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V4 countries don't only agree on rejection of illegal migration

Presenting research results from the Hungarian Nezopont Institute and the International Visegrad Fund in Budapest, experts have said that the cooperation of the V4 countries, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is not only based on the rejection of illegal migration.

New proposal of Europen Liberals strongly resembles Soros plan

Reading the new proposal of European Liberals is like reading the Soros plan, Hungary's State Secretary for International Communication and Relations Zoltan Kovacs said in a Facebook post.

DiCaprio and Davos forum participants have hypocrisy in common

The number of private jets flying over Davos has doubled during the economic forum with the overall theme "Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World"....

UN says climate refugees must receive asylum

After the spectacular failure of the migration pact, the UN has come up with a new plan to accelerate replacement migration.

Viktor Orban starts talks in Indonesia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta and was received at the airport by Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region. The two leaders held bilateral talks, the Hungarian premier's press chief told Hungary's state news agency on Wednesday.

Norway's coalition government collapses over repatriation of ISIS bride

The coalition government in Norway collapsed over a strongly divisive issue, as the government has decided to repatriate a woman who left for Syria several years ago and joined the Islamic State. The populist Norwegian Progress Party (FRP) firmly opposed the decison and decided to leave the government - thus the prime minister no longer holds majority in parliament.

Somali migrant rapes Hungarian university student

The 25-year-old girl was celebrating her friend's successful state exam at a nightclub in Budapest. The migrant offered to escort her home, but attacked and raped her on the way. It is not the first time migrants have attacked Hungarian women in Budapest.

Migrant rapes Hungarian girl in Budapest

According to sources close to Hungarian daily Ripost, the incident happened on the street near a Budapest night club, and the girl was hospitalised after the abuse.

Police find new tunnel along Serbia-Hungary border

The new tunnel is barely 15 metres from the passage police had discovered under the border fence last autumn. Due to the intensified migration pressure on Hungary's Schengen border,...

Soros NGOs profiteer from Hungarian compensation payments

Compensation lawsuits filed by profiteering lawyers and civil groups close to George Soros on behalf of convicted criminals have led to a heated public debate in Hungary. The cases resulted in rulings that compelled the Hungarian state to pay significant compensatory damages. According to a recent Hungarian poll, most Hungarian people are in favour of suspending the compensation payments.

Nearly fifth of newborns in France have Muslim or Arabic first names

Sixty years ago, only one in 100 newborns were given Muslim or Arabic first names. Last year saw 70 thousand fewer children born to native French families,...

Dramatic rise in sex attacks against teenage girls in Sweden

According to Sweden’s Crime Prevention Council, sex attacks against girls aged 15 to 17 have increased by 51 per cent in the Nordic country over the last five years.

Europe can't achieve climate neutrality without nuclear energy

Without nuclear energy Europe cannot achieve climate neutrality by 2050, so the EU must end its negative discrimination of nuclear energy, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at the Central & Eastern Europe Nuclear Industry Congress in Prague on Tuesday....

UK only expels 15 per cent of illegal migrants

The UK deported just 15 per cent of migrants that reached British shores illegally last year, according to recent news reports. The number of illegal crossings through the English Channel reached nearly two thousand in 2019.

Hungarian government suspends payment of compensations to inmates

The Hungarian government is suspending the payment of prison awards with immediate effect and the justice ministry will review the relevant regulations, the Government Information Centre announced on Tuesday, following the publication of an official government decree.

German court rules against deportation of ISIS supporter

German authorities have failed for nearly a year to expel a Turkish man who sympathised with the Islamic State and had been classified by the interior ministry as a threat to national security....

Instability in North Africa could increase migration pressure

The European Union must face the renewed threat of increasing migration pressure caused by the instability of the Sahel region and the armed conflict in Libya, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on the sidelines of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday.

Viktor Orban to hold talks in Indonesia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is set to visit Indonesia this week to attend a meeting of the Christian Democrat International (CDI). Orban, the president of Hungary's larger governing party, Fidesz, is scheduled to meet with Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the premier's press office chief told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Monday.

Swedish city pays fifty per cent more social benefits due to migrants

An increasing number of large families, numbering some 8-10 family members, receive regular state support in Uppsala, Sweden's fourth largest city. Owing to a sharp increase in the number of claimants, the municipal council's budget for social benefits has grown by nearly 50 per cent since 2015.

