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Roman numerals banished from museum to aid comprehension

Arabic numerals will be used instead of Roman in the Carnavalet Museum in Paris to make it easier for visitors to understand. Some say this is a perfect illustratation of the "cultural catastrophe" that is currently taking place all across the world.

Leftist propaganda hidden in children's books is doomed to fail

"There is no danger so long as Central and Eastern European governments do not let harmful thoughts to be protected by legal censorship", sociologist Dr....

National flag hoisted at Parliament to mark 1956 Revolution's anniversary

On 23 October, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban commemorated the 64th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution with Maria Wittner, one of the freedom fighters involved in the uprising.

Activists protest removal of Napoleon statue with hand-made street signs – video

The mayor of a French city is planning to replace the local Napoleon statue with one portraying a recently deceased feminist lawyer. Members of the so-called White Shirts group,...

Another black Jesus appears on classic artwork

The Pontifical Academy for Life has posted an image of Michelangelo's Pieta, in which they painted Jesus's figure black. The image provoked outrage in both Catholic and art-loving circles,...

V4NA roundup: this is how European countries support music industry

The pop music industry is among the sectors worst hit by the pandemic. Musicians and event organisers were among the first to lose their revenues following the cancellation of concerts and summer festivals. In its latest roundup, V4NA looks at how some European countries are trying to save the music industry from bankruptcy.

Communist censorship and how artists' freedom of expression is restricted

After the Communist parties assumed power in Central and Eastern Europe, censorship of artists and their works has became common practice. People's freedom of expression was most violently restricted during the 1950s, but even in the 1980s, a film made in Poland was banned by Communists fearful of losing their grip on power.

BLM movements have values with Nazi and communist traits

Prohibition of works, books, films and television series contrary to their political ideology or distortion or falsification of the past are some features that characterise the left-wing liberal BLM movement, just as they characterised the Nazis or the Soviet communists at their time.

Film drama to mark 100th anniversary of Trianon Peace Treaty

For Hungary, choosing between accepting the peace treaty or refusing to sign it would be tantamount to "having to ask itself if it should rather commit suicide so as not to die," Count Albert Apponyi said in his famous speech a hundred years ago, as head of the Trianon peace delegation. The centenary of signing the peace dictate will, among others, be marked by a new historical drama titled The Speech, providing a dramatised, historically authentic, cinematic reconstruction of Count Apponyi's address.

While life restarts, protection is also key

At the invitation of Viktor Orban, the National Cultural Council (NKT) held its meeting in the prime minister's office, where the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Hungarian cultural institutions was reviewed, the premier's press chief reported on Saturday.

Hungarian president invites Pope

On the occasion of the International Eucharistic Congress, Hungarian President Janos Ader has invited Pope Francis for a visit to Hungary. The pope received the president on a private audience in the Vatican.

Muslim woman says Allah more important than Dutch laws - video

A Muslim woman, who lives in the Netherlands and believes that sharia supersedes Dutch laws, has refused to take off her full-face veil, or niqab. In a video interview posted online,...

Oscar voter Stephen King faces backlash from gender activists

Stephen King, the Master of Horror, lost the support of many virtue-signalling Twitter users after saying he would "never consider" factoring in diversity,...

Church must provide help where it's needed

During the Christmas holiday Christians remember the birth of Christ to promote a sense of togetherness, Cardinal Peter Erdo told Hungary's public broadcaster in a recent interview....

Facebook uses double standards in banning charity ad

Facebook has classified a Hungarian cultural organisation's planned advertisement to promote its cultural gala as political and decided to ban it. This is not the first time the social media giant is applying double standards against events revolving around national themes.

V4 exclusive interview: Invaded by migrants, France is on its last legs

France is on the brink of social and economic disintegration, and laws are no longer enforced. A specific "progressive" group is in control of everything and influences everybody via the media. There are constant clashes in outer districts and the outskirts can become a war zone in the blink of an eye. The cause of all this is decades-long mass immigration against the will of the French people. Author Laurent Obertone sets out his vision of France in an exclusive interview with V4NA.

Hungarian director received prestigious recognition in Italy

Senior editor of the Hungarian public television, Levente Kiraly has become the first foreigner to receive the award named after San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples....

Greta Thunberg became a death metal star

The drummer of an American death metal band made a rattling-screaming death metal song out of Greta Thunberg's aggressive outburst at the UN. Almost as many people were interested in the raving Greta singing in a guttural voice as in her "serious" speech.

