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Victorious Croatian Democratic Union secures parliamentary majority

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) won Sunday's parliamentary elections but it failed to achieve absolute majority. However, with the help of its former coalition partner - the liberal Croatian People's Party (HNS) - as well as the Reformists and minority lawmakers, it has secured its parliamentary majority, government spokesman Marko Milic announced on Twitter on Monday.

Muslim students protest against headscarf ban

Activists have staged a demonstration dubbed Hijabis Fight Back in Brussels to protest against the Belgian Constitutional Court's ruling issued on Saturday,...

Eastern Partnership among EU's most important policies

The Eastern Partnership is one of the most important policies of the European Union, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Tbilisi on Monday.

Migration divides Swedish politics

The vast majority of Swedes do not want more refugees in their country, which is a highly divisive issue for politicians in Sweden. Several parties have come to a crossroads,...

"We are Italy, we are the Italian poeple"

During Saturday's demonstration in a main square in Rome, Italy's right-wing parties have called for a prime minister elected by the people, support for those impoverished by the pandemic and stopping illegal migration.

PM Orban on America's Independence Day: We both share the values of freedom, sovereignty, and independence

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban greeted US President Donald Trump in a letter on the occasion of America's Independence Day, the prime minister’s press chief told Hungary's state news agency.

Mateusz Morawiecki urges new investments to tackle crisis

Small, medium and large-scale investments would provide a way to emerge from the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki said in Mragowo on Saturday, adding that he would like to see local investments giving a boost to the economy.

New prime minister gives interview

The new French prime minister gave an interview in which he said he considered the values of the republic the most important and was trying to form an effective, functioning government.

Hungarian parliament approves 2021 budget

Next year's budget is focused on maintaining the defence against the epidemic, restarting the economy, protecting jobs and creating new ones, Hungarian Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said.

Polish President: V4 should be hub of European development after coronavirus

The Visegrad Group (V4) should become the centre of European economic development in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Polish President Andrzej Duda said in Warsaw on Friday, as he welcomed the arriving V4 premiers at the regional summit.

Prime ministers discuss post-pandemic economic ties

The prime ministers of Poland and Slovakia held bilateral talks ahead of the summit of Visegrad Group prime ministers on Friday. Mateusz Morawiecki and Igor Matovic discussed post-pandemic bilateral economic ties between their countries, as well as certain EU plans.

President appoints successor of resigned prime minister

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who resigned, will be succeeded by the former deputy chief of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy's office.

Prime minister resigns

In less than a week after he was elected as mayor, the prime minister has decided to resign, along with his entire cabinet. This means the president must begin work promptly to set up a new government.

PM Orban: we had a stage victory, but we haven't won the war yet

Hungary has had a stage victory against the epidemic, but we must remain alert because the war has not been won yet, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public radio on Friday morning. Hungary is in a good position and may even emerge well from the crisis, he said, adding that its strong position is demonstrated by the fact that Hungarians may now be able to help out the big European states.

Skimping on police budget leads to alarming crime stats

The city council has cut one billion dollars from the New York Police Department's budget, while statistics show that the number of homicides has increased by 25 per cent, and the rate of car thefts by 60 per cent during the riots sparked by BLM anarchists. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles school police chief tendered his resignation after his department's budget had been slashed. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is also planning to curtail the budget of the capital's police and fire services, while offering top dollar to recently hired "racism spotters".

Polish V4 presidency wants to negotiate favourable EU budget

During its Visegrad Group (V4) presidency, which began on Wednesday, Poland will be aiming to achieve that the EU's 2021-2027 budget contain favourable conditions for the countries of the region, government spokesman Piotr Muller said.

Authorities seize tonnes of "Jihad drug"

Fourteen tonnes of synthetic drugs were seized by authorities on Wednesday in the southern Italian port of Salerno. The shipment came from Syria and part of it was intended for the European fighters of the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

Theory that only blames whites for slavery is misrepresentation of history

It is historically wrong to solely blame white people in America for slavery, a Senegalese anthropologist and a German professor suggest. While around 11 million slaves were sold to whites,...

Some lives don't matter in Brussels

Although he spoke about ethnic Hungarians in a denigrating tone and was even fined for his remarks, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will become the honoured recipient of the Charlemagne Prize. The director of the award board appears to find no fault with the politician's remarks, whom he considers to be a champion of European values.

PM Orban: We won't open our borders to non-EU countries yet

Although the EU asked Hungary to open its borders to non-EU countries, this is currently impossible because of the ongoing efforts to protect the health of Hungarian people, PM Orban said. The Hungarian premier stressed that transit passengers will only be permitted to use designated corridors when traveling across the country.

