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Chinese party chiefs bribed in latest Deutsche Bank scandal

Deutsche Bank (DB) has bribed Chinese state and company executives with valuable gifts, Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday. DB has given party officials "gifts" worth a total of $200,000 over 12 years. Jiang Zemin, the former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, has received a crystal tiger for about $15,000 and a stereo from Bang & Olufsen.

French female “terrorist commando” sentenced to decades in prison

A French court has handed down lengthy - 30-, 25- and 20-year - prison sentences to members of a female terrorist commando who attempted a gas cylinder attack near the Notre-Dame in Paris in 2016.

Man killed by family for converting to Christianity

Friends of a forty-year-old Egyptian man believe he was killed by his own family after the man converted to Christianity. The former Islamic teacher had recently changed faith,...

The Warsaw Express returns

Polish and Hungarian politics have a long tradition of following each other’s footsteps: what happens in Polish politics will come to pass in Hungary in a few years,...

Swedish residents and politicians feel unsafe

A female police officer has recently called on the residents of a small Swedish town to "get their nerves up" and leave their homes at night to reconquer their city. Locals are reluctant to plan nights out as an increasing number of criminal youth gangs have taken over the streets. Apparently, the country's anti-migration politicians are not safe, either. One MP, whose car has been repeatedly damaged, is considering moving from the town.

Germany opens up mobile network for Huawei despite security concerns

The German federal government has approved Huawei's involvement in the construction of the country's 5G mobile network. Chancellor Angela Merkel's authorisation came despite the fact that both EU Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King and the head of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) opposed the move,...

British companies make cuts amid Brexit fears

British companies are cost-cutting and hiring significantly fewer people due to the approaching Brexit date, according to a recent survey. The research suggests that the UK's withdrawal from the European Union will create great uncertainties both in politics and the economy.

Police seize 1 kilo of cocaine in French prison

The sizeable chunk of cocaine was discovered in France's second largest prison near Paris, when the cells were searched following an attempted escape.

Police arrest imam in connection with Paris stabbing

French counter-terrorism police arrested five people in the immediate surroundings of the man responsible for the stabbing at the police headquarters in Paris in early October....

Finnish defence minister has criminal record

Finland's incumbent Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen received a suspended prison sentence of five months for misusing power in a graft case at a foundation in 2013....

French Republican Party elects new president

Christian Jacob was elected as the French Republican Party's new president with an overwhelming majority of 62 per cent.

Hungary's ruling parties win local elections nationwide, left-wing secures Budapest

The right-wing alliance of ruling Fidesz and the Christian Democrats garnered well over 50 per cent of the votes in Sunday's local elections in Hungary,...

Zaev's deputy accused of election fraud in North Macedonia

A new leaked audiotape could lead to prosecution against North Macedonian Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska, Zoran Zaev's deputy, Skopje-based portal republika....

Ukraine's top prosecutor denies role in dismissal of US ambassador to Kiev

Ukraine's ex-prosecutor general Jurij Lucenko has denied US press reports accusing him of persuading two Florida-based business associates of Donald Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to intervene for the removal of Mary Jovanovich, Washington's ambassador to Kiev.

Radicalised students and teachers a growing concern in France

Data show that an increasing number of teachers and students are being radicalised in France, which is causing a serious problem.

Slovakia refuses distribution of illegal immigrants

On Sunday, Slovak Interior Minister Denisa Sakova strongly criticised the draft on illegal migration and the distribution of immigrants in a television debate. In her view, boarding a ship should not mean an entry for illegal migrants to the European Union, and the initiative to distribute them poses serious risks.

Trump and elections as leading news in V4 countries

Last week was mainly about politics in the V4 countries: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met French President Emmanuel Macron, while Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis talked about the Visegrad countries inviting US President Donald Trump to Warsaw....

Best moments of Commissioner-designate hearings - video

The new Commissioners-designate have been heard since 30 September. During the three-hour interviews, Commissioners-designate have a chance to prove they are professionally prepared and qualified for the job. Here are the best moments.

XR pays big bucks to protesting UK climate activitists

UK climate activists are paid hundreds of pounds a week by Extinction Rebellion to bring mayhem to the streets with their protests. The organisation, whose intention with the protests has drawn criticism for not being entirely noble, had expressed on several occassions that it wants to overthrow the "current systems."

Kurz: migrants must be returned

If Sebastian Kurz becomes Chancellor again after coalition talks, Austria will not participate in the Malta agreement on the distribution of sea migrants. According to the politician, illegal immigrants should be sent back to where they came from.

Macron's party under investigation for tax evasion

One of the representatives of French President Emmanuel Macron's party is accused of tax fraud, misappropriation, racketeering and illicit financing of election campaigns.

