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Jaroslaw Kaczynski to become deputy premier

The president of Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party will likely join Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's new cabinet, the parliamentary group leader of PiS announced on Thursday.

"Poland never had any LGBT-free zones"

In a recent interview with V4NA, Ordo Iuris Vice President Tymoteusz Zych provided a detailed rebuttal of the fake news first commented on by the European Commission chief and then by US presidential candidate Joe Biden....

Arson triggers second migrant surge

Even though they set fire to their camp once their asylum requests were rejected, Western countries began lining up to take them in voluntarily. Germany continues to be the champion of migration,...

Another black Jesus appears on classic artwork

The Pontifical Academy for Life has posted an image of Michelangelo's Pieta, in which they painted Jesus's figure black. The image provoked outrage in both Catholic and art-loving circles,...

"Enter at your own risk"

Several billboards have been erected on the outskirts of the city, warning that police are no longer able to guarantee the safety of city dwellers and visitors. The phenomenon raises awareness to the dark side of BLM protests. In response to the demands of activists, some city leaders made drastic cuts to police budgets, thus reducing their effectiveness.

Kaczynski challenges Morawiecki

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, president of the Polish Law and Justice (PiS) governing party, has launched a new challenge on TikTok, the #StopFurChallenge campaign to protect fur animals....

If you don't want Islam here, why did you bring us here?

A muslim woman was instigating a violent riot with a burning torch in her hand in response to the earlier Quran-burning in Malmo. Police are currently investigating the incident.

Even the word 'happy' is discriminatory

A hair salon in the UK has listed a job ad looking for a "happy, friendly" stylist. Staff at the salon must have regretted their choice of words when they were contacted by a government agency and received a warnnig that the word 'happy' was discriminatory against unhappy people.

Sweden sees eight-year-olds team up in gangs

In an operation to crack down on criminal gangs, Swedish police have made a shocking discovery: several minors were actively involved in criminal organisations and had already committed a number of violent crimes.

Government helps irresponsible mayor

The mayor has placed more emphasis on his presidential campaign than on his mayoral duties, Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said. He pointed out that pollution in the Vistula has reached catastrophic levels due to the irresponsiblity of the current city management. The Polish government has offered help to save the city.

Malmo now belongs to Muslims

Police have refused to grant permission for an anti-Muslim demonstration where participants wanted to burn a copy of the Quran. However, the permission was not withdrawn out of political correctness but because police would have been unable to safeguard the participants' security in the face of a swathe of menacing threats....

Patients waiting for surgery face increasingly hopeless situation

The number of people waiting for surgery has boosted to 185,000, while operating room capacity has fallen by 20 per cent during summer. Doctors say the situation of healthcare was not adequate before the epidemic either,...

Thousands of criminals avoid deportation

One in ten ex-con illegal immigrants sentenced to deportation escapes punishment in Sweden. These individuals are often out on bail and also receive support from taxpayers’ money....

Capital sees protest against LGBT aggression

A protest was staged against the LGBT ideology in Warsaw. Demonstrators protested against the political pressure and the "anti-common sense" cultural struggle of the left-wing minority.

Caregiver causes patient ocular superglue injury

By taking out the wrong "eyedrops" from the drawer, a caregiver in Sweden has caused his patient an unpleasant experience. In a bid to rectify the downward spiral of Swedish healthcare induced by the pandemic, authorities have introduced a new regulation to make Swedish language skills mandatory for caregivers.

Why is the media silent about BLM crimes?

Drugs, illegal gatherings and violence against police. Although a recent beach party has spiralled into chaos, the perpetrators got off scot free by playing the BLM card,...

Youth hold illegal parties in forests and on fields

Police have to dissolve 23 illegal music events every day in London despite the movement restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, French youngsters seem to surpass their British peers....

Expert: shootings a growing threat to Swedes

The risk of civilians falling victim to crime-related shootings in Sweden has grown exponentially. An analyst working for the Stockholm Police suggests that the number of murders has increased and the use of automatic weapons has also become more commonplace.

