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Most Hungarians say segregated Roma kids were overcompensated

A survey published by the Hungarian Szazadveg Foundation on Saturday clearly shows that over two-thirds of respondents consider the state compensation received by the Roma families in the north Hungarian village of Gyongyospata to be exaggerated and unfair.

Persecution of Christians grows to unprecented scale

The latest report of the French evangelical foundation "Portes Ouvertes" revealed that an increasing number of Christians are killed in the world because of their religion....

Ukraine passenger jet comes down in Iran

A Boeing 737 passenger plane operated by Ukrainian International Airlines crashed near Tehran on Wednesday, shortly after takeoff. According to preliminary information, no one survived the tragedy. A photo allegedly showing the crash site also apeared on social media.

Police intercept 139 illegal migrants at Serbia-Hungary border on Boxing Day

The illegal migrants attempting to cross the border claimed to be Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and Algerian citizens.

Off-duty officer apprehends migrants

An off-duty Hungarian police officer alerted his colleagues after seeing "suspicious individuals" at the outskirts of the east Hungarian town of Bagamer on the second day of Christmas.

More than a hundred migrants try to enter Hungary on Christmas Day

Hungarian police officers apprehended 131 foreign nationals along the Bacs-Kiskun county section of the Hungary-Serbia border on 25 December, according to Hungarian police sources.

Terror alert overshadows Christmas markets' festive atmosphere

Terror threat levels are extremely high around Christmas markets all across Europe. In some large pro-immigration countries the festive decorations include concrete Christmas trees and armed police officers, making sure people are unable to forget the previous terrorist attacks carried out by migrants.

Climate worriers buzz in fear

There appears to be no end to climate activists' efforts to keep the spotlight on the planet's 'climate emergency', and protestors seem to have recently discovered the ideal way to convey their message: Buzzing around in bee costumes during election campaign events and gluing themselves to electric buses.

More than a hundred migrants arrive in Europe in recent days

More than a hundred migrants attempted to reach the EU by boat last week, with almost a record high of seventy-nine trying to cross the English Channel to reach the United Kingdom in a single day....

Migrants salute Islamic State at Christmas market

Police have arrested two Chechen immigrants at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, where last year's terrorist gun and knife attack claimed five lives....

Another perpetrator named in Caracal case

Gheorghe Dinca, accused of kidnaping, raping and killing two teenage girls and held in pre-trial detention, named another accomplice in the Caracal murder case.

Video: This is how migrants try to get to Hungary

Migrants are trying to get to Hungary illegally on land, water and under the ground as well. The Hungarian police issued a video footage on how they prevent illegal entries to the country.

The Hague stabber at large

The man who wounded several people on Friday evening in the most visited shopping street in downtown The Hague fled, announced the Dutch police.

London stabber was a terror convict

The perpetrator, shot dead by the police after the Friday afternoon attack, has been released on probation and wore an electronic tag, according to BBC and several British newspapers.

More than a thousand migrants arrive in Greece in a few days

Seven hundred migrants in twenty-four hours. It might seem like a record, but it is commonplace in Italy and Greece. Migration pressure has been growing continuously in the Southern European region,...

Farmers stage protests across France

French farmers are driving thousands of tractors along the main highways around Paris and Lyon to block commuter traffic in protest against low agricultural prices and unfair pensions....

Money-hungry ISIS bride no longer citizen

Although the former terrorist has listed some heavy arguments, including wanting "her own car", to justify her return to her homeland, the court ruled that ISIS bride Hoda Muthana is no longer a US citizen.

Huge quantity of drugs washes up on French beaches

763 kilograms of 83 per cent purity cocaine has been found on the west coast of France in recent weeks. Local authorities have warned residents to avoid suspicious parcels.

French authorities clear migrant camps

The day after the government announced the move, authorities began the evacuation of migrant tent camps in France. Around a thousand people are now being accommodated in gyms and reception centres.

Immigrant Muslims want to expel native Christians from Europe

Immigrants feel so much at home in Europe that they now want to expel local Christians from the Western states, exemplified by countless photos and videos circulating on the internet.

Deported migrant gang boss claims asylum in Germany

Ibrahim Miri, an Arab gang leader who allegedly heads a 3,000-strong criminal organisation, has returned to Germany this week, where he applied for refugee status after his expulsion in July. The Arab clan leader is considering legal action against his prior deportation from Germany.

ISIS kills European soldier

An ISIS attack in Mali has claimed the life of a French brigadier general, who died travelling in his armoured vehicle. Since the start of Operation Serval in 2013,...

