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Police rescue 10 people from "baby factory"

The "baby factory" parading as a private medical clinic housed several women who were impregnated, and then their babies were sold for profit.

First vaccines to arrive in V4 state at the end of January

The country's health minister made the announcement on Wednesday, stressing that doctors will most certainly be among the first to receive the vaccine. Speaking about the procurement process, the prime minister underlined that the country has ordered 45 million doses.

The fears of George Soros - Part I

George Soros has blocked the reply to his revelation, which begs the question: what is it that he is afraid of? It is perhaps worth recalling what George Soros thinks about himself and his activities. We present his thoughts in our three-part series.

Key things to know about major Covid-19 vaccine candidates

There are currently more than 100 vaccine candidates under development, with four major vaccines raising hope in Europe. We have gathered the most important information people need to know.

Commission wants more migrants in Europe

The Swedish commissioner has urged the admission of migrants, arguing that they will be Europe's future workforce. Yet, Sweden is one of the best examples illustrating that a great proportion of migrants have failed to find jobs and instead, they live off social benefits.

Scandal mounts over police violence, interior minister lies - video

Details continue to emerge in the case of the black music producer beaten up by police officers, as public outcry regarding a controversial new clause of the national security law also intensifies.

George Soros revisits his plan to indebt Europe

Billionaire speculator George Soros has revisited his earlier plan involving perpetual bonds. Attacking Poland and Hungary for vetoing the next EU budget,...

Migrants grow more brazen

Undocumented migrants who are audacious enough to lie about their age are beginning to occupy a growing number of empty properties. Within one week, a migrant who claimed to be a minor attacked four elderly women while hundreds have arbitrarily occupied an abandoned,...

White House communications team made up of Soros agents

US President-elect Joe Biden has named the members of his senior White House communications team. Several of them come from organisations financed by US stock market speculator George Soros.

Polish government spokesman: Warsaw and Budapest await new proposals from German EU presidency

Poland and Hungary are awaiting new proposals from the EU's German presidency regarding the bloc's budgetary framework, Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller said on Monday after talks between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Warsaw.

Daughter taken into care after parents reject gender change

The girl whose parents did not consent to her gender change was exposed to mental abuse at home, according to authorities. The child was taken into care and the parents face pressure to allow their daughter's testosterone treatment.

"Poland is not for sale"

Poles are fully aware that the future of their country is at stake in the current debate, the country's deputy justice minister said in an interview. He stressed that although the EU is trying to persuade them to legalise, for instance, same-sex marriages in exchange for money, Poland is not for sale.

Update - Armed men appear at many ethnic Hungarian institutions

Armed and unknown civilians appeared at several Hungarian institutions and private homes in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, in the morning hours on Monday. Ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine have recently received a collective death threat from nationalist activists.

Migration pact to only benefit smugglers

According to an expert, the two countries' recent agreement on migrants will be a boon to people smugglers, allowing them to significantly increase their tariffs....

PM Orban: Schulz has attacked Hungary for years because it protects its borders and refuses to admit immigrants

The west's inherited (economic) competitive advantage is decreasing because Central Europe is catching up and, by the end of the 2020s, there will be a level playing field. "In the meantime, we ask Mr Schulz and his colleagues to exercise more self-restraint", PM Viktor Orban wrote on Monday, replying to the former president of the German Social Democratic Party. Orban stressed that Martin Schulz has been attacking Hungary for years because it protects its borders and refuses to take in immigrants, "even though the connection between these two issues is obvious", he added.

Covid Christmas in Europe: what are we in for?

Visits by police, family dinners without relatives or the difficulty of buying gifts are all among the symptoms of the Covid-19 pandemic, as European governments do their best to curb the spread of the virus.

Number of Down syndrome babies born last year suspiciously low

The fact that only 18 Down syndrome babies were born last year highlights a disturbing tendency: a growing number of people decide to abort their babies once they find out about the genetic disorder. In many cases, parents are pressured by doctors or society.

Anti-abortion vandalism: "Why are you doing this?"

Anti-abortion protesters were filmed damaging a monument on Warsaw's Constitution Square at night. It appears though that the vandals' motives are understood by less and less people.

We mustn't forget and excuse the sins of communist dictatorships

Hungary is contributing tens of millions of dollars to the goal of the American Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) to build a museum and a research center in Washington, the Hungarian foreign minister said on his Facebook page on Sunday.

