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Free entry may end after Brexit

The spokesperson for the UK Prime Minister's office has confirmed the information of the Daily Mail, which wrote that in the event of a no-deal Brexit, much stricter border controls would be introduced with immediate effect, and the rules would also apply to EU citizens.

North Macedonian prosecutor implicated in scandal to testify

Katica Janeva, the special prosecutor appointed by North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who is implicated in the corruption scandal, will testify on Tuesday. In the case, ongoing for months, a recording of Janeva has emerged, in which she promises a billionaire businessman that “everything will be taken care of.”

Hungarian footballer's goal among Puskas Award nominees

For the first time in the history of the Puskas Award, a Hungarian footballer has made the shortlist of 10: Daniel Zsori's goal in February against Ferencvaros is among the choices listed for voting on the website of the international federation (FIFA). The Debrecen player has told V4NA that he had not expected his goal to make the top 10 list.

Viktor Orban: "Hungarians have never believed that there are two Europes"

The lasting effects of the events of 1989, strong German-Hungarian ties, the increasing clout of Central European states and the migration crisis were the main topics of a joint press conference held by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic in Sopron, near the Hungary-Austria border,

Merkel: We are grateful to Hungarians for Germany's unity

We have always known, even when we were torn apart, that there is only one Europe, said Viktor Orban on Monday at the ecumenical mass held on the occasion of the anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic in Sopron. The Hungarian Prime Minister commemorated the historic day that took place 30 years ago, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who thanked Hungary for their role in fostering German unity.

Migrant rescue ships pressurize Italy

In many cases, migrant rescue ships operating in the Mediterranean are working illegally, international lawyer Norbert Toth has said. The expert told Hungary's public broadcaster that the Proactiva Open Arms vessel seems to be applying pressure on the Italian government by waiting for a permission to dock, while Spain looks willing to receive the boat.

Hungary knocked out first brick from Berlin Wall 30 years ago

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic together in Sopron. The peace demonstration near the Austrian-Hungarian border was one of the important precursors to the demolition of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, as well as the reunification of Germany.

Germans fed up with Syrians' trips home

Syrian refugees who repeatedly return home for holidays and family visits are risking expulsion from Germany. The situation is becoming intolerable, according to Federal Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer.

Babis enters coalition infighting

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis says neither he nor President Milos Zeman supports Michal Smarda's appointment as minister of culture. The candidate was nominated by Babis's coalition partner, the Social Democratic party, but the premier says the coalition crisis can only be resolved if Smarda resigns from nomination of his own accord.

Zoran Zaev has more recordings to worry about

A Slovenian journalist, who reinvigorated the months-old North Macedonian corruption scandal a few days ago with the help of an Italian newspaper, is about to publish some recordings which “will receive great press coverage”. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev could also be involved in the multimillion-euro scandal, which is why the journalist wants to make sure that his sources are safe before publishing his report.

Open Arms may have lied about migrants

Of the 13 migrants who disembarked from the NGO ship Open Arms due to an alleged severe illness, doctors only found one to have any sort of medical condition. In the meantime, Madrid has indicated its willingness to accept the immigrants waiting near Lampedusa.

'Boki 13' requests transfer to psychiatric ward

North Macedonian TV show host Bojan Jovanovski, aka Boki 13, has demanded to be moved to a hospital psychiatric ward within three days, in a letter to the government, Serbian media report. He threatened to publish incriminating evidence of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev's involvement in the 'Racket" extortion case if his demand is not met.

Caracal murderer may have taken women to Italy

Romanian press reports claim that Gheorghe Dinca, the suspect in the Caracal murder case, may have taken girls to Italy. The man accused of raping and murdering 15-year-old Alexandra denies that the transportation of women was linked to prostitution.

Czech MPs to vote on coal tax

The Czech government is planning a tax on coal usage in a bid to reduce pollution.

Massacre at Romanian psychiatric clinic

A total of four patients were killed and nine seriously injured by a patient at a psychiatric hospital in Sapoca, Buzau County, Romania. The attack took place between 3 and 4 a.m. local time. The assailant has been arrested. According to the hospital's director, the attacker suffered an acute psychotic episode.

Babis: Social Democrats should speak clearly!

Returning from holiday the Czech prime minister announced that he no longer supports the Social Democrat's ministerial nominee. He also expected and received an answer from his coalition partner regarding the future of the coalition.

Olympic bronze-medallist shot putter holds out hope for 20 meter dream

The Olympic bronze medallist Hungarian shot putter, recovering from iliotibial syndrome, is preparing for the World Championship in Doha, starting at the end of September. Anita Marton also told V4NA about her symptoms related to her condition, and what results she would be satisfied with at this year's World Championship.

Billions spent on promoting village life in Hungary

As part of the of the Hungarian Village Programme, 75-75 billion forints (a total of more than 460 million euros) are allocated for the development of rural roads and the development of rural community services in next year's Hungarian budget. The aim of the programme is to promote village life.