Viktor Orban: the Hungarian Jewish community lives in peace and security

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent his greetings to the Jewish leaders in Hungary in a letter on the occasion of the Jewish New Year, press chief of the Hungarian premier Bertalan Havasi informed the Hungarian state news agency MTI on Sunday.

Prominent Central European fortresses restored to its former glory

The reconstruction of the Star Fortress in Komarom, located in the Central Transdanubian region of Hungary, began in 2017 and cost approx. 18 million euros. The facility grew by an additional exhibition area of 7,000 square metres, where plaster sculpture replicas from the Museum of Fine Arts will be on display.

Hungarian movie among best of century

The Guardian has compiled the 100 best movies of the 21st century. Most of the films are American productions, but some Italian, Swedish and French movies have also made it to the list....

Czech Budweiser sends its special beer to pope

The special beer destined for Pope Francis and charity purposes received a bishop's blessings yesterday at the world-famous Czech beer factory Budweiser.

Comics tell V4 history

A historical comics festival, to be held in the Hungarian city of Esztergom on Saturday, will showcase the works of Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Polish artists. Through their comics, artists of the V4 bloc will be telling stories about the four countries' shared history. The story of Prince Imre, a sequel to the "Kings and Crosses" graphic novel currently premiering in Brussels, will debut at the event.

Hungarian orchestra plays for erstwhile Japanese emperor

The Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra performed a storming concert at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo. The event, in one of Asia's most illustrious concert halls, was attended by Emperor Akihito, who abdicated earlier this year, and his wife Michiko.

Sissi charms Shanghai

The Hungarian National Museum received a grand prix and a gold prize at Wednesday's AVICOM multimedia festival in Shanghai. AVICOM is one of the most prestigious events for museum professionals who work with audio-visual and other new technologies. At this year's festival, one of the most popular works was an interactive video wall presenting the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi, and members of the Hungarian aristocracy. Nearly 700,000 people saw the exhibit in 2017 alone.

Hungarian coins to showcase dog breeds

The commemorative coin series showing Hungarian animals and plants will be launched in early September. The first coin will display a Hungarian Vizsla dog,...

James Blunt to play three V4 capitals

UK singer-songwriter James Blunt has announced a spring tour that will include dates in Budapest, Prague and Warsaw, as well as a tour closer at London's Royal Albert Hall. The Grammy-nominated musician's hits include 'You're Beautiful' and 'Goodbye my Lover'.

Body of Napoleonic general found

The heart of Charles Etienne Gudin has long rested in a chapel at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris - and now it seems the rest of his body has been found. The remains of the repected general of Napoleon Bonaparte were recently found in a tomb in Russia. Gudin—who is mentioned on the Arc de Triomphe— lost his left leg before he died, but archaeologists have yet to locate the missing limb.

Polish aristocrat's lost art cache returns home

Although many major European art works went missing in the tumult of the Second World War as well as the Cold War, lost pieces are slowly being recovered and restored. Poland’s Trzy Traby Foundation recently acquired a cache of Polish art found in an outbuilding in the Peruvian capital, Lima.

Prague honors Egyptology with Tutankhamun show

The Prague National Museum has opened a huge new exhibition entitled the Tutankhamun Real Experience, which marks the 100th anniversary of Czech Egyptology.

Bryan Adams to perform in Budapest

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams will give at a free concert in the Hungarian capital next month. Adams will play a unique set-list especially for the occasion.

Polish-Hungarian free university kicks off in Krasiczyn

A free university with almost 400 Hungarian and Polish students began in Krasiczyn, south-eastern Poland, on Monday. Students at the camp will address issues in Hungary, Poland, Central Europe and the EU, with a particular focus on the Union's new leadership in the wake of the European Parliament (EP) elections. The deputy speaker of the Hungarian Parliament gave a speech at the opening ceremony.

Photo contest to showcase Hungary's values

The Hungarian government has launched a nationwide photo contest called Magyarorszag 365 (Hungary 365), aimed at presenting the values of the country. The government also wishes to strengthen Hungarians' love for their country and their sense of community.

Budapest fireworks attract over 700,000 spectators

August 20th, one of Hungary's most important national holidays, generated huge interest with its programmes nationwide. The closing event, the popular fireworks spectacle in Budapest,...

