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Knife attacks hit record high in England

England and Wales bore witness to a record-breaking number of knife attacks last year, while crime detection figures fell to an all-time low.

Escaped migrant sends postcard to prison director

After escaping on 19 December a fugitive has sent a postcard to the director of Turnhout prison near Antwerp, saying: "Greetings from Thailand". Oualid Sekkaki, who escaped from prison in fear of being extradited to Morocco, is the younger brother of Ashraf Sekkaki, also known as the "Escape King" after a daring escape with a hijacked helicopter from a Bruges prison in 2009.

Teen girl receives death threats after posting anti-Islam video

A teenage girl from France has become the target of death threats and harassment after publishing an anti-Islam video on social media. Many people, including politicians,...

Parents cannot have their say in children's LGBT education

According to the draft of a new school curriculum, parents will no longer be permitted to deny their kids access to teaching about certain issues as, for example, sex, relationships or LGBT+ community.

Women in Finland exposed to growing violence

Every other woman in Finland has experienced physical or sexual violence after the age of fifteen, a recent study shows. Finland is not alone, as Denmark is also witnessing excessive rates of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Member of biker gang with migrant background suspected of Stockholm blast

The Swedish police apprehended a man who is suspected of involvement in last week's blast in Ostermalm. According to the Swedish daily Aftonbladet,...

Muslim woman finds naked female in swimming pool changing room offending

A quarrel broke out in the changing room of the Simmering swimming pool in Vienna, Austria, when a woman undressed at the women's dressing room to put on her normal clothes....

Police apprehend murderer in Barcelona

The suspect allegedly committed two murders in an hour and also attacked a third man. Police only disclosed that he was a "foreign national."

Few migrants have jobs in Belgium

Belgium employs only a little over half of all its immigrants and the rate is even worse among migrants who've arrived in recent years, according to a report by the National Bank of Belgium.

Norway's coalition government collapses over repatriation of ISIS bride

The coalition government in Norway collapsed over a strongly divisive issue, as the government has decided to repatriate a woman who left for Syria several years ago and joined the Islamic State. The populist Norwegian Progress Party (FRP) firmly opposed the decison and decided to leave the government - thus the prime minister no longer holds majority in parliament.

France may have manipulated immigration data for years

Eurostat, the EU's statistical office, has called on France to revise its figures on asylum-seekers, which it considered incomplete. According to a French newspaper,...

Man promises marriage to dupe his partner into gender confirmation surgery

A district court in India has begun the trial of a man accused of “forcing” a person to undergo gender confirmation surgery under the promise of marriage. According to the "victim," the accused forcefully injected female hormones into him, and threatened him to keep quiet about their relationship.

French intelligence dismiss radicalised Islamists

16 members of French intelligence have been dismissed for radicalisation since 2014. After a knife attack on Paris police officers it was revealed that several other officers had also been radicalised....

“Compounds in Syria are incubators for terrorists”

Former Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Knut Vollebaek, has said that that the Norwegian government should repatriate every Norwegian citizen who joined international terrorist organization ISIS,...

Gender ideology changes German language

In Hanover new phrases have been introduced to address teachers, the titles Mr (Herr) and Mrs (Frau) will be disregarded.

Record numbers of migrants arrive from Turkey

Frontex has revealed that the number of migrants arriving to the EU from Turkey in 2019 increased by 46 percent compared with the previous year.

70 per cent of French Jews victims of antisemitic attacks

Young Jews in France are frequently subjected to antisemitic verbal abuse, according to a recent survey conducted by the French polling institute IFOP....

Permanent terrorist threat costs Belgium dearly

For five years soldiers have been guarding the cities of Belgium due to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks. The military patrols, introduced after two gunmen attacked the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015, have cost the state over two hundred million euros so far.

Bus of Catholic pilgrims attacked in France

In the commune of Caen, morthwestern France, a group of hooded individuals equipped with paintball guns attacked a bus full of Catholic pilgrims, including children,...

Ocean Viking migrant ship redocks in Italy

Italy's pro-migration government gave another docking permission to the Ocean Viking migrant ship. The vessel is allowed to offload 39 illegal immigrants in the Sycilian port of Pozzallo on Tuesday.

Series of blasts continues in Sweden - video

Two predawn explosions rocked suburban Stockholm on Tuesday. The blasts happened within minutes of each other and only around 500 metres apart, with authorities forced to evacuate over 50 residents from the affected buildings....

Police arrest suspected terrorist attack plotters in France

Officers of the French domestic intelligence agency arrested seven men during a raid in France, with many appearing on France's national security watchlist....

