Court rejects leftist politician's claim for press correction

The Budapest Regional Court has rejected the request for press content correction filed by MEP Katalin Cseh of the Hungarian Momentum party. The court's ruling ordered the opposition politician to pay the legal costs incurred by the public media, as well as procedural charges.

POLITICS MARCH 18. 2023 14:06

The left-wing MEP took legal action disputing the content of an article and video titled „Suspect identified in the tax fraud affecting Katalin Cseh of Momentum party” published on Hungarian public media news site and posted on the YouTube channel of public television M1-Hirado.

According to the news published by the public media, a criminal investigation was taking place at a firm in a company network with ties to Katalin Cseh and that grounds for suspicion of an offence existed. The Budapest Regional Court found that the public media’s opinion was substantiated. The court ordered the MEP to pay 285,750 Hungarian forints in legal costs and 36,000 forints in procedural duties (appr. 725 and 90 euros).

The ruling is not final.



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