domestic flights to protect the environment.

F1 champion accuses former mentor of racism

Lewis Hamilton called Bernie Ecclestone "ignorant" and "uneducated" after the former Formula One manager said in a TV interview that in his experience black people are often more racist than white people....

Government may collapse due to migration

The left-wing coalition government may dissolve due to the cabinet's flawed response to the epidemic. The Social Democrats, whose popularity has plummeted, are ready to negotiate on migration issues with the right, but this move would set the party and its coalition partner at odds.

Grandfather of anti-racist activist was governor of Kayes, a centre of slavery

Adama Traore, also referred to as the French Floyd, is of Malian descent. The activist’s grandfather was governor of Kayes not so long ago. The town is the centre of slavery in Mali,...

Blacks laugh at whites' hypocritical deeds

Even though many white people want to please blacks today, and topple statues and ban movies for their sake, black people just laugh at, as a black billionaire highlighted. He also said that white people are wrong if they think they are acting in favour of the blacks. Meanwhile, the list of banned things is growing, not only in the field of movies and series, but also in cosmetics.

Persecuted Christians become silent victims of pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the Christian communities particularly hard, in many places the virus was not the only cause of their struggle for life. Many Christians lost their jobs, even where they have to settle for the most menial tasks, and in some countries they cannot have their share of the aid packages either.

White lives do not matter

One of the roughest results of the BLM movement is double standards, which is present in statue topplings and now also in the cases of university professors. While professors speaking out against the BLM are fired or their work is made impossible to carry out, others, saying white lives do not matter are perfectly fine.

Viktor Orban: Uniformed officers will never be abandoned by Hungary

Uniformed officers will never be abandoned by Hungary, Viktor Orban said at the graduation ceremony of the Law Enforcement Faculty at the National University of Public Service (NKE) in Budapest on Saturday. The Hungarian premier prefigured that the officers' future would not be easy as there are some surprising and shocking developments, such as "the state and the rule of law retreating from the streets" in many places across the world. Hungary, however, is not, and will not be such a country, he added.

Mayor praises Hitler's virtues

Adolf Hitler deserved to be voted Time's Person of the Year, according to a left-wing mayor in Budapest. The American magazine had also named Communist dictator Joseph Stalin and former French Prime Minister Pierre Laval as Person of the Year. Laval, who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, was later convicted and shot dead for treason.

EU determined to protect external borders, High Representative says

"We support Greece's sovereignty," EU High Representative Josep Borrell said, underlining the importance of protecting the bloc's external borders....

Statue-topplers apply Communist double standards

While the statues of Winston Churchill and Geroge Washington have been vandalised, protesters have not laid a finger on the Lenin monuments and even plan to erect a new statue for the former Soviet leader....

Leftist activists deface Christian war memorial

The Christian religion, the sacrifice of Polish troops and the memory of liberation from Nazi rule have all been desecrated by BLM activists when they graffitied the Black Madonna mosaic.

Adama Committee's bank account boasts huge amounts

The Adama Committee has received spectacularly large sums of money recently, especially following a demonstration or a mass gathering event. Named after Adama Traore,...

Government collapses under epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic has claimed more than 5,000 lives in Sweden. This broke the popularity of the Social Democratic government and proved to be a game changer in the country's politics.

Polish and US presidents to sign defence agreement

Polish President Andrzej Duda was the first foreign leader to arrive at the White House since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. After the meeting in Washington, US President Donald Trump announced that he would sign a defence cooperation agreement with Poland.

Emmanuel Macron may have intervened in investigation against his chief of staff

The French president may have covered up for Elysee's top official, Alexis Kohler, who formerly worked at the finance ministry. The National Financial Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation against Kohler in 2018 but the probe was dropped and the case was closed soon after Emmanuel Macron had sent a letter to the prosecutor's office.

Amazon censors ads for books that highlight gender reassignment risks

Amazon has prevented a publisher from launching a paid ad campaign for a book that highlights and criticises the risks posed by the transgender ideology....

