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Restrictions stay in place in Hungary until mid-March

As the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic has also reached Hungary, the government decided to extend restrictions until 15 March, the prime minister's office chief announced at his press briefing.

Tisza river has been carrying Ukraine's waste to Hungary for 15 years

When Tisza River floods, it picks up piles of garbage from the (mostly illegal) landfills along its banks in Ukraine, transporting huge amounts of waste to Hungary. Ukrainian authorities have been unable to prevent this for over 15 years.

Will George Soros tolerate his chief editor's discriminatory, anti-Semitic rants?

"No fagg***ts, jews, vegetarians” - reads the subject line of an e-mail sent by the chief editor of an online European portal to his colleagues.

Organisation in George Soros’s network to take the place of Jewish television station

An organisation enjoying financial support from George Soros and partnered with his foundations could take over the headquarters of Europe's only Jewish television station.

Absurd legal twist: hailing terrorism not enough to revoke refugee status

Contrary to a decision by the Office for the Protection of Refugees (OFPRA), the National Asylum Court will not strip a Chechen migrant of his refugee status, even though he is a repeat offender and has openly praised terrorism. The Council of State approved the court ruling but OFPRA appealed. The case has provoked considerable outcry, even among opposition politicians.

Soros-funded NGO outraged at Alexei Navalny

In January, the American George Soros-funded Amnesty International human rights organisation considered Alexei Navalny, then incarcerated in Russia, a "prisoner of conscience." Since then, however, the advocacy group's attitude toward the politician has flipped, as evidenced by a recently released email.

Left could hinder Serbia's accession talks

The European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) adopted the 2019 and 2020 reports on Serbia at its session on Wednesday. The report was awaited with heightened interest, because the European Parliament last approved a document on the Western Balkan country in 2018. Unfortunately, a number of leftist and liberal proposals have been included in the text with the sole aim of putting pressure on the Serbian People's Party, thereby hindering accession talks, said Andor Deli, an MEP of Hungary's larger governing party.

AstraZeneca expects to deliver the EU less than half the vaccines contracted

An EU official shared the information with Reuters. Contacted by the news agency, AstraZeneca did not deny what the official said, adding that the company is striving to increase productivity.

Schools' meat-free menu a result of Muslim population or eco-vegan ideology

The decision by leaders of a large provincial city to introduce meat-free menus in public schools has provoked a general outcry. Although the country's farm and interior ministers have objected to the move,...

Members of LGBTQ community now turn on each other

The owners of a newly established gay campground only want to allow in men, something that's angered some members of the LGBTQ community. Many of them were outraged asking why transgender men could not go,...

Police not racist, people say, yet they suffer plenty of attacks

According to a survey, racism is not more endemic within police than in other professions but figures also show that the number of attacks against police has more than doubled in the last twenty years....

Sweden now a stronghold of Islamisation

The president of the Danish People’s Party has warned that Denmark may become a stronghold of Islamisation, similar to Sweden. He said the problem,...

PM Orban to Focus Online: Hungary must procure as many jabs as possible

Countries must quickly purchase as many coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines as possible, regardless of whether they come from the East or the West, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview to German news portal Focus Online,...

Employee suffers racial hostility because of her white skin

A white person suffering hostilities and becoming the victim of racial discrimination makes no headline news these days, althouth this is precisely what happened to a college employee, who eventually decided to quit her job. In the meantime, the chanting of slogans about fighting racism have become louder and many plan to go on toppling statues, as if that would make a difference.

Crowded parks and illegal street carnivals, police are helpless

Unable to resist the warming temperatures, people have flocked to the capital's parks and began to celebrate on the streets, in complete defiance of the pandemic-related restrictions....

University prof calls Giorgia Meloni a cow in live show

A history professor at the University of Siena has called the leader of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party a "cow and a sow" in a live programme....

Green city leaders impose meat-free menus in schools

The decision to introduce meet-free menus in some two hundred schools to facilitate a more efficient fight against the coronavirus has garnered heated criticism from the opposition....

Fathers to have veto power over termination of pregnancy

A biological father should have the right to stop a woman pregnant with his child from getting an abortion and a bill proposed by conservative politicians seeks to give them this option.

Brussels unperturbed by Jewish TV's eviction

The left-wing leadership of Budapest's 7th district has cancelled its property use agreement with Europe's only Jewish television station, arguing that the district has different plans in terms of utilising the property. V4NA has asked Brussels to comment on the case but they remained silent.

