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"I'm gonna blow up the police!"

An immigrant without documents threatened to blow up Barcelona police and kill the officers after they asked him to prove his identity. Illegal migration puts an extremely high pressure on Spain....

Absurdity: Loudspeaker announcements warn people at night to keep quiet

The management of a city decided to employ a strange method to curb night-time noise and disorder. A loudspeaker announcement is repeated every 30 minutes in the city’s busiest parts,...

Swedes do not know how many people live in their country

Statistics Sweden admits that the agency cannot tell the exact number of Sweden's population as its surveys only register tax-paying citizens and do not cover illegal immigrants.

Polish minister dismantles Greenpeace’s lies

Greenpeace activists have hung signs on the building of the Polish ministry of the environment, which read "Stop deforestation." Their lies were exposed one be one by Minister of Environment Michal Wos.

Anti-Christian anarchists level up

Nothing has settled down in the United States, where radical left-wing protesters continue to instigate violent riots. The situation is the most severe in Portland,...

Google infuriates another right-wing news site

It seems that Google is not only reducing the search hits of the news outlet Breitbart on its platform. The editor-in-chief of US conservative news site Daily Caller reported on Twitter that they had experienced similar phenomena.

Salvini: Government is accomplice of human smugglers

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini became upset about the left-wing government after another 250 illegal immigrants arrived on the island of Lampedusa....

Gender convention is unconstitutional

The European Union would force gender ideology on its member states through the Istanbul Convention. V4NA has interviewed the Vice President of Ordo Iuris, an organisation opposing the document, and a researcher at the Hungarian Center for Fundamental Rights, who pointed out that the document was another tool for ideological witch hunts and was unsuitable for what it had been designed for.

Coronavirus detecting dogs in for a bright future

Chilean police intend to use a revolutionary method to identify people with coronavirus infection, teaching dogs previously used for sniffing out drugs to detect the odour patterns of viruses.

Greens to force gay marriage on imams

The Greens are ready to force Muslims and other religious denominations to wed gay and same sex couples, as they believe evoking religious values is discriminative.

Gender ideology driven by money

A Polish professor has highlighted the phenomenon that gender ideology, as well as the growing diversity of gender identities, may be driven by money. Each gender has a different support organisation, through which they can raise money and receive financial assistance, and they organise campaigns to persuade people to donate their money.

Farage: Luxury hotels house illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants are being housed in four-star hotels costing British taxpayers more than 4 billion euros, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage claims in his latest investigative video....

Growing domestic violence problem made worse by lockdown

Violence against women has skyrocketed in the country during the quarantine period. Le Figaro reported a staggering, more than 40% rise in such crimes during the restrictions....

PM Orban: We are not getting money from the EU

Hungary merely gets back some of the money extracted from here by the Western countries, the Hungarian prime minister said in his Friday morning radio interview....

Pandemic-induced crisis hits young labour market entrants worst

Young people trying to start a career have been particularly badly affected by the coronavirus-induced economic crisis. Those with low school qualifications happen to be in the most difficult situation.

Lesbian couples and single women to participate in state-sponsored IVF

After the senate, the lower house of parliament has also given the green light to medically assisted reproduction, allowing all French women, including single women as well as lesbians,...

Black teen beating white schoolmate not racist, prosecutor says - video

A politician of the country's most popular party has drawn attention to the existence of double standards, saying the focus of the Black Lives Matter movement has shifted towards the protection of black people to an extent that racist attacks against whites go unnoticed....

Lobby denies involvement in sacking Index chief editor

The Szekler lobby had nothing to do with the dismissal of the chief editor of the portal, and those who talk about a "Szekler mafia" will be sued, Laszlo Pesty, the campaign chief of the European Citizens' Initiative for the Protection of Indigenous National Minorities, told V4NA.

Migrants attack gendermes, injuring two

Two gendermes were injured and two vehicles have been damaged when a group of around twenty migrants trying to get inside a lorry launched an attack against the officers....

Google declares war on right-wing content

Google, one of the world's largest tech companies, seems determined to prevent US President Donald Trump from being re-elected at the end of this year....

Oppressed premier's wealth grows tenfold

One of the most vocal opposition politicians, former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, is able to withdraw increasing amounts of money from his holding company.

Traore Committe helps in fundraising to cover protester's legal fees

A protester who called a black police officer a "traitor" has received a significant sum in donations with the help of an anti-racism organisation....

