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Interior minister condemns desecration of mosque, opposition cries double standards

The interior minister has visited the mosque damaged by vandals and asked police to provide an increased nationwide presence around Muslim places of worship,...

Police probe more illegal dinner parties, politicians implied

Hundreds of people were fined after a restaurant in the capital was raided by police over the weekend. The mayor of the country's second largest city is also accused of having attended an illegal dinner,...

Pandemic rules do not apply to illegal migrants

In Milan, where iIllegal mosques are springing up by the dozen, hundreds tend to gather in defiance of pandemic-related restrictions.

Salvini: I'm awaiting judge's decision with confidence

Matteo Salvini outlined his post-election plans and discussed his court trial in Catania in a brief interview.

Visegrad know-how bolsters Frontex

A Hungarian and a Croat, both committed to stopping illegal migration, have been appointed to the Frontex Management Board.

Immigrants terrorise inhabitants of small town

The small town near the border has been inundated with immigrants. As the reception centres filled up, with the support of intruding anarchists, they also occupied a vacant building....

Prosecutor: Salvini held no one hostage

The prosecutor requested that proceedings in the Catania court against Italy's former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini be dismissed as unfounded.

Sebastian Kurz receives threat of attack on St. Stephen's Cathedral during live chat

The youngster of migrant background was dissatisfied with his live chat with Austria's chancellor and, as a result, he issued a threat.

Hungary helps Slovakia in testing Russian jab

Former Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic visited Budapest to request assistance in inspecting the Russian vaccines. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Hungary is glad to honour Mr Matovic's request.

Authorities order mayor to green-light building of Islamist school

The administrative court's decision, ordering a mayor to issue a permit for the constuction of an Islamist school, is yet another shocking example of growing Islamisation in the country....

Former PM persuades Russia not to request vaccine return

Due to multiple contract violations, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), in charge of financing the development and managing the foreign manufacturing of Sputnik V, has called on the V4 country on Thursday to return the jabs. The former prime minister told a press briefing today that he managed to halt RDIF's request.

Von der Leyen and Weber see no issue with downfall of freedom of opinion in Germany

Germany's prominent politicians remain silent about the case of a man who lost his job in Germany because his political opinion was deemed unacceptable.

A civilisation that legalises euthanasia deserves no respect, renowned writer says

A civilisation that legalises mercy killing loses all its right to respect, the writer says, and then bolsters his opinion with several arguments. The issue has come into focus as the legalisation of euthanasia is currently being discussed in parliament....

PM Orban: Eastern vaccines a good choice

What happened in Brussels in terms of vaccine procurements followed the same pattern than in the case of migration. An unexpected situation arose, and by the time they realised that they could be in for trouble,...

Austria inclined to authorise Russian jab

Austria is inclined to authorise the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine at a national level if the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) approval process is delayed,...

Former premier says use of Russian vaccine obstructed

"Some people are playing a dirty game with the Sputnik V vaccine," the former prime minister wrote in a post on social media. In Moscow today, the ex-premier will discuss the situation with the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the platform financing the development of Russian vaccines.

Czech health minister gets fired

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis dismissed his Health Minister Jan Blatny on Wednesday.

Most people oppose spending public funds on mosque

The majority of the population disagree with the city's decision to support the construction of a local mosque with a significant amount of money, a recent survey found....

Is Germany building a dictatorship?

Hertha BSC, a club in Germany's top tier Bundesliga, has fired its goalkeeping coach because of his opinion. V4NA has asked German NGOs about the dismissal; a grave violatation of freedom of opinion and expression. Germany is offering less and less room for voicing certain opinions in public, in part owing to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Criminals of African descent attack businessman

The former politician turned wealthy businessman and his wife were brutally attacked, tied up and beaten in their home by four burglars of African descent....

Prime minister picks Libya for first official visit abroad

Italy's prime minister paid a visit to Libya to discuss immigration and economic issues with Libya's government of national unity, which was formed last year.

PM Orban: We've reached a milestone

Today we reached an important milestone as 2,5 million of our compatriots are inoculated, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in a new video uploaded to his social media. Mr Orban stressed that the number of those inoculated has increased two-and-a-half fold in one month, so shops can reopen and services can resume in Hungary from Wednesday.