Will presidential candidate turn Poland into LGBT country?

The video showing Rafal Trzaskowski's greetings to LGBT activists at the Equality Parade has gone viral. The presidential candidate has stood up for the movement's activitists on several occasions since his election as mayor, and his current bid for the presidency has prompted new questions about Poland's fate, should he be elected.

Two ministers placed in police protection

The move became necessary after Turkish nationalists had sent death threats to the two politicians.

President to reshuffle cabinet in early July

Following a disastrous defeat at the municipal elections, Emmanuel Macron has decided to revamp his cabinet in a bid to embrace a green turnaround. The future of the current prime minister,...

BLM fundraising handled by group with convicted terrorist on its board

The organisation that sponsors the Black Lives Matter network has a vice-chair on its board who was a member of a revolutionary leftist militant group. She was featured on the FBI's most wanted list and sentenced to 58 years in prison, serving 16 years before receiving a presidential pardon. We reveal the financial sources Black Lives Matter has used to build up its network, and how much of this year's estimated revenues BLM has spent on mobilising its people.

Online conference to feature premiers of Hungary and Slovenia, and Serbia's president

The online conference is scheduled to take place on 8 July, Katalin Novak, vice president of the ruling Fidesz party told Hungary's InfoRadio in a recent interview. The conference aims to present the views of these leaders on Europe in a direct manner, without any censorship.

"Deport the prime minister!"

Immigrants are organising pro-migration demonstrations across Greece, with protests escalating to the point of threatening the country's prime minister with deportation.

PM Orban: giving more support to richer states contradicts EU values

On Tuesday Prime Minister Viktor Orban held a videoconference with European Council President Charles Michel, the prime minister's press chief told Hungarian state news agency (MTI). The meeting was in preparation for the EU summit to be held on 17-18 July.

Millions of people live in modern-day slavery

A recent article argues that it is much easier to tear down statues and find people to blame than to actually work on eliminating modern-day slavery, even though there are plenty of real problems that should be tackled.

How far can you go in praising the Nazi leader?

Seeking answers to this question, V4NA wrote a letter to several leading politicians in Brussels who consider themselves democrats. We are now publishing our letter addressed to three leading politicians and we look forward to a reply from them,...

Crowdfunding to set up Free Black University as "black students leave university traumatised"

The issue is that many black students fail and only 1 per cent of professors at UK universities are black. Melz Owusu, a PhD student at Leeds University who came up with the idea of a black only university,...

Chancellor summons envoy following clashes between immigrants

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has summoned Turkey's ambassador to his office, announced "zero tolerance" for street violence and ordered to reinforce police presence....

Hungarian prime minister derides opposition

During Question Time in parliament, the opposition has tried to discredit Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who was quick to put the politicians in their place again.

Increasing migration pressure makes people's opinion especially important

Increasing migratory pressure and the EU's attacks on the Hungarian constitution also make it necessary for as many people as possible to send back the national consultation questionnaires to the Hungarian government, the Hungarian prime minister's chief internal security advisor said at a press conference in Budapest on Monday.

F1 champion accuses former mentor of racism

Lewis Hamilton called Bernie Ecclestone "ignorant" and "uneducated" after the former Formula One manager said in a TV interview that in his experience black people are often more racist than white people....

French voters shift right

Right-wing candidates performed better in the French municipal elections. While the capital remains a leftist stronghold, Marine Le Pen's party claimed victory in another three cities....

Government may collapse due to migration

The left-wing coalition government may dissolve due to the cabinet's flawed response to the epidemic. The Social Democrats, whose popularity has plummeted, are ready to negotiate on migration issues with the right, but this move would set the party and its coalition partner at odds.

Brussels remains silent about Hitler-praising politician

A politician's recent acclaims for Hitler have sparked a general outcry. He belongs to a political party which considers itself both European and democratic, and which has delegates in the European Parliament. Is Brussels' silence the result of faint-heartedness, or have they decided not to distance themselves from the case because they agree?

Families with kids should not be disadvantaged!

In Hungary, from 1 July 2021, if a woman decides to have children, she will earn more in the first six months than her previous income, the Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs told the Hungarian public media.

The dictator, who is responsible for millions' deaths

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who established the world’s first communist state by force, the Soviet Union, has recently received a new statue in Germany. The idol of far-left anarchists, who wreaked havoc across the United States and Western Europe, has built his entire life and career on lies. He ruthlessly deposed Russia's imperial ruler and got rid of his political opponents, sent 5 million of his compatriots to death and starvation and had churches looted and priest executed.