Electric cars not green enough for radical environmentalists

Members of the radical climate activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) caused hours of mayhem at the Brussels Motor Show over the weekend. In protest against electric and hybrid cars,...

EP's liberal party family wants to implement "Soros Plan"

The EP's liberal group has published its package of proposals concerning migration, with multiple suggestions already "rather familiar from the Soros Plan," the parliamentary spokesman of Hungary's larger governing party, Fidesz, said. Janos Halasz underlined that the vice chair of the Renew Europe group is Katalin Cseh, an MEP of the opposition Momentum movement.

Migrants use driftwood rafts and plastic bottles to cross Hungary border

Hungary's southern border is experiencing an increased migration pressure as migrants make regular attempts to cross the border on land and water, even despite the harsh winter weather, the state secretary at the Hungarian defence ministry has said.

Hungarian government: paying compensation to perpetrators instead of victims unacceptable

Reacting to the so-called "prison-business" debate during a radio interview on Sunday, Pal Volner, the Hungarian justice ministry's parliamentary state secretary, said the Strasbourg-based court should not prioritise the needs of "deviant minorities" over the majority of people.

Spain and Italy issue open invitation to migrants

A Spanish government minister has announced to settle in millions of migrants with a view to reinforcing the country's labour market, while Italy's interior minister has promised amnesty to 700,...

700,000 illegal migrants might receive amnesty in Italy

According to Il Giornale, this is what the current left-wing government is preparing for. Riccardo Molinari, one of the leaders of the League party, said this could mean that 700,...

Robert Fico presents his party's program

At the program conference on Saturday, the leader of the Direction – Social Democracy (Smer-SD) party said that if his party re-enters government after the parliamentary elections in February,...

Police evacuate President Macron from packed theatre

French President Emmanuel Macron was in a Paris theatre on Friday night when a large crowd of protesters began gathering in front of the building. As some tried to break into the building, President Macron needed police assistance to be able to leave the scene, according to the website of the French Le Figaro newspaper.

Brussels' hypocrisy - Many in the EPP betrayed Hungary

The European People's Party (EPP) group chaired by Manfred Weber had several conflicts with Poland and Hungary even before the European Parliament approved a resolution regarding the rule of law in the two countries, with several MEPs casting their ballot against the two anti-immigration states. Reacting to the developments of Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said "we were just an inch away from quitting the People's Party". Manfred Weber's ensuing comments appear to question the principle of free speech; the EPP group leader is perhaps best known for his pettiness and hypocrisy.

Soros network cites segregation to discredit Hungary

"Hungarians are not racists and they do not reject Gypsies," but they will never accept having to give money for nothing, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. The premier referred to a one-hundred-million-forint (more than 300,000 euros) compensation payment adjudicated to be paid to several Roma students for being segregated from Hungarian students in a village school during the times of left-wing governments. According the Hungarian human capacities ministry's state secretary, the goal of the Soros-supported foundation that provided legal counsel for the students is to gain political capital and discredit Hungary.

Liberal left-wing and Soros organisations benefit from Hungarian "prison business"

The so-called prison business, where prisoners, often murderers, receive thousands of euros in compensation from the Hungarian state for 'poor prison conditions,...

Migrant ships continue to arrive in Italy

Giuseppe Conte's government allowed two other migrant ships to disembark at the Italian ports, forcing Europe to begin new quota discussions to determine the fate of masses of migrants....

Mafia bosses pocket millions in EU subsidies

Sicilian mafia leaders have unlawfully received some ten million euros' worth of European agricultural subsidies in seven years. Brussels allocated the funds for the development of south Italy's agriculture and a national park but,...

Viktor Orban: George Soros is world's top oligarch

Many European People's Party (EPP) members betrayed Hungary during the EP vote on Thursday. "We were an inch away from quitting" the EPP, Viktor Orban said in his regular Friday radio interview. He emphasized that if the EPP does not stick up for Hungary, "we have to start a new European Christian Democratic movement," and "we will have allies to do so". The Hungarian prime minister also revealed that the world's top oligarch is currently George Soros, who interferes in European politics using influence bought with money.