School shooter to be freed because of trans identity

A new campaign launched on social media demands the release of a teenager who was sentenced to prison for starting a mass shooting at a school last year....

Renowned essayist calls Traore Committee a symbol of immunity for those who insult France

The 2016 death of Adama Traore, also known as the French George Floyd, has triggered a wave of radical protests in France weeks ago. His sister, Assa Traore,...

Soros densely entrenched in European Court of Human Rights

US stock market speculator George Soros appears to be meddling with the judiciary, but not only in the US. According to a report published by the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), there are at least 7 NGOs that can be linked to various European Court of Human Rights justices and Soros's money is perceptible behind almost all of them.

V4NA roundup: European countries brace for new surge of coronavirus

Several thousand British tourists have cancelled holidays after the government's unexpected decision to impose quarantine on those arriving from Spain....

Media entrepreneur adds tens of billions to his wealth

Although many say that opposition press has ceased to exist in Hungary, one of the largest opposition media moguls has added tens of billions to his assets in the past ten years....

Pro-migrant NGO funded by George Soros takes new action

Financed by the foundation of the Hungarian-born American billionaire speculator, George Soros, the French NGO Alliance Citoyenne has hit the news again....

They lied, metro trains will not have air conditioning

The temperature on Metro 3 trains in Budapest is 35 degrees Celsius, the heat is unbearable, and even goes up to 40 degrees during heat alerts, campaigners said last summer in Budapest....

Convenient, fast, environmentally friendly: Railway developments in Europe

The European Commission has announced that it will place great emphasis on the development of rail transport in the future as part of the EU's Green Deal environmental directive. Austria, Belgium and Sweden are intent on developing night trains, which are both environmentally friendly and increasingly popular, while Hungary sees a great perspective in the development of rail freight.

Johnson ready to fight for British unity

There is a growing support for independence aspirations in Scotland. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated he is showing "how strong Westminster is"....

Half of opposition voters did not believe in their candidate

An interesting opinion poll shed new light on the turnout in the Polish presidential election. According to the survey, almost half of the voters for opposition-backed Rafal Trzaskowski did not believe in the candidate,...

Communist mayor gives city over to anarchists

The mayor of New York City quoted Marx in an interview. Although the city streets are still dominated by protesters and the business sector has not yet recovered from the pandemic,...

Staff of Index gives up castle without fight

Szabolcs Dull, the former editor-in-chief of the Hungarian news outlet Index regularly consulted with left-wing politicians, has learnt.

Liberal communist terror of opinion

The United Kingdom is now becoming an intensely intolerant country, the leader of a charity warned when its bank cancelled its account under pressure from the LGBT community. The shocking case sheds light on how strong the liberal influence is in each sector and how they are trying to make it impossible for conservative individuals to work. Several examples from the past few weeks show that those who voice their conservative opinions are exposed to different forms of backlash such as the termination of their bank acounts or dismissal from their jobs.

Agreement on multiannual financial framework is fairer now

The left-wing liberal forces do not want to accept that some people think differently about Europe's Christian roots, immigration, multiculturalism and the role of families,...

Polish justice minister urges withdrawal from Istanbul Convention

Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro urges Poland to withdraw from the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention, because he believes the treaty aimed at preventing violence against women supports gender ideology on the pretext of protecting women, Polish media reported on Sunday.

Mateusz Morawiecki: Together we can make families feel safe

With Viktor Orban, we fought out a huge support for our economies, and together we stopped the pressure from Brussels on the rule of law. The Hungarian-Polish cooperation was extremely effective at the recent EU summit, Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview with the Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap. The Polish prime minister also spoke about the cooperation among the Visegrad Four countries and the importance of Christian values.

Restoration of Budapest's iconic bridge to its original status in danger

The Chain Bridge has several monumental aspects that may be worth abandoning, Tibor Draskovics, the president of the Center for Budapest Transport (BKK) in charge of the renovation said....

Competition wins big on downfall of Hungarian news site

It was the leaking of trade secrets to rivals and blackmails that have led to the resignation of about seventy people at one of the largest Hungarian left-liberal news portals, Index, on Friday, according to the chairman of the board of trustees, who also owns the newpaper. Laszlo Bodolai stressed that there was no political will behind the dismissal of Editor-in-Chief Szabolcs Dull, adding that the current situation is favourable for rivals.

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