Trans woman assaulting mentally disabled victims identifies as a 'vampire'

The biological man who now identifies as a woman and a vampire, sexually assaulted a mentally disabled girl and murdered a man, who also suffers from cognitive disability.

WORLD APRIL 19. 2024 12:23

A 35-year-old transgender woman was convicted at trial this week of sexually assaulting a disabled, 16-year-old girl in Wisconsin more than two years ago. Adam Hetke, now using the name Sabrina, who identifies as a vampire, was charged in another case two weeks later, after it emerged that he may have murdered Vydale Thompson, 28, who is also mentally disabled.

According to The Freeman, a local newspaper published in Waukesha, Hetke approached the 16-year-old girl with cognitive disabilities at a gas station in July 2021. He went to her nearby home and sexually assaulted her while threatening to use a knife, before she jumped out of a bedroom window.

Later, the victim said that the defendant ‘told her that he was a vampire and that he would bite her if she didn’t do what he wanted.

Hetke was arrested shortly afterwards and charged with sexual assault with a dangerous weapon and sexual assault of a mentally disabled victim. On 11 April, a jury convicted him on both charges after a psychiatric evaluation determined that he was mentally fit to stand trial.

Hetke, who uses at least 15 known aliases, including „White Chocolate”, „Morgan” and „Black Dragon”, according to police records, was already a convicted sex offender when the incident occurred and had been released from prison for other sex offences only a year earlier. It was at this point that Hetke began to identify as a woman.

Two weeks after being arrested for the aforementioned sexual assault, Hetke was charged for Vydale Thompson’s murder. According to the complaints filed to police, in April 2021 Hetke allegedly strangled the mentally disabled Thompson to death with an electrical cord in an attempt to exorcise the „demon” inside him.

Hetke told Milwaukee police that the victim was „possessed by a demon” and began stabbing himself in the chest with pliers. He also added that he was able to exorcise the demon from him, adding that the demon then forced the victim to wrap a cord around his neck and pull it until he died.

A witness to the incident said he was afraid of Hetke, who claimed he could command demons into people’s bodies. According to the report, Hetke, who also went by the name „Morrigan,” told another witness how he put a demon inside a victim and killed him because he „disrespected” him. Hetke allegedly confessed to a witness that he killed the victim about a week later. A third witness told authorities that Hetke admitted to killing the victim and said:

„I killed him. God cannot bring him back, but I can, because I am the devil.”

The case will go to trial in June, with a hearing to commence on 30 April, according to The Post Millennial news site.



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