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Swedish healthcare to cover up its failure

As the failure of Sweden's pandemic response has become increasingly apparent, state measures were surrounded by a growing degree of secrecy and transparency suffered a decline. The numbers, however, are quite revealing: Sweden's death toll surpassed four thousand and the capital registered twice as many deaths as last year due to the virus.

You're a killer if you can't take in more illegal migrants

Support for illegal migration has reached a point where countries refusing to take in more immigrants are sometimes sued for murder. Apparently, being tied up with combating an epidemic or simply not having enough room to accommodate more people is no excuse for the NGOs.

Bogus police reenact and film racist attack

Protests against police violence have become more frequent of late and some try to take advantage of the phenomenon to provoke even more hatred against police....

Radical Muslims hold 13-year-old boy hostage

Supporters of the Islamic State terrorist organisation have kidnapped and imprisoned a 13-year-old boy, who was freed by Belgian police on Monday after 42 days in captivity,...

Mosque defies rules, becomes virus hotspot

Although authorities and religious leaders have called on mosques to close down during the pandemic, worshippers have opted not to pay heed to these warnings. Using their own keys, they continued visiting a particular mosque even during lockdown. As a result, several members of the religious community have become infected and one worshipper died.

Hindu priest sacrifices man to end pandemic

A Hindu priest has beheaded a man to end the epidemic with human sacrifice following the order of a goddess who he saw in his dream.

Reintroducting quarantine can lead to riots

British researchers expect mass riots if curfew is reintroduced. The epidemic induced constraints have so far been difficult to enforce with residents,...

Christian communities fear murders, arson and kidnappings

“Murder, arson, looting, humiliation and kidnapping are still present in our communities,” said a leader of the Nigerian Christian community after many were wounded and at least 20 people were killed in 16 villages in a four-day attack of Fulani militants in May.

Brussels sends unusable masks to EU member states

Two weeks after the distribution, Brussels has informed the member states that the masks they received have to be destroyed for quality reasons. However, EU members can claim the costs of the destruction from the EC, the daily Magyar Nemzet reported based on a source in Brussels.

Interior minister does not mind his own citizens being attacked

Crime is on the rise in Sweden, especially the ones where victims are shamed. The Swedish Democrats raised their voices against this phenomenon and asked the interior minister what he planned to curb it. The minister, however, said it did not matter that most of the attacks were carried out against Swedes.

Exorcism ends in little girl's painful death

An exorcist believed that the devil had boarded a 10-year-old little girl, so he tried to expel the evil spirit. The incident, however, ended in torture, the child had brutal burns on her body, and by the time she was hospitalised, it was too late.

Illegal march, drug dealers' gang war, dangerous street racing – the weekend's news

The weekend did not pass without troubles in Europe: there were a huge number of offences on the record. Thousands marched illegally at a previously banned event protesting against the situation of migrants, drug traffickers clashed just before the arrival of the interior minister, and dangerous street racing could not be missing from the list.

Gangs shame innocent youngsters

Recently, the second case made the news about an innocent boy beaten and stripped naked by a gang. This time, the victim was forced to show his injuries to the camera. Similar incidents have become increasingly frequent, which made a family, for example, to move out of their home, precisely because their child had been the victim of a similar attack.

Young people attack police more and more often

Across Europe, there are more and more cases, where young people are making trouble, start fires and then attack the arriving police officers. Such an incident recently happened in Germany in a parking lot, where youths threw stones and flaming objects at the arriving police officers. Apart from Germany, France also had to face similar incidents. Some argue that the clashes are driven by the tension triggered by the limitations due to coronavirus, which have had a toll on people.

Wrong strategic decisions force closure of French and Spanish car plants

Within three years, the Renault Group will slash 15,000 jobs worldwide as part of a €2 billion cost-cutting plan. Six of the group's 14 plants in France will undergo layoffs,...

Channel migrants threaten to throw themselves in water

Illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel in small boats are doing everything to avoid being stopped by the authorities. Approached by naval vessels in a number of recent incidents, they threatened to drown themselves or their children in order to keep the French ships back and be allowed to continue their journey.

Co-author writes about genociding white people

In a shocking new book several co-authors provide a glimpse of an alternative Australia in a utopistic future world depopulated by white people. One of the writers, a Muslim man, describes what the country would look like after all the white people will have been eradicated due to a murderous influenza.

Operator hangs up, patient nearly dies

The ordeal of middle-aged man, who wanted to call the ambulance through an emergency line but the operator decided that he was "too healthy",...

Rioters fire live round at police - images

A police officer found a 9mm bullet in his bulletproof vest after a clash with local rioters. The bullet had presumably been fired by one of the attackers,...

Muslims in UK demand to sound call to prayer through loudspeakers

An increasing number of people want to continue the previously banned practice permitted for religious considerations during Ramadan. Some towns have already collected 18 thousand signatures for the cause.