Court orders Belgian state to accept jihadis

A Brussels court would oblige Belgium to take a jihadi back. The ruling is dangerous as it could pave the way for a mass ISIS backflow to Europe. Two jihadist wives have already indicated at the embassy in Ankara that they would like to return.

Disgusting and shocking abortion imitation - adult content

A video of a disgusting performance is spreading on social media. A transgender performer dressed as a pregnant woman sits on a bar counter stabbing his own stomach with a knife and cuts out a baby doll in a splash of artificial blood.

Red Cross warns of humanitarian catastrophe in migrant camp

Conditions are terrible in the "Vucjak" camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the Croatian border. The illegal camp is overcrowded and hygiene conditions are extremely poor....

Essex lorry deaths: two new suspects

A man and a woman, both 38 years old, are suspected of conspiracy to human smuggling and 39 counts of murder, local police reported on Friday. 39 people, believed to be Chinese nationals, were found dead in a lorry with Bulgarian registration in south-east England.

CCTV captures Essex „death lorry”

Newly emerged CCTV footage has capturied the lorry which was found in an Essex industrial estate with 39 bodies in its refrigerated container early on Wednesday. The alleged route of the lorry, suspected of carrying migrants, has already been mapped.

Bulgaria comments on Essex death lorry

Police are investigating how the lorry, which supposedly came from Bulgaria, entered the country. It was discovered with 39 corpses in its container in Essex county in South-East England early Wednesday. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised a thorough investigation. The tragedy also came up during the Brexit debate in the British Parliament.

Corpses of illegal migrants found in a lorry in Essex

Thirty-nine dead bodies were found in a Bulgarian lorry in Essex county in South-East England, at Waterglade industrial park in Grays. Police said that the lorry had arrived from Bulgaria. The 25-year old Northern Irish driver was detained on suspicion of murder. Victims include 38 adults and a teenager.

Climate activists create havoc, Greta calls for breaking rules

Commuters have dragged Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists from the roof of a Tube train, after their climate protest caused delay to hundreds of Londoners....

This is how Extinction Rebellion throws the world into anarchy

Several documents in the Extinction Rebellion Global Database reveal a dismal insight to the organisation's plans. The civil disobedience movement is gearing up for total anarchy and is open about its use of fearmongering to achieve their objectives.

Man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' threatens train passengers in Paris suburb

The man grabbed a woman at one of the stations of the high-speed line and threatened to push her under the train. Eventually, she was able to escape from her attacker.

Caracal murderer may escape prison

After FBI specialists had questioned the Romanian man suspected of kidnapping, raping and killing two young girls, experts say it cannot be ruled out that Gheorghe Dinca, aka the "Caracal monster", will escape prison,

France sees drastic rise in terrorism deaths since 2012

A total of 263 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France since 2012, which amounts to nearly ten times the number of casualties in the previous 30 years.

Paris knife attacker had USB drive with info on officers

Mickaël Harpon knifed four of his colleagues to death at a police headquarters in Paris. Officers searched his house and found several memory sticks with Islamist beheading videos and the contact details of his co-workers at the headquarters. It is unclear at this point whether the data had been disclosed to unauthorised individuals.

French child victims of rape are on average ten years of age

Every year 165,000 children fall victim to rape or attempted rape in France. The average age of these children is ten years and they are often abused at home, within their own families.

Czech pop star Karel Gott dies

The singer, known by many as the "Sinatra of the East", was 80 years old. The famous pop star announced in early September that he had been undergoing treatment for leukaemia for some time. Prime Minister Andrej Babis paid tribute in a Facebook post, saying: "Maestro, I hold you in high esteem. You were more than words could describe."

Unknown attacker injures ten with sword in Finnish Vocational College

A young man with a sword burst into a classroom at the Savo vocational college in the eastern town of Kuopio on Tuesday afternoon, injuring ten people....

Migrants attempt to enter Hungary hiding on train

15 migrants hid on a cargo train to reach Hungary, but they were found by the authorities.

Fire at Frech chemicals factory prompts evacuation

A large fire broke out at the Lubrizol chemicals factory in the northern city of Rouen at around 3:00 am on Thursday. People were evacuated in a 500-metre radius, while schools in the area will remain closed.

Deleted text messages by Danube boat tragedy captain reveal he did not see the other ship

Experts managed to retrieve the messages that German cruise ship Viking Sigyn's captain deleted from his phone after the Danube boat accident, which resulted in 27 casualties....