Criminals aided by Soros NGOs routinely sue Hungarian state

The Hungarian government plans to stop the so-called "prison business," whereby convicted criminals serving time in Hungary regularly file lawsuits against the state with the legal aid of NGOs affiliated with Soros's network....

Austria is natural partner of Visegrad countries

Austria is the natural partner of Hungary and the other Visegrad Four countries. They can cooperate in many areas, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the summit of the premiers of the V4 countries and Austria in Prague on Thursday. The heads of government reviewed cooperation opportunities in the areas of migration, security, border control, competitiveness, climate protection and the enlargement of the EU. They also established that they have different positions on nuclear energy.

Trade union: medical chamber proposal on "gratuity" is unethical and unfair

Agnes Cser, chairwoman of the Trade Union of Hungarian Social and Health Care Employees (MSZ EDDSZ) considers the Medical Chamber's proposal to criminalise gratuity payments as unethical and unfair to doctors. According to the trade union chief, the Hungarian Medical Chamber's statement on gratuity money is "has been made in haste" and is "confusing".

Brussels adopts Communist methods against anti-immigration countries

On Thursday, the European Parliament (EP) voted to continue the rule of law probe launched against Hungary and Poland. Left-wing MEPs did not present any arguments based on facts in the debate on Wednesday and the rule-of-law issue is merely a "cover story" for the attack of pro-immigration forces in Brussels, MEPs for Hungary's ruling party said.

Left-wing government did nothing against school segregation

A court has awarded damages amounting to one hundred million forints (more than 300,000 euros) to several Roma students who were taught in classes in a Hungarian village segregated from ethnic Hungarian children since 2003. The Fidesz party, in opposition at that time, also drew attention to the illegal segregation but the left-wing government did nothing to resolve the situation. Now the village could go bankrupt after paying the damages.

Rise and fall

The European People's Party's hard road from Christian origins to the respect of Islam. An analysis by Miklos Szantho, director of Hungarian Center for Fundamental Rights.

Swedish government crisis deepens as opposition demands early elections

Leaders of the Moderate, Christian and Swedish Democratic parties have called for early elections in the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag. Even the former education minister from the junior party of the ruling coalition, so far unable to handle the crime situation in the country, admitted that the governing parties' alliance is only based on self-interest. The leader of the Left Party, a non-coalition party supporting the Löfven government, also announced his resignation on Thursday.

Premiers of V4 countries and Austria meet in Prague

High on the agenda for the meeting of the V4 prime ministers is illegal migration and the EU's climate and energy policies. Austrian Chancellor Sebastien Kurz will later join the talks,...

Italy raises daily allowance of migrants

Italy's left-wing government raises the daily allowance of migrants by around 10 euros, making the country even more attractive to illegal immigrants. And the result is already visible, as some 1,500 migrants have arrived by boat from Libya to Italian coasts in four days, and news report hundreds of thousands still waiting to leave the African country.

Medical chamber to fight corruption in health care

The Hungarian Medical Chamber recommends to the government to qualify the receipt of "gratitude money" as a criminal offence. The organisation's recommendation and call for action aim to eliminate the practice of patients giving substantial amounts of money in "tips" to doctors in the hope of better provision in the Hungarian public health service. This type of corruption "is a seriously harmful phenomenon in Hungarian society," according to the Chamber.

North Macedonian president assures Oliver Varhelyi of Skopje's commitment to EU

Oliver Varhelyi, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, and North Macedonian President, Stevo Pendarovski, discussed on Wednesday the political situation in North Macedonia and Skopje's commitment to the EU, the Hungarian news agency MTI reports.

V4 to discuss EU issues with Austria

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis will receive the premiers of the Visegrad countries (the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia) and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Prague on Thursday, 16 January .

Oscar voter Stephen King faces backlash from gender activists

Stephen King, the Master of Horror, lost the support of many virtue-signalling Twitter users after saying he would "never consider" factoring in diversity,...

Government stands by keeping track of foreign-funded NGOs

Hungary's ruling Fidesz party responded to a non-binding opinion by the EU Court of Justice's (CJEU) Advocate General, who claimed that the mandatory registration of foreign-funded NGOs operating in Hungary violates EU laws. Nevertheless, Fidesz continues to support the legislation designed to ensure the transparency of what it describes as foreign-funded Soros organisations.

