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PM Morawiecki: My family and I will be vaccinated in due course

Let's give ourselves a chance at normalcy, let's get vaccinated. My family and I will receive the jab when it is our turn, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday.

European Commission betrays indigenous minorities

The European Commission (EC) will not initiate a legislative process on the basis of proposals by Minority SafePack, a European citizens' initiative to strengthen the rights of indigenous minorities....

PM Orban: Vaccination capacity exceeds vaccine quantities coming from EU

The problem is not our lack of vaccination capacity, but that we do not have enough vaccines, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Hungary's public radio on Friday.

PM Orban: Young people to receive full income tax relief

The HUngarian government is planning to give young people aged under 25 full income tax relief, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public radio.

Nationwide curfew to begin at 6, as part of new restrictions

The prime minister has announced a countrywide curfew starting on Saturday: people must stay indoors from 6 pm every day. The government will strengthen border controls and tighten the general health protocols that apply in schools.

Radical Islamists expand their cobweb

Radicalised Islamist terrorists are pushing ahead relentlessly in both the country's schools and workplaces, and their representatives are present nearly everywhere. Their increasingly violent actions often lead to tragedies.

Minister diverts attention from Muslims, saying Evangelicals request virginity certificates

In a political TV show, the minister in charge of citizenship stated that virginity tests are demanded by Evangelical families. The religious group disagrees with the statement....

We can all be switched off

We can all get "turned off," and the global public has fully realised that we have reached a point when companies, citing political reasons, can refuse to provide private services, Hungary's justice minister pointed out on social media.

US Ambassador to Poland decorated

Outgoing US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher has received a special order of merit from Polish President Andrzej Duda for her outstanding work and contribution to cordial relations between Poland and the US.

Norwegian krone a potential currency in an independent Scotland

No sooner had a Brexit deal been reached than Scotland began mulling the idea of independence and took steps to organise a new referendum. Independence,...

PM Orban holds talks with ruling party MEPs

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the president of Fidesz, welcomed the MEPs of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat party alliance on Monday afternoon, his press chief Bertalan Havasi told Hungary's state news agency (MTI).

George Soros to protect his influence in Poland

Adam Bodnar, a man with strong ties to US stock market speculator George Soros’s network, served as Poland's Ombudsman for citizens' rights in the past five years. Mr Bodnar’s term expired last year, but his successor is still unknown. One candidate, however, is being supported by strikingly many NGOs.

PM Morawiecki urges senior citizens to get the jab

As the coronavirus poses the biggest threat to the elderly, they are the first in the vaccination line, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote in his letter published by the Super Express newspaper....

Germany's two-faced vaccine policy

They preach water and drink wine. By now, it's become clear that the EU was unable to order enough vaccines to meet demand by its member states. Against this backdrop,...

Getting vaccinated out of turn is irresponsible

Poland is at the forefront of Europe in terms of how many people have received the jab, the spokesman for Polish President Andrzej Duda said. He stressed that the president will be inoculated when it's his turn,...

Race for Merkel's position grows tighter

German delegates cast votes next week for new CDU party president. Three candidates are in the running with conservative-wing favourite Friedrich Merz in the lead and rivals close behind.

Peter Szijjarto: Grazie, Matteo!

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in a Facebook post Saturday, stands by former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who goes on trial in Palermo for having denied Lampedusa docking to a 'civilian' ship ferrying illegal migrants.

The Guardian remains unperturbed by anti-Semitism

The Guardian has replied to V4NA's letter, in which we inquired why they have failed to detai their interviewee's anti-Semitic statements in their report on Budapest.

PM Orban: The Brits are in better shape than those who relied on Brussels

The only powers to delegate within Brussels' remit are those where we can be certain that they will be handled better than by national governments, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Hungary's public service radio in an interview.

PM Orban: Restrictions to remain in place until 1 February

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the government will uphold the current restrictive measures in Hungary.

Mayor who uses anti-Semitic undertones talks about racism

A memorial Black Lives Matter sculpture is to be erected in the ninth district of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, British daily The Guardian talked to the district's mayor, who spoke about racism and anti-Roma sentiments. However, The Guardian has failed to report on the blatant anti-Semitic comments uttered by the mayor last December.

Democrats apply double standards to riots

A group of Donald Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol building yesterday. Four people lost their lives during the siege. Riots became a part of everyday life in the United States last year,...