Muslim cleric "mistakenly" marries man

The imam says he had no idea that his wife was in fact a man until two weeks after the wedding.

Mother wants to be father on daughter's birth certificate

A transgender man who recently gave birth has asked the state of Illinois to allow him to be named as the father on the child's birth certificate. The parents claim that being named as the mother on the birth certificate would out Myles Brady-Davis as trans every time their daughter did something that required ID,

PM Viktor Orban to represent Hungary on Holocaust Memorial Day in Auschwitz

Janos Ader, the President of the Republic of Hungary, will represent Hungary at the Fifth World Holocaust Forum to be held in Jerusalem.

French officer under investigation for Paris brutality - video

A recently released video shows a riot police officer beating up a demonstrator with unprecedented brutality during a so-called yellow-vest protest on Saturday.

German court rules against deportation of ISIS supporter

German authorities have failed for nearly a year to expel a Turkish man who sympathised with the Islamic State and had been classified by the interior ministry as a threat to national security....

Authorities to clear Paris migrant tent camp

Between 1500 to 3000 migrants are currently residing in the makeshift encampment located in the Paris neighbourhood of Porte de Aubervilliers, joined by 140 drug addicts....

Two gay men marry in prison

They met each other during a bingo game and are now the second same-sex couple to get married in the European Union while in prison.

Electric cars not green enough for radical environmentalists

Members of the radical climate activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) caused hours of mayhem at the Brussels Motor Show over the weekend. In protest against electric and hybrid cars,...

Three men die after triple stabbing in London

All three of the victims were in their 20s or 30s.

Disastrous figures: France cannot stem crime

According to data released by the Interior Ministry, the situation in France continued to deteriorate, with more attacks, murders and rape in 2019 than ever before. There were 50 burglaries every day in Paris last year.

Radical Islamist takes lessons between school kids

After five years spent in prison, the radical preacher is taking language lessons at a primary school, in the same building as the school students. Parents are shocked and outraged.

Eight die in Czech nursing home fire

Eight people have been killed in a fire in a home for people with disabilities in the Czech Republic close to the German boarder on Sunday morning. Due to the tragedy, Prime Minister Andrej Babis also travelled to the scene. Two German units also participated in the rescue.

French church blemished with anti-fascist message

The message was aimed at the members of far-right political movement Action Francaise, who are regular visitors to the Saint Benoit church in Le Mans. Members of the movement stated the incident was an act of anti-Christianism and urged the interior minister to take immediate action.

Polish President exchanges badges in attentive gesture

Hundreds of locals showed up in the town of Opole Lubelskie to meet President Andrzej Duda, whose interviews appear to exude a mood of happiness. A lucky man,...

Canadian schools push kids towards genderism and against family

A Hungarian mother has recently published the shocking story of her family's life in Canada, a country they've decided to leave and return to southern Slovakia after 20 years. The reason is simple, yet harsh: as Canada's prevailing liberal approach not only encourages children to change their gender, but also to confront their families, the mother has decided not to raise her kids in this spirit.

Brussels fails to switch to electric cars

The city of Brussels is preparing for a drastic change by banning highly-polluting diesel cars and introducing greener electric vehicles. However, they seem to have forgotten tiny little detail,...

Far-left activists attack film screening

The event which began as a peaceful film screening at the AfD's party centre in Schwerin ended in mayhem and destruction. Two far-left groups had announced a joint demonstration to prevent the climate-sceptic film from being shown.

Soros network cites segregation to discredit Hungary

"Hungarians are not racists and they do not reject Gypsies," but they will never accept having to give money for nothing, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. The premier referred to a one-hundred-million-forint (more than 300,000 euros) compensation payment adjudicated to be paid to several Roma students for being segregated from Hungarian students in a village school during the times of left-wing governments. According the Hungarian human capacities ministry's state secretary, the goal of the Soros-supported foundation that provided legal counsel for the students is to gain political capital and discredit Hungary.

Decapitated Holy Family and hanged Baby Jesus signal harsh attacks on symbols of Christianity

Last year Italy and France has witnessed thousands of attacks against Christian symbols and Christianity. According to official figures, France had to cope with three such attacks on a daily basis in 2019. Italy experienced a culmination in the attacks during the Christmas holidays with unknown perpetrators damaging several nativity scenes set up in public places and churches.

Transgender dolls in Russia

A female transgender doll found in a Siberian toy shop has sparked public outcry in Russia. Images of the 'girl' doll complete with male genitalia went viral on social media,...

