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V4 countries don't only agree on rejection of illegal migration

Presenting research results from the Hungarian Nezopont Institute and the International Visegrad Fund in Budapest, experts have said that the cooperation of the V4 countries, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is not only based on the rejection of illegal migration.

Europe can't achieve climate neutrality without nuclear energy

Without nuclear energy Europe cannot achieve climate neutrality by 2050, so the EU must end its negative discrimination of nuclear energy, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at the Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear Industry Congress in Prague on Tuesday....

Spain plans to admit millions of migrants

Speaking at an OECD Forum roundtable discussion, the new Spanish left-wing government's minister for social security and migration has said that Spain must take in 8 to 9 million immigrants to address the problems of an ageing population,...

Mafia bosses pocket millions in EU subsidies

Sicilian mafia leaders have unlawfully received some ten million euros' worth of European agricultural subsidies in seven years. Brussels allocated the funds for the development of south Italy's agriculture and a national park but,...

Budapest International Airport inaugurates new passenger pier

The new passenger pier at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport was inaugurated on Wednesday, enabling passengers of low-cost airlines to wait comfortably before boarding their flights.

Total oil chief says it's impossible to rely solely on renewable energy

The debate on climate change is false, according to the French Oil company's CEO, who says that we need to act as the problem cannot be resolved overnight. The Total chief believes it is not possible to create an energy system based solely on renewable energy.

Indian companies bring one thousand new jobs to Hungary

Over the course of the next two months, the Hungarian government will be announcing the creation of one thousand new jobs brought to Hungary by Indian companies that apply state-of-the-art technologies, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told the Hungarian state news agency (MTI) from Mumbai.

Investments in Hungary last year reach record high

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has revealed that the Hungarian government concluded a total of 101 large-scale investment deals with major foreign and Hungarian companies, three more than the previous record in 2018. He also said that the total value of the projects amounted to 1705 billion forints (5.2 billion euros), another record-breaker, accounting for almost 4 per cent of last year's GDP, and that the government had provided non-refundable grants totalling 156 billion forints (471 million euros) to help implement the investments.

France's special tax on tech giants can trigger tariff war

The United States has vowed serious retaliatory action against several EU states if France does not withdraw the special tax imposed upon giant Internet companies,...

Number of employed persons grows in Hungary

In the three-months from last September to November, the average number of employed was 23,000, or some 0.5 per cent, higher than a year earlier, and stood at 4 million 517 thousand people. The employment rate in the 15-64 age group rose by 0.6 percentage points to 70.2 per cent, according to Hungary's Central Statistical Office.

Tax cuts to secure economic growth in Hungary

Tax cuts are the engine of economic growth and the burden for the taxpayer will be further reduced this year, the Hungarian Finance Ministry's State Secretary for Tax Affairs, Norbert Izer, told a press conference in Budapest on Thursday.

South Korea overtakes Germany as biggest investor in Hungary

It is not German but South Korean companies that are investing the most in the Hungarian economy, which has emerged as a winner in the investment competition,...

Christmas trees supplied by Danmark, candles by Poland, champagne by France

The attached festive infographic shows which EU member states the various Christmas products and gifts had come from.

Poland aims to defend traditional family values

Next year one of the most important tasks of the Polish government will be to design a strategy to increase the number of births and protect traditional family values, Poland's family, labor and social minister has said. Family protection measures have proved extremely popular in Hungary, where nearly 100,000 families have already applied for support within the Family Protection Action Plan launched in July.

One third of migrant students in vocational training quit school

Every third non-Austrian student in vocational training quits their studies in Austria, according to a recent study published by an Austrian educational research institute on Wednesday.

European Green Deal and the nations

In combating climate change, we should follow the principle of sovereignty, equity, technological neutrality and rationality, as well as the 'polluter pays' principle, says a recent study published by the Hungarian Szazadveg Economic Research Institute.

V4NA analysis: Central and Eastern Europe lures skiers from Alpine slopes

Out of Europe's best winter resorts, Italy appears to be offering the best winter sport options with excellent ski slopes and one-day passes 15 per cent cheaper than Austria....

German industrial output once more in the red

A new report by Germany's Federal Statistical Office released on Friday reveals that German industrial output fell by 1.7 per cent in October compared to the previous month,...

Hungary-Japan ties have spiritual content

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, in Tokyo on Friday. The leaders said their countries have a mutual interest in the other's success and are turning towards each other with a trust rooted in hundreds of years of history.