Carpathian Basin bread baked from a ton of flour

Five loaves, each weighing a hundred kilos, will be baked in Szolnok, eastern Hungary. The sizeable loaves, baked as part of the celebrations of the foundation of the Hungarian state, symbolise Hungary and four former Hungarian territories disannexed by the Treaty of Trianon. After a festive mass, the "sibling loaves" will be sent to Hungarian towns in areas reallocated to countries neighbouring Hungary.

Tens of thousands attend Hungarian national holiday events in Budapest

Events to commemorate the Hungarian state's founder King St. Stephen began a day and a half ago in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Concerts are a popular attraction during the extended weekend of one of Hungary's longest established celebrations, with most people looking forward to programmes on 20 August.

1400-year-old skeleton found in Southern France

Archaeologists found a burial site dating back to the 7th century Merovingian dynasty in southern France.

Metallica supports homeless people

The American rock band is going to support a Viennese homeless shelter called Neunerhaus with a part of the ticket revenue from its Friday evening concert in Austria.

Wheelchair fan steals Foo Fighters show

After Foo Fighters' singer had called a young fan on stage at Budapest's Sziget Festival, the grateful fan smashed the singer's 11,000-euro Gibson guitar at the end of the concert.

Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj to be held for tenth time

The event series called Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj begins on Saturday, providing recreation and cultural experiences to visitors of the Romanian city for nine days.

Eastern European castles make CNN’s list

Castles have captured the imagination and attention of people around the world for centuries. This week, CNN rounded up their favourite castles in the world, and two from Eastern Europe made the list: the Prague Castle in Czechia, and Slovenia's Predjama Castle.

Swedish Hungarians camp together again

The Blue Flower Hungarian Camp was organised for the 23rd time this year in Sweden. The 2019 edition was held in Halleberga’s youth centre, which was purchased and renovated with the Hungarian government’s support.

Czech synagogues, cemeteries open up

Around 50 religious locations across the Czech Republic annually open their gates to the public on Jewish Memorial Day, now in its third year. This year the event falls on the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av, which marks the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Beatles cult still exists in Hungary

Among others, John Lennon’s first guitar will also be delivered to Budapest for the Hungarian Beatles Convention on Sunday. The main patron of the event is Iain Lindsay,...

Crowd prompts panic during Ed Sheeran concert at Sziget Festival

A smaller panic erupted during Ed Sheeran's concert at Budapest's Sziget Festival on Wednesday. The main show of the opening day attracted some sixty thousand visitors, and people started to panic and flee through the bar counters, possibly because the crowd was too large. A statement by the organisers has confirmed that there were no personal injuries.

Quarter billion Christians persecuted worldwide

A compilation by World Watch List, featuring the fifty most dangerous countries for Christians, is headed by North Korea. Nigeria is the bloodiest country on the list, as 90 per cent of Christians murdered for their religion die there.

Jewish Cultural Festival returns to Budapest

The Jewish Cultural Festival, now in its 22nd year, has an exciting line-up for Budapest’s visitors and residents from 1-9 September. The largest festival celebrating Jewish life and culture in the Hungarian capital will span seven venues across the city’s downtown neighbourhoods.

Warsaw uprising exhibition returns to Berlin

For the second time in five years, the Topography of Terror museum in Berlin will host an exhibition dedicated to the legacy of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The museum – located in a building that formerly housed the Nazi Secret Police and the SS headquarters – is an appropriate venue to house this exhibition, which tells the story of the Polish underground resistance bravely rising up to try to liberate Warsaw from Nazi occupation.

Ball of Nations at Summerfest International Folklore Festival

Eighteen countries, including Bolivia, Japan, China and Russia will participate at the 26th Summerfest International Folklore Festival in Hungary, with Transcarpathia as this year’s special guest. During the ten-day festival, children can enjoy a wide array of activities, such as children theatrical plays, dances, handicrafts and merry-go-rounds, as well as traditional toys and dance performances from 20 different countries. The biggest folklore event in the region will welcome visitors from 12 to 22 August.

Bukovina Meetings International Folklore Festival

The 30th Bukovina Meetings International Folklore Festival kicked off on Friday in the Southern Hungarian town of Bonyhad. The opening speech was made by the Secretary of State for National Policy at the Prime Minister’s Office Arpad Janos Potapi. The nationalities of Bukovina are celebrating their culture and unity for three days.

Czech culture minister’s position remains vacant

The mandate of Czech Minister of Culture Antonin Stanek expires on Wednesday. In contrast to public law practice, his position will only be filled after the summer government break.