Andrzej Duda: I won't have myself vaccinated out of turn

I see no reason to have myself vaccinated out of turn, but of course, I will have the vaccine administered to me when it's my turn, Polish President Andrzej Duda said in an interview.

Another activist on Soros's payroll joins choir attacking Poland and Hungary

Politico has recently published an analysis calling on Joe Biden to join the forces that want to punish Poland and Hungary. The article was written by Daniel Benjamin,...

Politico columnist requests punishment for Poland and Hungary

"The Hungarian people will always defend Hungarian democracy against foreign attacks, and this will continue to be the case!" This is how Hungary's justice minister reacted to a recent analysis published by Politico, which asked US President-elect Joe Biden to intervene in European politics.

Merkel's intervention creates vaccine shortages

Angela Merkel may have personally intervened to block efforts by the member states' health ministers to secure bigger vaccine supplies, a leaked letter suggests....

PM Orban: We're standing at the gate of great times

We chose a different type of crisis management than the West because, whereas they've opted to preserve consumption levels, we've tried to preserve jobs, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public media in his first interview in 2021. Mr Orban also talked about the vaccine against Covid-19 and Hungary' vaccination plan.

Merkel's potential successor takes stance against Wilkommenskultur

Friedrich Merz, the favourite for the CDU's presiency, believes that the migrantion crisis should not be solved by Germany taking in more refugees....

Andrzej Duda: We Poles have shown what is best in us

We, the Poles, have demonstrated incredible determination and sacrifice. We have shown our best traits: solidarity, kindness, readiness to cooperate, understanding, Polish President Andrzej Doda said in his New Year's Eve address to the nation. The head of state thanked Polish people for all that.

PM Orban: Role of sports irreplaceable

The government has declared sports to be a strategic sector because it's realised its irreplaceable role, the fact that without ideals, hard work, heroes and sacrifice modern life will "become sludgy", Hungarian PM Viktor Orban told the Nemzeti Sport newspaper in his year-end interview. The premier said he would like to live the day when Hungary organises an Olympic Games and he would also like to root for Hungary's national football team in a FIFA World Cup final.

Soros's busy year of 2020

American stock market speculator George Soros had a busy year in 2020. He spent millions of dollars trying to further his interests. V4NA has compiled a list of Soros’s largest actions from 2020.

PM Orban: Manfred Weber has joined the elite club of the left

Manfred Weber has joined the elite club of the left, where the political right only has extremes and the political left only has a center, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban wrote on Wednesday, responding to the EP group leader of the European People's Party (EPP). The Prime Minister's Press Office issued a statement about Mr Orban's letter to Hungary's state news agency.

Migration and coronavirus biggest threats to security of Hungary and Europe this year

Migration and coronavirus were the biggest threats to the security of Hungary and Europe this year. With regards to the pandemic, the vaccine's arrival and the starting of the inoculation programme prove that there is "light at the end of the tunnel", but there is no effort on a European level to resolve the issue of migration, the Hungarian PM's chief security advisor told Hungary's state news agency.

News sites stage blackout to protest Google censorship

Five of Sweden's largest alternative media outlets have organised a daily blackout to protest against Google's censorship. They called on the government to protect freedom of speech and opinion from digital censorship after YouTube had removed SwebbTV,...

Threat of coronavirus infection enough to warrant humanitarian protection

The risk that migrants may become infected with Covid-19 in their countries of origin counts as sufficient reason to grant them humanitarian protection, even if they had been denied asylum on political or other grounds, a court in Milan has ruled.

Clooney interview proof the actor is unaware of basic facts

American film star George Clooney has recently mentioned the name of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on a number of occasions. The Oscar-winning actor's latest interview reveals that Clooney is clueless when it comes to politics.

Scotland after Brexit

The international media has extensively covered the post-Brexit trade agreement, which both the EU and the UK are trying to portray as a successful and fair deal....

PM Morawiecki greets Poles in video message

On the occasion of Christmas, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki greeted Poles in a video message.

Romania's new PM can count on the support of Hungarian government

Prime Minister Orban sent a letter of congratulation to Florin Citu on his election as Romania's prime minister, the Hungarian premier's press chief told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Thursday.

Andrzej Duda: Electing judges can't be a political issue

Polish President Andrzej Duda has condemned judges who voice their political views. He said the current system had to be changed, adding that a judiciary that respects the constitution and serves as an integral part of the state is in the interest of Poland.

