Enough of Brussels madness

The celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union are increasingly overshadowed by unpalatable emotional blackmail. We are to be grateful, exalted and smiling, while obediently acquiescing to the increasing loss of sovereignty.

POLITICS MAY 4. 2024 23:02

The degree of infantilism in today’s Brussels jubilation is striking, Polish political commentator Marzena Nykiel wrote in an opinion piece. She finds the evocation of the principle held by the founders of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) to be even more objectionable. Indeed, the vision pursued by Robert Schumann was rooted in his deep faith and a Christian philosophy of personalism, which stressed respect for human dignity, democracy and human rights. Schuman strongly emphasised the sovereignty and developmental independence of nation states to form a community of nations. Schuman at the time said:

„My vision does not include the creation of a superstate by uniting countries. Our European countries are a historical reality. It would be psychologically impossible and unwise to do away with them. Their diversity is a positive and their is no point in eliminating them or making them equal or uniform.”

the political commentator quoted from Schuman, adding that although in the post-war years German domination was psychologically unacceptable, Berlin had over the years succeeded in falsifying international public opinion, reshaping its policy regarding history and convincing the world that it had fulfilled – contrary to the facts – all reparations for its criminal sins, and that Poland was co-responsible for its genocidal mass murdering of Polish Jews. Moreover, Germany is increasingly asserting its dominance in Europe, and most European politicians, with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at the helm, are enthusiastically supporting this dominance.

„Today, anyone who rejects the rule of Germany and Brussels is branded an anti-European, an ally of Putin, a Russian agent and a populist. They want to trample on our values and destroy Europe,”

Marzena Nykiel added to the list.

Not only has the EU violated existing treaties, persecuted Poland in recent years for its alleged lack of the rule of law, and failed to pay out the money Poland is entitled to, she writes, but it has also used every form of pressure to block the country’s development, influence Polish legislation and social processes and even the manner of education.

„They are even trying to impose on us from above sensitive constitutional provisions such as abortion, the legalisation of homosexual unions or the adoption of children by them. What would Schuman say to all this?”

asked the political commentator. The current EU is dominated by forces that fundamentally reject the national spirit of the separate states of the Bloc, and view with disgust with the principles of Schuman, she added. Schuman believed that the European ethos means being aware of belonging to a Christian family culture and being ready to serve this community in the spirit of full reciprocity, without hegemony or selfish exploitation of others.




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