Drones to deliver supplies to hospitals in V4 country

The country will establish an air corridor to ensure that the supply of temporary hospitals remains stable even at the peak of the pandemic. The drones will deliver tests and blood samples.


Poland will provide contactless hospital care using drone technology at the peak of the pandemic.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, an air corridor will be established between the central hospital of the Interior Ministry and the interim clinic set up next to the National Stadium.

The drones are suitable for carrying medical equipment, and will shuttle automatically between the two locations, covering the 7.5-kilometre distance in about 8 minutes. They are equipped with a magnetic storage compartment to protect the blood samples, coronavirus tests and other equipment from unauthorised access.

Spartaqs, the company developing the drones, has promised to put the freigh drones into operation in the coming weeks after a successful test flight on 10 November.

The number of infections has reached a new high in Poland. On Wednesday, 9,883 new patients people were diagnosed with the virus and health authorities registered 603 new deaths.



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