Hungarian cube house reacts to emotions

The team of the University of Miskolc, Hungary, has built a residential house with zero ecological footprint, which utilizes speech recognition software to respond to human emotions. The building, transformed from a socialist cube house, won a prize on Tuesday at the international housebuilding competition called Solar Decathlon Europe, organised for university students. The consortium of the University of Miskolc has built a project called Hungarian Nest+ with the help of students from the Hungarian University of Pecs and the Algerian Blidai Saad Dahlad University. It will remain part of a modern open-air museum.

Summer with Wajda in Krakow

The National Museum in Krakow has an exciting month of events and programmes planned as part of their retrospective exhibition on the work of Polish film and theatre master Andrzej Wajda. The exhibition is a first-of-its-kind multimedia examination of the director’s creative process and his representation of Polish identity and national memory.

Venice Film Festival screens first Czech film in a quarter century

For the first time in 25 years, the Venice Film Festival will be screening a Czech film, The Painted Bird, in this year's main competition. The movie, which is about a young Jewish boy’s journey during WWII, stars Harvey Keitel and Stellan Skarsgard.

Poznan’s incredible sand sculptures warn of fragile ecology

The middle of Poland seems an unlikely place to experience beautiful sculptures rising from the sand, but that’s exactly what visitors to Poznan will be able to do at the end of August.

Global Village tent at Sziget Festival

The Caravan Tent proved a huge hit last year so it will reemerge at Budapest's Sziget Festival at a new location, bearing the new Global Village name. Besides the Roma community culture, minorities of other countries and regions can also introduce themselves through their music. This year's festval will revolve around the themes of Hungary's cultural diversity and environmental protection at the usual venue of Hajogyari Island, between 7 and 13 August.

50th Debrecen Flower Carnival symbolises cooperation in Carpathian Basin

The internationally acclaimed flower carnival is set to take place for the fiftieth time on 20 August in Debrecen, the “capital of Eastern Hungary,...

Hungarian sour cherry soup and jazz in Israel

The global success of the Hungarian Recirquel circus-theatre-dance company, The Naked Clown, can also be seen during the Israeli Hungarian cultural season. This year, in addition to gastronomy, music and dance, theatre and opera will also take the stage. This is how the audience can eat chilled sour cherry soup while listening to Hungarian swing jazz in Tel-Aviv.

German art scammers plead guilty

German auction house staff sold fake paintings bought for a hundred euros as works by 20th Century masters. The dealers purchased the artworks later sold as works of Klimt, Dali and Picasso from a German man. After 15 years of scamming, the accused apologized in court yesterday.

Village of Apostles found in Israel

Israeli archaeologists believe they have found Bethsaida, mentioned in the New Testament, where disciples Peter and Andrew lived. According to Tuesday's press reports archaeologists also claim to have found the Church of the Apostles which, in line with Christian traditions, had been built over the home of Jesus's disciples Peter and Andrew in Bethsaida.

Polish director breathes new life into story of Czechoslovakian healer Jan Mikolasek

Polish Academy Award-nominated director, Agnieszka Holland, is tackling the true story of Czechoslovakian healer Jan Mikolasek in her new film ‘Charlatan’, which will premiere on 20 February, 2020. The movie, filmed on location in the Czech Republic this past spring, follows the healer’s life across the early and mid-20th century, examining his complicated life-calling and the struggles he endured in pursuing it.

Festival of Jewish culture celebrates 16th year in Warsaw

This year marks the 16th Annual Singer’s Warsaw Festival of Jewish Culture. The annual summer tradition is once again on track to delight and inspire audiences with Jewish traditions, performances, and memories.

US President helps free A$AP Rocky

US President Donald Trump announced on his official Twitter page that he is ready to help in setting rapper A$AP Rocky free from prison. The American hip hop star was arrested in Sweden in early July after being involved in a brawl.

Slovakia and Hungary celebrate at a joint festival

The 24th Nograd International Folklore Festival will be held on 25-28 July. The event of the historical Nograd County - stretching on the territory of Hungary and Slovakia - is one of the largest bilingual traditional festivals in the region....

French masterpieces make big impression on Prague

Fans of the soft, serene, idyllic scenes captured in Impressionist art will be thrilled to learn that this summer the largest ever exhibition of French Impressionist paintings will be held by the National Gallery at the Kinsky Palace in Prague.

Polish archaeologists make sensational discovery in Alexandria

Polish and Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered Roman-era lecture halls and a mosaic floor depicting lotus flowers in the old town of Alexandria in Egypt. The dig began almost 60 years ago and has now established that culture flourished in Fourth-Century Alexandria, Egyptian daily al-Ahram reported.