Viktor Orban: Today we have to decide whether there will be suitable leaders at the head of the settlements

The decision to be made in the municipal elections is whether there will be suitable leaders at the head of towns and villages, the Hungarian premier said on Sunday morning after casting his vote in the Hungarian municipal elections.

European Greens are silent about diesel-fuelled campaign of their Hungarian member party

Although the European Greens have been asked for their opinion about their Hungarian member party, the LMP supporting a mayoral candidate campaigning in a not too environmentally friendly way,...

Aggressive climate protesters are considered dangerous

More than a thousand people were arrested during London's aggressive climate demonstrations this week. The police are overwhelmed by the ongoing demonstrations and the policemen are constantly threatened by demonstrators.

People smuggler politician remains member of Green party

A politician sentenced to eight months of suspended imprisonment in Italy for smuggling a migrant may remain a member of Austrian Greens. According to his party, the actions of Matthias Köchl are not classified as a crime under Austrian law, therefore he will not be excluded.

The French do not trust their leaders when it comes to public safety

According to a survey carried out after the stabbing attack at the police headquarters in Paris, most French people do not trust that the country's leaders can maintain public order in the country.

Scandal at children gender reassignment clinic, a mother is suing

England's first publicly funded children gender reassignment clinic is being sued. According to the suing mother, the Tavistock Clinic in Leeds is forcing experimental treatments on children already from the age of 11.

This is how France surrenders to Islam

Hardly passes a day without a terrorist act occuring somewhere in the European Union. Analysis of Hungarian political scientist Tamas Lanczi.

Sweden plans to legalise gender reassignment of children to prevent suicides

In Sweden, the government is considering allowing children at the age of 15 to have gender change surgery to prevent suicide attempts by young trans people.

Orban-Macron summit in Paris

"Europe has different countries and regions, the eastern half of the Union is different from the west, but unity and cooperation are needed," Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday in Paris, where French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a working lunch. At the beginning of the meeting, the French head of state mentioned the need for a strong European Commission capable of presenting ambitious plans, and that he will work on this with "Prime Minister Orban and the Visegrad Four".

This is how Extinction Rebellion throws the world into anarchy

Several documents in the Extinction Rebellion Global Database reveal a dismal insight to the organisation's plans. The civil disobedience movement is gearing up for total anarchy and is open about its use of fearmongering to achieve their objectives.

Finland sees forty criminal sentences expire due to enforcement failure

Finland saw over 40 criminal sentences expire as the country's judicial system failed to forward a total of 579 criminal court rulings to the relevant enforcement agencies for five years....

Finn MP warning of terrorist threat convicted for hate speech

The Oulu District Court in Finland has slapped Finns Party MP Sebastian Tynkkynen with a 4,000-euro fine, or 50 days in jail, for sharing a Facebook post, in which he called on people to "stop denying that there's no link between religion and terrorism."

An apple can get you into trouble at the border

A new EU directive due to come into effect in mid-December will ban bringing a bunch of grapes or apples as personal luggage to the European Union. An expert told V4NA that lawmakers are attempting to prevent the spread of plant pests with the strict rules. However, several farmers could lose revenue due to the new directive.

Antisemitic attacks on the rise in Germany

"It is outrageous that the police did not guard the Halle synagogue on a holy day like Yom Kippur. Negligence has taken its toll," Josef Schuster,...

EP rejects Macron's commissioner-designate

Two committees of the European Parliament voted against French President Emmanuel Macron's candidate for European commissioner. Although Sylvie Goulard is targeted by an ongoing corruption investigation in France, she remained reluctant to abandon her candidacy.

Romanian government falls

The Romanian parliament passed a motion of no-confidence in the Dancila government on Thursday on the initiative of the opposition, with 238 votes in favour - ousting the government. President Klaus Iohannis will now hold consultations with all parliamentary parties to decide who can form the next government.

Protest organiser supporting Paris police HQ knifeman detained

Hadama Traore, founder of the "La Revolution est en marche” (The revolution is on the move) movement, was detained after organising a protest expressing sympathy with the knifeman who killed four police officers in the Paris police headquarters.

Kosovo's activist turned prime minister, thanks to Soros

Kosovo's recently elected Prime Minister Albin Kurti has become the target of harsh criticism, coming under fire for being "Soros's ally" and an "endorser of Greater Albania" fuelled by "his hatred of Serbs". V4NA has explored what influence George Soros can exert on Kosovo and who is really pulling the strings for Albin Kurti.

Hungary names Oliver Varhegyi as commissioner-designate

The Hungarian Prime Minister's Office Chief confirmed the government's decision on Wednesday to nominate diplomat Oliver Varhegyi as EU Commissioner. Gergely Gulyas stressed that the Hungarian government continues to reject the migrant relocation quotas and will only support a so-called "re-transportation" quota, for sending migrants back.

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