Viktor Orban: Uniformed officers will never be abandoned by Hungary

Uniformed officers will never be abandoned by Hungary, Viktor Orban said at the graduation ceremony of the Law Enforcement Faculty at the National University of Public Service (NKE) in Budapest on Saturday. The Hungarian premier prefigured that the officers' future would not be easy as there are some surprising and shocking developments, such as "the state and the rule of law retreating from the streets" in many places across the world. Hungary, however, is not, and will not be such a country, he added.

Presidential candidate oblivious to facts

Rafal Trzaskowski, the opposition's presidential candidate, is either lying or completely detached from reality. After Polish President Andrzej Duda, Poland's defense minister was also forced to correct some comments made by the desperately campaigning candidate.

Mayor praises Hitler's virtues

Adolf Hitler deserved to be voted Time's Person of the Year, according to a left-wing mayor in Budapest. The American magazine had also named Communist dictator Joseph Stalin and former French Prime Minister Pierre Laval as Person of the Year. Laval, who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, was later convicted and shot dead for treason.

EU determined to protect external borders, High Representative says

"We support Greece's sovereignty," EU High Representative Josep Borrell said, underlining the importance of protecting the bloc's external borders....

Communism: an ideology that killed 100 million, and continues to take its toll

Historians studying the sins of communism estimate that around one hundred million people fell victim to communist dictatorships. While left-wing radicals continue to vandalise statues, like that of George Washington and other presidents, is several US cities, the statue of communist mass murderer Lenin stands tall and proud in Seattle.

Classical music is inherently racist

Several media outlets across the United States see a serious issue with classical music: most pieces were written by white, European composers. Moreover,...

Emmanuel Macron may have intervened in investigation against his chief of staff

The French president may have covered up for Elysee's top official, Alexis Kohler, who formerly worked at the finance ministry. The National Financial Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation against Kohler in 2018 but the probe was dropped and the case was closed soon after Emmanuel Macron had sent a letter to the prosecutor's office.

Upcoming TV series glorifies white slavery - preview

The new series designed to "sensitise" people presents a fictitious world where black people own white slaves. Its screening is scheduled to coincide with the elections....

If France held elections now, it would be a tight race

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are leading head-to-head in terms of popularity, according to a recent opinion poll.

40% of Republicans, 28% of Democrats fear second civil war

GOP voters appear more fearful that a second civil war is on the horizon than the Democrats, according to a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports. Two years ago,...

Viktor Orban: Serbia, along with Central Europe, could be winner of next decade

In a letter, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has congratulated President Aleksandar Vucic on the historic success of the Serbian Progressive Party in Serbia's parliamentary, provincial and local government elections, the Hungarian premier's press chief told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Monday.

PM Orban first to congratulate Serbian president

On Sunday night, the Serbian Progressive Party headed by President Aleksandar Vucic achieved an overwhelming victory at Serbia's parliamentary elections....

Serbian right-wing achieves landslide victory

Europe's first post-coronavirus election was held in Serbia on Sunday and the right-wing Serbian Progressive Party, led by President Aleksandar Vucic,...

Bomb attack targets right-wing politician's bakery

The explosive device was thrown at the bakery owned by the family of the right-wing opposition party's vice-president. This is not the first time the politician has been attacked this way, as his house was firebombed in 2017.

Coronavirus: it is in everyone’s common interest to maintain preparedness

The unity of Hungary's healthcare system was particularly beneficial during the crisis, the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office Chief told Hungary's public media. Gergely Gulyas emphasized that until there is a vaccine against the virus, it is in everyone's interest to maintain preparedness.

Hungarian governing party labels EP resolution gross attack on Czech Republic's sovereignty

The European Parliament's (EP) resolution on Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, which passes judgement before the conclusion of an ongoing investigation, is a harsh attack on the Czech Republic's independence, the EP group of Hungarian governing party Fidesz-KDNP said on Friday.

Budapest's emblematic bridge in horrid condition

The condition of the Hungarian capital's oldest and best-known bridge is relentlessly deteriorating and nothing is happening, even though the municipality of Budapest has enough money for the revamp.

PM Orban: Soros network is the command centre of liberal imperialism in Western Europe

In his Friday morning radio interview, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban talked about the effective defense against the coronavirus epidemic and the EU-level talks aimed at revitalising the bloc’s economies,...

Mob warns police of gang war in advance - video

Residents have been living in fear for days amidst the ongoing violence, as armed gangs patrolling the streets are burning garbage pails and cars and firing shots at surveillance cameras and each other in broad daylight....

Politician critical of Quran receives death threats

Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) President Norbert Hofer has received death threats on social media, after voicing his opinion that Islam's holy book, the Quran,...