Auction house involved in illegal antiques trafficking network

One of the country's most prestigious auction houses has been involved in an illicit antiques trafficking network, which was selling artifacts worth tens of millions of euros for years.

Anti-racism activist spread anti-police propaganda in public schools last year

Assa Traore, a key activist of the French anti-violence and anti-racism movement, began spreading her anti-police propaganda as early as last year, giving lectures on police violence to students in public high schools.

Leftists to remove statue of ex-president and successful general

A left-wing party has put its youth organisation in charge of conducting a campaign to remove the statue of the country's acclaimed general and former president from its central location. According to the organisation's chief, a second generation immigrant, there is no need to promote the dark times of history, so statues commemorating atrocities should be removed.

City names declared racist, another side-effect of BLM movement

Perhaps the most sinister impact of the BLM demonstrations is an active effort by many to try and erase the past. What used to be good has suddenly become deplorable, such as many city names in the US, which enlightened masses are attempting to change.

Portrayal of Jesus as white is racist propaganda, according to BLM activist

In a recent far-fetched call a Black Lives Matter activist has urged the destruction of churches and the toppling of all the statues that depict Jesus as a "white European",...

England eases lockdown rules, life gradually returns to normal

With the number of coronavirus infections declining, hotels, restaurants and museums will be allowed to reopen in England on 4 July.

If France held elections now, it would be a tight race

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are leading head-to-head in terms of popularity, according to a recent opinion poll.

Police to retake autonomous zone as security deteriorates

Protesters' efforts in Seattle's Capitoll Hill Autonomous Zone to create a utopian world, free of violence and tyranny, have been mostly unsuccessful so far....

V4NA reviews efficiency of member states' coronavirus response

How successfully have the EU's individual member states responded to the coronavirus pandemic? Although it's rather difficult to provide an accurate response to this question,...

BLM movement breeds shocking conspiracy theory

Black Lives Matter protests, initially triggered by racism against black people, have led to the emergence of some shocking ideas and conspiracy theories. Some black people have their feet washed by whites, while others would have whites polish up black people's shoes. Still others have embarked on a conspiracy theory that the government plans to deprive black people of sleep.

Institution's preposterous name change prompts politicians to protest

A grammar school will bear the name of an African-American activist instead of a renowned figure in economic policy, while feminists have renamed streets and squares in the capital.

University professors fear persecution

An increasing number of university professors are falling victim to the radical left, who begin to purge and persecute them the minute they refuse to adopt their ideology. Describing the background of the phenomenon, a scholar at the University of Oxford said professors are too afraid to express their conservative views.

Trade union protests against huge anti-police graffiti

A huge mural, meant as a sign of protest against police violence and racism, has been unveiled near the capital. One of the national police unions has called for the removal of the mural's stigmatising text and annnounced to hold a sympathy demonstration.

Chief medical officer: we cannot sit back, the pandemic isn't over yet

Although the first phase of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary has ended, we should not sit back, because the pathogen is still present and the pandemic is still on, Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Muller told Hungary's public media.

Police declare England stabbings a terror incident

Police have declared a knife rampage that killed three in Reading on Saturday evening as a terror incident.

Video captures arrest of England knifeman

Three people have died and three were seriously injured in a stabbing attack on Saturday evening in a park in Reading, southern England. Early on Sunday police announced that they are not treating the attack as a terrorism incident. Several videos show what happened in the minutes after the stabbings.

Majority opposes toppling statues

A recent survey revealed that the majority of people opposes toppling statues. At the same time, the ideas about sculptures to replace the removed ones with are getting wilder and wilder.

Footage of "racest" act causes outrage, but antecedents missing - video

A video recording has spread the internet, which shows employees of a railway company holding down and handcuffing a pregnant woman of colour. Seeing the incident,...

Big companies to make slave trade reparations

In a bid to rectify the mistakes of the past, two large companies have recently announced that they will pay reparations to black people and the representatives of other ethnic minorities because of their founders' involvement in slave trade hundreds of years ago. Protesters are also becoming increasingly vocal about the issue, as the British Empire played a major role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade affecting African people.