Gay rights and immigrantion: left wing's priorities during pandemic

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis, the left-wing party is preoccupied with gay rights and supporting illegal immigrants.

French inoculation drive veers off track

The closed inoculation points, the disagreements between mayors, the millions of citizens placed on priority vaccination lists and a lack of trust from people have all played a role in France's derailed vaccination drive....

Serbian president receives Chinese jab

On Tuesday President Aleksander Vucic was inoculated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine in the Serbian village of Rudna Glavain, in the eastern municipality of Majdanpek.

PM Orban: We are fighting and each jab gets us closer to victory

"This year, as was the case last year, we celebrate Easter differently and not in the intimacy of family," Hungary's prime minister wrote on social media. In his Easter Monday greeting, Viktor Orban reminisced about the Easter of two years agp, adding that now is the time for work. "We are working to defeat the virus as quickly as possible," he wrote.

Expressways deemed racist by Biden administration

US President Joe Biden has earmarked 20 billion dollars for his infrastructure development program which involves the demolition of highways for being racist.

PM Orban: Virus does not rest, vaccination continues during Easter

Although today is Holy Saturday, the virus does not rest, so those who receive a vaccination call in the coming days days should go and take the jab, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says in a brief video shared on Saturday.

PM Orban: Creating new Christian Democratic right will be Europe's decisive political process

Together with Matteo Salvini and Mateusz Morawiecki, we want to establish a new political force in the protection of traditional, national values, PM Viktor Orban told Hungary's public radio. Mr Orban also touched on the government's measures to counter the coronavirus pandemic and Hungary's vaccination drive.

PM Orban: We need a European renaissance

We talked about the future of Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a press briefing in Budapest he held jontly with Italy's former interior minister and Lega party chief Matteo Salvini,...

Macron to speed up inoculation drive, but not enough vaccines

A French GP said he had received a total of 4 doses of the vaccine since the end of February. Authorities have set up vaccination centres in some of the country's stadiums to accelerate the inoculation campaign,...

Greta Thunberg dissatisfied with Soros's ally

Radical Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and European Commission Executive Vice-Presiden Frans Timmermans have recently held a virtual meeting. The young activist with Asperger's syndrome called on George Soros's friend to withdraw his proposal for the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as she is unhappy about some of its climate protection elements.

PM Orban congratulates Slovakia's new PM and thanks outgoing premier

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has sent a congratulatory letter to Eduard Heger on his appointment as prime minister of Slovakia. In a separate letter, PM Orban also experssed his gratitude to outgoing PM Igor Matovic for their excellent co-operation, his press chief told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Thursday.

George Soros's advocacy group attacks Catholic archbishop

An organisation that appears on US stock market speculator George Soros’s payroll has launched an attack against Archbishop Joseph Naumann in an open letter,...

Was Stella Kyriakides aware that she signed a bad deal?

The European Commission has practically admitted that it signed a worse vaccine procurement contract than the UK. Responding to our questions, they made no effort to try and deny that the agreement contains no binding assurances or guarantees for the manufacturer.

Polish government spokesman: Polish regulation on courts does not differ from EU rules

In his announcement, Piotr Muller reacted to a new procedure launched by the European Commission on the subject.

PM Orban: Gradual reopening may begin after Easter

In Europe those who reject migration and support the traditional family model, those who reject multicultural societies and want to preserve their national identities without having to live in a Brussels-centric European empire have no sufficient representation. On Thursday Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki and Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy's right-wing Lega party will discuss the establishment of such a platform. This is one of the topics PM Orban touched upon during his exclusive interview with Hungary's public broadcaster, where he also explained how the reopening could unfold in Hungary.

France to introduce nationwide lockdown

The president announced that restrictions already in force in départements with high infection rates will be extended across the country. As a new measure, schools will be closed for several weeks.

France and Belgium grapple with vaccine shortages

Although the French president appears rather pleased with his government's pandemic response, numbers tell a different story. Criticising the government,...

V4 country speeds up vaccine rollout

All those who sign up will be vaccinated in the country by the end of August, according to the revised schedule.

PM Morawiecki: European Parliament's operation a key topic of upcoming Hungarian-Polish-Italian summit

Poland's prime minister will meet Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy's right-wind Lega party - a member of the coalition government - in Budapest on Thursday.

