Sexual abuse in another Hungarian elementary school

The case of the Hungarian man who bragged about his fifteen-year-old lover is not the only instance of sexual abuse of an elementary school pupil that has come to light recently.

WORLD MARCH 8. 2023 19:03

Another school employee may have sexually abused an underage student in Hungary. In response to inquiries from the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, the local school district centre for Berettyoujfalu disclosed that last spring, they received a complaint from a parent accusing a teacher of abusing a pupil who attends a primary school under their supervision.

After receiving the complaint, the teacher was immediately relieved of his duties and the case was reported to the police, the school district centre wrote. The police concluded the preliminary investigation and forwarded the case to the prosecutor’s office a month ago, the head of the school district revealed.

The paper also contacted the authority supervising the investigation, which responded by saying that the criminal department of the police station of Puspokladany is conducting an investigation in which

one person has been questioned on the well-founded suspicion of sexual abuse.

No coercive measures were ordered against the suspect, ie. has not been detained, they added.

Magyar Nemzet writes that last year, the parents of an eighth-grade student reported that their child had been seduced by a teacher employed by the institution, and that the staff member had met with the child alone on several late afternoons. According to the parents, the child was touched physically, which the teacher did not deny.