PM Orban: We've entered decisive phase of battle, the first vaccine doses will arrive in three days

Hungary will receive its first shipment of the coronavirus vaccine in three days, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his Facebook video after a meeting of the Operative Board coordinating Hungary’s pandemic response.

Technical and legal border barrier works

Soldiers and police will continue to protect the border even during the holidays and Hungary will carry on with its current migration policy next year, the Hungarian prime minister's top domestic security adviser emphasized on Wednesday.

PM Morawiecki: Vaccination a patriotic duty

"Let's use our common sense", Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki said, adding that a new wave of infections can only be prevented by vaccination. Unfortunately many have decided not to observe the imposed restrictions, he said, citing the example of the current street protests in the capital supported by the opposition.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski: PiS to propose new EU basic treaties

Through its political group in the European Parliament, Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is to propose new basic treaties for the EU that would provide "more freedom" for its member states, PiS president and deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said in an interview published on Monday.

PM Orban: Pandemic preparedness likely to remain throughout all of 2021

As things currently stand, we need to get ready that we will likely have to maintain the country's pandemic preparedness thoughout all of 2021, PM Viktor Orban said in the Carmelite Monastery in Budapest on Monday morning, after presenting leaders of the National Hospital Directorate with their instruments of appointment.

PM Orban: Manfred Weber insulted the Hungarian people

"The EP thinks it has more legitimacy than the national parliaments, which is completly false," Hungary's prime minister said. Viktor Orban also pointed out that nowadays Brussels is not much different from communist Moscow,...

Left in rapid drift towards radicalism

In its self-reflection Poland's opposition is drawing ever closer to extreme ideas and mimicking Antifa's methods, Polish MEP Dominik Tarczynski has said....

Four years on from the brutal Islamic terrorist attack, still no effective counter-terrorism strategy

In Berlin this December, the bereaved relatives of the victims of the Christmas market terrorist attack four years ago have finally received some solace: no Christmas market festivities....

"Human traffickers are now celebrating," Salvini's migration laws repealed

The Italian upper house Friday night, passed the government’s new migration measures which repeal laws enacted under former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini back in 2018. The current decree was passed by the senate with 153 votes in favour, two against, and opposition parties abstaining.

PM Morawiecki: The best gift we can give each other is responsibility and solidarity

This Christmas, let's present each other with the best gifts: responsibility and solidarity, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on social media.

Mayor makes anti-Semitic statement

"Damn, rotten Jewish investor," a left-wing mayor swore at a meeting, an audio recording of which has come to light. She is not the first politician supported by the whole opposition to get involved in an anti-Semitic scandal.

According to UEFA's logic, BLM movement is racist

UEFA has launched an investigation into a term used during a football match. The word uttered also appears in the name of a prominent anti-racism movement,...

Hungary-Serbia relations have never been as good as today

Relations between Hungary and Serbia have never been as good as they are now, something that required plenty of work in the recent period, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Budapest on Friday.

PM Orban: George Soros has attacked Hungary several times

There is a network behind the European Parliament. This is where George Soros, who has built up strong positions in the body through his NGOs, comes into the picture, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Hungary's public radio.

Migrants may cry wishing Merkel back

The German CDU party will soon elect a new leader. The question which of the three candidates will take over party presidency from Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer,...

Santiago Abascal: Hungary and Poland have done us a huge favour

“No one will be able to use this health crisis and economic tragedy to keep pushing his ideological agenda the way you do,” Santiago Abascal,...

Son of Soros happy with attorney general's departure

Alexander Soros, the son of US stock market speculator George Soros, recently shared an article on Twitter about the resignation of US Attorney General William Barr....

Kaczynski: No money can buy our sovereignty

"We were determined to defend our sovereignty," Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Poland's ruling party said. He pointed out that very precise provisions were negotiated during the talks,...

Hungary protects institution of marriage and family

Hungary protects the institution of marriage and the family as the basis for the survival of the nation, Justice Minister Judit Varga wrote on Facebook on Tuesday after the parliament passed the ninth amendment to the Fundamental Law.

Country marred by ongoing culture war

While those speaking out against radical Islamism are threatened and even murdered, an activist promoting systemic anti-police propaganda on the opposing end of the political spectrum has been awarded. According to a renowned essayist, there's an ongoing ideological and generational war against the country.

Director of Soros organisation gets expelled

Russia is set to expel the head of a human rights NGO. The Stichting Justice Initiative has multiple links to US stock market speculator George Soros, although Russia had banned the tycoon's foundation many years ago.

