"We don't want to be part of the increasingly insane woke-circus," says Hungarian expert

The Hungarian lawyer summed up his opinion on social media under the title "Three-time world champion's run at the progressive court".

WORLD MARCH 29. 2023 16:54

Nelson Piquet, the former three-time Formula 1 world champion, has been ordered by a Brazilian court to pay a fine equivalent to about 900 thousand euros. The money will be used „to promote racial equality and to combat discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community,” Hungarian lawyer and Center for Fundamental Rights Director General Miklos Szantho cites the verdict. In the judges view, Mr Piquet had made racist and homophobic remarks, which constituted „collective moral damages”. According to Mr Szantho,

the amount seems a bit high. Even if the words concerned, at first glance, seem to be a real insult to the self-esteem of the identity groups that are institutionally privileged in left-wing countries. However, when you look at it more closely, the fact of insult is difficult to identify. It seems that in one case the „crime” only visible through the progressive lens of the judges, while in the other case the jury is forced to rely on the committing of a „thought crime”. The enormity of the punishment is a symbolic, but not isolated, case of exaggerations arising from the registered partnership of wokeness and political correctness.

In the first prosecuted statement, the former racing driver, in analysing a collision, was found to have said that the „neguinho” had deliberately hit Max Verstappen (Piquet’s daughter’s boyfriend), causing a serious crash.

That certain „neguinho” is none other than Lewis Hamilton, who is well known to Hungarians not only for his kneeling for BLM but also for his loud and ignorant outbursts against the Hungarian Child Protection Act.

„Well, if we look at the origin of the Portuguese term „neguinho” – as the eagle-eyed judges did – we will find that it means „little ni**er”. On this basis, the judges instantly established the very serious crime of „racism”, perhaps somewhat hastily. Had they looked up the current use of the word in Brazilian Portuguese – just a check on the popular online Urban Dictionary, for example – they would have discovered that the word is used by everyone in colloquial language, to refer to others regardless of colour, without conveying anything offensive. The word is simply a synonym for ‘guy’ or ‘person’. What made the honourable judges think that everyone in Brazil uses the word according to the true meaning of the slang term except for Mr Piquet, whose choice of word is racist? Or was this suggested by the ‘human rights organisations’ that sued Mr Piquet?”

Mr Szantho raised the questions, and went on to say that:

In another instance, the 70-year-old former F1 world champion talked about how Nico Rosberg with poor abilities (he put it differently…) managed to defeat Lewis Hamilton. It was partly due to the latter being homosexual, according to his frequently cited opinion. On the one hand, this is not the case, and on the other hand Mr Piquet put it more harshly than this. However, the logical deduction that there is a casual connection between Hamilton’s homosexuality and his poor performance was not drawn by Piquet but by the judges through the attribution of some kind of offensive logical association since they assumed that the accused was obviously homophobic.

„In their judgement, he was thinking ugly thoughts – that’s why they imposed a penalty of 5 million reals on him. I have a suspicion: if Nelson Piquet had supported leftist Lula instead of lending enthusiastic support to Jair Bolsonaro in the last presidential election, the woke court would not have handed him such a hefty fine and would not have seen Orwellian thought crimes where otherwise there were none,”

Mr Szantho wrote in his post, stressing that he had no intention to criticise Brazilian courts or Furmula 1 drivers but adding that he finds the imposed fine grossly over the top. „Of course, we have seen plenty of abuses deriving from aggressive political correctness,” Mr Szantho noted.

„We have seen university lecturers sacked for violating safe space, police officers guilty of misgendering, classic, liberal intellectuals lynched after speaking out against transgender toilets. The greatest danger of PC wokeism striving to make amends to ‘historical injustices’ with subsequent, compensatory pseudo moral-legal reparations is that it will turn into the innermost reality of the dictatorships it wants to overcome: collective insanity. Leave us the freedom to have nothing of this here in our country. Leave us the choice of refusing to buy an expensive but worthless grandstand ticket at the races of this increasingly insane woke-circus,”
Miklos Szantho concluded.



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