ISIS is infiltrating migrant waves destined for Europe

Although the Islamic State has been defeated, all that has changed is that it is no longer bound by territorial constraints. The terrorists of the organisation are exploiting immigration to send their soldiers trained in Syrian refugee camps to Europe, while liberal forces like Italy's new government are playing into their hands.

Dutch man wanted for Romanian child murder commits suicide

A Dutch man suspected of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl has committed suicide, according to Dutch press reports. 46-year-old Johannes Visscher drove his vehicle straight into a lorry. Having been convicted of sexual crimes earlier, the man had also undergone psychiatric treatment, Dutch authorities say.

Romanian police searching for Dutch paedophile killer

A Dutch citizen is wanted for arrest by the Romanian police. He is suspected of kidnapping, raping and killing an 11-year-old girl from Dambovita county in Romania, whose disappearance was reported on Friday and was found dead on a field on Sunday with signs of rape on her body.

Suspected Lebanese terrorist arrested after 34 years

Greek police have detained a man suspected of hijacking an aircraft in 1985, authorities announced on Saturday. Germany had already issued an arrest warrant against the Lebanese national, suspested of terrorist activities.

Google map shows 2019 London knife attacks

London witnessed more than 60 fatal knife attacks this year alone, with violence becoming almost commonplace in the English capital. Authorities seem powerless,...

Bomb found near school in Sweden's "most segregated" town

A passer-by noticed a suspicious package near a school in the town of Trollhattan, 75 kilometres from Goteborg. Experts arriving at the scene deactivated the explosive device,...

Coach full of passengers races down a motorway without driver in Czechia

A coach driver fainted and dropped out of the driver's seat in the Czech Republic. The vehicle drifted back and forth on the motorway with 50 passengers on board....

Reconstruction of Caracal murders sparks outrage in local community

The Romanian man, suspected of killing two teenage girls and known in the press as the Caracal monster, had to be protected from angry locals when he was taken back to the home village of one of his victims, for the reconstruction of the murder.

Penguins' gender identity our last remaining issue

Remember the date: as of 12 September 2019, the world has only one problem left. All other problematic questions have been solved, including political and economic crises,...

Caracal monster pimped young girls in Italy

The man charged with the Caracal murders was banned from the Italian town of Bari. Gheorghe Dinca had forced underaged Romanian girls to prostitution for years in a suburban caravan park, an Italian investigative journalist reported referring to police sources. The victims' family members demand the investigation to be extended.

Fatal fire in Dusseldorf hospital

At least one person died and another 72 were injured when a hospital caught fire in Germany's Dusseldorf on Monday evening. The victim was a 77-year-old in-patient. Firefighters claim that the flames have started spreading from his room.

Dutch officer suspected of killing his children

The shooting took place near a school in Dordrecht on Monday. According to Dutch news reports, a 35-year-old police officer killed two children in his home before committing suicide....

Swedish economist proposes cannibalism to fight climate change

The consumption of human flesh is worth to be argued, because it can reduce greenhouse effect and can help sustainability, Swedish economist Professor Magnus Soderlund said in a live television show.

Teen boy knifed to death in London

A teenage boy was stabbed to death near East London park on Tuesday night. The death toll in England's capital has reached 94, due to a recent surge in violence.

Afghan-born knifeman spared Muslim

Another video of the Lyon attacker has emerged, showing the man of Afghan origin sparing the life of a fellow Muslim. The stabbings in the French city on Saturday left one person dead and nine injured.

German caught smelling child's panties

The German tourist was satisfying his perverted urges at a swimming pool changing room in Marseilles, southern France, when a 12-year-old girl opened the door, to find him sniffing her underwear.

More video emerges of Lyon stabbings

A woman accompanying the murdered young man is seen in shock with a bleeding face in footage of the aftermatch of the attacks in Lyon. The assailant chose his victims randomly: one man has died and nine were injured, three of them critically.

Afghan knifeman arrested in Lyon

The murdered victim of the multiple stabbings in Lyon on Saturday afternoon was only 19 years old. Of the two attackers, one has been described as an Afghan man in his 30s, according to reports.

Blood of second victim found in Caracal suspect's home

The three blood drop samples recovered by investigators during their first search of Gheorghe Dinca's house in Caracal belong to 18-year-old Luiza Melencu, Romania's Mediafax news agency says, citing prosecution sources. Dinca confessed to killing Luiza in April, and murdering 15-year-old Alexandra Macesanu on 25 July.

Huge fire near Bucharest airport

Firefighters are trying to extinguish a fire at a building on an industrial estate near Baneasa International Airport, near Bucharest. No casualties have been reported.