Andrzej Duda: I want the vaccination process to run smoothly

I want the vaccination process to run smoothly, and the decisions made should be accurate, effective, and met with understanding, said Polish President Andrzej Duda,...

PM Orban: Common sense prevailed, we protected Hungary's sovereignty and Hungarians' money

The European Union can only function successfully as a community of nations, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Monday. Common sense prevailed and we managed to thwart efforts to penalise countries that do not want to take in immigrants.

EU Commissioner: The problem is right-wing extremism

The EU plans to censor terrorism-related online content. Although a preliminary agreement is already in place, its structure is uncertain, because Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson continues to identify terrorism as mainly a right-wing threat.

PM Morawiecki: We've set strict limits for the Commission

The European Council's decision was a clear expression of political will in the EU, Mateusz Morawiecki said. The prime minister talked about the limitations of the European Commission and described accusations against Viktor Orban with regard to the veto as absurd.

Janez Jansa: Soros's dirty money will ruin democracy

"Stay away from the EU and Europe", Slovenian PM Janes Janza wrote, addressing his words to George Soros. He pointed out that the speculator's money is the "strongest generator of conflicts on the continent,...

PM Orban: Europe has not surrendered

"At the last minute, European governments came to their senses," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote in his response to a recent article by George Soros....

Donors pump nearly $1bn to bankroll liberal efforts

Last year anonymous donors pumped a 715 million dollars into a massive dark money network in the US to bankroll left-wing and liberal efforts across the country....

According to Biden's press secretary appointee gas is piped from Europe into Russia

The Russians already know Joe Biden's new press secretary, Jen Psaki, from the Obama era all too well. In and around 2014, several of her utterances in foreign affairs initially caused Russians bewilderment which eventually turned to amusement....

Polish and Hungarian victory at EU summit

Experts to V4NA say Thursday's meeting of the heads of state and government of the European Union resulted in success for Hungary and Poland. According to the analysts of the Polish research institute Ordo Iuris and the Hungarian Center for Fundamental Rights,...

Radical left-wing activist named Guardian of the Year

The activist, selected to be one of TIME magazine's Guardians of the Year, has mobilised thousands of people amidst the coronavirus pandemic to protest against police violence and racism,...

George Soros loses cool

US stock market speculator George Soros has published a new article on Project Syndicate, the portal known as his mouthpiece, to express his moral indignation regarding Thursday's agreement at the EU summit.

Hungary retains its sovereignty

Hungary has managed to retain its sovereignty after receiving the guarantees it asked for, so an agreement could be reached at the European Council summit on the bloc's long-term budget and the associated post-pandemic recovery package,...

PM Orban: Common sense prevails

Today, we achieved three things, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video uploaded to his Facebook page.

Former player compares black footballers to slaves

In a press interview a former player has compared the fate of black footballers to those of slaves who used to run from their masters on the plantations....

Viktor Orban: We are battling for the victory of common sense

"We are beyond all negotiations, we have had all the preliminary discussions. We have gathered all our friends and neutralised our opponents. Within minutes, the last round will begin," said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in a video he posted on Instagram before the EU summit.

PM Orban: Common sense must also prevail

A good agreement serving the unity of the European Union is within reach. Besides a victory for the European Union, we are also fighting for common sense to prevail, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Brussels on Thursday ahead of the two-day summit of EU heads of state and government.

Hungarian-Polish joint success painful for George Soros's ally

Sociologist Maria Vasarhelyi, one of the people most strongly committed to George Soros in Hungary, took to Facebook to post her litany of complaints over the deal Hungary and Poland successfully reached in the debate on the EU budget.

Bill on separatism before the Council of Ministers

The new bill, presented by the prime minister, contains 54 articles regarding the practice of the Muslim religion, home schooling, forced marriages, online incitement to hatred and the protection of civil servants....

PM Orban departs for Brussels

"Departing for Brussels. Meetings tonight, D-Day tomorrow," Hungarian Prime MInister Viktor Orban said in a video uploaded to his social media page regarding the EU summit starting on Thursday.

Deputy Foreign Minister: Strict measures cannot be based on ambiguity

"There are many countries in dire circumstances, which requires that this budget is implemented swiftly," Poland's deputy foreign minister told V4NA in an interview. The timing of the debate could not be worse, but Poland cannot agree to a solution that bases tough measures on vague concepts, he said.