PM Orban agrees with Uzbek President to further bilateral ties

Hungarian-Uzbek relations are on "solid foundations" and co-operation between the two countries has "gained good momentum", Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Tashkent on Tuesday.

PM Orban to meet Matteo Salvini and Mateusz Morawiecki in Budapest on Thursday

Fidesz party president and Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, Italy's right-wing Lega party chief Matteo Salvini, and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will attend a trilateral meeting in Budapest on Thursday, the deputy state secretary in charge of PM Viktor Orban's press office has said, confirming the information relayed by the Italian press.

PM Orban: We are overtaking on the bend

We have reached the third phase of our economic policy. The situation is difficult, but restarting the Hungarian economy is key. We would like make progress by overtaking others on the bend,...

"A white person is to keep quiet at black people's meeting"

The deputy mayor's statement expressing approval of a student union's discriminatory practice against white students has drawn strong reactions. Many find the deputy mayor's racism against white people unacceptable. One politician has called on prosecutors to investigate the case,

When will EU Health Commissioner resign because of unfavourable contracts?

The question is whether it was on purpose or out of ignorance that Commissioner Stella Kyriakides had signed a contract with AstraZeneca on worse terms than the agreement signed by the UK.

Prime minister resigns, successor named

The prime minister did not survive the coalition crisis which ensued in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. He resigned and his successor has already been selected.

European Parliament exerts political pressure

The left-wing majority of the European Parliament (EP), including leftists in the European People's Party, is exerting political pressure in applying the 'the rule of law,' said the head of the Hungarian pro-government EP delegation in a statement to national public media.

Green party representatives launch attack against athletes

Opposition environmentalists voted against city financial support for several elite athletes, claiming they have made millions in competitions. The mayor called the behaviour of Green Party politicians shameful.

Leaning towards paying out basic income to immigrants in Italy

According to the president of the Italian social security agency, migrants arriving in the country should also be payed a "citizens' income", regardless of how long they have resided there.

Hungary may ease resctirction after Easter

A few days after Easter, the number of people vaccinated will exceed 2.5 million in Hungary, so there will be a gradual relaxation of resctirctions, the Hungarian Prime Minister's office chief has said.

City leaders sell property to Muslim group way below market price

A Muslim organisation has purchased a building at an extremely reasonable price from the municipality in order to expand its mosque. The opposition is outraged,...

Popularity of centre-right coalition soars in northern Italy

In the country's northern regions the total support for all centre-right parties now exceeds 50 per cent.

PM Orban: We'll have a free summer

I have no doubt that Hungarians will have a free summer, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Hungary's pubic radio.

PM Orban: We have one key topic, and that's vaccine procurement

We have one topic, one topic that is really important, and that's vaccines and vaccine procurement, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said ahead of the upcoming EU summit to begin on Thursday.

Green city leadership sides with radical Islamism

Both government and opposition politicians consider the Green party mayor’s decision unacceptable, arguing that it generously supports foreign influence. A member of the largest opposition party has launched a petition against central payouts towards the construction of a controversial mosque.

Vaccine-Gate: Brussels responds with arrogance to critical media

The European Commission keeps providing the same blanket answer to try and shirk responsibility for the scandal surrounding the vaccine procurement contracts....

"Annual Serbia report biased on political and ideological grounds, does not serve country's timely accession to EU"

MEP Andor Deli, a delegate of Hungary's larger ruling party (Fidesz) originally hailing from Vojvodina, spoke at the European Parliament plenary session on Thursday. According to delegation president Kinga Gal, the bias in the Serbia report reflects the double standard applied by the liberal-leftist majority of the European Parliament, which is regularly employed against right-wing conservative governments.

Party suspends membership in ruling coalition

At a press briefing on Thursday, the party chied stressed that they would not change their decision until the prime minister resigns.

PM Morawiecki: EU must use every legal tool to boost vaccine production

Vaccines are a global public good, not the exclusive property of any one company, the Polish prime minister wrote in the Brussels-based Politico magazine, proposing two main courses of action.

On whose instruction is the scandal surrounding Brussels silenced?

In the past few months, Brussels was heavily criticised for its vaccination programme. Now, in order to avoid additional questions, they are attempting to silence critical voices in the press.