Senior citizens try to stop BLM protesters - videos

BLM demonstrations in Portland have turned aggressive yet again. Several local residents, mostly senior citizens, attempted to dissuade protesters from committing violent acts,...

Farage: Government organises programmes for illegal immigrants living in luxury

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has recently visited several three and four-star hotels that were all closed, but the rooms had been booked months in advance....

Activist hangs LGBT flag on Jesus statue

An LGBT activist has draped a rainbow flag over a Jesus statue out of sheer provocation, describing her act as a "social experiment." She said she was curious whether Christians would incorporate her deed into a mass and was visibly resentful about not being arrested.

"I'm gonna blow up the police!"

An immigrant without documents threatened to blow up Barcelona police and kill the officers after they asked him to prove his identity. Illegal migration puts an extremely high pressure on Spain....

Swedes do not know how many people live in their country

Statistics Sweden admits that the agency cannot tell the exact number of Sweden's population as its surveys only register tax-paying citizens and do not cover illegal immigrants.

Coronavirus detecting dogs in for a bright future

Chilean police intend to use a revolutionary method to identify people with coronavirus infection, teaching dogs previously used for sniffing out drugs to detect the odour patterns of viruses.

Greens to force gay marriage on imams

The Greens are ready to force Muslims and other religious denominations to wed gay and same sex couples, as they believe evoking religious values is discriminative.

Google launches attack against Trump?

Four months before the presidential elections, conservative news sites have been removed from search engine results by Google, the company that describes itself as independent.

Fake interview follows bogus video and miraculous testing kit

"We are shocked by the increasingly aggressive and unscrupulous methods left-wing fake news factories have adopted," the Hungarian Prime Minister's Cabinet Office wrote, reacting to the publication of another "fake news article" by a portal linked to the Hungarian Socialist Party. The bogus interview recently published by the fake news portal suggests that the prime minister did in fact give them an interview.

"I predicted an invasion and it is happening"

When 200 migrants crossed the English Channel despite the pre-emptive efforts of the Home Office, another immigration record was broken. The crossings appear to corroborate Nigel Farage’s invasion theory,...

Pro-life movement is racist

Pro-life or anti-abortion movements are "racist" and "misogynistic", according to some radical opinion leaders, providing another example how they alienate and stigmatise ideas they do not like.

Arson may be cause of fire in cathedral

Fire broke out inside Nantes Cathedral in western France on Saturday morning. Authorities has launched an investigation into arson.

Islamism spreads in politics at an alarming rate

According to a report compiled by members of the French Senate, radical Islamic thinking is spreading at an alarming rate in politics, so they would make suggestions to curb it....

Migrants stage attacks inside Greece

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the pace of migration as countries have locked down their borders, so migrants in Greece stage regular riots to force the government to reopen the country's frontiers....

Warsaw runs ideological human experiments

Warsaw residents were shocked to learn from a recent report that NGOs backing the LGBT+ movement have distributed and tested illegal drugs on people during their demonstrations....

Prime minister resigns

In less than a week after he was elected as mayor, the prime minister has decided to resign, along with his entire cabinet. This means the president must begin work promptly to set up a new government.

Migrant filmed roasting cat on street

A passer-by in Italy has noticed a migrant roasting a cat for a meal on the pavement in broad daylight. The scene was captured on video and shared by Giorgia Meloni,...

Anarchists would ban domestic flights

The anarchist organisation Extinction Rebellion stormed Orly Airport in Paris, demanding a ban on domestic flights to protect the environment.

Leftist activists deface Christian war memorial

The Christian religion, the sacrifice of Polish troops and the memory of liberation from Nazi rule have all been desecrated by BLM activists when they graffitied the Black Madonna mosaic.

Support for Andrzej Duda grows

According to a poll released on Wednesday by the conservative news site, support for Poland's incumbent president has increased by 2 percentage points since the previous survey. Duda has a reassuring lead ahead of Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, the candidate of the opposition's most popular party, the Civic Coalition. The first round of the presidential race will take place on 28 June.

Coronavirus claims no new deaths in Hungary

So far the country's coronavirus-related death toll has remained low even in international comparison, and there were no new fatalities from Thursday to Friday.

