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Macron's party in crisis as three leaders resign in a week

The leaders of France's ruling La Republique en Marche party are resigning in droves. Pierre Person, LREM's number two, announced his resignation on Monday and two other founding members have also left the party....

German politician: Brussels’ new pact encourages illegal migration

Alternative for Germany (AfD) chief Jorg Meuthen described the EU’s new migration compact announced on Wednesday as a "suicide pact" against Europe’s welfare states....

V4 premiers hold talks with Ursula von der Leyen

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, Czech PM Andrej Babis and Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels on Thursday....

Austria and Germany impose restrictions, Belgium eases them despite worsening numbers

As the number of coronavirus infections is on the rise, Bavaria and Austria have introduced further restrictions. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced new precautionary measures,...

Socialists and Liberals in renewed coalition talks

Belgium's seven-party “Vivaldi-coalition” gets a new lifeline after the royal commissioners entrusted with forming a new government sit down for another round of talks with Reformist Movement (RM) chief Georges-Louis Bouchez on Wednesday afternoon....

Migration: Brussels pledges stricter deportations but expects more solidarity

Accelerating migration procedures and deporting rejected migrants more effectively are key aspects of the European Commission's migration pact announced on Wednesday,...

George Soros attacked Poland via pro-abortion groups - Part 1

A few years ago, Poland saw a string of demonstrations called Black Mondays in protest against government proposals to tighten the country's abortion law. US stock market speculator George Soros has also contributed to the wave of protests through international organisations.

Morawiecki: A modern state must trust young people

Poland's prime minister is determined to encourage members of the so-called generation Z to take up jobs in the public sector. A programme called GovTech is designed to make public service attractive to young people through tax rebates.

Andrzej Duda: Right wing to emerge united after talks

Lawmakers are set to decide the composition of the Polish government this week. Members of the current conservative alliance must mend fences because the country needs peace and stability,...

Police bust Arab clan for tax fraud

On Tuesday morning, German police's special agency against organised crime carried out coordinated raids in Berlin and Brandenburg on suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering....

Theresa May attacks "reckless" Johnson

Theresa May has described Boris Johnson's Brexit bill as "reckless and irresponsibe", saying it would weaken the UK's credibility "in the eyes of the world....

Socialists and Liberals locked in tense stalemate

The Flemish Socialists (SP.A) will no longer negotiate with the Walloon Liberals (MR) during talks aimed at setting up a new Belgian government, because MR is "not constructive enough,...

Viktor Orban: we are better prepared than in spring

We are "better prepared" to fight the coronavirus epidemic this autumn than we were in the spring, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during Monday's session in parliament.

Two officers critically injured in car chase

Speeding off in a stolen car, a 16-year-old teen tried to run over an officer who fired at him in the outskirts of Paris on Sunday. Three French police officers were injured - two of them critically - when a motorist,...

Flu jabs to help contain the virus

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has proposed setting up temporary outpatient hispitals - so-called "fever clinics" - for the autumn and winter periods to better protect the elderly from both the coronavirus and the regular flu,...

PM Orban: Together, we will succeed again

In his article published by Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban touches on issues such as the political tactics of liberals, the future of Christian democracy, as well as the state of Europe and the EU.

Hungary supports US candidate to be OECD's next secretary general

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto has revealed the name of the candidate supported by Hungary on Facebook.

Radicals to counter Trump's nomination with violence

The death of 87-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday night has triggered a nationwide guessing game as to who US President Donald Trump would nominate in her place. Trump's critics say the vacancy at the SC should only be filled after the elections, while others have called for swift action. Radicals have already issued threats of arson.

Hungarian healthcare ready, left should stop scaremongering campaign

Hospitals have sufficient bed numbers, enough ventilators and enough specialists, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI),...

Igor Matovic: Freedom means responsibility

Return to maximum responsibility and solidarity with the most vulnerable, this is what Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic drew people’s attention to on his social media page reacting to the latest coronavirus data. Mr Matovic pointed out that in the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic Slovakia performed well also at the European level. “We won, because we trusted each other, we complied with the rules, adhered to the hygiene rules and wore face masks as prescribed, these were our most important weapons,” he stated.

