PM Orban: We must make clear that the global majority wants peace

PM Orban: We must make clear that the global majority wants peace

It is important for the voice of peace to compete with the voice of war, and it is important to make it clear that the global majority wants peace, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Ankara, in his address at the summit of the Organisation of Turkic States.

POLITICS MARCH 16. 2023 17:27

Europe is „suffering from war psychosis”, and the continent is slipping into the war day by day, the premier emphasized. Viktor Orban expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Turkic states for strengthening the voice of peace. He thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that Mr Erdogan has been successful so far in mediating between the warring parties. Mr Orban asked him to continue his efforts in the future.

„This is our only chance for peace”, PM Orban emphasized.

He also thanked the Turkish president for the joint harmonisation of Hungary’s and Turkiye’s work within NATO. Europe’s main issue today is the war, and this puts Hungary in a difficult situation, the premier emphasized

„Ukraine is a neighbouring state, so the effects of the war are serious and immediate. Inflation is through the roof, and energy prices are also at historic highs,”

he added, indicating that a lot of ethnic Hungarians have already died in the war, as the male members of the Hungarian community living in Western Ukraine are also conscripted into the army. For this reason, saving lives is the most important aspect for Hungary, therefore it urges for a cease fire as soon as possible and for peace talks to begin. Mr Orban also voiced his opinion that what is happening in Europe is more than a war, as in fact „the power structures of the whole of Europe are being realigned,” and this will have an effect on the Turkic world, as well. He continued with another danger that Hungary senses: processes in the world economy that may lead to the formation of blocs again.

The emergence of blocs in the world economy is contrary to Hungary’s interests, and Hungary sees its future not in blocs, but in collectivity and joining forces, PM Orban said. Turkic states can play a key role in this, „because here we have European, Caucasian and Central Asian countries together, linked by mutual respect, setting a good example for the whole world,” he said.

At the same time, the Hungarian PM emphasised that Hungary supports taking the development of economic, trade and energy links with the Turkic states to a new dimension. „We would also like to participate in the Turkic Investment Fund as soon as possible, and we have the necessary financial means at our disposal,” he said.

Mr Orban expressed Hungary’s condolences for the devastating earthquake that shook Turkey and voiced his appreciation for those who bravely worked to save the people. He stressed that Hungary’s search and rescue teams joined their Turkish counterparts in the initial days and succeeded in rescuing many people.

On Thursday, Hungary handed over 100 tonnes of hospital equipment to Turkish disaster management. PM Orban indicated that Turkey can count on Hungary in reconstruction, adding that

seeing the tremendous headway Turkey has made in the last 23 years and the „fantastic progress” of the last ten years under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he is confident that the reconstruction will be successful.

On the occasion of the Hungarian national holiday on 15 March, Mr Orban also recalled that Turkish-Hungarian friendship has long and deep roots. He recalled that after the Hungarian War of Independence was defeated by the Germans and Russians in 1849, hundreds of military officers, scientists and politicians fled to Turkey, where they received a warm welcome from the Turks.




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