Largest state-owned company lays off a fifth of its workforce

One of the biggest state-owned companies is preparing to cut nearly 10 thousand jobs, with some 15-20 per cent of its workers to be dismisssed until 2022....

BLM protester runs to police for help

Although people keep protesting against police under the banners of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is never a bad thing to have an officer around. When a baby became unresponsive during a recent demonstration, his mother ran to an officer for help, who saved her son's life.

George Floyd's brother appeals to UN

The death of George Floyd, who died in late May during a police arrest in the US, has prompted a series of Black Lives Matter protests that have continued ever since. Floyd's brother has recently appealed to the UN for help, asking the body to investigate US law enforcement for racism and police brutality.

School forced to move because of drug dealers

An increasing number of drug dealers have been seen doing business around the school lately and there has been a fatal shooting, so the students are being moved to another building for safety reasons.

Mob warns police of gang war in advance - video

Residents have been living in fear for days amidst the ongoing violence, as armed gangs patrolling the streets are burning garbage pails and cars and firing shots at surveillance cameras and each other in broad daylight....

Politician critical of Quran receives death threats

Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) President Norbert Hofer has received death threats on social media, after voicing his opinion that Islam's holy book, the Quran,...

Greta and the pursuit of cow farts

Greta Thunberg has been posing as a dairy production and cattle breeding expert of late. The "world's biggest dairy companies have the same combined greenhouse gas emissions as the United Kingdom,...

BLM hysteria pronounces food brands racist, gets TV series banned

In the wake of the BLM protests that began in the US, Netflix and Paramount Network have decided to remove several series and TV shows from their portfolio,...

LGBT ideology and Marxism exhibit striking similarities

Psychologist Marek Dziewiecki has published an analysis on commonalities between the LGBT ideology and Marxism. He says Marxists were keen to replace reality with their own conceptions and stigmatised those who disagreed with their novel principles, a trait shared by the followers of today's LGBT ideology. This, however, is not the only similarity, according to the psychologist.

Former municipality chief lobbies for Greta Thunberg statue

The insanity of recent weeks filled with attempts to deface or destroy the statues of historical figures has also spiralled into Sweden. While African activists are encouraging others to topple public monuments in the Scandinavian country,...

Media conceals truth about detaining nurse at protest

A video showing police violence and officers wrestling to the ground and arresting an innocent nurse during the health workers' recent peaceful protest,...

Polish president to visit Trump

President Trump may soon be welcoming foreign leaders to the White House again, after a pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. Polish President Andrzej Duda may be the first and the meeting could take place as early as next week, according to sources.

Lone white comic book hero finds companion of colour

As the waves of egalitarianism have reached comic book makers, the famous lone cowboy will go after the bad guys accompanied by a black sheriff in the book's next episode.

Gang war continues - video

There have been clashes in several cities and many were injured during the shootouts. The riots have been ongoing for days with gun-toting gang members patrolling the streets to terrorise people.

Vandalism continues against statues incompatible with BLM ideals

The anarchists of the BLM movement continued to topple and deface statues in France and Belgium, and the wave of unscrupulous vandalism also spread to Italy over the weekend....

Migrants arbitrarily build mosque on private property

Illegal migrants have violated private property at a reception centre, which the authorities have left unsanctioned. The migrants considered the land next to the camp ideal for an arbitrary building which was originally designed to be a school,...

BLM movements have values with Nazi and communist traits

Prohibition of works, books, films and television series contrary to their political ideology or distortion or falsification of the past are some features that characterise the left-wing liberal BLM movement, just as they characterised the Nazis or the Soviet communists at their time.

Own police enforce order in "police-free" zone

Protesters arbitrarily establish so-called autonomous zones in a growing number of cities. In the zones, there are no police, no leadership, just a kind of communist utopia....

Hundreds get infected at illegal Ramadan party

Although Muslims were asked not to hold mass gatherings during the coronavirus epidemic, a community seems to have rejected the request. The consequences are there,...