Shocking court ruling says one count of sexual harassment not a crime in Croatia

A court in Vukovar has acquitted a former police chief who had sexually harassed his subordinate during their joint night shift. The court justified its decision on the basis that "it wasn't a repeat incident"....

"Hatred has exploded" - Austria suffers from daily cyber attacks on women and minorities

The statement comes from Alma Zadic, the Green Party's new justice minister, who is under police protection because of online threats. 88 per cent of all online attacks reach their intended targets on Facebook.

"Migrant artists" receive almost 20 thousand euros in Netherlands

Migrants in the Netherlands have already received a lot of support, but now the government is giving them another source of income. Immigrant artists can receive up to 19 thousand euros which they can spend on anything related to their artistic work.

EU and UN fly a thousand Africans to three European countries

Further plans are in the pipeline to airlift 600 migrants to Norway, 150 to France and 200 to Sweden, while charter flights have also been used to transfer migrants inside the African continent.

Persecution of Christians grows to unprecented scale

The latest report of the French evangelical foundation "Portes Ouvertes" revealed that an increasing number of Christians are killed in the world because of their religion. In 2019, eight Christian died in attacks against them daily, and more and more churches have been closed or damaged.

Trans boy calls for more funding for gender transition

A transgender boy who has undergone gender reassignment surgery calls on UK's National Health Service (NHS) to provide more funding for those who want to change their gender. Meanwhile, medical staff are resigning from gender identity clinics, complaining that they are fed up with having to perform treatment without due care on young people who are unaware of the long-term consequences.

Austria is natural partner of Visegrad countries

Austria is the natural partner of Hungary and the other Visegrad Four countries. They can cooperate in many areas, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the summit of the premiers of the V4 countries and Austria in Prague on Thursday. The heads of government reviewed cooperation opportunities in the areas of migration, security, border control, competitiveness, climate protection and the enlargement of the EU. They also established that they have different positions on nuclear energy.

Italy raises daily allowance of migrants

Italy's left-wing government raises the daily allowance of migrants by around 10 euros, making the country even more attractive to illegal immigrants. And the result is already visible, as some 1,500 migrants have arrived by boat from Libya to Italian coasts in four days, and news report hundreds of thousands still waiting to leave the African country.

Medical chamber to fight corruption in health care

The Hungarian Medical Chamber recommends to the government to qualify the receipt of "gratitude money" as a criminal offence. The organisation's recommendation and call for action aim to eliminate the practice of patients giving substantial amounts of money in "tips" to doctors in the hope of better provision in the Hungarian public health service. This type of corruption "is a seriously harmful phenomenon in Hungarian society," according to the Chamber.

Guests complain about French hotels infested with bed bugs

The number of cases of bed bug bites reported in France has multiplied in two years, with hotels so infested that one aggrieved guest suggested that visitors would be better off sleeping in their cars.

Immigrant discovered with machete, axe, and thousands of dollars

The Iranian national found by local police carrying a machete, axe, two knives, and thousands of dollars in cash, had been admitted to the United States legally as an immigrant.

Trans woman sent to men's prison in England

A transgender woman named Tamara Williams has been sentenced to prison for a string of burglaries, theft from a shop and handling stolen goods. However, instead of a female facility, she will be sent to a men's prison, as she changed her name in 2005 and has since lived as a man.

Global terror threat remains high after fall of Islamic State

Authorities identified nearly a hundred Islamist terror groups in 2018, according to the Tony Blair Institute's annual Global Extremism Monitor report. These groups have carried out attacks in over 40 states, including many European countries. The report confirms that Christianity continues to be the most persecuted religion in the world.

Video footage of French Police Violence

A growing number of videos recording police abuse during the ongoing protests in France have been uploaded to the internet. Footage shows French police using unjustified violence against protesters....

Total oil chief says it's impossible to rely solely on renewable energy

The debate on climate change is false, according to the French Oil company's CEO, who says that we need to act as the problem cannot be resolved overnight....

Most indebted migrants unable to repay Swedish state

A Swedish university researcher has published a thought-provoking article showing that nearly half of people in debt to the Swedish state have a migrant background. In addition, most are young adults with low levels of education and income.

2020 sees nearly a thousand migrants returned to Libya

Almost a thousand migrants have been arrested and deported to Libya in the first two weeks of the year, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)....

France to release nearly fifty jihadis

Nearly fifty jihadis currently imprisoned in France are expected to walk free from prison this year. The first, Flavien Moreau, was released early this week after serving a seven-year sentence.

