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Failing to step off pavement a sign of internalised racism

A black student was initially perplexed at the fact that others are unwilling to step off the sidewalk to give way for him to walk past. Eventually, he arrived at the conclusion that white people don't step aside because of their internalised racism and supremacy.

PM Orban: Europe's safety depends on vaccinations

How can we make Europe socially safe? This is the question, and the Hungarian answer is that by providing all European citizens with an access to a jab, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video uploaded to social media about the EU summit in Porto.

Extremist group incites hatred against whites

Captions added to images shared on the group's account call for the killing of whites, who have no future, because the future is black.

How long will von der Leyen cover for Stella Kyriakides?

Why is the European Commission President still defending her unsuitable Health Commissioner, who has become entangled in dubious affairs?

Marine Le Pen: "Massive immigration" behind latest killing of police officer

With Macron in office, there is no place in France where people can feel safe, said Marine Le Pen, who reacted to the killing of yet another police officer. The leader of the right-wing National Rally has blamed immigration for the latest anti-police murder.

Biden omits the word 'God' from national prayer declaration

The president has issued a proclamation on the National Day of Prayer, in which he wrote about racial justice and climate change, but he never mentioned God.

Orban-Jansa meeting: Vaccines save lives

On Thursday evening, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Slovenian counterpart Janez Jansa exchanged views on the two countries' pandemic response and the indispensable role of vaccination at their meeting in Porto, where they will both attend the EU's Social Summit starting on Friday.

Sensitisation and anti-white diversity trainings continue at universities

Students and teachers are told to take anti-racist training courses with an anti-white narrative in focus. These days, nearly anything can be perceived as offensive and even a Mexico-themed party could qualify as cultural appropriation, according to the training materials.

Soros's fact-checkers defend, rather than check Biden

A recent study has revealed that PolitiFact, a known fact-checking website, is more likely to defend US President Joe Biden than correct any falsehood in his statements....

Joking not allowed without leftist permission

Two comedians were branded homophobic in Italy, because they joked about issues such as sexual minorities or migrants, that are important for the left.

Politician known for threatening police resigns

The member of the liberal Reformist Movement who regularly denigrates law enforcement officers on social media was forced to resign after attending an illegal gathering that police had to disperse using tear gas and water cannons....

Trump's platform appearing on Twitter gets censored swiftly

An account set up on Twitter to share content from former US president Donald Trump's new platform was suspended by the social network within hours.

Officer shot dead in downtown in broad daylight - photo

A policeman was fatally shot during a drug raid, leaving two children behind. The interior minister paid a visit to the scene, where the perpetrator made a getaway on a kick scooter after the attack. Police have launched a manhunt.

Zemmour: Ethnic diversity a cause of inequalities - video

Employees working in large companies complain about tensions caused by growing ideological pressure, the renowned essayist told a popular television show,...

PM Orban: We want to change Brussels

In its current form, Brussels is unable to provide adequate answers to people's problems, something the issue of migration has also highlighted, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his interview with the Slovak news portal, published on Wednesday night.

George Soros and Bill Gates to decide what qualifies as misinformation

An organisation funded by George Soros and Bill Gates is declaring war on mis- and disinformation. The newly formed committee is packed with liberals. Meanwhile,...

BLM makes new demands, but gets banned from Olympics

The radical Black Lives Matter movement has published new demands in the US. Among other things, they want to have more than half of Republican representatives expelled from Congress. Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has decided that athletes may not wear clothing with the motto “Black Lives Matter” at the Tokyo Olympics.

Jews reject nomitation of Soros's footsoldier

Jewish organisations are demanding the withdrawal of Sarah Margon’s nomination by US President Joe Biden for deputy secretary of the State Departments Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Ms Margon has numerous ties to US stock market speculator George Soros and has previously made anti-Israel statements.

Another killer escapes punishment due to health issues

A Pakistani man who stabbed to death his former teacher in 2018 was declared incapacitated because of mental health issues so, instead of inprisonment,...

Britons aged over 50 to receive third jab before Christmas

The move aims to permanently contain the epidemic in the United Kingdom. The Times has outlined two options regarding booster shots and, according to expectations,...