World-famous Roma exhibition arrives to Hungary

The exhibition entitled Roma Palette was opened at Budapest's Slovak Institute at the end of June. The paintings of Slovakia's gypsy children have been shown all over the world and won numerous awards,...

Polish Land of Miracles moves to Budapest

An exhibition called Land of Miracles will open on Friday, in the Polish Institute in Budapest. Polish artist Marianna Oklejak’s books have their roots in Poland's rich folklore traditions. Her illustrations combine vivid colours and poems, focusing on ever-green social themes like the questions of birth, marriage or death.

Music to Ostrava’s ears: Plans in place for world-class concert hall

The Czech Republic’s second largest city, Ostrava, will be getting a state-of-the-art concert hall in the next five years that will serve as home for the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra and attract the world’s best and most famous ensembles. The hall is set to provide a capacity and utility that will help the city fully realize its potential as a destination of arts and culture.

Surrealism exhibition opens in Budapest

Interested in escaping reality on a hot summer day in Budapest? Visit the National Gallery, where a new exhibition featuring over 100 surrealist works recently opened to art enthusiasts.

Masaryk University marks centennial with red bust

Widely regarded as the father of Czechoslovakia, President Tomas Masaryk championed the return of autonomy to the people of the country, travelling to the United States after WWI to advocate for independence. To honour him, the Masaryk University in Brno is now celebrating its 100th anniversary by displaying a massive bust in President Masaryk’s likeness, constructed of tangled red pipes.

CEE to get its first Madame Tussauds

A Madame Tussauds is set to open its first outpost in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The Wax Museum of Prague has signed a franchise agreement with the brand that is synonymous with waxworks.

Polish documentary receives Spotlight Award

Magdalena Kołodziejczyk and Rafał Kołodziejczyk's 'Behind Bars Are Trees of Green' documentary has received the silver Spotlight Documentary Film Awards in Atlanta, US. The silver award is granted 'to unforgettable films with the third-highest scores from our panel', according to the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards website.

Balvanyos Free Summer University becomes unique event

Balvanyos Free Summer University and Student Camp (aka Tusvanyos), which is celebrating its 30th birtdhay this year, differs from similar summer events in that it amalgamates festival features with some aspects of the free university,...

Chairlift rides 'by night' await visitors to Hungary

The inaugural Chairlift Night was a great success in Hungary last year, so the event will continue this year.

Hungarian-led programme to promote world music from the Balkans

An international programme named MOST will be launched for the promotion of world music in the western Balkans with the coordination of the Hungarian music distributor and concert organiser Hangveto and with funding from the European Union. 4 million euros will be spent on the programme targeted at Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Romania and Bulgaria. The 4-year, complex development project aims to improve the worldwide marketability of music from the Balkans.

Paul Anka sings about Hungary his way

A video of the reinterpretation of 'My Way' that namechecked Viktor Orban, was shared by the Hungarian prime minister on his Facebook page.

Foreign musos learn Hungarian folk

International conductors have been taught the works of Hungarian composer and ethnomusicologist Bela Bartok for more than 50 years. Now Japanese and US conductors will study Bartok ahead of a concert at the end of their courses in Szombathely, western Hungary. The programme starts on Friday within the framework of the International Bartok Seminar and Festival, one of the largest classical events in the Carpathian basin.

Rita Ora is EFOTT's headliner

EFOTT, the largest festival in the Carpathian Basin organised for college and university stundents, starts today. This year's headliner is Albanian-born Biritsh star Rita Ora. Environmental organisation WWF will hold an international water protection event called the Big Jump at the venue.

This year's Balvanyos Summer University focuses on the future of Europe

The Balvanyos Free Summer University and Student Camp will be held from 23 to 28 July, using the slogan "the camp is one," in Transylvania's Baile Tusnad. This year's main topics will focus on the future of Europe and Hungarian national cohesion. Speakers will include not only Hungarian but Slovak, Croatian, Serbian and Romanian guests, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivering his customary keynote address.

Pohoda, Slovakia’s largest music festival sold out for second year running

Although ‘pohoda’ means ‘ease’ in English, music fans flocking to this year’s festival didn’t take it easy in securing their spot at this year’s Pohoda. A week before the festival is set to kick off, organisers announced tickets had sold out for the second year in a row. Next weekend 30,000 revellers are set to descend on Trencin in north western Slovakia to enjoy three days of music, workshops, wine, beer, and gastronomy,

Christie's sold stolen relic, Egypt claims

A bust of Tutankhamun fetched nearly five million pounds when it went under the hammer at Christie's in London. Egypt had earlier urged the auction house to cancel the sale of the relic, claiming it was stolen from the country in the 1970s.