PM Orban thanks Operative Group for its work

As the state of emergency in Hungary is drawing to an end, the Operative Group in charge of providing everyday information will also finish its work. The group's final briefing on Wednesday was also followed by Hungary's premier, who thanked the Operative Group for its work on social media.

North Korea blasts liaison office near South Korea border

The Kim regime has blown up an inter-Korean liaison office, South Korea's Defence Ministry confirmed. The huge blast followed by rising smoke caught on some shocking videos has led to a major re-escalation of tensions between the two countries.

Boxed up Churchill suggests activists decide on history

As the world is divided between "representatives of white supremacy and the unquestionable forces of good," the statue of the great British statesman was recently boarded up to protect it from arbitrary protesters....

Commission disregards evidence of Soros's influence

The European Commission gave a disappointing reply when asked by an MEP about George Soros's growing influence. Renowned constitutional lawyer Georg Puppinck has published a 200-page analysis to describe Soros's power grab in the European Court of Human Rights,...

Google Translate misleads Croatia's liberal media

The inauguration of a Hungarian monument commemorating the Trianon Peace Treaty has led to immediate hate-mongering, as Croatia's liberal media outlets have been unable to accurately translate a two-word quote.

Protesters set police officer on fire

A shocking video shared by many on social media shows a member of a left-wing group protesting against police violence pour gasoline on an officer to set him on fire.

Poland sets new date for presidential race

The announcement of the new date by Elzbieta Witek, speaker of the lower house of the Polish parliament (Sejm), has effectively relaunched the election campaign in Poland.

Reintroducting quarantine can lead to riots

British researchers expect mass riots if curfew is reintroduced. The epidemic induced constraints have so far been difficult to enforce with residents,...

Operator hangs up, patient nearly dies

The ordeal of middle-aged man, who wanted to call the ambulance through an emergency line but the operator decided that he was "too healthy",...

Shutting down wind farms costs over ten million euros a day

The coronavirus-induced lockdown has contributed to a nosedive in large corporations' demand for energy. However, shutting down wind farms for a single day costs over ten million euros,...

Malta to turn into a migrant depot

The UN and several NGOs have launched a joint attack on Malta for refusing to take in more refugees, although the country had made it clear that it was completely full.

Employee forced to work while sick infects the elderly

An elderly care home that produced a mass outbreak of coronavirus infections under the capital's supervision has struggled with inhumane conditions for a long time....

French Navy escorts illegal migrants to British coast

As a sign that Britain's immigration scandal is intensifying, a French Navy vessel was recently filmed escorting an illegal migrant boat into British waters....

Police no longer tolerate aggression of migrants

Several police officers have posted messages on their social media pages calling attention to attacks against their colleagues. A video showing three ...

Severe drug shortage prompts surgeries without anaesthesia

Internal correspondence reveals that patients in a hospital are being operated on without anaesthesia, as the coronavirus pandemic has triggered a nationwide shortage of medicines....

Christianity is the heart of Europe

To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Saint John Paul II, Poland's prime minister wrote an article, entitled "Christianity is the heart of Europe",...

Viktor Orban: We are easing restrictions in Budapest

The Hungarian prime minister announced the reliefs for the Hungarian capital in a Facebook video. According to the premier, those allow Budapest to step into the second phase of protection efforts.

Primary school graduate appears as know-it-all

Greta Thunberg has made a great contribution to an analysis given by CNN’s panel of experts, repeating her usual ideas. She also revealed that she may have been infected with novel coronavirus.

Greta appears as coronavirus expert

CNN has invited four experts to a special programme to hear their views on the coronavirus pandemic. One of the knowledgeable experts is climate alarmist Greta Thunberg.

Opposition boycotts election, then complains about lack of democracy

Donald Tusk and the Polish opposition spent the past few weeks blocking the presidential election in Poland. After scaring people with "death envelopes" and organising a boycott, they were outraged over not taking the vote when the government decided to call a new election.

President in rap challenge for nurses

Poland's president has accepted a rap challenge to throw his weight behind a charitable fundraising project initiated by Polish rappers to support health workers.