European Commissioner seems entangled in dubious affairs

Recently, we wanted to know how long the European Commission chief is willing to protect Stella Kyriakides in connection with the non-transparent vaccine procurements. Now the question is what Ms Kyriakides has accepted in return for the unfavourable contracts. Where did the 4 million euros come from?

Students to file bogus reports to rile police

A university student has called on his classmates to rile law enforcement officers by filing bogus reports in order to keep them busy.

Swedes pander to Arabs in naming of streets

The name of a Swedish street was considered offensive because of the word's meaning in Arabic, so the overseeing committee immediately decided on a name change. Decision makers were oblivious to what the word actually meant in Arabic, knowing only that it is foul.

Homeless migrants keep occupying plots and properties in Italy

Homeless migrants are occupying an increasing number of empty plots and properties in Italy's large cities, leading to accumulating rubbish, daytime prostitution and a thriving drug trade,...

Albanian president's phone number hacked

Albanian President Ilir Meta has requested information from a cell phone carrier about the alleged misuse of his phone number, after several citizens have received false messages from his number.

Nations' solidarity an answer to today's security threats

Solidarity between nations is the answer to today's security threats, reads a joint statement issued on Monday by the presidents of Poland, the three Baltic States and Ukraine....

Spring break travel a means to reinforce white supremacy

"Spring break reminded me I can’t trust white people," wrote a university student, who believes his white classmates followed in the footsteps of their violent white supremacist ancestors with their spring break getaways.

Ban on abortion makes city sanctuary for the unborn

Residents have voted in favour of an ordinance that would outlaw abortion in the city. However, many disagree with the new legislation and the decision is likely to be challenged in court.

Social media group set up in support of anti-Semitic killer

It provoked a general outcry when a person or persons unknown have set up a support group for a man who killed his next-door neighbour by pushing her out the window four years ago....

Left-wing extremists terrorise Berlin, injuring many officers

On Sunday morning, police in Berlin released a preliminary summary of the 1 May demonstrations and clashes that took place in the evening. While the rallies went ahead without any disruptions during the day,...

University resists anti-racist calls

Some have demanded that the university stop playing its school song because of its racist aspects. The institution has refused to give in to these demands and the band will continue to play the song. However, plans are afoot to create another band for those who do not want to perform the "problematic" song.

Matteo Salvini: Everyone has a right to self-defence

Three gang members have tried to rob a jewellery store in Italy. The owner shot two of the attackers, while the third assailant fled the scene. Following the attack, Italy's right-wing Lega party launched a campaign for the recognition of self-defence.

Denying biological sex detrimental to society

An appeal hearing was held this week for a woman who was sacked for her critical opinion of gender theory. In court her defence attorney argued that biological sex should not be conflated with gender identity,...

Is having a baby pure environmental vandalism?

Is having a child an act of environmental vandalism? Whilst trying to find the answer, Vogue's journalist has been contemplating whether she could get away with it if she kept wearing the same three pairs of jeans for the rest of her life.

Today, only heterosexuals suffer discrimination, drag queen says

"They consider me a homophobic homosexual, because I say that heterosexuals are discriminated against in our society today," Mauro Coruzzi, one of Italy's most popular drag queens says.

PM Orban: Restrictions to be eased further Saturday morning

On Saturday, Hungary will further ease its current restrictive measures imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic, once the number of inoculated people reaches 4 million,...

Pastor handcuffed for preaching about society moving away from Christian values - video

A 71-year-old pastor was yanked roughly from his step ladder and arrested by police in a suburb of London after he talked about the classic family model and the concept of marriage between a man and a woman at a street event. According to reports received by the authorities, the pastor’s speech included hateful and homophobic statements.

We insist on Russian jab, Slovak PM tells Politico

According to the V4 country's prime minister, many Slovak citizens would only accept the Sputnik V vaccine. A recent study, which shows that trust for the Sputnik V vaccine is exceptionally high in the country, appears to bolster his statement.

V4 country expects further easing of restrictions in days

The number of vaccinated people may reach 4 million in Hungary as early as Friday, paving the way for a further easing of restrictions introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic,...

Algorithms to monitor radicalising individuals

The monitoring would be made possible by a new anti-terrorism law proposed by the interior minister. If adopted, authorities could track those who are being radicalised online,...

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