Chechen terrorists planned to attack synagogue

In a coordinated raid across multiple cities, German police detained several members of a Chechen terrorist group, who had been planning an attack on a Berlin synagogue. Authorities uncovered the plot after a routine police check on a group member's phone found images and videos suggesting that the cell had been scouting locations in preparation for a terrorist attack.

Swedish cities to install gunshot detectors

After installing gunshot detectors in central Stockholm and Malmo, authorities are also planning to equip the outer districts of the Swedish capital with the technology in an attempt to tackle rampant crime, gang wars and the growing number of shootings. The detectors would be connected with the surveillance camera systems to assist in the detection of crime. However, many people believe that a more active police presence in the streets would be more helpful.

Castle of recently deceased Sultan of Oman renovated by Hungarian architect

The sultan, who passed away this weekend, had bought one castle for himself and another for his relatives. The renovation project at the La Barre castle was supervised by a Hungarian architect's company,...

Muslims challenge anti-headscarf law at constitutional court

Two Muslim families from Vienna turned to the Constitutional Court of Austria to challenge the law which bans schoolgirls from wearing Muslim headscarves....

Migrant crisis continues with huge surge recorded last year

Over 23 thousand asylum seekers arrived in Belgium last year, up by 22 per cent compared to 2018. Authorities, however, have processed fewer asylum applications party because of the unfinished cases from previous years and the high number of asylum requests submitted in other countries.

Police conduct raids to tackle Islamist threat

German police launched a series of raids in the capital Berlin and three federal states in connection with suspected preparations for terrorist attacks....

Immigration stirs up tensions in Norway

According to recent news reports, Norway has offered to take in 600 migrants from camps in Lybia, in a misguided effort to protect them. However, the reports fail to mention that average citizens are forced to leave their hometowns because of the influx of migrants, and many are outraged that the royal family continues to support their acceptance, albeit from their isolated palace.

Gender clinic's psychologists resign over concern of over-diagnoses

A total of thirty-five psychologists have left the Tavistock gender identity clinic in the United Kingdom in recent years. They claim that the institute approved treatments for children requesting popular gender transitioning treatments without the necessary caution....

Migrants settled in Sweden as part of family reunification make up large city's population

Sweden has taken in 1.2 million migrants in ten years, but new figures reveal that the number of migrants settled in to promote family reunification has exceeded those who came as humanitarian or economic immigrants....

Convicted sex offender claims to be eight-year-old girl

What would be wrong with everyone choosing their own self-identification and deciding for themselves to become a boy, a girl, both, or neither, or perhaps a penguin and so on?...

Fake migrant kids attend classes with teenage girls

Europe has long known that illegal migrants reaching the continent often claim to be minors in order to receive more extended social benefits. However,...

Iranian protesters: "Our enemy is not America, but the Islamic Republic"

Young anti-regime protesters, who took to the streets to protest against the shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner, refused to tramp on the US and Israeli flags. In recent years, it has become customary in many Muslim-majority countries to paint US and Israeli flags on pavements, signalling that people "tramp" on those countries. However, videos show protesters jumping over or bypassing the flags painted on the ground, with many shouting "Our enemy is not America, but the Islamic Republic."

Polish left appoints gay presidential candidate

Poland's leftist parties appear to be fully convinced that their country is plagued by grave homophobia, an issue they want to tackle at the upcoming presidential elections....

Paedophile priest goes on trial

Former priest Bernard Preynat must appear before the criminal court of Lyon, France, for sexually abusing dozens of minors. Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, one of the most influential church leaders in France, has also been brought down by the scandal.

Migration pressure grows at Hungary's borders

The first two weeks of the year has given a lot of work to police officers and soldiers protecting the borders, and the migration pressure is high, the Hungarian Interior Ministry's state secretary said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

Liberals urge bakeries against giving receipt

German liberals called the mandatory receipt-giving policy for bakeries pointless, bureaucratic and a waste of paper and demanded its abolishment. The leaders of the German Free Democratic Party (FDP) demanded a law amendment and asked for the support of the more than 18,...

Convicted migrant uses seven identities to travel between countries

The migrant who used seven identities has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in Sweden for robbery, theft and drug abuse. When he arrived in the country in early 2019,...

French PM describes police violence as acceptable

In a recent television interview French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said police must sometimes resort to violence to maintain law and order. He underlined that police officers have to meet numerous requirements,...

Two blasts damage buildings and parked cars overnight

In the early hours of Monday, residents of both Stockholm and Uppsala were woken up by massive explosions, while a car was consumed by flames just a few blocks from the scene of the detonation in Sweden's capital....

