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Polish vaccine on its way

Researchers at Warsaw's University of Technology are working on the development of Poland's anti-covid vaccine without the support of big pharmaceutical companies, relying solely on their committment and expertise. The vaccine is ready to be tested on animals, but the project still needs supporters.

Key things to know about major Covid-19 vaccine candidates

There are currently more than 100 vaccine candidates under development, with four major vaccines raising hope in Europe. We have gathered the most important information people need to know.

We mustn't forget and excuse the sins of communist dictatorships

Hungary is contributing tens of millions of dollars to the goal of the American Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) to build a museum and a research center in Washington, the Hungarian foreign minister said on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Vaccine efficiency over 90 per cent very good

"It's not really a competition," according to the vice president of the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company. The more vaccines in the market,...

Opting for one vaccine reflects short-term thinking

There are more than a dozen potential vaccines on the market and hundreds more are still in the experimental stage, according to Dr. Piotr Rzymski, professor at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences....

Drones to deliver supplies to hospitals in V4 country

The country will establish an air corridor to ensure that the supply of temporary hospitals remains stable even at the peak of the pandemic. The drones will deliver tests and blood samples.

Conservative and national alternative for European law

Hungary's government has decided to set up the V4 + Professor Network and Junior Program. The aim of the initiative is to establish a professional community and knowledge base that can reflect the region's specific perspective regarding Europe's legal and state development, as well as key issues around European integration. Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga described the initiative as another stage of the Visegrad Cooperation.

Virologists on strike in protest against politicians' negligence

Five leading Flemish virologists have gone on a silent strike: the experts have not spoken to the press since the weekend in protest against what they described as the Belgian government’s reckless coronavirus measures.

Flu jabs to help contain the virus

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has proposed setting up temporary outpatient hispitals - so-called "fever clinics" - for the autumn and winter periods to better protect the elderly from both the coronavirus and the regular flu,...

Hungary's lung transplantation program goes independent

Hungarian Human Resources MInister Miklos Kasler has described 8 September as a milestone in Hungary's lung transplantation history, stressing that - going forward - Hungary will be able to perform lung transplant surgeries independent of Vienna's AKH Clinic. From a total of HUF 3bn (€8,4 million), Hungary's National Blood Transfusion Service received three new, well-equipped operating theatres, the minister told a press briefing in Budapest on Thursday.

3,700 receive positive coronavirus tests by mistake

In the coming days Swedish health authorities will contact thousands who had received positive coronavirus tests results by mistake. The error also affects Sweden's national coronavirus statistics.

20 countries pre-order Russian Covid-19 vaccine, WHO is sceptical

Twenty countires have pre-ordered a billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Russia, the chief of Russia's Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has said....

Coronavirus detecting dogs in for a bright future

Chilean police intend to use a revolutionary method to identify people with coronavirus infection, teaching dogs previously used for sniffing out drugs to detect the odour patterns of viruses.

Shutting down wind farms costs over ten million euros a day

The coronavirus-induced lockdown has contributed to a nosedive in large corporations' demand for energy. However, shutting down wind farms for a single day costs over ten million euros,...

Injuries caused by disinfectants spike

Some people have washed their hands or bodies with bleach while others have mixed disinfectants into their drinks to protect themselves against novel coronavirus.

Biotech company announces breakthrough in coronavirus research

The first signs of a breakthrough are on the horizon in the fight against the Covid-19 virus, the biotechnology company Moderna announced on Monday. The body of the first patients vaccinated by the US company produced antibodies in response to the new vaccine,...

Greta appears as coronavirus expert

CNN has invited four experts to a special programme to hear their views on the coronavirus pandemic. One of the knowledgeable experts is climate alarmist Greta Thunberg.

Government to monitor citizens using tracing app

The British government is launching a nationwide campaign to encourage the public to use a new tracing application. The program would make it easy to track people,...

Antidote to coronavirus may be in blood plasma

British and American researchers are gearing up to use the blood of coronavirus survivors to fight against SARS-CoV-2. Doctors hope that antibodies, people who recovered from Covid-19 have built up,...