Romanian police helped German slave masters

Police officers and Baia Mare councillors also helped the German managers of the Maramures "reeducation centre" which enslaved German teenagers, the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) has revealed. A fifth member of the NGO was recently arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and violating personal frredoms.

Slovakia deports 13 illegal foreign workers

Slovak authorities have expelled twelve Ukrainian and one Moldovan national from the country following a police raid. Twelve of them stayed in the country legally,...

Brutal stabbing filmed in England

A shocking video, showing a fight between two men of African descent, has been uploaded to the Internet. A third man is trying to restrain the attacker, who eventually stabs the other person, lying on the ground and visibly bleeding, with a swordlike weapon.

Fake news factories shift up a gear

In recent days, an image has appeared on social media, showing a jaguar as it is being rescued from the water near the Amazon forest fire. However, it soon turned out that the photo was not taken this year, and not during the Amazon rainforest disaster.

New allegations in Dinca murder case

Romanian inspectors will carry out DNA tests on new bone fragments at the home of Gheorghe Dinca, who is suspected of killng two teenage girls. They are also looking into the death of another young woman in 2015.

Police say Paris stabbing attacker is illegal street vendor

French police have arrested a migrant in connection with a knife attack at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris on Tuesday evening. Police say the suspect is an illegal street vendor.

Stabbing at main Paris train station

A stabber injured several people on Tuesday night at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris. The police and the military were immediately dispatched to the scene. Authorities cordoned off the site and designated a security zone around the station.

German children held captive in Romania

New details have emerged in the case of the foreign children who were held captive in a “re-education” centre in the Maramures mountains in northern Romania. During the raid carried out by the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) on Tuesday, it came to light that a German-Romanian criminal organisation disguised as an NGO held German children captive and coerced them to engage in forced labour. There are ongoing prosecution and police investigations in the case.

Danube boat accident: Cruise ship captain to remain under arrest

Maintaining the strictest coercive measures against the Viking Sigyn's captain is justified, the prosecution says. That is why they propose that the man suspected of causing the Danube boat accident at the end of May, resulting in 28 casualties, should remain in custody.

Fatal stabbing in Netherlands

A person was stabbed to death in the Hague, the third largest Dutch city, in the early hours on Tuesday.

Migrants caught on freight train

Hungarian police officers were carrying out checks on a cargo train when they found the illegal migrants.

Expelled migrants reluctant to leave UK

The number of migrants who were not granted asylum but are refusing to leave Great Britain has grown 15%, to almost 40,000. Most ultimately receive some form of residency status, according to immigration experts.

Rescuers find body of second Polish caver

Search teams have managed to locate the body of the second caver who went missing on Sunday. The remains, however, cannot currently be brought to the surface due to the extremely difficult conditions.

Drug gang captured in Budapest

Members of an international drug trafficking network have been arrested by police in Budapest. Officers of the Hungarian National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) apprehended the Croatian, Hungarian and Kosovan suspects as they divided up a marijuana shipment worth around 115 million forints (around 346,400 euros), the Hungarian National Police Headquarters revealed via on Saturday.

Cyclist shoots man dead in Berlin park

The shooting took place at noon on Friday in Berlin's multi-ethnic Moabit neighbourhood, near a zoo. Based on the preliminary police information, a cyclist shot a man in the head with a handgun....

Black day for Tatra tourism: 5 dead, 157 injured

The death toll of the storm in the High Tatras increased to five. The storm claimed its victims mostly on the Polish side of the mountain. 157 tourists are being treated in hospitals, and rescue workers are still searching for the missing persons in the mountains.

Tatra storms claim four lives already

Ten people have been struck by lightning directly. The storm has taken its toll both on the Slovak and the Polish side of the Tatra mountains.

Authorities question family members of Caracal murders' suspect

Gheorghe Dinca's wife and children are being questioned on Thursday at the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) headquarters in the case of the Caracal teen murders. Gheorghe Dinca's wife arrived at DIICOT accompanied by two men and a woman. Her companions clashed with press representatives in front of the building. The attorney of the family of Luiza, one of the kidnapped and murdered girls, claims that Dinca's wife lived in the Caracal house when Luisa was kidnapped in April this year.

VMRO-DPNE: Katica Janeva's career is over

The career of Zoran Zaev's right-hand woman Katica Janeva is over, North Macedonian VMRO-DPMNE said. The prosecutor's office ordered Janeva's arrest on Wednesday, but the party believes it should have happened much earlier.

Muslim passenger punches steward on plane

A video has been posted on social media of a man who kneeled on the ground to pray in front of the toilets aboard a plane. The man refused to stop the activity despite being asked to do so several times, making it impossible for the stewards to do their job, and he even punched a cabin crew member.