The "German Trump" has clear chance at Merkel's seat

Analysts say that Friedrich Merz, considered a hard-line conservative of the CDU, has a good chance of becoming party leader and then chancellor nominee....

Birth rates in steady rise since Family Protection Action Plan

The country's achievements, boasting the biggest growth in childbirth indicators in the past ten years, are significant even in European comparison.

George Clooney lacks knowledge to pass history exam

George Clooney's statement sent to Hungary's leftist news site has exposed the actor's lack of information and knowledge.

Influencing the vulnerable by indoctrinating adults

Social workers are taught that BLM violence is applaudable because it serves a noble cause. Teachers are advised not to tell parents if their child wants a gender change. In both cases, leftist ideologies are communicated through helping professions to groups who may be easily influenced.

PM Orban: It's irresponsible to link political interests to economic measures

In crisis management we mustn't link the political approach to financial measures as this is an irresponsible, bad position on behalf of EU representatives, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Hungary's public radio regarding a veto by Poland and Hungary on the EU's next budget and post-pandemic recovery package.

Hungary-Poland talks: premiers defend their countries' sovereignity with veto

Hungary and Poland also have the right to veto, as stated in the Treaty of the European Union, Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki underlined at their joint press conference in Budapest.

Viktor Orban in Die Zeit: We were told in 2015 that those who do not admit migrants should not get money

In an interview with the German liberal daily Die Zeit, Hungary's prime minister spoke about political divisions in the EU, the bloc's long-term budget and the issue of migration.

An abortion survivor – Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden should have been born dead after her biological mother had an abortion, yet she was born alive. She shared her life story with V4NA in a recent interview.

How George Soros and Bill Gates finance the Council of Europe

The Director of the European Center for Law and Justice revealed the links between the billionaires and the organisation based on the Council of Europe's annual financial report. By accepting financial support from private individuals, the political independence of the Council is highly questionable.

Umbrella prevents faecal sewage from dripping onto patients at hospital – shocking images

A patient received IV infusion next to dead bodies covered only with sheets at a hospital. Another patient at the same hospital reported that an umbrella was fixed to the ceiling in the toilet to prevent sewage from dripping onto patients from the washroom above. Disturbing photos of the horrific conditions at the hospital have been posted online. Many have called on the health minister to resign.

New generation of jihadis a threat to Germany

German authorities have knowledge of more than two hundred Islamists who are still at large and capable of commiting atrocities. In addition to grown-up radical Islamists, the country is also facing a new threat: a new generation of jihadis who are, at this point in time, only children.

Migrant rescue NGO manipulates public opinion knowingly

A migrant rescue NGO has invited lawyers, journalists and activists to join a protest with the aim of carefully documenting the authorities' response. Recordings taken at the scene were used to make accusations of police violence. Meanwhile, a famous essayist has published several oddities surrounding the civil organisation.

New US Secretary of State tells kids about immigration in sensitising video

US President-elect Joe Biden has announced his intention to grant US citizenship to 11 million undocumented, illegal immigrants. The Democratic president-elect's future secretary of state is also a pro-immigration politician,...

PM Orban: Europe must not succumb to the Soros network

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban responded to George Soros's article, and here is his full, unabridged letter.

Soros mouthpiece blocks prime minister's article

The Project Syndicate website, linked to US stock market speculator George Soros, did not publish Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's response article.

President annouces three-step deconfinement

The strict measures introduced in late October will be partially lifted in three rounds: first at the end of November and then in the middle of December,...

Migration a potential cause of rule of law ordeal

Eleven years ago Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission's former president said the EC would not interfere with member states' internal affairs. Since then the world has changed and today EU institutions look keen to regulate every aspect of life in the member states.

Vaccine efficiency over 90 per cent very good

"It's not really a competition," according to the vice president of the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company. The more vaccines in the market,...

De-radicalisation programmes: we got it all wrong

Western de-radicalisation programmes are 95 per cent ineffective and only fuel more radicalisation, Melanie Garson, an expert at University College London, told V4NA in a recent interview. She pointed out that, besides these programmes' fundamental shortcomings, social integration is also an issue, and if it's left unresolved, even the host country's citizens can become tools in the hands of terrorist organisations.

Polexit rumours completely absurd

"The veto is a completely legitimate aspect of the talks", Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has said. He described the rumours about Polexit as completely absurd and,...

Critics slam George Soros propaganda film

The documentary about the life of US stock market speculator George Soros is available for download since 18 November. However, the propaganda film called "Good....

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