European Research Council president quits over EU's coronavirus response

Mauro Ferrari, President of the European Research Council submitted his resignation to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The top scientist justified his decision on the grounds that he is deeply disappointed over the EU's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Human trial of coronavirus vaccine to begin in Europe

The clinical trial of a new vaccine called APN01 against the novel coronavirus will begin next week with the involvement of volunteers in Austria, Germany and Denmark,...

F1 engineers develop portable breathing aid

Engineers at the University College London and the Mercedes AMG Formula One team have developed a light-weight, mechanical breathing device, a so-called CPAP apparatus....

The two major modes of pandemic response

Although there is no direct consensus among virologists on the 'proper' mode of pandemic response, countries can be split into two major groups that are mutually critical of each other,...

False beliefs: Coronavirus will not vanish in warm weather

Italian virologist Roberto Burioni refutes the popular belief that the novel coronavirus will disappear with the arrival of summer. He also overthrows the argument of climate activists and points out that air pollution does not escalate the spread of the virus.

Hungarian scientists decipher entire genetic code of coronavirus

The entire genetic code of coronavirus has been deciphered, which is important for further Hungarian and international research, the University of Pecs (PTE) informed Hungarian public news agency MTI on Saturday.

Global race to develop coronavirus vaccine underway

The EU offered up to €80 million of financial support to German company CureVac, whose researchers are developing a coronavirus vaccine. According to German press reports,...

Human trial of coronavirus vaccine begins

On Monday the first human trial of a vaccine to protect against the coronavirus pandemic began the involvement of 45 healthy volunteers in Seattle, USA,...

Barred chemist sells toxic drugs against coronavirus

The internet and the various social media platforms are home to an increasing amount of misinformation and fake medicine ads published by companies that want to profit from the coronavirus outbreak....

Electric cars no greener than traditional vehicles

Even though the local carbon dioxide emission of electric vehicles is zero, if we count the products' whole lifecycle and the costs of producing and storing the energy needed to manufacture them,...

Environmentalist says carbon dioxide not poisonous

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, as it is essential to life on Earth, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has said.

Peope shoud keep climate-friendly goats, not cats

As climate protection is shifting up yet another gear, we are supposed to ditch our pets and buy goats instead. Sigrid Agenas, professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,...

Wind turbine blades producing green energy severely pollute environment

Wind turbine blades cannot be processed in an environmentally friendly way, thus they extremely pollute the environment. In Europe, 3800 pieces of jumbo jet wing-sized turbine blades should be disposed of by 2022.

Belgians swap butter for bugs in new waffle

Even the famous Belgian waffle cannot escape the trends of the progressive world and its latest efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. When scientists have replaced butter with insect-based fat,...

Mourning glaciers is unnecessary scaremongering

"In fact, this process defines a glacier: they move," the former prime minister of Iceland, David Gunnlaugsson, has said. In an article for British political weekly 'The Spectator',...

Earth is warming because of asthmatics, according to new climate hysteria

Climate protectors have now proven that using asthma inhalers results in the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as meat consumption. Patients, however,...

So much for climate hysteria: images show ozone hole shrinking

While liberal climate protesters have been disrupting the order of metropolises for weeks, the ozone hole turned out to be the smallest since 1982. NASA images revealed that the unusual weather above Antarctica has drastically decreased ozone loss in September and October.

Don't panic! Hundreds of scientists refute climate emergency claims

More than 500 scientists and climate experts sent a statement to the United Nations (UN), declaring that "There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050." Meanwhile, the 16-year-old climate activist Swedish teenager demands climate neutrality from the leaders of the world citing the very scientists of the world.

Application to connect patients with doctors in Czechia

In a few years, hundreds of thousand of patients will be connected with their physicians via communication tools and applications in the Czech Republic, enabling remote diagnosis and monitoring.

Hungarian climate neutrality may become reality by 2050

According to Hungarian President Janos Ader, the Hungarian climate neutrality is not impossible at all. If Hungary is able to update its technologies and better use its resources,...