Couple may face prison sentence for stealing sand from beach

A French tourist couple may face up to six years in prison for having stolen sand from a beach in Sardinia, according to the charges.

Student pilot landed on a motorway in Croatia

A small plane made an emergency landing on a motorway in Croatia on Saturday, local newspaper 24Sata reported.

London knife attacker jailed for 21 years

A male London resident from an immigrant background attacked people with a knife in three different locations after saying he wanted to 'kill English people'. In-store CCTV recorded one of the attacks.

Austrian police hunt armed robbers

An armed robbery and a small explosion occurred at a family jeweller's in Salzburg, northern Austria, around midday on Thursday. The Cobra special police unit has been deployed to find the criminals responsible.

Romanian teen murders: police discover bones of another victim

Romanian authorities have discovered the remains of another teenage girl at the location identified by the Caracal man suspected of murders. The alleged perpetrator had possibly killed another girl before murdering 15-year-old Alexandra in July. The man has also confessed to the murder of 18-year-old Luiza Melencu.

Illegal migrants attempt to enter Hungary

Police apprehended Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi illegal migrants at the Serbia-Hungary border.

More drugs found in Sziget dealers' car

The men arrested last week at the Sziget festival had brought 310,000 euros worth of narcotics to Hungary.

Alex Soros cracks Hitler joke

George Soros’s son Alex has shared a distasteful joke on his Instagram page. The heir to the billionaire speculator posted an image depicting an Adolf Hitler lookalike playing a video game. He commented that the Nazi leader turned violent due to video games, leading to the Second World War. Considering his father George Soros’s earlier statements, his insensitivity is unsurprising.

Luxembourg to legalise marijuana

Luxembourg's health minister has presented to the EU a plan to make it the first European country to legalise production and consumption of recreational marijuana.

Crowd prompts panic during Ed Sheeran concert at Sziget Festival

A smaller panic erupted during Ed Sheeran's concert at Budapest's Sziget Festival on Wednesday. The main show of the opening day attracted some sixty thousand visitors, and people started to panic and flee through the bar counters, possibly because the crowd was too large. A statement by the organisers has confirmed that there were no personal injuries.

Anti-corruption prosecutors descend on Oracle’s Romanian headquarters

Prosecutors of the Romanian National Anticorruption Directorate started searching the headquarters of the American tech giant Oracle on Wednesday afternoon. Citing Romanian judicial sources, news agency MEDIAFAX stated that certain contracts of the company raised suspicions of corruption.

Croatian police beat and escort migrants back to Bosnia

Citing an anonymous source within the Bosnian police, local media reported that a group of 18 migrants, discovered near Velika Kladusa on Wednesday, had become “the victim of Croatian border police brutality.” Press reports claim that Croatian border guards first beat the illegal migrants, and then forcibly escorted them back to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

MEP silent on father's harassment case

Hungarian MEP Anna Donath, who belongs to the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament (EP) has not responded to press inquiries about her father's sexual harassment scandal. The politician, who was elected as a candidate of the Momentum Movement, has been an advocate of similar cases previously, but has declined to comment on her clergyman father's harassment case.

Migrant soccer player's identity can be a lie

Gambian soccer player Bakery Jatta, who plays for Hamburger SV in the 2nd Bundesliga, claimed that he was younger than his real age and he also changed his name and his past, as German sports journalists suspect. His fairy tale story was all over the media, but it might have been a complete lie.

Earthquakes hit Romania early Tuesday

Tremors were recorded twice in the early hours of Tuesday in the Curvature Carpathians, Romania on Tuesday. The first shock was registered 35 kilometres from Covasna and the second wave 50 kilometres from Targu Secuiesc....

Authorities possibly found the other Romanian girl's remains

Romanian police found human remains in a forest near Caracal. Gheorghe Dinca, the suspect of the Caracal murders, has led the authorities to the venue....

Romanian cops ignore bloodied girl

The aftershocks of the Caracal murders are still being felt in Romania, with police negligence increasingly in focus. New Interior Minister Mihai Fifor on Monday ordered an investigation into a weekend incident where police officers ignored an injured woman.

Iran seized another tanker in the Persian Gulf

The Revolutionary Guard Corps' naval forces had seized a foreign tanker in the Persian Gulf that was smuggling fuel to some Arab countries, announces the Iranian state television.

El Paso shooting claims twenty lives

20 people died and 26 were injured in a shooting on Saturday in El Paso’s Walmart shopping centre, the governor of Texas has announced. The suspect,...

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