"Let's stop Leftist fake news!"

A blatant piece of fake news is circulating that in 2015, I or the local government led by me, honoured Zsolt Bite, who has recently been embroiled in a paedophile scandal. This is a typical left-wing lie, the leader of the parliamentary group of the majority ruling party wrote on his social media page.

WORLD MARCH 1. 2023 19:39

In reality, neither I, nor the local government led by me, has ever honoured this disgusting man – wrote Mate Kocsis, the parliamentary group leader of the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz, in his Facebook post. He added that the fake news is being spread by left-wing Budapest District Mayor Andras Piko in a video and in other messages, while he is the one who had been photographed at an event „in the company of” the paedophile who had sexual relations with a 15-year-old boy.

The 8th district’s mayor is trying to divert attention from the embarrassing case with lies and smearing me, this is why he is spreading fake news,

the politician said, adding that sexual propaganda aimed at children is not something Andras Piko and his colleagues are unfamiliar with, as this was included as a duty in the district’s programme last year.

As an 8th district resident and father of two, my only message is: Keep your hands off our children! Obviously, I will take the necessary legal steps against those who have spread the fake news, and please share this post. Let’s stop Leftist fake news, Mate Kocsis wrote in conclusion of his post.



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