Iran's only female Olympic medallist defects to Europe

"We were tools, they exploited me," Iran's only female Olympic medallist Kimia Alizadeh wrote in a farewell to her country. The 21-year-old bronze medallist of the Rio Olympics announced her decision in an Instagram post,...

Muslims challenge anti-headscarf law at constitutional court

Two Muslim families from Vienna turned to the Constitutional Court of Austria to challenge the law which bans schoolgirls from wearing Muslim headscarves....

Finland represents everything Estonians do not want

While Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Estonian PM Juri Ratas praised the friendship of the two nations at their meeting over the weekend, the Estonian interior minister warned Finland of the risks of letting strangers enter the country without limitations....

Migrant crisis continues with huge surge recorded last year

Over 23 thousand asylum seekers arrived in Belgium last year, up by 22 per cent compared to 2018. Authorities, however, have processed fewer asylum applications party because of the unfinished cases from previous years and the high number of asylum requests submitted in other countries.

Police conduct raids to tackle Islamist threat

German police launched a series of raids in the capital Berlin and three federal states in connection with suspected preparations for terrorist attacks....

Migrants settled in Sweden as part of family reunification make up large city's population

Sweden has taken in 1.2 million migrants in ten years, but new figures reveal that the number of migrants settled in to promote family reunification has exceeded those who came as humanitarian or economic immigrants....

Finland's new PM turns her former ministry into casino

Organisers brought slot machines and blackjack tables to the building of the Transport and Communications Ministry, located in the centre of Helsinki, for last year's Christmas office party....

Iranian protesters: "Our enemy is not America, but the Islamic Republic"

Young anti-regime protesters, who took to the streets to protest against the shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner, refused to tramp on the US and Israeli flags. In recent years, it has become customary in many Muslim-majority countries to paint US and Israeli flags on pavements, signalling that people "tramp" on those countries. However, videos show protesters jumping over or bypassing the flags painted on the ground, with many shouting "Our enemy is not America, but the Islamic Republic."

Polish left appoints gay presidential candidate

Poland's leftist parties appear to be fully convinced that their country is plagued by grave homophobia, an issue they want to tackle at the upcoming presidential elections....

Migration pressure grows at Hungary's borders

The first two weeks of the year has given a lot of work to police officers and soldiers protecting the borders, and the migration pressure is high, the Hungarian Interior Ministry's state secretary said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

French PM describes police violence as acceptable

In a recent television interview French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said police must sometimes resort to violence to maintain law and order. He underlined that police officers have to meet numerous requirements,...

Germany can't expel its migrants

Germany appears to be repatriating a decreasing number of rejected asylum-seekers and the number of deportations also dropped last year, according to Germany's leading Sunday newspaper.

Spanish PM refuses to discuss his relation to George Soros

Spain's new Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez began his new government cycle with somewhat of a public embarrassment. When the Transparency Council asked the premier about his previous meetings with billionaire stock-market speculator George Soros,...

Hungarian opposition planned to taint ruling Fidesz candidate using fake video

Hungary's opposition parties - the Democratic Coalition, LMP, Momentum and the Socialists (MSZP) - have threatened and deceived locals to arrange for electoral fraud ahead of the local elections on 26 January in a large municipality, the vice president of Fidesz's local organisation in Gyor announced at a press conference on Saturday.

German archbishop supports immigration from church tax

Reinhard Marx, the Cardinal of Munich, donated fifty thousand euros to a group of NGOs called United4Rescue to support its migrant rescue activity. The amount came from the church tax paid by the German people which outraged several anti-immigration politicians....

Scandal: UN officials assist African migrants to Europe

Tens of thousands of Ugandan and Kenyan citizens might have obtained ID and false medical certificates in exchange for money so that they could resettle in Western Europe with the help of the UNHCR staff. The corruption case being investigated by UNHCR has been uncovered by the German magazine Stern. Jorg Meuthen, co-leader of the German anti-immigration AfD party, says Chancellor Angela Merkel had also supported illegal resettlement.

Hungary and Latvia share the EU's views on several issues

Hungary considers cooperation with Latvia beneficial for both countries in the fields of defence, politics and the economy. Furthermore, it is also advantageous that the two countries have similar positions on many issues in the debate on the future of the EU, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Riga after meeting Edgars Rinkevics, his Latvian counterpart.