Invasion during lockdown

Although the figures are estimated to be just a fraction of the real statistics, a record number of migrants have reached the United Kingdom during the lockdown....

Farage: I will not be silenced!

Police were alerted after the right-wing politician had left his home to report on the illegal migration scandal. Statistics have since revealed that the British authorities fail to deport the illegal migrants who keep arriving in the country.

Care home may have falsified coronavirus victim's death certificate

The relative of one of the care home's elderly residents said he had long been misinformed about the actual situation, and when he received word about his mother's death,...

Locals set migrant hotel ablaze in fierce protest

In Greece, locals are staging desperate protests against migrants transferred to their areas. No sooner had a new batch of migrants arrived from the Lesbos camp than residents began to voice their concerns,...

EU may face unprecedented economic downturn

The coronavirus pandemic will have severe economic consequences both in the European Union and the euro area, according to the Spring 2020 Economic Forecast published by the European Commission on 6 May. Poland is forecast to experience the smallest decline in the EU.

Police make it big on TikTok

The videos shared by the Metropolitan Police on the TikTok site are immensely popular. In the recordings, officers dressed in uniforms sing and dance, and complete various challenges....

Hungary's agriculture minister requests review of poultry imports from third countries

Istvan Nagy sent a letter to the European Commission regarding this subject. The minister suggested that the coronavirus crisis has caused a fall in demand and resulted in excess supply in some foodstuffs, such as poultry products, adding that the sector's problems are currently exacerbated by imports originating from third countries.

Politician critical of Islam receives brutal death threats

"They want to slaughter me like a sheep for criticising Islam," the anti-immigration lawmaker wrote on social media, after having received numerous death threats in the past few days.

Migrants destroy yet another Christian church

On Sunday, nearly 400 migrants set off from the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos to the mainland, following weeks of riots and vandalism against Christian churches....

Muslim man threatens to explode train station

A Muslim man posted a threat including the "Allahu Akbar" phrase, saying that he was preparing to blow up a small town’s train station.

Farage: We allowed ourselves to import coronavirus

The illegal migrant ship scandal is far greater than anybody realises, Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party said. He explained the media tried to sweep this problem under the carpet and the statistics it has shared show only a tiny little part of reality....

Minister expects another surge in illegal migration

The number of legal asylum applications filed in EU countries has dropped by nearly half, according to the EU's asylum support agency. However, this does not imply that immigration will also decline,...

Viktor Orban: Government eases restrictions on movement outside Budapest

Hungary's prime minister announced on Facebook on Wednesday evening that protective measures introduced against the coronavirus pandemic will be gradually lifted. Life can partly restart outside Budapest in Hungary, while in the capital and surrounding areas restrictions will remain in force.

European Court of Human Rights elects Soros ally as section president

As a response to a fact-finding report published by the French weekly Valeurs actuelles, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) elected Bulgarian judge Yonko Grozev, closely linked to Soros's network, as section president. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe requested that the Committee of Ministers take action.

Drug dealer kills police officer

A member of the German special police unit (SEK) has suffered serious injuries in a shootout and died shortly after he was rushed to hospital on Wednesday morning....

Driver runs over two officers on purpose

In the commune of Colombes near Paris, a driver deliberately smashed his car into two police motorcyclists and a police vehicle. Authorities have detained the perpetrator and have not ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack.

People blame the capital for deaths of elderly residents

The majority of Hungarians blame the municipality of Budapest for the conditions in a care home it maintains, which have led to mass infections and the deaths of several elderly citizens in the Hungarian capital,...

Migrant camps turning into coronavirus hotbeds

Both social distancing and hand-washing have become impossible in Greece's migrant camps. Despite the riots and arsons, the government is convinced that it is handling the situation well....

More and more Italians seem to be fed up with EU

According to a recent survey, 40 per cent of Italians would leave the European Union and the Eurozone. The survey confirmed the opinion poll made barely a month ago showing that 70 per cent of Italians do not trust the union,...