PM Orban: We are extending the loan repayment moratorium

The Hungarian government is extending the moratorium on households' loan repayment for some social groups, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told in a video published on his social media page after the meeting of the Economy Protection Operational Group.

Foreign minister had sex with a minor

Social Democrat Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod has apologised for going to bed with a 15-year-old member of the party's youth organisation after an Easter lecture. The politician said that he was "drunk and stupid".

Commissioner says no one will like EU's New Migration Pact

The European Commission is set to unveil its New Pact on Migration next Wednesday, but European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson has already stated that no one will be satisfied with the new proposal. The fact that, in the first six months of von der Leyen's Commission, pro-migration NGOs funded by US stock market speculator George Soros were regular guests with the Swedish politician may give cause for concern.

Ten years of work pays off, elevating Roma integration measures to new level

EP Vice-President Livia Jaroka welcomed Thursday's decision by the European Parliament (EP) to adopt by a large majority the EU's report on the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies. "The decision means that ten years of work has come to fruition, as the Roma integration measures initiated by Hungary may reach a new level. Today, we adopted a document which will define the next ten years, recommending additional developments in the current institutional and financial structure," the politician said.

PM Orban: We cannot count on the left wing

Hungary is in the top 25 countries of the world in terms of its coronavirus defence, PM Viktor Orban told Hungary's public radio in his regular Friday morning interview.

EP resolution "harmful and deceptive"

"EP representatives should feel ashamed," MEP of Poland's governing party Beata Szydlo said in the European Parliament. She recalled that the EP adopted a "harmful and deceptive" resolution against Poland on 17 September - the day marking the country's Soviet occupation - calling on the Commission to hold Poland accountable during the Article 7 procedures.

"Hungary needs fair share from Just Transition Fund!"

At Thursday's plenary session the European Parliament adopted its report on the Just Transition Fund. Tamas Deutsch, head of the European parliamentary delegation of Hungary's ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat party alliance and Edina Toth, a representative of the subject in the EPP, welcomed the outcome of the vote, but they also voiced serious reservations in a joint statement.

Government to tighten anti-squatting laws - video

Parliament has unanimously passed an amendment to simplify and accelerate legal proceedings against squatters. According to the amendment, intruders occupying a property can soon be expelled within 72 hours....

Cops abused in West to enjoy protection in Poland

While news reports in the West focus on the defunding of law enforcement under leftist pressure and the anti-police protests, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Wednesday that his government would increase penalties for crimes against officers in a bid to protect them.

Minister admits dire situation is due to migrant crime – video

Speaking in parliament, the minister in charge has admitted that the situation was becoming increasingly worrying due to the large number of illegal migrants and the growing crime rate....

Police find semi-conscious migrants in smugglers' truck

Police arrested a 51-year-old Turkish man on suspicion of people smuggling. The man is charged with attempting to illegally transport 43 Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish migrants from Romania to Austria in a refrigerator truck trailer....

PM Orban: “We've already succeeded once, and we'll succeed again”

In a brief video shared on his social media account, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke of decisions made during Wednesday's cabinet meeting regarding the country coronavirus defence.

Von der Leyen: EU sees changes caused by pandemic as opportunity

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, gave her first State of the European Union speech on Wednesday morning. The speech focused on the coronavirus pandemic and its economic and health implications.

Mass coronavirus testing plan out of synch with reality

The British government was preparing to bring in mass testing but their ambitious plan was not bolstered by official statistics. Test sites were running low on tests as early as five days after the announcement....

Merkel to admit another 1500 migrants, expects others to follow suit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that Germany will take in another 1500 migrants, but she criticised her Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz for Austria's approach in the debate on relocating migrants from Lesbos....

V4 to propose new "Marshall Plan" to Minsk

On behalf of the Visegrad Group (V4), Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will present a new "Marshall Plan" at the next EU summit, with a view to revitalising the Belarusian economy, the chief of the Polish chancellery announced on Monday.