Government announces further pandemic-related restrictions

The new measures will take effect on Saturday and are expected to stay in place for one month. The changes will affect schools and retailers, as well as service providers.

Government to set up inoculation points to speed up sluggish vaccine rollout

As France's vaccination rate trails slightly behind even the EU's rather modest average, the government has decided to accelerate its vaccination drive....

Government crisis intensifies, two more ministers resign

A total of five ministers have resigned amidst the coalition crisis in the space of a few weeks.

Soros organisations to reshape US legislation

It could bring about radical changes in the US Senate if organisations affiliated with US stock market speculator George Soros succeeded in getting the institution of filibuster abolished....

Student union bars white students from discussions on discrimination

The union's president has admitted the discriminatory practice. Although several politicians and public figures say the union should be dissolved, some have defended it.

NGO ships no longer subject to law?

"What is the position of the Commissioner for Home Affairs on NGO vessels intentionally breaking the law and facilitating illegal migration?" the EU parliamentary group of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party asked Ylva Johansson, European Commissioner for Home Affairs.

Green party politicians unperturbed by the fact that they finance Islamists

Although Green politicians are funding Islamists, they don't seem to care, said an MEP regarding plans by the city leadership to cover a significant portion of the renovation costs of the local mosque,...

PM Orban consults economic chamber on relaunching economy

"They are feisty, they want reopening," Hungary's prime minister said, commenting on his talks with the representatives of the economic chamber on restarting the economy.

Students barred from naming class after beheaded teacher

First-year students at a university were dumbfounded by the decision of the management of the school's political institute, who barred them from naming their class after a professor who was brutally decapitated a few months ago....

Many organisations quit Muslim council

The council's chairman believes that the move is aimed at making impossible the work of the existing organisation, which cooperates with the government....

Mayor guilty of racism for defending residents' health

The mayor of Alessio, citing the risk posed by the coronavirus epidemic, denied entry into the city to foreign nationals without certificates. He was consequently accused of racial discrimination and fined.

Message to Biden: "Be a man!"

Answering a question on US television channel ABC, US President Joe Biden recently called Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer. In his moderate response,...

People leaving the capital region en masse, trains full - photos

Following the prime minister's announcement of month-long restrictions, the mass exodus from the capital and surrounding region has begun, with many trying to travel to the countryside before the quarantine comes into force,...

Sardinia bans even those who have holiday homes there

The president of the Italian island has published a decree ordering the authorities to allow only vaccinated people with a registered address or a PCR test not older than 48 hours to set foot on the island....

Much tougher action needed against juvenile offenders - an exclusive interview

In an interview with V4NA, the secretary general of a French police union spoke about the violence that often affects minors, the causes of the escalating gang wars and possible solutions. In his view, much tougher action and harsher punishment would be needed.

Viktor Orban: this is not the time to relax restrictions

The epidemiological measures currently in force will certainly remain in place for another week, experts say this is not the time to relax them, the Hungarian prime minister told national public radio on Friday.

Epidemic situation in France critical, government takes controversial steps

The prime minister told a press conference that stricter restictions will be implemented in several departements. The figures are steadily deteriorating,...

European Public Prosecutor's Office NOT operational on taxpayers' money

The European Public Prosecutor's Office was allocated tens of millions of euros in financing by this year's EU budget. However, V4NA has learnt that the office is not even operational.

OLAF doesn't deny that it investigates vaccine procurements

V4NA has sent a written inquiry to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) to learn what investigations they are conducting in regard to the EU's vaccine procurements.

Salvini: Only a "Martian" would focus on supporting immigration in times of crisis

"Companies on the brink of bankruptcy and citizens are in crisis. But the left, which is drifting further and further away from the needs of Italians, only focuses on immigration," Giorgia Meloni, head of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party said, reacting to remarks by the Democratic Party's new secretary, which Matteo Salvini has also strongly criticised.

PM Orban: We can vaccinate everyone who registered

We are on the offensive with the help of the vaccine, but at the same time we are also on the defensive against the third wave. This is only natural, because we always do what we need to do,...

European Medicines Agency shifts responsibility to member states

It is the prerogative of member states to make national-level decisions concerning vaccines, the head of the European Medicines Agency has said.