Morawiecki: Opposition unfamiliar with work

"You are unfamiliar with this type of work because your primary trait is laziness," Mateusz Morawiecki said, slamming Poland's opposition for trying to launch a vote of no confidence against his deputy. Ahead of the vote, the prime minister underlined that without the current government's work, the country would still be suffering the economic impact caused by the negligence of opposition governments in the past 25 years.

Greece builds border fence

"The fence will be built in defence of our country's interest," Greece's Minister for Citizens' Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis said,...

V4NA map: Europe becomes Soros's playground - Part VII

US stock market speculator George Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF) provide support to various NGOs around the world, but they clearly see the biggest potentials in Europe. The Old Continent has received more than 600 financial grants in 2018.

PM Orban: Special legal order no longer needed

"Introducing the special legal order was the best decision of the past ten years," Viktor Orban told Hungary's public radio on Friday. The first battle against the epidemic has been won,...

Mask scandal: Most expensive company wins tender then fails to deliver

The New Flemish Association (N-VA) is calling for an inquiry into a public procurement procedure in which the Belgian government ordered 15 million face masks from Luxembourg home delivery company Avrox....

New migrant camp pops up during night - video

Under cover of the night, a migrant aid organisation erected a camp with around sixty tents in the close vicinity of a main cultural attraction in the capital....

Transgender girl identifies as deer

It is already known that there are transgender people who do not feel good about their biological gender. Now, however, it has become clear that there are also so-called “otherkin” people who do not even consider themselves human,...

German antifas are coddled kids?

The German paper Bild has acquired interesting data. It examined the information available between 2003 and 2013 on detainees belonging to antifa groups in Berlin....

First virus-free country emerges in Europe, Swedes may be stuck at home

European countries are starting to reopen their borders after the pandemic. Montenegro, the first to declare itself "a coronavirus-free country," has already launched a campaign to promote tourism....

EU's €750bn aid package is taking shape

Contrary to a 500-billion-euro bailout plan proposed by Germany and France, the European Commission (EC) is to initiate a €750 billion economic relief package on Wednesday....

Poland eases restrictions further, masks not mandatory from weekend

From 30 May, wearing masks outdoors will no longer be mandatory, and the Polish government will also lift restrictions on shops, restaurants and church services,...

Ryanair calls German state's market intervention illegal

The German government's 9-billion-euro bailout package to rescue Lufthansa will massively distort competition, therefore it is "illegal",...

French and German auto industries receive state support

President Emmanuel Macron announced an 8-billion euro bailout package for the French car industry on Tuesday, following talks with Renault's chairman and leaders of automotive suppliers....

Roma use smugglers to return to Czech Republic from UK

Many of them have decided to return to their home country over coronavirus fears, and human smugglers are ready to exploit their situation.

V4NA roundup: This is how Ramadan was observed in Europe

This year's Ramadan has received special attention in Europe, with many politicians sending greetings to the Muslim community. The holy month, however,...

Lufthansa is partially nationalised

Germany has adopted the largest government aid package of the country's history. The German government agreed to pay some 9 billion euros to bail out Lufthansa in exchange for a 20-percent stake in the company,...

Serbia buys 2,5 tonnes of barbed wire to install at migrant centre

Although the urgent procurement was not part of the defence ministry's plans this year, the government will presumably use the wires to reinforce security at the Adasevci,...

It's time Soros's European dependents apologised to Hungary

On Tuesday the Hungarian government is submitting to the country's allegedly suspended parliament a bill aimed at rescinding the special legal order. After the submission and adoption of Hungary's coronavirus law more than two months ago, the country became the target of a smear campaign, with many claiming that the government was building a dictatorship. At the time Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the time would come for them to apologise. And it has. (We have updated our article)

Is it democratic to have shots fired into a crowd?

Several Hungarian newspapers have revisited the case of a former socialist prime minister, who admitted that he had knowingly presented false data to the European Union and the public about the country's economic situation. Later, during protests that were triggered by his statements, he had police fire rubber bullets into the crowd, causing several injuries and - in some cases - vision loss. At the time, he received no punishment from Brussels, which continues to remain silent even today, when left-wing governments apply unnecessary force against protesters. V4NA asked the EP President what they think of a prime minister who has police fire shots into a crowd.

Soros allies discuss Roma issues without the Roma

The Open Society Foundation (OSF) financed by George Soros has recently organised a conference called Does the EU need Roma for Its Recovery? The debate was attended by several EU officials and members of the European Parliament (EP), but not a single Roma MEP has been invited. EP Vice-President Livia Jaroka, who is actively engaged in developing the EU's Roma Strategy, told V4NA that she was not at all surprised that they had not been invited, noting that Slovak MEP Peter Pollak and various Roma organisations had also voiced their outrage. Apparently, their opinion does not matter to Soros and his allies.

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