Message by Italian Democrat: "Salvini to hang"

A young Democratic Party candidate has taken a selfie with a cocktail in front of the words “Salvini to hang” spray-painted on a wall. His district in Turin,...

Journalist receives death threats for comment

A journalist with one of the country’s most prestigious newspapers has received death threats after she wrote a comment referring to the 9/11 terrorist attacks under a video of a girl wearing a headscarf and giving cooking tips to her fellow university students. The journalist’s comment has sent shockwaves through social media, with some attacking her and others taking her side. Some have tried to highlight the dubious activities of the headscarved girl in the video.

F1 exhibits double standards as Hamilton continues to support BLM

Lewis Hamilton, wearing a T-shirt with a political message at the podium ceremony of Sunday's Tuscan Grand Prix, has provoked fury on social media. The International Automobile Federation (FIA), the governing body of the racing event, has decided not to launch an investigation against the Mercedes team's driver, an outspoken advocate of BLM ideology. In contrast, FIA imposed a heavy fine on the organisers of the Turkish Grand Prix in 2006 for breaching the sport's political neutrality.

Lawmakers protest Brussels' embarrassing mistake

MEPs of the Greek Syriza party have sent a letter of complaint to European Commission chief Ursula Von der Leyen and EP President David Sassoli after the two organisations in Brussels had wrongly claimed that the Hagia Sophia in Istambul falls under the control of the Cyprus government.

Andrej Babis asks everyone to follow “3R” rule

No one died of coronavirus yesterday and the Czech Republic is performing fairly well considering its low fatality rates, so I am calling on the media to stop its scaremongering campaign,...

PM Orban: Hungary must remain up and running

Our battle plan in the autumn is different from what it was during the spring, but the most important thing is that Hungary must - and will - remain functional, PM Viktor Orban told Hungary's public broadcaster in an exclusive interview on Saturday night.

Kaczynski challenges Morawiecki

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, president of the Polish Law and Justice (PiS) governing party, has launched a new challenge on TikTok, the #StopFurChallenge campaign to protect fur animals....

PM Orban: Healthcare is ready to deal with next wave of epidemic

Healthcare is ready to deal with the next wave of the coronavirus epidemic, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video published on his social media page on Saturday,...

Viktor Orban: We must maintain viability of Central Europe's economy

Maintaining the viability of the entire Central European economy is in the best interests of the V4 countries; we must pursue an effective fight against the coronavirus epidemic, whilst "keeping our economies up and running," Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after the Friday meeting of the premiers of the Visegrad countries held in Lublin in South East Poland.

Tory MPs prepare Brexit revolt

Boris Johnson has practically committed himself to exiting the EU without an agreement, although pushing his concept through the House of Lords will not be an easy task....

PM Orban: Hungary must remain functional

Hungary's pandemic defence must be based on consensus, but we cannot allow the virus to paralyse the functioning of the country, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. The Hungarian premier stressed that nearly two million people have returned the national consultation questionnaire, which shows that Hungarians want effective defence without disruptions in everyday life.

V4 premiers to meet in preparation for European Council session

On Friday the prime ministers of the V4 bloc will discuss relations with Belarus and Russia and the issues of pandemic management in preparation for the next European Council meeting.

PM Orban: We and other V4 states live in common historical destiny

There are daily consultations between the V4 states with regard to the pandemic situation, PM Orban told pubic radio this morning. The Hungarian premier said there was no need to be afraid of Brussels’ criticism,...

Emmanuel Macron to take in more migrants

Although France is already home to thousands of illegal migrants, President Emmanuel Macron and government spokesman Gabriel Attal have announced that the country - as a sign of solidarity with Greece - will participate in accommodating the residents of the Lesbos migrant camp,...

German Vice Chancellor suspected of abuse of power

German Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who has also been Germany's finance minister since 2018, is facing allegations of influence peddling and abuse of power. The politician was questioned by the Cologne prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

Hungary's lung transplantation program goes independent

Hungarian Human Resources MInister Miklos Kasler has described 8 September as a milestone in Hungary's lung transplantation history, stressing that - going forward - Hungary will be able to perform lung transplant surgeries independent of Vienna's AKH Clinic. From a total of HUF 3bn (€8,4 million), Hungary's National Blood Transfusion Service received three new, well-equipped operating theatres, the minister told a press briefing in Budapest on Thursday.