Viktor Orban: Hungary must draw up alongside Czech Republic

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said 2020 will be a special year in terms of the economy. He said the pressure of migration was likely to intensify along the southern border of Hungary and the government would develop a climate protection action plan, but he also spoke about the possibility of a new European Christian Democratic initiative at his year-opening international press conference in Budapest.

Drug seizures and cocaine consumption increases in Western Europe

Belgian authorities captured 62 tonnes of cocaine last year in the port of Antwerp, 25% more than a year before. The amount of drugs discovered in Belgium has grown six-fold in five years....

Hungarian defence minister talks to Hungarian soldiers stationed in Iraq

Defence Minister Tibor Benko took part in a video conference with the commander of the Hungarian soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Viktor Orban: Hungary's government adopts national energy and climate strategy

During his first international press conference of the year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the Hungarian government has adopted a national energy and climate protection strategy....

Viktor Orban: Hungarian border protection had to be strengthened

The Hungarian government has reinforced the protection of the Hungary-Serbia border as the number of illegal border-crossing attempts has risen significantly in recent weeks, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said at his international press conference launching the new year. The premier added that Hungary supports Macedonia in protecting its borders.

Call for government to turn off money tap for mosques

Anti-immigration Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang) party's MP Kristof Slagmulder has strongly urged the Flemish government to stop subsidising mosques built in the Flanders region.

Afghan migrants come to Europe instead of Syrians

The tendency that an increasing number of Afghans arrive from Afghanistan and Pakistan could define the next period, Mark Vargha, an associate of the Migration Research Institute said on the Hungarian public broadcaster M1.

Opposition leader says Netherlands might hold early elections

I think there is a high chance of early elections in the Netherlands before next year as our government faces many problems. The four-member government coalition is divided on almost every political issue, Geert Wilders, leader of the largest opposition force, the anti-immigration Freedom Party (PVV) told Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet.

Peter Pellegrini sees future of Slovakia in EU

Slovakia is a reliable partner of the European Union and is aware that there is only one future for it: EU and NATO membership, Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said after his Wednesday meeting with Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

Moroccan man who failed to get state benefit smashes post office

On Tuesday in Piove di Sacco, northern Italy, a 39-year-old man of Moroccan origin smashed up a post office after being told his state benefits had not been paid into his account....

Hungary's Socialists caught in web of clandestine financial deals

Tibor Szanyi, the former Socialist MEP who quit the party after 22 years, told Hungarian news portal that there is a convoluted, clandestine financial agreement between certain board members of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and the party's president....

Far-left arsonists sabotage construction of new prisons in Germany

Members of a radical leftist group set fire to the construction site of a high-security prison and the premises of the building company. During the past six months German police have been trying to capture the far-left group's members,...

France's special tax on tech giants can trigger tariff war

The United States has vowed serious retaliatory action against several EU states if France does not withdraw the special tax imposed upon giant Internet companies,...

Prosecution initiates proceedings against judges in opposition-run Hungarian city

The deputy head of the criminal college at the municipal court of the south Hungarian city of Szeged has lost his right to assign judicial cases after it was revealed that he had appointed a judge,...

Slovakia temporarily relocates its soldiers stationed in Iraq

Slovak soldiers taking part in a NATO mission in Iraq have been temporarily relocated to another country, the press department of the Government Office has informed Slovakia's state news agency (TASR).

PM Orban to hold opening press conference on Thursday

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is to hold his first international press conference of the new year in his office, at Budapest's Carmelite Monastery, at 11 am on Thursday, Hungarian news portal reports, citing the premier's press chief.

Journalist criticising Greta Thunberg leaves Twitter after defamatory remarks

A Swedish journalist was called a Nazi and came under a barrage of defamatory remarks from the followers of the teen climate crusader for calling Greta Thunberg a leftist populist....

No state provision for "asylum shoppers"

This year, Belgium is to stop social provision for migrants who have already applied for asylum in another EU member state, Federal Minister for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block has announced.

There is no right-wing or left-wing climate change

"There is no right-wing or left-wing climate change", Hungarian President Janos Ader told Hungary's public radio on Sunday. Ader stressed that the environmental concerns are issues that will determine the lives of future generations, adding that "we are all stakeholders."