A comic take on Poland’s history

Poland's Ministry of Culture and the EC1 Miasto Kultury in Lodz are teaming up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Polish comics by providing an illustration of the past 100-year history of the country through comics. Premiering in December, the comics will cover key aspects of Poland’s tumultuous 20th century.

Hungarians debut at Passau

The Hungarian Academy of Arts' contemporary fine art exhibition, titled Verstrichene Zeit – Leaking time, will open in the Museum of Modern Art in Passau on 5 July. The programme is part of the 30 Years in Freedom memorial year in Hungary.

Czech film fest reveals 2019 shortlist

The Karlovy Vary festival LUX award winner will be announced on 27 November. The European Parliament (EP) has supported the prize since 2007.

Rothko's hometown exhibits the painter's new works

Beginning on 12 July, Eastern European art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to view new, original works by the famous American painter Mark Rothko in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Mona Lisa will be moved due to renovation

One of the most famous paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa, will be temporarily moved within the Louvre in mid-July. The transfer is necessary because the room specifically designed for the painting in 2005 requires a few months of renovation, the Parisian museum announced.

4,000-year-old burial site found in Wales

A 4,000-year-old burial mound has been found on the island of Anglesey, north-west Wales, website Live Science reported. The article says Anglesey is best known for its druids and the 5,000-year-old Bryn Celli Ddu burial site.

Hungarian culinary festival in Brussels

The HUNGAstRY festival at Cinquantenaire Park, Brussels showcases Hungarian gastronomy and applied arts this weekend. The two-day event, organised by Hungary’s permanent representation to the EU, also features an exhibition documenting Hungary's Olympic feats.

La Scala appoints French director

Frenchman Dominique Meyer will head the world famous La Scala Theatre, Milan City Hall announced. Meyer will leave the Vienna opera to take up his new post in Italy.

London festival celebrates ‘Shakespeare and Poland’

'Shakespeare and Poland', a two-week festival examining Shakespeare's impact on Polish culture, featuring theatre, film, illustration and music, began at London’s Globe Theatre on Wednesday 26 June.

Polish state wins 'lost artwork' precedent case

The Nazi occupation of Poland and the horrors of the Second World War not only wrought the country's destruction, but also led to the disappearance of thousands of valuable artworks. However a recent court ruling could ease state recovery of cultural artefacts lost during and after the war.

Prague Castle raises curtain on new photo exhibition

The Prague Castle is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the collapse of communist rule with a new photo exhibit entitled ‘1989: The Fall of the Iron Curtain’.

Kahlo's father gets retrospective in Budapest

Last summer's Frida Kahlo exhibition attracted nearly a quarter of a million visitors to the Hungarian National Gallery. Now the ‘Country of Frida’ show at Budapest's Art Centre (Mucsarnok) will showcase the work of the Mexican painter's father, Guillermo.

Premier Viktor Orban attends Hungarian coloratura soprano’s concert in Vojvodina

Hungary’s prime minister was the guest of honour at the monumental classical music concert given by Hungarian coloratura soprano Erika Miklosa. The show was staged in Subotica’s synagogue restored and re-opened last year....

Caravaggio painting found in Toulouse sold

A Caravaggio painting found during cleaning an attic in Toulouse was to be auctioned, but an unknown collector purchased it before the auction.

Film on Bataclan terrorist attack makes debut

The movie plans about the Bataclan terrorist attack, titled “Ce soir-la” (That Night) faced enormous opposition at the time, more than 50 thousand people signed the petition against. The film premiered last night on the public service channel France2.

Hungarian film at Karlovy Vary fest

A Siege by István Kovács will be screened at the Karlovy Vary film festival in the Czech Republic, which starts on Friday. The short film, which recently won a Student Academy Award in the US, tells the story of a Bosniak woman during the siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s.

CHEAP TOBACCO to play at Sziget Festival

Polish blues band CHEAP TOBACCO has joined the line-up of this year’s Sziget Festival. The world-renowned music jamboree will take place from 7 to 13 August this year on the Obuda Island in Budapest,...

Hungarian children can camp for just three euros

Thirty thousand children can camp altogether this summer at Hungary's largest lake, Balaton thanks to the Hungarian government's programme, and 130,...

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