ECHR found to be biased toward Soros organisations on many occasions

During the past ten years the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) may have ruled in favour of certain organisations on multiple occasions. It turned out that since 2009 the Strasbourg Court has employed several judges who had links to organisations associated with the George Soros-sponsored Open Society Foundations. Former Hungarian Supreme Court President Dr. Zoltan Lomnici Sr. says many of the "ECHR's rulings "have been passed by judges who were politically and financially motivated, raising conflict of interest issues."

Government helps suppliers but not manufacturers

Automotive suppliers struggling due to the crisis will be helped by the German government while car manufacturers will not receive subsidies to ramp up purchase of vehicles fuelled by petrol or diesel,...

Anti-Semitism and The Sunday Times

Although Hungary is systematically accused of anti-Semitism by international media, there is now a conspiracy of silence surrounding the fact that a politician notorious for his racist and anti-Semitic slurs is nominated as candidate to run in an interim election. The Sunday Times has expressed worries over anti-Semitism earlier, but now appears to have no concerns.

Babis: WHO didn't even acknowledge pandemic

After the WHO had described the Czech Republic's epidemic situation as worrying, PM Andrej Babis said it was even more disconcerting that the WHO had not even acknowledged the pandemic....

George Soros pumps big bucks into his Polish organisation

The Polish Stefan Batory Foundation published its 2019 annual financial report in late August, revealing that the US stock market speculator was not exactly frugal when it came to providing financial support to the organisation. This summer, the Batory Foundation received wide media coverage for donating significant sums to LGBTQ groups. Earlier, the organisation had partnered with Soros's right-hand man, Gerald Knaus, to lobby against Poland.

Trump wrongly accused, according to growing number of people

The Atlantic claims that President Donald Trump has made disrespectful remarks about fallen soliers. However, a growing number of people close to the president have refuted the American magazine's allegations.

George Soros's right-hand man unmasked

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet has launched a series of articles to reveal the methods applied by Gerald Knaus in conducting his activities. As the chairman of the European Stability Initiative, an organistion with links to Soros's network, Knaus has launched another smear campaign against Hungary in recent months.

When second wave hits, country will be more prepared

Many may have thought that the virus was gone during the summer holidays, but government officials kept working and, as a result, Hungary will be more prepared during the second wave of the virus than in the spring, Csaba Domotor, the state secretary at the Prime Minister’s Caninet Office told Hungary's public radio.

Morawiecki to meet Belarusian opposition leader

On 9 September, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will meet with Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Brussels responds with conspiracy of silence

The Brussels bureaucracy quietly acknowledged that the Hungarian opposition runs an anti-Semitic, racist candidate in an interim election. V4NA has asked several politicians whether they find it morally acceptable for someone known for his anti-Semitic statements to have a place on the European political scene. The EP groups of the Hungarian governing parties also drew attention to the matter, they wrote a letter to the groups of liberals and socialists but have not received any answer, V4NA found out.

Merkel promises integration, but number of unemployed migrants keeps rising

It was exactly five years ago, on 4 September, 2015, when Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered the entry of illegal migrants detained at the Serbian-Hungarian border into Germany without registration....

PM openly supports gay parade

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin will be the official patron of the Helsinki Pride to be held next week, the prime minister's office announced on Friday....

City unable to stop construction of illegal mosque

Austria's foreign ministry rejected Vienna's request for help in halting the construction of another illegal mosque. The foreign ministry argues that the city management,...