Brussels may face 'Vaccinegate'

There are a growing number of questions with regard to the EU's joint vaccine procurement. Last week it emerged that the vaccine distribution is not based on a pro-rata population key. V4NA tried to find out who - and serving what interests - has exerted political pressure on behalf of one or another vaccine manufacturer. Meanwhile, the vaccine appears to be the only solution against the pandemic.

Interior minister shuts down mosque, now wants it reopened

The mosque was shut down for promoting radical Islamist views, but its imam has resigned so that the mosque could reopen before the month of Ramadan. The interior minister has called on the prefect to take the necessary steps for the mosque's reopening.

Iohannis praises role of Hungarian minority in Romania

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has praised the role ethnic Hungarians play in Romania, emphasizing the importance of harmony both in inter-ethnic relations and in a common European future, in his "address to Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity" on 15 March, published on the official website of the president's office on Monday.

Austria's chief vaccination coordinator resigns

Austria's chief vaccination coordinator Clemens Martin Auer has resigned, the country's health minister announced on Monday on the Ö1 public service radio.

PM Morawiecki to Hungarians: Cultivate your deep-rooted desire for freedom that can change the world for the better

Cultivate your deep-rooted desire for freedom, the desire which can change the world for the better, as you have demonstrated several times already, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on social media,...

PM Orban: The perseverance and heroism of one generation gives strength to the upcoming generations

This is not only a day of remembrance, but also a day of thankfulness. The perseverance and heroism of one generation gives strength to the upcoming generations, Hungary's prime minister said in a video posted on social media, to mark Hungary's national holiday. "Remembering together" despite today's unusual circumstances, Viktor Orban greeted Hungarians all across the globe in a letter "on the day marking the birth of Hungarian freedom".

PM Orban: Hospital directors are prepared and determined

We are expecting difficult days and even one difficult week, but the hospital directors are prepared and determined, the Hungarian prime minister said after his discussions with regional hospital directors and the leaders of national health institutions.

Hungarians annoy some Western politicians' circles

Hungarians who have lived through two dictatorships appear to be irritating some Western politicians' circles, German politician Gunter Weissgerber - who, despite having quit his party, still considers himself a social democrat - told Hungary's public radio.

PM Orban: Had we not ordered vaccines from the East, we would be in big trouble

With each passing week, everyone in Europe who had trust in Brussels' joint vaccine procurement is becoming increasingly disappointed, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban told public media on Sunday,...

Netherlands and Denmark get way more vaccines than they are entitled to

Malta, the Netherlands and Denmark receive more vaccines proportionally than - for instance - Croatia or Bulgaria, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Friday,...

Viktor Orban on the lesson from Israel: acquiring and administering the vaccine is the only way

"Registration for and vaccination are the only way out of the current difficult situation," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said referring to the coronavirus epidemic in a video posted on Facebook on Friday.

Brussels still refusing to disclose vaccine contracts

The Hungarian government has made public the Russian and Chinese vaccine contracts and is asking the European Union to follow suit.

Fidesz’s departure very bad news for EPP

The French delegation of the European People's Party finds the departure of Fidesz from the EPP saddening and sees it as a move which significantly weakens the group, French MEP Francois-Xavier Bellamy told Remix News.

Viktor Orban: effective governance 'key to success' against pandemic

The Israeli lesson is that effectie governance is the key to success of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a joint meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis in Jerusalem.

Coalition partners strike a deal, ending government crisis

The four coalition parties have reached an agreement and will continue to govern together.

"What is unlawful cannot be left without a word"

"We can’t keep that EU legislation in force, which seriously infringes legal certainty," Hungary's justice minister wrote on social media, announcing that Hungary and Poland are challenging the general regulation on the rule of law mechanism for the protection of the EU's budget before the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Minister no longer demands PM's dismissal, saying health minister should be sacked

The V4 country is embroiled in an ongoing coalition crisis. Press reports suggest that the economy minister no longer insists on replacing the prime minister. Instead, he would like to see the health minister resign. The health minister's party appears open to negotiate about a potential replacement, but they continue to have unwavering support for the prime minister. The other ruling party outlined 5 specific measures as a pre-requisite to remaining in the cabinet, and the smallest coalition party is also demanding personal changes. Apparently, no one wants to hold a snap election.

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