Hungary and Poland will not give in to blackmail

There is a two-front war for the future of Hungary and the Hungarian people. The most important battle is against the coronavirus, while the other one takes place on the European scene, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga wrote on social media. Regarding the latter, she said Hungary and Poland have learned throughout their common history that they should never give in to blackmail. "We will not give in this time, either," she added.

Soros's new district attorney outlines migrant-friendly measures

Another district attorney, backed by US stock market speculator George Soros, took his oath of office on Monday. In his programme, George Gascon outlined a number of ideas designed to help illegal immigrants.

PM Orban: We stand a good chance of winning the debate on the EU budget

Hungary and Poland stand a good chance of winning in the ongoing debate about the EU's next budget and the issue of linking funding to "rule-of-law conditions", if "things are developing in the right direction" in the next few days, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, after talks with Mateusz Morawiecki, his Polish counterpart, in Warsaw on Tuesday evening.

Media coverage full of victims of colour of alleged police violence

While white victims of terrorist attacks are soon forgotten, the media continues to echo the names of people of colour who died or suffered injuries while resisting police,...

George Soros dictates to Brussels, again

No sooner had the EU adopted a new decision on the protection of human rights than an army of organisations linked to George Soros issued a barrage of recommendations to the Commission on how to amend it.

PM Morawiecki: Poland's veto serves the creation of a free and solidarity-based Europe

Poland's veto serves the creation of a free and solidarity-based Europe, according to an article in the Tuesday edition of the Croatian daily Vecernji List, authored by Poland's prime minister. In his article PM Mateusz Morawiecki explains why Warsaw has decided to veto the EU's next 7-year budget and post-pandemic recovery package, designed to revitalise the bloc's economies.

New Soros foundation chief exposes leftist press

US stock market speculator George Soros has appointed a new director to head his Open Society Foundations. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a British national,...

Politico names Viktor Orban fourth most influential politician in Europe

Politico has complied a list of the 28 most influential politicians in Europe, putting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in fourth place. The Hungarian premier is ranked higher than,...

Country pays dearly for illegal migrants

There are hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants in the country who are entitled to the same free health care as other residents. There have never been as many immigrants in the country as now,...

PM Orban: current restrictions remain in force

Hungary's pandemic restrictions introduced earlier will remain in force until January, with no relief in the current regulations to be expected at Christmas.

MEP: We have joined a different union

MEP Zdzislaw Krasnodebski spoke about the collapse of the European Union in connection with the bloc's rule of law debate with Poland and Hungary. He said Poland had no plans to leave the EU but found it unacceptable for larger member states to try and force their will on smaller countries.

Renewed threats aimed at ethnic Hungarians, OSCE investigates in Ukraine

Kiev continues optimism regarding NATO accession, but Hungary may block in wake of a series of attacks on Hungarian minority.

Viktor Orban's response to Manfred Weber

Prime Minister Viktor Orban responded to European People’s Party (EPP) group leader Manfred Weber on Friday, saying, "The situation is clear, dear Manfred: you want to alter the current legal status in order to create a mechanism that you immediately turn against Hungary and Poland."

Warsaw supports Polish-Hungarian position regarding EU funds

Warsaw considers the current proposal on the conditions linked to the EU budget package to be unacceptable, because it violates the EU's founding treaties,...

Soros organisations want to pick defence minister

Michèle Flournoy is expected to become defence secretary in the Biden administration, but some progressive, left-wing organisations backed by stock market speculator George Soros cannot decide whether or not to support her appointment. Flournoy’s own organisation has also received significant grants from the Open Society Foundations.

Islam's growing influence causes problems

"If you take the Middle East to Sweden, you will get the Middle East in Sweden," said a politician of the Sweden Democrats (SD) party, voicing his opinion about immigration and Islamisation....

PM Orban: While EU is locked in political debates, UK starts mass vaccination

We can adopt the next EU budget and post-pandemic recovery package rather swiftly, but let's set aside the rule of law debate and discuss it later,...

EU Council Legal Service: tying EU budget to rule of law is illegal

Polish MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski has drawn attention to an existing document prepared by the Legal Service of the Council of the European Union, revealing that there is no legal basis for linking the EU budget to the rule of law.

Morawiecki: EU should take its own rules seriously

"We don't like the Polish government, so off it goes to the whipping post. And tomorrow it's the Italians or the Portuguese," Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview....

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