Viktor Orban: "We are armed and ready for the second wave of the virus"

The success of Hungary's coronavirus defense depends on people approving and accepting the security measures taken by the government, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Hungary's public radio on Friday morning. The national consultation questionnaire - filled out and returned by some 1.8 million Hungarian citizens, a percentage unprecedented in other European countries - is an important tool in this, he said. Besides protecting people's lives and the elderly, PM Orban described maintaining the functioning of schools and revitalising the economy as the most important tasks. The premier also noted that the European economy is witnessing a transformation and the four Visegrad countries, led by Poland, could emerge as its new driving force.

Italy's ruling party in decline

The Five Star Movement, a member of Italy's governing coalition, is in chaos and the party's popularity is in constant decline. The latests polls suggest that MS5 would do well to garner a mere 10 per cent of the vote during the next election.

George Soros would love to see postal voting in November

The US will witness quite an unusual presidential race this autumn due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Democratic Party is doing its best to promote mail-in voting, even though many warn that this could greatly increase the chances of fraud. Some analysts believe that a universal vote-by-mail option may benefit Joe Biden, so stock market speculator George Soros, one of the Democratic Party’s most generous supporters, is doing everthing to ensure that US citizens would have to post their ballots in November.

Why do Europe's Socialists and liberals keep silent re anti-Semitic scandal?

The European parliamentary group of Hungary's ruling parties appealed in a letter to the EP group leaders of the Socialists and liberals, after Hungarian opposition parties had nominated a joint candidate for the upcoming by-elections in Hungary. Their candidate, who enjoys the support of all Hungarian opposition parties, is notorious for his anti-Semitic and anti-Roma statements. European politicians remain silent over the scandal.

Police uncover ISIS cell ready to carry out bombing

Police in North Macedonia have identified three members of an extremist Islamist cell based on partially obscured photos and their initials. Their accumulated weapons arsenal suggests that the Muslim radicals were preparing for suicide bombings in the Western Balkan country.

Most Italians want interior minister to resign

54.7 per cent of Italians have said they wanted Interior minister Luciana Lamorgese to resign because of the government's poor handling of the migration situation,...

Macron's Lebanon visit sparks angry protest - video

While the French president outlined his plans on saving Lebanon in Beirut, hundreds of dissatisfied people took to the capital's streets to protest against the cooperation between Macron and Lebanon's rulers....

EU won't negotiate until UK gives up control of its waters

The European Union willl not continue negotiations on British fishing rights until the UK would relinquish the sole control over its territorial waters....

Enemies of former Communist regime receive pension contributions

Polish President Andrzej Duda has approved a special retirement contribution for Polish pensioners who fought against the oppressive regime during the Communist era....

Terrorist threat in country higher than ever

The interior minister said that more than 8,000 radicalised Islamist terrorists are registered by the authorities, there are currently 505 inmates detained for terrorism in the country’s prisons and 702 prisoners are at risk of radicalisation....

Greens in favour of disarming police officers in Europe

Vienna being one of the world's safest cities, the Greens disagree with police officers carrying firearms, as revealed by their response given on the website set up for the Vienna municipal elections....

Premiers of Hungary and Slovenia hold talks

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa held bilateral talks in Bled on Tuesday. The basic tone set in the relationship between Hungary and Slovenia is much better today than ever before,...

PM Orban: Europe is in trouble

Europe is in trouble, because it has still not managed to define its new place in the global economy, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban told the 15th Bled Strategic Forum....

BSF focused on EU's future and pandemic

At the 15th Bled Strategic Forum taking place on Monday, participants have discussed issues such as the EU's future, the coronavirus, neighbourhood policy and global issues. Meanwhile, bilateral talks are also being held.

Mateusz Morawiecki: We need to be Eurorealists

Some people try to present my government as Eurosceptic, but I am convinced that all those who want an ambitious Europe capable of addressing current challenges need to be Eurorealists, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Slovenian daily Delo in an interview.

15th Bled Strategy Forum to take place on Monday

The one-day conference in Bled, Slovenia will touch on topics such as regional cooperation in the European Union and the future of the EU in the light of Brexit and the pandemic. The event will be attended by the Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Bulgarian, and Italian prime ministers and Serbia's president.

PM Orban: We've ordered strict border protection measures

At its meeting on Saturday the border patrol action group of Hungary's Operative Board examined the technical details of strict border protection measures,...