Ukranian president's New Year's address has significant impact

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke of the unity of people adding Hungarian and Russian words in his first New Year's speech. His message had a significant impact, Ukraine expert Csilla Fedinec told the Hungarian public broadcaster.

Salvini ready to risk prison to protect Italy

When Italy's former interior minister banned migrants from disembarking in the country's ports, he acted with the government's full knowledge in order to protect Italy,...

Hungary's ruling party alliance continues to block immigration in 2020

MEPs of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat (KDNP) Party Alliance consider it as their most important task in 2020 to stop immigration across Europe, head of the governing party's delegation to the EP, Tamas Deutsch, told a press conference in Budapest on Friday.

Legendary general's death escalates Iran-US tensions

Tensions between Iran and the United States have ratcheted up dramatically after a targeted drone strike killing General Qassem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport....

Experts say criminal proceedings against MOL Chief and Croatia's former PM unlawful

During the trial of MOL (a Hungarian oil and gas company) and Croatia's former prime minister, the Zagreb Court has infringed the EU's norms regarding the right to a fair trial,...

Ukranian president makes "important and fine" gesture

It is an "important and fine" gesture that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky greeted Ukraine’s ethnic communities, including the Hungarian, in their mother tongue in his New Year address, Hungary's foreign minister said, adding that hopefully “his words would soon be followed by actions”.

Croatia to take over EU presidency

Croatia takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union on 1 January. The Croatian government will follow the Finnish presidency and pass it on to Germany in July 2020. The slogan of the Croatian presidency is “A strong Europe in a challenging world”.

Protecting God's creation is our joint responsibility

Human life cannot be fulfilling and healthy without the health and wholeness of nature, the Hungarian president told Hungary's public broadcaster in his New Year’s address. Janos Ader described the protection our world - God's creation - as “a joint responsibility for all," urging national consensus on the issue.

2019: mass migration defined by news of fresh routes and violence

The migration wave which began in 2015 showed no signs of easing this year as masses of people arrived in Europe via the well-established routes, keeping migrant rescue ships busy. Illegal migrants discovered a new route at the Strait of Dover, leading to nearly two thousand people to attempt the Channel crossing to reach England this year. Immigrants already settled in Europe have also caused palpable tension, such as the case of a migrant in Brussels posing as a fake taxi driver to rape women and a young African immigrant who subjected a Swedish boy to hours of brutal torture because of his girlfriend.

Putin thanks Trump for intelligence that foils St. Petersburg terrorist attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone with his US counterpart to thank President Trump for intelligence that helped "avert" a planned terrorist attack in St....

Migration pressure may intensify in 2020

Just like in 2019, migration is also likely to intensify next year, Szabolcs Janik, deputy director at the Migration Research Institute Budapest, told Hungary's public broadcaster on Tuesday morning.

Macron bows to ballet dancers' demands

The French government has offered concessions to ballet dancers protesting against Macron's plans to raise their retirement age. The dancers' strike has led to more than eight million euros in losses.

Germans still trust Merkel

While Chancellor Angela Merkel is still the most popular government politician in Germany, Germans seem to have little trust in the country's new Social Democratic leaders,...

Merkel plans Turkey trip to discuss new migration wave

The Greek islands are experiencing growing migration pressures with nearly 500 newly arrived migrants registered on certain days in December. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to travel to Ankara in January to discuss the EU-Tukey migration agreement with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

Luxembourg's FM calls on member states to take in migrants

Funding for member states that reject the idea of taking in asylum-seekers should be reduced, Luxembourg's foreign minister said in a statement on Wednesday.

Quietude instead of clamour

"We need quietude instead of clamour, acceptance and love instead of backtalk, absorption instead of chit-chat, holiness instead of profanity; angel from heaven." In a Christmas interview with daily Magyar Nemzet, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban talked about how he prepares for Christmas. He evaluated 2019 and talked about Hungary's family protection scheme and Europe. Here is the transcript of the full interview.

Salvini calls banning of Christmas mass at school a shame

Italian right-wing leader Matteo Salvini has described as "unspeakable shame" the news that a comprehensive institution in Sicily has decided to abolish the traditional Christmas mass and the nativity scene this year,...

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