Czech baby delivered 117 days after mother was declared brain-dead

The baby girl who was named Eliska following her deceased mother's wish, was born 117 days after the death of her mother via caesarean section at Munich University Hospital....

Polish caver's body found

Polish people have been following the underground rescue service's ongoing struggle to find two cavers for a week. Now, one of the bodies has been found.

V4 startups to get scholarships

The aim of the V4 Startup Force programme is to ensure that talents in the region can develop together and get to know each other at the beginning of their successful careers, in order to strenghten their commitment to the region. The programme develops the teams with the help of the leading V4 figures.

Slovak youngsters drink less alcohol

Alcohol consumption is falling amongst young people in Slovakia, as the number of teetotallers rises. Tighter checks at venues serving alcohol have played a significant role in this, as has school funding of information schemes.

Hungarian kids won world championship with robot guide dog

Primary school students from Hungary won the approval of an international jury in Denmark with a robot guide dog. The eight- and nine-year-olds—the youngest even in their own age category—returned to Hungary with gold medals from the World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

EU to prepare for defence against drone attacks

The European Commission raises attention to “terror drones.” British EU Security Commissioner Julian King stated that they are preparing to address the possible threats,...

Hungarian surgeons separate conjoined twins

Neurosurgeons from Hungary successfully separated Bangladeshi twins joined at the head in a 30-hour operation preceded by two years of preparation. The twins are in stable condition.

UK Muslims reject flu vaccine

Muslim parents in Britain are refusing to allow their children to be vaccinated against flu. The Fluenz Tetra nasal spray is non-halal, as it contains pork gelatine.

Perfect life is too stressful for Swedes

Sweden is famous for its balanced lifestyle, yet more and more young people are diagnosed with stress-related diseases. The state provides everything for an easy life,...

Young astronomers of the world flock to Hungary

Hungary is organising the 13th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) this year. The huge event will welcome secondary school students from 47 countries around the world.

"Flying man" falls into the Channel

French inventor Franky Zapata failed to cross the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard from France to England. He fell into the water, but he was unharmed.

Lifespan extending bacterium discovered

Spanish scientists identified a lifespan extending bacterium, which lives in the gut.

Two-hundred-million-year-old shark species photographed

For the first time, a group of researchers managed to photograph a shark species which inhabited Earth since before the time of the dinosaurs. The picture of the ancient deep-sea shark was taken at a depth of 528 metres.

Polish app lets users land on Moon

With a new Polish application designed for the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, anyone can stand next to Neil Armstrong and set foot on the Moon. The app also makes it possible to have an astronaut land in our living rooms.

Volcano of the Szeklerland tourist attraction may be active

A recent study by an international research group has confirmed that the Ciomadul volcano in Szeklerland may activate again. This is the youngest volcano in the Carpathian Basin,...

Mosquitoes almost completely eradicated from two Chinese islands

An experiment has cleared almost all Asian tiger mosquitoes, a species particularly resistant to controls, from two islands in Guangdong Province, China.

Galileo offline: 24 of 26 satellites out of action

Most of the European Union’s Galileo navigation system satellites have been offline for several days. Experts have been unable to fix the problem leading to increasingly inaccurate positioning, currently off by 500 metres. The organisation behind Galileo said the breakdown was not causing major problems for the time being, with users switching to American GPS.

Nuclear waste management process to be developed in Hungary

A process to help nuclear waste management will be developed using the laser system of the ELI-ALPS research institute in Szeged. The agreement was made between Hungarian Minister for Innovation and Technology Laszlo Palkovics and nuclear scientists on Tuesday in Budapest.

Hungarian and Czech laser centres to cooperate

The Czech and Hungarian laser centres are to establish a joint international, so-called European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) to better utilise the capacities and opportunities of the two high-level research hubs in scientific advancement.

The blind see again after ground-breaking surgery

Doctors have achieved an incredible breakthrough after returning the sight of six blind people in an extraordinary operation.

Polish innovation could transform packaging

A Polish university student has created an environmentally-friendly packaging material that is made from mushroom.

