In Hungarian LGBTQ hubs, transvestites touch children without repercussions

After the liberal states of the US and the countries of Western Europe, the craze is now spreading to Hungary.

WORLD MARCH 22. 2023 14:28

With the rise of the LGBTQ lobby and in following overseas trends, drag shows are also becoming commonplace in Hungary. The organisers of such events not only allow but even encourage the presence of children. In fact, there have been several examples in Hungary of drag queens taking photos of themselves cuddling with small children, and the establishment hosting shows with an unconventional interpretation of eroticism, has promoted itself on social media with just such photos. As the Hungarian news portal Origo reported, the same happened in a Budapest bar, where transvestites twerked in front of small children in scanty clothing and then cuddled the little ones, photos posted on Facebook show.

The so-called Drag Brunch events started last autumn in the bar, and since then they have been held monthly. Apparently, the organisers also welcome young children, as there is no age limit on the Facebook ads for the shows. There is no indication whatsoever that the organisers or the drag queens have the slightest concern about children watching the performance. At one event, for example, the audience, which included children, was actively involved in the performance: throwing bits of food in the air for scantily clad transvestites to catch in their mouths, according to photos and personal accounts.

Several photos posted on Drag Bunch’s Facebook page show a transvestite called Angel VenCartier touching small kids, while Valerie Divine, another drag queen in the show, was caught hugging children on the patio of the cafe. Subsequently, the transvestite said he enjoyed being photographed with kids and was proud of it. Switching to the role of an LGBTQ activist, the man later attacked Hungary with various lies through the platforms of VICE News, a media outlet close to the Democratic Party in the US, claiming that people like him are not safe in Hungary.

In the US and many Western countries, where aggressive LGBTQ lobbying was taken lightly, drag queens managed to gain free access to schools, kindergartens and other institutions for children, as V4NA reported in several articles earlier.

The transvestites are building their networks in Hungary, and members of this group are also the regular performers in the so-called Drag Queen Hungary competition. The event was launched a few years ago and will be held again this July.