Cash can replace meal vouchers in Czechia

Based on the proposal of the Czech finance minister, employers should pay extra money instead of meal vouchers to employees, thereby partly eliminating the major voucher companies.

Salvini says no to migrant ships

The leaders of a Spanish civil rescue organisation are trying to force ships with migrants on board into the ports of Italy, on the grounds of a health crisis....

No-deal Brexit opponents would replace Boris Johnson, but with whom?

Despite the agreement between the British parliament's opposition and some government-side representatives that a no-deal exit must be avoided, they cannot agree who the head of government should be if not Boris Johnson....

Romania might face infringement procedure

The European Commission (EC) is considering an infringement procedure against Romania if the Institute for the Protection of Minority Rights (IPMR) is able to prove that during the 1989 Romanian re-nationalisation, the Hungarian minority was subjected to a violation of rights on a system level, a colleague of the Budapest-based institute, Agoston Korom said on the Hungarian public television on Saturday.

Muslim taxi drivers turning away blind passengers with guide dogs

Muslim taxi drivers are not willing to accept visually disabled people traveling with guide dogs in Innsbruck, Austria. Muslim taxi drivers argue that the discrimination is based on religious reasons,...

Thirteen injured in French fireworks

Authorities are investigating how a rocket could hit the crowd during the festival fireworks in Collioure, Southern France. Thirteen people were injured in the accident.

Pressure is rising on the Balkan migrant route

The number of migrants trying to cross the border illegally has doubled this year on the Balkan route based on the latest report from Frontex, which supervises European border control. The organisation claims that mostly the Afghan and Iranian immigrants come by this route.

Hungary expects EU to reimburse half of the 1.2 billion euros it spent on border control

The Hungarian police spent approximately 1.2 billion euros (408 billion Hungarian forints) on border protection and border police tasks between June 2015 and June 2019,...

Gulf crisis: Iranian tanker released in Gibraltar now open game for US warships

The tension between Iran and the United States is rising. Only one day after Gibraltar ordered the release of the Iranian tanker Grace 1, the United States issued an arrest warrant on the vessel, meaning that US naval ships may seize Grace 1 as soon as it reaches international waters.

English edition of National Atlas of Hungary awarded

National Atlas of Hungary – Natural Environment, published and edited by the Geographical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, received the most prestigious professional award at the Tokyo conference of International Cartographic Association.

Serbian news story: Boki 13 accused of 20 million euro fraud along with Zaev and his ministers

The recently arrested Macedonian TV show host, Bojan Jovanovski, also known as Boki 13, may have defrauded 20 million euros, reported Serbian newspaper Kurir. The fraud took place through a charitable organisation he founded, in which Macedonia's first man, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was also concerned, along with a number of other ministers, writes the Serbian Kurir referring to its sources close to Macedonian authorities.

Czech red panda missing for a week

The male red panda of the Plzen zoo left his enclosure a week ago. He has not been found even using thermal cameras.

World record of 3D printers

A new record was achieved in Prague regarding the number of 3D printers working simultaneously at the same place. The real result, however, is behind the record.

Kristof Milak: Let me prepare in peace and I might win the Olympic gold too

Kristof Milak — who not only won the 200 m butterfly event at the world championship in Gwangju, South Korea, but also broke the record of US swimming wonder Michael Phelps by 0.78 seconds — is set to begin his preparation for the next season on Wednesday. The Hungarian world champion told V4NA about how he manages his sudden popularity, and what his greatest ambition is.

Pensioners cannot keep up with rents in big cities

In addition to the housing contribution, the state has to support the increased construction of rental apartments. This is proposed by two Czech advocacy organisations.

Merkel thanks Hungarians for their help

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will attend the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Hungarian border opening on Monday. She will attend an ecumenical mass with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Evangelical church in Sopron,...

More than 250 migrants arrived in Greece today alone

More and more asylum seekers are choosing the migration route across the Aegean Sea between the Turkish coasts and the port town of Alexandroupolis in Greece....

Soros university remains in Budapest

Gorge Soros has pledged to provide even more funding to the Central European University's Budapest campus in a letter published on the university's website....

EC asks EU countries to take migrants

The European Commission (EC) has called on EU member states to grant asylum to migrants onboard the ship of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms.

Possible twist in swimmer's sexual harassment case

The police report does not contain the expression 'sexual harassment', Hungarian Swimming Association Chairman Sandor Wladar told V4NA, in relation to the allegations against Hungary's Olympic bronze medal-winning swimmer Tamas Kenderesi.

London knife attacker jailed for 21 years

A male London resident from an immigrant background attacked people with a knife in three different locations after saying he wanted to 'kill English people'. In-store CCTV recorded one of the attacks.

North Macedonia president slams Zaev's homophobic comment

North Macedonia President Stevo Pendarovski condemned Prime Minister Zoran Zaev's description of television presenter and criminal suspect Bojan Jovanovski as 'a faggot'. A month after the 'Racket' case came to light, the investigating prosecutor has summoned former Special Prosecutor's Office (SPO) chief Katica Janeva for questioning.

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