Spanish with the highest amounts of mercury in their body

A macro-study covering Europe revealed that the body mercury amounts measured in the Spanish highly exceed the recommended values. It also showed that Spain has the highest figures in all Europe surpassing even those of France, Italy and Greece.

Eco-tax for air fares

The French government plans to introduce an environmental tax on all flights departing from France, the French Transport Minister has announced.

Visually impaired student graduates with his guide dog

Giving a motivational speech at the graduation ceremony, the new graduate implored his classmates to "never lose faith".

Tourists may cause irreversible damage in Tatra lakes

Lakes in Slovakia's Tatra Mountains may become seriously polluted and even dangerous if hikers and their dogs use them for bathing, the director of Tatra National Park has warned....

The 33-thousand-year-old murder case

A skull from the stone age, with several fractures on it was discovered in Transylvania in 1941. Scientists have examined it since then, now revealing: a murder was committed 33 thousand years ago.

France drinks more beer

France's annual average beer consumption has climbed to thirty-three litres, up from thirty litres a decade ago.

Forestation most effective global warming solution

Planting trees would be the best approach to limiting climate change, Swiss researchers found. Forests could be planted on more than 900 million hectares of land worldwide,...

Czech satellite to be launched Friday

A Russian Soyuz 2-1b rocket will transport the "Lucky 7" mini-satellite into space. Its launch is scheduled for 7.41 CET on Friday morning.

Collision of galaxy clusters captured on camera

A group of researchers, including Hungarian members, have managed for the first time to capture the collision of two galaxy clusters. The research could help in understanding the formation of the large-scale structure of the universe.

Light may be key to nanotechnology revolution

Researchers at the University of Salamanca (USAL) have discovered previously unknown properties of light, which they described as self-torque. Thanks to this revelation,...

Smartwatch aids mental illness

British scientists have invented a smart wristband that recognises and gives feedback on the wearer’s mood. The inventors hope the device will help mental illness sufferers to control their feelings.

Cervical cancer may finally be eliminated

Ten years after the introduction of the anti-HPV vaccination, a comprehensive study revealed that the substance reduces the development of the disease to an extent that cervical cancer may completely disappear soon....

Superbugs a growing threat to pork meat

The World Health Organisation has published a warning about the dangers of feeding animals with antibiotics. While the pigs benefit from the drugs, humans do not.

One fifth of the Arab world would move to Europe

A recent survey suggests that four out of ten Moroccans would leave their home country. Respondents have cited financial and economic reasons, and most of them would like to move to Europe....

Processed food may cause autism

Processed food may be responsible for the rising number of people wth in autism, researchers of the College of Medcine, University of Central Florida (UCF) reveal in their study. They have identified the molecular changes that happen when neural stem cells are exposed to high levels of polyphosphoric acid commonly found in processed foods.

Czechs are among most honest nations in the world

A global survey has found that Czechs are the seventh most honest people in the world. Researchers conducted an interesting experiment in public spaces recording people’s reactions. The result is quite different than one would think.

Antibiotic resistance on the up - report

Around 700,000 people die from antibiotic resistant infections every year. Some experts estimate that this figure could rise to ten million by 2050. The resistance of bacteria is increasing as a result of widespread consumption of antibiotics. In time bacteria will become fully immune to these medicines.

Europe should reclaim tech superiority

Europe needs to regain its position as a world leader in advanced technologies and industries, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told a scientific conference in Dresden....

SpaceX succesfully launches Falcon Heavy rocket in third attempt

SpaceX has successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The 27-propulsion megarocket built as combination of three Falcon-9 boosters is currently the most powerful rocket in the world: it is capable of carrying 64 metric tons of payload to space. This time, it took 3.7 tons to orbit.

New initiative backs young Slovak scientists

Slovakia may not have gold or oil, but it does have well-trained professionals, a university rector underlined. We have to make sure that (young Slovak scientists) can achieve their goals at home,...

A lot of people die prematurely due to air pollution in Slovakia

More than 4,000 people die each year due to air pollution in Slovak county capitals, say experts of Centre for Sustainable Alternatives (CEPTA), who have examined the situation based on an analysis of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute’s (SHMU)....