Italy sends cremation invoice to relatives of coronavirus victims

Roberto Calderoli, a senator of the Lega party says it is a shame that the Italian state expects the relatives of the coronavirus victims transported by the military to crematoria to pay the expenses of cremation.

Migration in defiance of lockdown

Border closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic have proved insufficient to stop immigration. At least five hundered migrants have reached Britain's shores since the lockdown was imposed....

Concealing infection of workers claims four lives

A nurse at an elderly care home in Florence has learned from the employees' chat stream that she had tested positive for coronavirus. This, according to a relative,...

Has Sweden signed its death warrant?

The Swedish herd immunity model is based on the theory that if enough people catch coronavirus and recover, they become immune to the disease. However,...

Hungary aims to have enough hospital beds for coronavirus patients

In Hungary, hospitals are required to free up 32,900 beds or 50 per cent of their capacity in the first phase in preparation for mass infections when the coronavirus pandemic spikes.

Disaster tourists violate curfew - video

Thousands of people, including children, gathered to see a burning landfill, forming a huge crowd. The disaster tourists ignored the epidemiological threat.

Website against fake news

Hungary's larger ruling party, Fidesz, has launched an English language website to provide regular, credible information on the party's decisions, Fidesz Vice President Katalin Novak announced.

Hungary expels quarantine violators, apprehends lawbreaker at airport

Eleven Irani nationals who had violated their hospital quarantine must leave Hungary.

Hungary receives over 10 million facemasks in a day

During the past 24 hours 10,700,000 facemasks have arrived in Hungary, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Wednesday.

Swedish hospitals use veterinary sedatives on humans

The Swedish Pharmaceutical Agency has granted permission to use veterinary sedatives on humans as hospitals are running out of supplies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents taken by ambulance and bus from coronavirus infected nursing home - photos

In a Budapest nursing home over a hundred people have been infected with novel coronavirus, five of them died. The residents were taken away by bus and more than a dozen ambulance vehicles on Thursday afternoon.

Hungary extends curfew restrictions

The curfew restrictions imposed by the Hungarian government two weeks ago are set to expire this Saturday. Announcing the decision in a video message, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the restrictions introduced so far have been successful, because they slowed down the spread of the virus.

All residents of Budapest nursing home taken to hospital due to coronavirus spread

Over a hundred elderly have contracted coronavirus in the Pest Street Elderly Home. The national chief medical officer went to personally inspect the institution,...

Viktor Orban inspects hospitals in Budapest

Without advance notice, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban inspected two hospitals in Budapest's 12th district on Thursday morning, and shared a video of his visit on his Facebook page, Bertalan Havasi, the prime minister's press chief, told Hungary's state news agency (MTI).

Government decides on secondary school leaving exams

Only the written secondary school leaving exams will be held in Hungary but under strict safety precautions, State Secretary for Public Education Zoltan Maruzsa announced on Thursday.

Over a hundred infection cases in a Budapest nursing home

Over a hundred elderly have contracted coronavirus in the Pest Street Elderly Home, chief medical officer Cecilia Muller said at her press conference on Thursday.

Crowd and congestion on local buses during epidemic

At the time of the coronavirus pandemic, local buses are so crowded in one of Hungary's big cities that people can hardly find a place. In this situation,...

This is how a container hospital looks - video

A mobile container hospital with a capacity of 150 beds has been built on the premises of a prison in the south Hungarian city of Kiskunhalas,. The epidemiological facility can provide monitoring or curative and preventive treatments in the event of a reduction in hospital capacities.

Oil company makes disinfectants instead of windshield fluid

Lubricant manufacturer Mol Lub, a subsidiary of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, has transformed its windshield fluid production line to make disinfectants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Budapest nursing home marred by horrid conditions as coronavirus spreads

The Pest Street Elderly Home in Budapest had 65 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Tuesday, 52 residents and 13 staff members. The coronavirus also appeared in the Vazsonyi Vilmos Elderly Home in central Budapest,...

Boris Johnson receives oxygen treatment

To avoid a chronic drop in oxygen saturation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is receiving ogxygen treatment, according to The Times. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has confirmed that PM Johnson is "still very much in charge of the government."

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