Italian ambassador killed in DR Congo attack

A UN convoy has come under attack in Goma, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Italian ambassador travelling with the convoy was killed in the assault.

Banned for endorsing right-wing group

Citing repeated violations of its terms and policies, Facebook has restricted the accounts of some public figures who had openly endorsed a right-wing anti-migration group....

Students to remove George Washington statue from UW-Seattle campus

The University of Washington's Black Student Union has launched a petition demanding the removal of the George Washington statue from its Seattle campus,...

MI6 apologises to LMBT+ people

The UK Secret Intelligence Service apologises in a video to affected LMBT+ individuals for a regulation in place thirty years ago.

Critical weeks ahead

"Decisive weeks lie ahead of us regarding the development of the coronavirus epidemic," Hungary's Human Resources Minister wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

Bill Gates suggests a switch to synthetic meat

In a recent interview Microsoft's founder, who became the largest single owner of private farmland in the US this January, said rich countries should switch to synthetic "beef" in order to reduce carbon emissions and protect the climate.

"Allah gave me this car, so hand over the keys"

When a man walked to his parked car he found a stranger sitting behind the wheel. The owner asked him to get out of the vehicle and leave, but the migrant said Allah gave him the car, so he refused to get out.

Slovakia's road to total collapse

The number of coronavirus deaths per 1000 inhabitants is currently the highest in Slovakia, according to data published by the Johns Hopkins University....

Schools indoctrinating along left-wing ideologies damaging to children

Although a classmate apparently falsely accused a student of racism, the school did not stand up for the victim. This is yet another example of the devastating effects on children of propagating left-wing ideologies in schools, states journalist.

Macron proposes transferral of country's vaccines to Africa

The rationale for the proposal is that a significant proportion of the country’s population has family in Africa, so the French head of state feels justified in reallocating a portion of the vaccine stock of rich countries to African countries.

Minister's announcement to audit all universities in the country sparks backlash - video

With Islamo-leftism posing a palpable problem at universities, the minister for higher education has asked for a comprehensive audit of institutions, drawing strong criticism from the academic community....

Democrats walk out of debate on restrictive abortion ban

Opposed to the tightening of the abortion law, Democrats walked out of the chamber during the debate. Nevertheless, the new legislation was passed and from now on, abortion is forbidden if the baby already has a heartbeat.

Footballer presents signed jersey to Muslim athlete who insulted his country's president and people - video

Many were outraged at the behaviour of the footballer, especially since the recipient of his gift - a Muslim mixed martial arts champion - had previously posted an offensive image of the president on social media....

Viktor Orban: V4 cooperation more important than ever

While Slovakia has a strategic role and Poland serves as a stabilising force within the V4 cooperation, Hungary's fundamental economic interest is to be able to connect the Hungarian and Polish economies as broadly as possible, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Hungarian public service radio.

Quotas to facilitate integration at schools

Introducing a quota system to create a "more equal" environment is being considered in a European country. The system would prioritise new arrivals and leave parents without a free choice of school for their children.

Shakespeare's plays now labelled racist and misogynist

Some teachers have branded Shakespeare’s works racist, proposing to have them removed from the curriculum. They have launched a petition and listed some books they believe are suitable to replace the great playwright's works....

Soros and his allies set to silence conservative host

US stock market speculator George Soros has long been after Fox News. Organisations with links to Soros are now trying to put pressure on the American television channel to take one of their most popular anchors off the air, says the person in question.

What's Brussels' take on anti-Semitic eviction by capital?

A local government in Hungary has cancelled its property use agreement with a Jewish televisions station, arguing that the district has different plans in terms of utilising the property. As Brussels and Washington continue to follow Hungary's media relations with heightened interest, we have sent them letters to learn what they think about the eviction.

As crisis hits university students in France and elsewhere, more undergrads claim food packages

As many students are no longer able to finance their own meals, there are growing lines at campuses' for the discounted food packages. One student even posted a photo on Facebook,...

Tensions around anti-migration group persist as Macron's former aide adds fuel to fire

Unlike Islamism, Islamophobia has claimed no lives in the country, the organisation's spokesperson said, responding to allegations made by the president's former advisor.

PM Orban: staying united is key to V4 success

If the V4 bloc wants to achieve results in the next 30 years its members must stay united, because that's the key to their success, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said at the Visegrad Group Summit held in Krakow on Wednesday.

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