Tea bags can tell us about climate change

Scientists are studying the extent of global warming with tea bags. Green tea and rooibos will show us the magnitude of the problem.

Habitable planets found near Earth

Habitable planets have been found by scientists not too far from Earth. The weekly publication of Astronomy & Astrophysics has reported the existence of two planets near Teegarden`s Star. The new planets could have water on their surface. Scientists say that the planets have had enough time for life to evolve due to absence of solar flares.

Most Brits believe their county is headed in the wrong direction

According to a global survey, almost 80 percent of British people do not think that their country is going in the right direction. Unsurprisingly, experts argue that the main reason for the pessimism is the political instability caused by Brexit.

The British want a Hydrogen train

Details about the Hydroflex project, the English hydrogen-powered train, were presented in the West Midlands. The project team expect the Hydrogen train to make its first journey within two years.

Adriatic Sea among the most polluted waters in Europe

The are huge quantities of plastic waste at the bottom of the Adriatic, making it one of the most polluted seas, Serbian state news agency (Tanjug) reports....

The healing effects of spending two hours in a forest

Spending two hours a week in nature will significantly increase our health and well-being, even if we just sit and enjoy the peace. This was published in a study by researchers of the University of Exeter,...

Mobile phone transforms our skeleton

Doctors discovered shocking changes in human skeletons. In the case of young people, a new outgrowth appeared on the skull, as a reaction of the body to the modern lifestyle.

Czech beer brewed with sewage water

The first beer of its kind was brewed from treated wastewater by a small Czech brewery in the south of the country. The wastewater, its basic ingredient, arrived from a sewage farm in Prague.

Algae could replace natural gas

Hydrogen gas production based on green algae is now more effective thanks to a new method developed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences' Biological Research Centre in Szeged (MTA SZBK)....

SpaceX plans 40-minute round the world flights

Space travel is advancing more rapidly than expected, and a flight that currently takes 16 hours may soon last just 40 minutes.

Gaming disorder is officially a disease

The World Health Organisation has officially declared gaming disorder as disease, including it in the international classification for the first time. The document describes that the disorder can be recognized in one year, but in the meantime serious debates preceded the acceptance of the disorder. According to an expert a gaming addict may be more aggressive and irritable than a healthy person.

Virtual reality in Madrid hospitals

Traveling to an unknown country, an exciting expedition or a walk among the stars. Patients in four Madrid hospitals can now experience all this using virtual reality....

Chernobyl hit series gives boost to disaster tourism

The successful series telling the story of the nuclear power plant disaster has seen a sharp rise in the number of tourists visiting Chernobyl. One travel agency reported a 40% rise in bookings since the series kicked off in the US in early May....

Twelve thousand-year-old animal paintings exhibited in France

Experts of the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) have found 12 thousand-year-old paintings depicting animals at the excavations in the city of Angouleme.

Ader in Miercurea Ciuc: Presentation on climate protection at Sapientia University

“Till now man has been up against Nature; from now on he will be up against his own nature,” the Hungarian head of state quoted Nobel Prize winning Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor from sixty years ago....

Seven out of ten Spaniards suffer from sleep disorders

In Spain, nearly four million people suffer from chronic or severe sleeping disorders, according to the Spanish Neurological Society. The lack of rest may lead to a weakened immune system,...

Climate change fuels glacier tourism to Alaska

Arctic Alaska is attracting more interest, as its ice sheets melt as a result of climate change - and tourists want to see them while they can, Alaskan tour operators told local press. Glaciers in Alaska could lose 30-50% of their mass due to thawing, according to the Journal of Glaciology.

UN reports alarming air pollution in the Balkans

Residents of all major Balkan cities are exposed to alarming air pollution levels because their power plants still use coal to produce electricity. This appreciably reduces life expectancy,...

Personalised treatment for pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is considered amongst the severest cancer types: it is difficult to detect, spreads quickly and has very low survival rates. After little progress in recent years, Spanish scientists have developed the first personalised therapy to treat the pancreas.

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