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Property prices skyrocket in Paris

Real estate prices in the French capital rose by over thirty per cent during the past five years, with an average square metre currently costing €11,...

V4 property market on the up - survey

Several trends unite the real estate markets of the Visegrad countries, one being a huge demand for newly built apartments. Supply levels are varied throughout the V4 nations, however.

Czechs work hardest for new apartment

Property prices in Hungary rose the fastest in Europe over the last three years. Compared to the average national salary, Czechs need to work most to buy an apartment, while housing is the most affordable in Portugal, according to Deloitte's study of European property markets.

Hungarian cube house reacts to emotions

The team of the University of Miskolc, Hungary, has built a residential house with zero ecological footprint, which utilizes speech recognition software to respond to human emotions. The building, transformed from a socialist cube house, won a prize on Tuesday at the international housebuilding competition called Solar Decathlon Europe, organised for university students. The consortium of the University of Miskolc has built a project called Hungarian Nest+ with the help of students from the Hungarian University of Pecs and the Algerian Blidai Saad Dahlad University. It will remain part of a modern open-air museum.

Czech Republic turns Congo embassy into estate agency

The embassy was closed due to the poor security situation in the African country, but now it will temporarily open to oversee sales of Czech-owned properties.

London property prices drop in shadow of Brexit

The London real estate market has hit a ten-year low. House prices have risen more slowly across the UK, since the UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016,...

European Commission set to have Brussels' highest tower

The 150-metre Tour du Midi will soon cease to be Brussels’s tallest building, as three construction companies have won the tender to build the European Commission’s new 165 metre office building. Not everyone is happy about the construction work, however, which will start in 2025.

Depardieu to sell contents of restaurant

The French actor will auction off everything inside La Fontaine Gaillon, the Paris restaurant he bought in 2003.

One of Hungary’s largest real estate developers invests in Romania

One of Hungary’s largest real estate development companies, Futureal, a major player on the Central-Eastern European market, is now expanding into Romania....

Paris to set rent caps

A decree regulating rental prices comes into effect in Paris today. The scarcity of property has long been a big problem in the French capital. With the growing number of short-term rental deals it has become harder and harder for Paris residents to find a long-term lease.

US, China elite buy London properties

An increasing number of US billionaires are scooping up mansions in London, newswire Bloomberg reports. Sales have doubled in the city's most exclusive districts since 2018.

Berlin considers freezing rental fees

As rental prices in Berlin have skyrocketed, the city's Senate is considering a plan to freeze rental prices in the capital for a duration of five years.

Restoration of famous Constanta Casino finally underway

The Constanta Casino, a protected historic monument in Romania and one of Europe’s seven most endangered heritage sites will finally be getting its much-anticipated restoration. The project is estimated to cost 23.5 million euros and last two and a half years.

EBRD to change headquarters in London

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is moving its headquarters it occupied for more than a quarter-century, but its new address is also the financial centre of London....

Decade-long record broke in housing loans in 2018

More than 100,000 home loans, worth a total of 2,665 million euros, have been disbursed by Hungarian credit institutions in 2018, breaking 2008’s decade-long record on housing loans,...

V4 housing prices rose the most in the Czech Republic

Ireland has seen the largest increase in the EU, with housing being 33 percent more expensive this year than in 2010. With the exception of one country in the EU,...

Unprecedented growth in Hungarian building industry

Hungary's construction output grew an all-time high 48% year-on-year in February. Output was up 39.4% for buildings and 65.4% for other structures....

Protests against rising rental prices

Thousands of people have demonstrated in Berlin and in other German cities against rising rental fees. The protesters demanded that the German federal government take action.

Europe's eyes are on Hungarian prison

After China and Georgia, a delegation of V4 and Austrian members has visited Hungary’s model prison. The institute is almost completely self-sufficient,...

Garden home trend: Hotel for Insects

At the beginning of spring, it is time to refurbish the small gardens and balcony crates that have been neglected since last year. Just like in the world of fashion,...

The castles and manors are brimming with life

Renovation has started in nine locations in Hungary, and after the completion of the public procurement procedures the works will begin in 14 additional locations in the framework of the National Mansion Program and the National Castle Program.

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