Unemployment and employment in Europe

V4NA's latest analysis reveals which countries rank on top in terms of unemployment and employment. What's more, interesting tendencies can be observed in several countries,...

VKontakte is Facbook's Russian counterpart

Although the name VKontakte (VK) may not sound familiar, it is one of the biggest social media sites in Russia, otherwise known as the Russian Facebook....

Education rate of V4 countries improves constantly

This analysis of V4NA provides an in-depth look into the level of education in European countries. In addition, V4NA examines which countries have strong tertiary education institutions and give a breakdown of the current situation by each age group.

European Commission opens probe into tech giants

The European Commission (EC) launched preliminary investigations on Monday into how US internet giants Facebook and Google gather, process use and monetise European users' data.

New players to end golden age of streaming

The streaming services market is flourishing as more and more companies begin to challenge Netflix's current dominance. Apple and Disney have recently launched their own streaming platforms and other tech giants have also announced plans for their own independent solutions....

Sweden hires US private investigator to recover student loans

The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) hired a US private investigator to recover outstanding student loans from those who travelled overseas without fulfilling their repayment obligations. CSN is hoping to recover the equivalent of around 95,000 euros in unpaid debts from former students.

V4NA analysis: tourism flourishes in V4 countries

In V4NA's latest analysis, we take an in-depth look at tourism across European countries. We will show which countries have achieved the most significant growth, where the most popular tourist destinations can be found, how much revenue tourists generate, and how many nights they stay in a specific country.

Gin set to become world's most popular alcoholic drink

Whiskey dominated Britain for years as the country's most popular drink, but in recent times alcohol consumption habits have changed dramatically, not only in the UK,...

E-commerce is a huge business, but Europe could do without Black Friday

This year's e-commerce revenues could reach 68 billion euros in Germany, 75 billion in the UK, and 100 billion in France. However, a fresh survey by Ecommerce News Europe suggests that companies aren't so happy with Black Friday....

Geman automaker plans massive layoffs

Audi is to cut 9500 jobs at its two plants in Germany, according to the Handelsblatt newspaper. The largest layoffs of the past 20 years may have to do with the diesel emissions scandal - which erupted at Volkswagen at the end of 2015 - and with Germany's economic slowdown this year.

Hungarian finance minister says EU has botched its economic policy

The EU has botched up not only its immigration, but also its economic policy, Hungarian Finance Minister Mihály Varga told Hungary's public radio in Budapest on Sunday....

Hungarian company to solve China's parking problems

On 30 November, Yangzhong will launch the smart parking system of the Hungarian company EPS Global to solve China’s parking problems. EPS is supported in part by Eximbank and GB & Partners.

"North Macedonia has to be reinstated to the investment map of Europe"

Hristijan Mickoski, president of the North Macedonian right-wing opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, met with representatives of German automotive companies in Leipzig,...

CEE poised to become decisive region of global auto industry

The auto industries of the V4 countries and Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria together represent a significant force that could soon make the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region a major global player in vehicle production,...

EC criticises Member States' draft budgets for 2020

In its autumn budget assessment, the European Commission has warned Finland about its extremely high public spending and cautioned Belgium, Spain, France,...

NATO responds to Macron's criticisms with one-billion-euro development

NATO is set to spend one billion euros to upgrade the AWACS warning and control aircraft based in Germany, German Spiegel Online reports. The investment will be announced at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Wednesday....

V4 countries still at the forefront of economic development

A flash estimate published by Eurostat for the third quarter reveals that the Visegrad countries continue to be at the forefront of economic development, ahead of countries such as France or Germany.

Germany suffocates in plastic waste

The amount of domestic waste has reached a record high in Germany, mainly due to the popularity of fast food and disposable packaging. In 2017, Germans produced more than 18 million tonnes of garbage,...

EU approves next year's budget

The representatives of the EU member states and the European Parliament (EP) reached a last-minute agreement on the European Union's budget for next year on Monday evening, although both co-legislators had to compromise on some of their previous plans. Had the sides failed to reach an agreement by Monday evening, the European Commission would have had to submitted a new budget proposal.

Swedish GDP scandal: 37 public servants dismissed because of company supplying false data

The 2016 test operation revealed that a subcontractor which was commissioned to deliver one part of the employment research was working inaccurately. However, the Swedish state statistical office (SBC) signed a contract with the company and later fired 37 state employees. The minister responsible for the area called the SBC leader in as the country's GDP may have to be recalculated.

