Leftist politicians' stunt to dismantle cordon backfires

Left-wing politicians and activists have dismantled the safety cordons in front of the prime minister's office in Budapest, but the organisers were in for a bit of a surprise.

POLITICS MARCH 14. 2023 18:03

On Tuesday, members of the leftist micro-party called Momentum, including its former leader Andras Fekete-Gyor, current chief Ferenc Gelencser and MP Miklos Hajnal, dismantled the safety cordons at Budapest’s Carmelite Monastery, which houses the prime minister’s office, Mr Fekete-Gyor reported on Facebook. He also shared a photo with a caption saying „Dismantling the cordons, dismantling the system”. Independent MP Akos Hadhazy also took part in the protest and reported on the event on Facebook. His post revealed that the opposition politicians placed a poster on the building of the Carmelite monastery, summarising their vision for Hungary’s renewal in seven points.

No wonder Momentum is trying to direct attention to itself with political stunts, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet writes. The reason is that the Democratic Coalition (DK) party, led by (former PM) Ferenc Gyurcsany, is attracting a growing number of leftist politicians and even voters, as recent surveys show.

This is bad news for Momentum, whose support was recently measured by the Nezopont Institute to be as low as 5 per cent, and by Median to be around 9 per cent. Meanwhile, the Democratic Coalition is at 12 per cent, according to Nezopont Institute, and at 14 percent, according to Median. Zavecz Research’s latest survey shows an even bigger gap, with Momentum standing at 6 per cent,and DK having an 18-percent support

The politicians taking part in the dismantling of the cordons appear to be in a bit of a role confusion because, as they said „the cordon protects not only the prime minister’s office, but also the centre of the propaganda machine and the place from which the cabinet governs by decrees, disregarding even appearances.” In reality, the Carmelite Monastery is not cordoned off in protection of the government, but because a construction project has been in progress in the area for a long time.

Besides the fact that Momentum’s politicians were unable to recite even their own seven points by heart and had to read them from paper, the fact that they dismantled a safety cordon (shown at 21:58 in the above video) with a clear sign that said „No Entry, Construction Area” is a true testament to their their mental capacity, daily Magyar Nemzet reports.



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