Multinational companies preach openness with ads

More and more multinational companies stand up for their left-wing and liberal views, and they seem to force them on consumers through advertisements. Issues like homosexuality,...

Finnish government to face two-week strike

In Finland three trade unions announced a two-week strike action beginning on 27 January as the employers' and employees' associations have failed to reach an agreement in three sectors. Many may recall that the fall of former Prime Minister Antti Rinne was preceded by the strike of Finnish postal workers.

Imam preaches total subordination of wives to husbands

An outrageous video of Imam Mehdi Kabir has been posted on the internet. In the footage, the Islamist teacher is talking about the total subordination of wives....

Terrorist inmates attack prison staff in Britain

Two inmates wearing fake suicide belts attacked and injured a prison guard with "improvised bladed weapons" at HMP Whitemoor in England, while shouting jihadi slogans....

Greta Thunberg ready to rebuke world in Davos

Nowadays it is quite a challenge to organise any global event without inviting Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist. The 17-year-old girl is to deliver a speech this month at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos,...

French government surrenders to union demands

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe's letter to trade unions reveals that the government has withdrawn the most controversial element of its planned pension scheme reform,...

Swedish politician smuggles migrants

People smuggling must be a lucrative business if even politicians are involved. In the middle of the week, authorities arrested a Swedish politician of Syrian descent on suspicion of smuggling people from Greece to the Scandinavian country....

London Bridge terrorist received six-figure sum in legal aid

The legal aid of Usman Khan, who plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2010 and stabbed two people to death on London Bridge last November, cost more than 400,...

Two antisemitic assaults in Berlin in one week

Two cases of antisemitic assaults took place in Berlin this week. In the first incident youngsters aged 12 to 15 years insulted a men, in the other the assailant punched an assumably Jewish man in the face on an underground train.

German archbishop supports immigration from church tax

Reinhard Marx, the Cardinal of Munich, donated fifty thousand euros to a group of NGOs called United4Rescue to support its migrant rescue activity. The amount came from the church tax paid by the German people which outraged several anti-immigration politicians....

Migrants in France lie about their age

Migrants arriving in the region of Cote-d'Or in France keep lying about their age. For this reason, the Dijon County Council wants to take measures to get reliable information about the immigrants' age.

Orthodox Church in Sweden subject to multiple arson attacks

The church management is forced to organise a patrol at the Syrian Orthodox Church in Norrkoping, Sweden after unknown perpetrators have attempted several times to set the building on fire.

Greta Thunberg urges against Siemens

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old icon of international climate hysteria is attacking on industrial giant Siemens in her latest Twitter post for its involvement in construction of a coal mine in Australia....

French press reveals Paris terrorist's conversations with cellmates

Shocking details have come to light of the conversations of Salah Abdeslam, one of the perpetrators of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and his cellmates....

16 murderers to be released in Finland

16 murderers will be released from prison in Finland this year. The criminals have spent an average of 14 years and 6 months in prison. The shortest sentence was served by two young boys,...

Fight climate change with body hair!

After the body hair growing movement in November, here comes "januhairy", when women stop removing their body hair all month long. The goal of the campaign is to fight climate change by ditching razors.

Green communism: liberal politicial criticises climate hysteria represented by Greta Thunberg

Gabor Fodor, former president of the Hungarian Liberal Party, outlined an interesting theory about climate hysteria, which included the term "green communism". The liberal politician, well-known at European level, said that Greta Thunberg's activity for climate protection and the radical line she promotes might pose great dangers.

Scandal: UN officials assist African migrants to Europe

Tens of thousands of Ugandan and Kenyan citizens might have obtained ID and false medical certificates in exchange for money so that they could resettle in Western Europe with the help of the UNHCR staff. The corruption case being investigated by UNHCR has been uncovered by the German magazine Stern. Jorg Meuthen, co-leader of the German anti-immigration AfD party, says Chancellor Angela Merkel had also supported illegal resettlement.

All you need to know about France's drawn-out series of protests

For nearly a quarter of a century France has not witnessed such a long and extensive series of demonstrations and strikes like those which began in early December....

"Racist bitch" - Swedish nurses fed up with foul language

Nurses at a hospital in the Swedish city of Vaxjo have grown tired of patients who regularly use offensive language and treat staff members as if they were their obedient servants. Nurses have also complained of agression and harassment, saying some patients call them whores and accuse them of racism.

Altarpiece depicting gay people is replaced with Jesus wearing high heels

A church in the Swedish city of Malmo has caused a public outcry after unveiling the world's first homosexual-themed altarpiece. St. Paul's Church pastor Helena Myrstener announced the controversial installation herself....

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