Tesla's new investment to boost e-car manufacturing in Europe

Tesla is to build its first European car factory in an area near the Berlin-Brandenburg international airport, Tesla founder Elon Musk announced in Berlin on Tuesday evening....

Opposition accuses Macron of splurging

The French opposition has criticised the president's office after it raised next year's budget for the Elysee Palace with over 2 million euros....

Automotive giant’s CEO says ban on diesel engines contributes to global warming

Chief Executive Officer of the French PSA group has blamed the irresponsible statements of politicians regarding the high emissions of diesel engines for the deterioration of air quality....

Huge scandal: GDP of country based on made-up data

Sweden's economic indicators have to be recalculated after a local tabloid busted a subcontractor of the statistical office. The call centre supplied data on unemployment in Sweden based on uncontrolled interviews conducted by people speaking broken Swedish,...

State post employees smuggle strikebreakers into logistical centre

Finnish State Post employees have sought to prevent a postal worker strike by cutting a hole in the fence of the company's logistical centre to give access to hired strike-breakers,...

Apple Card investigated over sexism claims

The New York Department of Financial Services launched an investigation against Apple and Goldman Sachs, the bank financing the IT giant's electronic credit card,...

Brussels underestimates Hungary's economic growth

Hungary and Poland's economic growth may be four times higher than the EU average this year, according to the European Commission's latest forecast....

EU began planning mass migrant resettlement ten years ago

The European Commission had made assessments on how many migrants could be resettled in Europe several years before the events of the Arab Spring, the Syrian civil war,...

Outlook on the European real estate market

French property prices are stagnating, Poland's real estate market shows signs of a slowdown, the Czech Republic needs more rental opportunities, while fewer people seem to be buying apartments in Austria....

Poland and Hungary receive most EU money

Poland and Hungary were the biggest beneficiaries of EU payments in 2018, according to the latest figures from the European Commission, while the biggest contributors to the EU continued to be Germany,...

Macron visits dictatorial China hoping for economic benefits

French President Emmanuel Macron is on a three-day visit to China with the unconcealed purpose of asking China to open its market further. Apparently, Macron is only concerned about the lack of democracy if France's interests are not at stake....

V4 countries announce new business development programme

Sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund, the V4 Startup Force will kick off on Monday,

Protecting Christian culture key for both Russia and Hungary

We have managed to establish cooperation with Russia on a very serious and contentious international political issue, the protection of Christian communities. Hungary and Russia are mobilising significant resources to protect Christian culture and communities, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó told Hungary's public radio.

V4 cooperation and pressure from Brussels intensifies

With one of the world's most important political leaders visiting Budapest and US President Donald Trump sending a letter to Prague, the Visegrad countries have had a successful past few weeks....

World's fourth largest car manufacturer could be formed

Italian-American Fiat Chrysler (FCA) and French PSA groups have started merger negotiations on Thursday morning. French press sources have indicated that the 50-50% fusion of the two companies could create the world's fourth-largest car manufacturer company after the Volkswagen group,...

Tax investigators raid Hungarian liberal party's office

Hungarian opposition party Momentum Movement cannot account for 500 million forints (1.5 million euros) of state funding, so the tax authority's investigators have searched the party's office in Budapest.

Coca-Cola is world's top plastic polluter

Coca-Cola Company is responsible for most of the plastic waste in the world, according to a recent study by the environmental organisation Break Free From Plastic (BFFP)....

Russia-Ukraine gas transit agreement stalls

Monday ended without a breakthrough in the talks between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union regarding the terms of renewing the Russia-Ukraine gas transit agreement, set to expire at year's-end. Ukraine's state-owned Naftogaz company has not procured Russian gas since 2015. Instead, it supplies Ukraine with gas through reverse Europen transports.

Czech economy frontrunner in Europe

The Czech Republic had the fourth smallest state debt in the proportion of GDP and the fifth biggest budget surplus in the EU in 2018, recent data by Eurostat revealed....

Viktor Orban: Tourism a form of expressing patriotism

"We're proud of our country. We are surrounded by history, we live in it and our lives are a continuation of our fantastic Hungarian culture and education....

Outlook on European beer industry and consumer behaviour

V4NA's latest analysis takes a look at the European beer sector, examining consumer preferences and average consumptions, exports and imports, as well as other aspects of the beer market.