Hungary to shut down its borders again

Hungary will introduce stricter restrictions starting on 1 September because of the novel coronavirus. As there are growing negative tendencies in the Visegrad countries and the risk of importing the virus is high, Hungary will shut down its borders.

Germany bans major events until end of 2020

On Thursday Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders held talks on unifying the measures against a potential second wave of novel coronavirus. Major events in Germany will be banned until the end of this year and authorities will impose a 50-euro fine on those who refuse to wear face masks.

Rioting migrants injure four officers in Italy

The migration situation in Europe appears to be worsening. In Italy, illegal immigrants broke out of quarantine after a coronavirus infection was registered in their camp,...

City to ban alcohol to prevent spreading of virus

The German city of Munich is considering to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages and impose a partial ban on the consumption of alcohol in public. According to Munich's mayor,...

France mandates masks for schools but fails to provide them

The French government has decided to make the wearing of face masks mandatory for all upper elementary and secondary school students in the new academic year from September....

3,700 receive positive coronavirus tests by mistake

In the coming days Swedish health authorities will contact thousands who had received positive coronavirus tests results by mistake. The error also affects Sweden's national coronavirus statistics.

Attacks by Germany's Minister of State may be triggered by Hungary's immigration policy

“I can't imagine Europe and Germany without migration,” said Michael Roth, who recently accused Hungary of anti-Semitism in an interview with a German newspaper....

Czech Republic to set up special fund for Belarus

The Czech government has approved a special fund of 10 million Czech crowns (381 thousand euros) to assist the independent Belarusian press and victims of the ongoing pro-demoncacy protests in Minsk....

PM shifts covid defence responsibility onto provinces

Although PM Pedro Sanchez would not approve a second lockdown in Spain, he has empowered the autonomous communities' governments to take precautionary measures at their own discretion....

V4NA overview: All hell breaks loose in Spain

As the epidemiological situation is deteriorating in most European countries, stricter rules are expected from 1 September. V4NA's overview shows which are the countries that are still considered safe, and which ones are struggling the most with the novel coronavirus disease.

Hungarian rabbi: anti-Semitism spreading in West, not in Hungary

It is particularly strange for a German politician to criticise Hungary as Germany witnessed 1,824 anti-Semitic incidents last year compared to a total of 35 in Hungary,...

No deal Brexit during second wave of epidemic

The army will be deployed to the streets to help police maintain public order in the UK as the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic is expected to coincide with the seemingly no deal exit from the European Union on 31 December. The Brits will also send the navy to sea to prevent clashes between British and EU fishing boats, but the issue of a blockade was also on the table.

Viktor Orban: Hungary is Ukraine's partner in good neighbourly cooperation

Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke in favour of Ukraine's sovereignty, discussion of cases to solve and good neighbourly relations in a letter sent to his Ukrainian counterpart, Denys Shmyhal, on the occasion of Ukraine's national holiday, Independence Day, the PM's press chief informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

Anti-Semitic attacks on the rise

Michael Roth, minister for EU affairs of Germany, holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, played the anti-Semitic card against Hungary in an interview. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto replied to the social democratic politician, assuring him that Jews are safe in Hungary. While anti-Semitic attacks are almost commonplace in Western Europe, Jews are supported in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tackling protests in Europe

A total of 167 protesters suffered various injuries, 33 were hospitalised and two demonstrators were blinded in one eye during the turmoil. Although this is not the outcome of the Belarusian protests, Brussels maintains its cynical silence.

PM Orban: Restrictions needed from September

The Hungarian government is planning to tighten measures on border crossings from 1 September, because the current system is ineffective, Viktor Orban told Hungary's public radio. The government is also working on a two-year growth plan to help economic recovery, the premier said.

PM Orban: Poland flagship of Central Europe

The opportunity has reseted itself for Central Europen countries to cooperate and the flagship of the region is Poland. If we align ourselves well around the Poles,...

Slovenian PM greets Hungary

Janez Jansa greeted Hungarians and Hungary on social media.

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