Putin: Riots are manifestations of deep-seated crisis

Calling into question the rule of democratically elected governments causes chaos and this is signalled by the violent protests taking place in the United States and Europe,...

French keep protesting against everything and everyone

Over the weekend, the French are protesting not just against police brutality and racism against black people, but some have also drawn attention to racism against white people....

Freedom of speech is abolished in US

Freedom of speech has ceased to exist in the United States during the protests. A professor of economics is about to be fired from his editorial position at a paper, only because he dared to express his opinion on the internet about police. The professor only said that he did not support destruction and anarchy, but the consequence has been witch-hunt.

Sculptor completes feminist version of Manneken Pis

Ruffled by the fact that Brussels' famous Manneken Pis statue portrays a peeing boy, a sculptor has decided to create its feminist version. The result,...

Refuse Fascism chief admits they received funding from Soros

The American Project Veritas group has released a new undercover video filmed in an Antifa Fight Club where participants were taught various fighting techniques....

Survey: Islam incompatible with social values

A survey conducted in 2020 suggests that most people are critical of the Islamic religion and believe that Islam is not compatible with the most fundamental social values.

Boxed up Churchill suggests activists decide on history

As the world is divided between "representatives of white supremacy and the unquestionable forces of good," the statue of the great British statesman was recently boarded up to protect it from arbitrary protesters....

Hypocritical minister promotes biking, takes plane for 40km trip

The action of the transport minister, who boarded an airplane in the capital to complete a 40-kilometre trip while encouraging everyone to use their bikes on social media,...

Police receive regular death threats

The government will suspend officers suspected of racism, although police have become the target of a growing number of attacks. Many, however, have voiced their support for police....

Those worrying about police violence had police fire shots into crowds

Several European politicians have expressed their support for the American protests against racism and police brutality. However, they were seemingly unperturbed when they mobilised police against their own citizens, ordering them to use water cannons or rubber bullets to disperse crowds.

Statues do not fit into anarchist worldview

Demonstrations against racism and police violence have grown global with some of the protests going to extremes. Protests in Europe have escalated into causing damage, with not only shops, but statues and monuments being destroyed. Nothing is sacred for radicals demanding the removal of statues or dismantling statues themselves in an attempt to erase history and create anarchy.

Five prominent streets to be named after Black Lives Matter in New York

The name of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement will be painted on the streets of New York similar to the mural in Washington DC near the White House. However, BLM says the gesture is spectacular, but insufficient. They call for the defunding of police.

Trianon centenary: stream classified as navigable river becomes state border

The First World War's victorious powers and their allies in Central Europe used shocking methods to demarcate new state borders after Trianon. A narrow stream running across a small town in northern Hungary was classified as a navigable river,...

Anti-discrimination protesters demand advantages for themselves

Since the Black Lives Matter protests began, numerous white individuals have raised their voices against racism. However, some have gone too far and proclaimed that white children should feel guilty for the colour of their skin. The same double standard can be found in universities, where students request that black students get easements because learning is more difficult for them in the current situation.

Politicians apply double standards on protests

An increasing number of politicians are attending the Black Lives Matter protests, even though they have recently asked everyone not to attend gatherings or even leave home because of the novel coronavirus. However, participation in the demonstrations appears to be not only allowed but encouraged, even if it may increase the number of people infected. Meanwhile, a restaurant was fined for opening its patio to guests so that they could wait there for their takeaway order.

Soros's newspaper operates as dictatorship

The leaders of The New York Times have a hard time tolerating that some people do not see the world as they do. Most recently, an editor of the paper was forced to leave because of the opinion piece of a Republican politician,...

Thousands of African migrants to set sail to Europe

In North Africa tens of thousands of migrants are preparing to set sail for Italy or Spain, Spanish Vox party spokesman Ruben Pulido and Italian Lega Party chief Matteo Salvini warned on social media....

Violence and destruction in Europe: anarchists now view Churchill as "racist"

Black Lives Matter demonstrations organised in several European cities over the weekend have degenerated into vandalism and looting, and the desecration of public monuments....

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