Climate alarmism: Brussels would ban motorcycles based on deceptive study

The Brussels Environment Agency would ban motorcycling in the entire Belgian capital, claiming that the petrol-powered two-wheelers produce 1000 per cent more carbon monoxide than cars,...

V4 countries play an increasingly significant role in European auto industry

In V4NA's latest weekly analysis we examine the auto industry of several European countries. We take a close look at how many cars are made, as well as figures of exports and various investments.

Bulgaria offers sweat deal to win Volkswagen plant

Volkswagen may ditch Turkey and decide to build its new manufacturing plant - employing four thousand people - in Bulgaria, after the member state had doubled its original offer of state aid,...

Czech Republic overtakes Spain in OECD ranking

The Czech Republic has overtaken Spain to secure the 23rd place in the OECD's latest per capita GDP ranking, the Czech news portal reported on Friday.

New car sales in Germany show no signs of slowing yet

Sales of new cars in Germany grew by 2.5 percent in the third quarter of 2019, according to the German Federal Transportation Authority (KBA). The figures are dominated by Volkswagen vehicles,...

Poland's Prime Minister calls several EU countries inconsistent

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said that Member states pushing for cuts to the EU budget are inconsistent. The EU's budget for the next seven years is a key issue on the second day of the meeting of EU leaders, the Polish PM said on Friday.

Poland's booming industry surprises analysts

Industrial production in Poland grew by 5.6 percent year-on-year in September, exceeding analysts' expectations.

Salvini: Hungary wins Italian business

Trade between Italy and Hungary has grown by more than 34 percent in the last five years. Former Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said the reduction of the corporate tax rate to 9 per cent introduced by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's government served as a model for other countries....

Daily bread declines as Europeans become more health conscious

The latest analysis by V4NA has focused on bread consumption and grain production in the European countries. France and Germany continue to be top producers, but consumer preferences have changed significantly over the last decade. Europeans now eat less bread in general and the popularity of white bread is decreasing as demand for healthier alternatives, such as brown bread, continues to rise.

Chinese party chiefs bribed in latest Deutsche Bank scandal

Deutsche Bank (DB) has bribed Chinese state and company executives with valuable gifts, Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday. DB has given party officials "gifts" worth a total of $200,...

Germany opens up mobile network for Huawei despite security concerns

The German federal government has approved Huawei's involvement in the construction of the country's 5G mobile network. Chancellor Angela Merkel's authorisation came despite the fact that both EU Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King and the head of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) opposed the move,...

Hungary and Budapest are attractive investment targets

According to the Hungarian Finance Ministry's state secretary, economic growth above the EU average makes Hungary and Budapest in particular an attractive investment target.

Hugary has become even more popular tourist destination

More tourists arrived in the first eight months of the year than in the same period of 2018.

An apple can get you into trouble at the border

A new EU directive due to come into effect in mid-December will ban bringing a bunch of grapes or apples as personal luggage to the European Union. An expert told V4NA that lawmakers are attempting to prevent the spread of plant pests with the strict rules. However, several farmers could lose revenue due to the new directive.

Romanian government falls

The Romanian parliament passed a motion of no-confidence in the Dancila government on Thursday on the initiative of the opposition, with 238 votes in favour - ousting the government. President Klaus Iohannis will now hold consultations with all parliamentary parties to decide who can form the next government.

Viktor Orban: US-Hungarian cooperation a success story

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met Eric Stewart, the head of the US-Hungary Business Council (USHBC), and the members of his business delegation in his office at the Carmelite Monastery,...

Macron's office overspends

While the French president has called on the ministries to be more frugal, his office will receive an additional 2 million euros from next year's budget.

Soros attacked OTP eleven years ago

George Soros attacked Hungary's largest commercial bank OTP this day to the date, eleven years ago, 9 October. Due to his short trading, the index of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BUX) dropped by 7....

Central European countries to fight together for forests' future in Brussels

Shaping the future of the Common Agricultural Policy and forestry issues were the main topics of the Prague meeting of the agriculture ministers of Visegrad Cooperation together with Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania, in which Finland also took part as current president of the Council of the European Union.

Trump saves billions for US by tightening visa requirements for migrants

Donald Trump is being tough. The US President has announced that only people with valid health insurance or cash to cover "reasonable medical expenses" will be eligible for entry visas to the United States....