Greta and the pursuit of cow farts

Greta Thunberg has been posing as a dairy production and cattle breeding expert of late. The "world's biggest dairy companies have the same combined greenhouse gas emissions as the United Kingdom,...

Zaev's ally sentenced to seven years in North Macedonia

Katica Janeva, the former special prosecutor of North Macedonia, was sentenced to seven years in jail for abuse of power by a court in Skopje. The other suspect of last year's racketeering scandal,...

BLM hysteria pronounces food brands racist, gets TV series banned

In the wake of the BLM protests that began in the US, Netflix and Paramount Network have decided to remove several series and TV shows from their portfolio,...

State of danger is over, but the work goes on

We will reboot the economy, protect Hungarian workplaces and create new jobs, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote in his recent Facebook post, after the state of emergency had been terminated in Hungary.

Merkel: Pandemic has revealed the fragility of the EU project

Speaking in the Bundestag on Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel outlined Germany's key objectives during its EU presidency commencing on 1 July....

Polish president to visit Trump

President Trump may soon be welcoming foreign leaders to the White House again, after a pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. Polish President Andrzej Duda may be the first and the meeting could take place as early as next week, according to sources.

How the European left and their lackey media cried foul over dictatorship

The ruling parties and the opposition have cast a joint vote to end the emergency described by the liberal media as a "dictatorship". Today's unanimous vote in parliament restores Hungary's old, normal legal order.

North Korea blasts liaison office near South Korea border

The Kim regime has blown up an inter-Korean liaison office, South Korea's Defence Ministry confirmed. The huge blast followed by rising smoke caught on some shocking videos has led to a major re-escalation of tensions between the two countries.

Anti-police anarchists sing from Soros's hymn sheet

Anti-police sentiments have reached unprecedented levels in the US following George Floyd's death. Billionaire stock exchange speculator George Soros, a palpable force behind these sentiments, appears to be mobilising significant resources to mould the US judiciary as he pleases.

European left makes a fool of its own mouthpieces

The practice of churning out fake news Bolshevik style isn't exactly uncharted waters for the left, and Brussels' left wing has proved to be a worthy heir to the Soviets in this regard. In recent weeks they have deceived their own ill-prepared journalists with a number of falsehoods, spreading lies in the morning, in the evening, and at night...

Vandalism continues against statues incompatible with BLM ideals

The anarchists of the BLM movement continued to topple and deface statues in France and Belgium, and the wave of unscrupulous vandalism also spread to Italy over the weekend....

BLM movements have values with Nazi and communist traits

Prohibition of works, books, films and television series contrary to their political ideology or distortion or falsification of the past are some features that characterise the left-wing liberal BLM movement, just as they characterised the Nazis or the Soviet communists at their time.

V4s support recovery package to Italy, but expect same in return

Hungary and the V4s support the EU's recovery plans for Italy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote to Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian Lega party....

Putin: Riots are manifestations of deep-seated crisis

Calling into question the rule of democratically elected governments causes chaos and this is signalled by the violent protests taking place in the United States and Europe,...

Conte needs help of Visegrad Four

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte constantly criticises the Italian right, yet now wants them to help to gain the support of the Visegrad Four countries for EU funding....

Strudel diplomacy: a pastry that brings countries together

Igor Matovic, Slovakia's newly appointed prime minister has recently been to Budapest where, on the advice of his Czech counterpart, he visited a famous strudel buffet and shared his experience on social media.

Duda: LGBT is not a community, but an ideology

President Andrzej Duda is considering to introduce a ban on LGBT education in schools. He believes LGBT is not a community, but an ideology, just like Communism,...

Socialists make fake news video using EU funds

A fake video compiled by the Socialists is doing the rounds in the media. In it, a woman claiming to be an ambulance officer lies and makes libelous statements about healthcare. The fact that the video had been made by a left-wing MEP's associate in Brussels invokes the suspision of illegal party financing, for which the government has decided to turn to the European Anti-Fraud Office.

Jourova's "fake news" comment is fake news

Out of ignorance or purposely, Vera Jourova has recently described one statement in the Hungarian government's new National Consultation questionnaire as fake news....

Viktor Orban: Hungarians and Slovaks want to achieve success together

People of Hungary and Slovakia want mutual respect and cooperation and they seek to achieve success together, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Budapest on Friday, after discussions with Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic in his office.

Polish opposition seeks actors for campaign video

Sensing that the upcoming presidential race will not be as tight as previously expected, Poland's opposition has launched a desperate propaganda campaign against the incumbent president....