You can make fun of Jesus, but not Greta

Tensions are still running high around 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. An earlier message by the Church of Sweden proclaiming that Jesus had appointed Greta as his 'successor' has resurfaced and stoked controversy in recent days....

Soros's EU rapporteur encourages to employ dangerous migrants

EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulus called on German small and medium businesses (SMEs) to employ migrants more frequently although he also admitted in his speech delivered in Athens that migrants pose a security threat....

New family support system ideas in Prague

The expensive flats, loss of earnings, as well as the low capacity of creches and nursery schools are the issues that the Czech government would like to solve in the next three years to increase the population.

Poland and the V4 countries are the new favourites of the hotel industry

The hotel industry is developing at an unprecedented rate in Eastern and Central Europe, the CEE Property Forum 2019 held in Vienna revealed. There are significant developments especially in Poland,...

British Thomas Cook and girlfriend deeply disappointed over Thomas Cook's bankruptcy

The travel company Thomas Cook, which filed for bankruptcy on Monday, is broken up in an effort to help creditors and investors get some money out of it. A passenger, however, who coincidentally has the same name as the company, received a huge surprise.

Macron backs down, changes plans

Although the French president has pledged to dismiss 120,000 public servants during his campaign, only a few dozen employees will be laid off next year.

Facebook empire may take a blow from rivals' revenge

Unlawful use of user data, suspension or removal of "hostile" profiles and influencing elections — these crimes have been proven to be linked to Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg so far....

Russia and CEE could become engines of e-commerce

Revenues from electronic payment transactions in the next ten years could grow by 5 per cent on Western Europe's financial markets, and by 7.4% in Eastern Europe,...

V4NA compilation: Hungary and Portugal lead in wine consumption

The latest compilation of V4NA reveals that Hungary is the leading wine consumer among the V4 countries. In Europe, however, the Portuguese, the Italian and the French drink the most wine....

Kosice region to buy US Steel's local plant for one euro

Kosice region's municipality would buy US Steel's local steelworks for one euro to prevent layoffs from the US-owned company which has been struggling with financial problems....

BMW to invest one billion euros in Hungary

The representatives of the BMW Group and the mayor of the city of Debrecen signed the purchase agreement of an industrial area on Tuesday, which will open the way to the construction of the BMW car factory,...

Hungary spends most on sports in V4

Concidering all EU member states, the proportion of general government spending on sports and recreation was the highest in Hungary in 2017.

Soros supervises tax policy of Islamic extremist friendly Pakistani government

George Soros, the finance man constantly holding his sway over international politics, his son Alex Soros and the leaders of their network Open Society Foundation had talks with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in New York on Sunday,...

Three quarters of Syrians in Germany live on social benefits

40 percent of those receiving unemployment benefits are not German citizens, according to the data published by the German Federal Employment Agency. Even more worrying is the fact that almost three quarters of working-age Syrian immigrants live on unemployment benefits in the country.

Thomas Cook bankruptcy leaves 600,000 tourists stranded

London-based Thomas Cook, the world's oldest tour operator, has filed for bankruptcy on Monday morning after the negotiations aimed at saving the company failed....

Hungary provides loans for Serbia's new railway line

The final goal is to build a tram line between Subotica-Szeged-Hodmezovasarhely, but the first phase of the construction is to restore rail traffic. The renovation of the railway line's Hungarian section will be financed by the Hungarian State Railways (MAV), while the costs of the Serbian section will be covered by a Hungarian bank loan.

"We guarantee the safety of the Mochovce nuclear power plant"

The director of the Slovak Nuclear Regulation Authority's power plant safety unit, which has recently detected certain problems, made a statement on the upcoming launch of the Mochovce nuclear power plant.

Hungarian president reveals how climate alarmists are lying

Despite the exaggerated concern of Brussels and Hungarian opposition parties, Hungary's carbon dioxide emission per capita is under the average of the EU....

Russia to deliver gas to Bulgaria and Hungary bypassing Ukraine

Bulgaria continues to buy Russian gas, but the country wants to bypass Ukraine in the future. Hungary is also looking for alternative solutions to the Ukrainian gas transit through the future Russian gas pipeline running towards Turkey.

Small and home breweries flourish in Czechia

The largest Czech beer fair featuring local Czech breweries opens this weekend. The number of exhibitors exceeds seventy of the about 500 breweries meeting the requirements....

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