Farage fired for comparing protesters to Taliban

His producer only learned from the media that Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage had been dropped from his own talk show for criticising the violent protesters.

Hypocritical minister promotes biking, takes plane for 40km trip

The action of the transport minister, who boarded an airplane in the capital to complete a 40-kilometre trip while encouraging everyone to use their bikes on social media,...

PM Orban: We are a strengthening nation looking for partners for the future

"We will win the 21st century," Viktor Orban told public radio on Friday. Hungary's premier said the special legal order introduced because of the pandemic was no longer needed,...

"Stop treating us like animals and thugs", New York Police Union chief says

The Republicans are drafting new legislation to reform police and some proposed sections have already been leaked. Meanwhile, the New York Police Union chief has delivered a desparate speech to voice his opinion on the case.

V4 countries want fair recovery package

The Visegrad Four are interested in a strong, prosperous Europe with a well-functioning internal market, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said after a meeting of V4 premiers on Thursday. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban emphasized that Hungary's attitude to the recovery fund was essentially positive, adding however, that certain absurd elements should be removed. He stressed that rich countries are on course to receive more money than poorer ones, which is a moral problem to be resolved.

Anarchy in Europe: where undermining police authority leads

Police officers have suffered a series of assaults and an increasing number of shocking videos taken at BLM protests are shared on social media. In Hackney,...

Black screen promotes looting to kids

BLM, involved in lootings and major disruptions all across the globe, is being advertised in an online game for young people. A common trait between BLM and the game is that they are both linked to Soros.

Those worrying about police violence had police fire shots into crowds

Several European politicians have expressed their support for the American protests against racism and police brutality. However, they were seemingly unperturbed when they mobilised police against their own citizens, ordering them to use water cannons or rubber bullets to disperse crowds.

European left hits rock bottom

Left-wing parties have reached a point where they can only sustain people's interest with lies and fake news to thematise their narrative. The following story comes from Hungary, but it could happen anywhere in Europe since the political parties involved belong to larger European party families. Even some MEPs are implicated.

Hungary was much better prepared for coronavirus than 2008 financial crisis, study shows

The irresponsible economic policies of the Socialist governments have made the Hungarian economy vulnerable in terms of every key indicator ahead of the 2008 crisis....

Commission disregards evidence of Soros's influence

The European Commission gave a disappointing reply when asked by an MEP about George Soros's growing influence. Renowned constitutional lawyer Georg Puppinck has published a 200-page analysis to describe Soros's power grab in the European Court of Human Rights,...

Trianon centenary: stream classified as navigable river becomes state border

The First World War's victorious powers and their allies in Central Europe used shocking methods to demarcate new state borders after Trianon. A narrow stream running across a small town in northern Hungary was classified as a navigable river,...

Leftist newspaper columnist bombards statue smashers with ideas

The wave of US riots has spiralled over to the UK, where violent protesters have toppled or vandalised some public momuments. Although this type os destruction provokes resentment in most people,...

Google Translate misleads Croatia's liberal media

The inauguration of a Hungarian monument commemorating the Trianon Peace Treaty has led to immediate hate-mongering, as Croatia's liberal media outlets have been unable to accurately translate a two-word quote.

Epidemic peaks, but support for government stable

Confidence in the Polish government remains unshaken despite provocations by opposition forces. A recent survey suggets that although the epidemic is about to peak,...

Thousands of African migrants to set sail to Europe

In North Africa tens of thousands of migrants are preparing to set sail for Italy or Spain, Spanish Vox party spokesman Ruben Pulido and Italian Lega Party chief Matteo Salvini warned on social media....

Violence and destruction in Europe: anarchists now view Churchill as "racist"

Black Lives Matter demonstrations organised in several European cities over the weekend have degenerated into vandalism and looting, and the desecration of public monuments....

Institutional balance unravels in Europe

"Europe's insitutional balance has unraveled, and ideas rooted in the concept of forming an ever stronger unity and designed to create a Europe governed by federalist ideologies seem to dominate the European Parliament. We must not forget that the EU was created by its member states, who are the lords of the contracts," said MEP Laszlo Trocsanyi, after attending a digital conference organised by the Schuman Thought Institute in Poland.

Unauthorised asylum seekers must be turned back at EU's external borders

Germany should seek to overhaul the EU's asylum system and strengthen border controls after the country takes over the bloc's rotating presidency on 1 July,...

Trianon a very painful wound

Speaking to Hungary's public radio, the Hungarian Human Resources Minister described the Treaty of Trianon as an extremely painful wound. Miklos Kasler also spoke of the success of Hungary's pandemic response and the attacks levelled against him.

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