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Salvini: the Italian government is finished

Luigi Di Maio, president of the Five Star Movement (M5S) has resigned. While the leader of the left-wing Democratic Party remains optimistic, the situation of the pro-immigration government is as good as hopeless. Matteo Salvini, the left-wing government's biggest challenger, says it's all over for the ruling coalition.

Orban: chances are good for cooperation with moderate Islamic parties

Christian Democratic parties have a good chance for cooperation with moderate Islamic parties because they have one thing in common: they both insist on retaining their own identities, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a board meeting of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI) comprising centre-right parties, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Belgium could become new base for people smugglers

Two Afghan nationals have been arrested on suspicion of people smuggling after a dinghy of migrants capsized near De Panne, Flanders. Last year, almost 1,...

Knife attacks hit record high in England

England and Wales bore witness to a record-breaking number of knife attacks last year, while crime detection figures fell to an all-time low.

Escaped migrant sends postcard to prison director

After escaping on 19 December a fugitive has sent a postcard to the director of Turnhout prison near Antwerp, saying: "Greetings from Thailand"....

Teen girl receives death threats after posting anti-Islam video

A teenage girl from France has become the target of death threats and harassment after publishing an anti-Islam video on social media. Many people, including politicians,...

Parents cannot have their say in children's LGBT education

According to the draft of a new school curriculum, parents will no longer be permitted to deny their kids access to teaching about certain issues as, for example, sex, relationships or LGBT+ community.

V4 countries don't only agree on rejection of illegal migration

Presenting research results from the Hungarian Nezopont Institute and the International Visegrad Fund in Budapest, experts have said that the cooperation of the V4 countries, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is not only based on the rejection of illegal migration.

Muslim woman finds naked female in swimming pool changing room offending

A quarrel broke out in the changing room of the Simmering swimming pool in Vienna, Austria, when a woman undressed at the women's dressing room to put on her normal clothes....

DiCaprio and Davos forum participants have hypocrisy in common

The number of private jets flying over Davos has doubled during the economic forum with the overall theme "Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World"....

UN says climate refugees must receive asylum

After the spectacular failure of the migration pact, the UN has come up with a new plan to accelerate replacement migration.

Few migrants have jobs in Belgium

Belgium employs only a little over half of all its immigrants and the rate is even worse among migrants who've arrived in recent years, according to a report by the National Bank of Belgium.

France may have manipulated immigration data for years

Eurostat, the EU's statistical office, has called on France to revise its figures on asylum-seekers, which it considered incomplete. According to a French newspaper,...

Somali migrant rapes Hungarian university student

The 25-year-old girl was celebrating her friend's successful state exam at a nightclub in Budapest. The migrant offered to escort her home, but attacked and raped her on the way. It is not the first time migrants have attacked Hungarian women in Budapest.

Migrant rapes Hungarian girl in Budapest

According to sources close to Hungarian daily Ripost, the incident happened on the street near a Budapest night club, and the girl was hospitalised after the abuse.

French intelligence dismiss radicalised Islamists

16 members of French intelligence have been dismissed for radicalisation since 2014. After a knife attack on Paris police officers it was revealed that several other officers had also been radicalised....

Police find new tunnel along Serbia-Hungary border

The new tunnel is barely 15 metres from the passage police had discovered under the border fence last autumn. Due to the intensified migration pressure on Hungary's Schengen border,...

“Compounds in Syria are incubators for terrorists”

Former Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Knut Vollebaek, has said that that the Norwegian government should repatriate every Norwegian citizen who joined international terrorist organization ISIS,...

Gender ideology changes German language

In Hanover new phrases have been introduced to address teachers, the titles Mr (Herr) and Mrs (Frau) will be disregarded.

Soros NGOs profiteer from Hungarian compensation payments

Compensation lawsuits filed by profiteering lawyers and civil groups close to George Soros on behalf of convicted criminals have led to a heated public debate in Hungary. The cases resulted in rulings that compelled the Hungarian state to pay significant compensatory damages. According to a recent Hungarian poll, most Hungarian people are in favour of suspending the compensation payments.

Nearly fifth of newborns in France have Muslim or Arabic first names

Sixty years ago, only one in 100 newborns were given Muslim or Arabic first names. Last year saw 70 thousand fewer children born to native French families,...

Dramatic rise in sex attacks against teenage girls in Sweden

According to Sweden’s Crime Prevention Council, sex attacks against girls aged 15 to 17 have increased by 51 per cent in the Nordic country over the last five years.

Record numbers of migrants arrive from Turkey

Frontex has revealed that the number of migrants arriving to the EU from Turkey in 2019 increased by 46 percent compared with the previous year.

70 per cent of French Jews victims of antisemitic attacks

Young Jews in France are frequently subjected to antisemitic verbal abuse, according to a recent survey conducted by the French polling institute IFOP....

Permanent terrorist threat costs Belgium dearly

For five years soldiers have been guarding the cities of Belgium due to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks. The military patrols, introduced after two gunmen attacked the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015, have cost the state over two hundred million euros so far.

Hungarian government suspends payment of compensations to inmates

The Hungarian government is suspending the payment of prison awards with immediate effect and the justice ministry will review the relevant regulations, the Government Information Centre announced on Tuesday, following the publication of an official government decree.

Ocean Viking migrant ship redocks in Italy

Italy's pro-migration government gave another docking permission to the Ocean Viking migrant ship. The vessel is allowed to offload 39 illegal immigrants in the Sycilian port of Pozzallo on Tuesday.

Series of blasts continues in Sweden - video

Two predawn explosions rocked suburban Stockholm on Tuesday. The blasts happened within minutes of each other and only around 500 metres apart, with authorities forced to evacuate over 50 residents from the affected buildings....

Mother wants to be father on daughter's birth certificate

A transgender man who recently gave birth has asked the state of Illinois to allow him to be named as the father on the child's birth certificate. The parents claim that being named as the mother on the birth certificate would out Myles Brady-Davis as trans every time their daughter did something that required ID,

German court rules against deportation of ISIS supporter

German authorities have failed for nearly a year to expel a Turkish man who sympathised with the Islamic State and had been classified by the interior ministry as a threat to national security....

Authorities to clear Paris migrant tent camp

Between 1500 to 3000 migrants are currently residing in the makeshift encampment located in the Paris neighbourhood of Porte de Aubervilliers, joined by 140 drug addicts....

Swedish city pays fifty per cent more social benefits due to migrants

An increasing number of large families, numbering some 8-10 family members, receive regular state support in Uppsala, Sweden's fourth largest city. Owing to a sharp increase in the number of claimants, the municipal council's budget for social benefits has grown by nearly 50 per cent since 2015.

Electric cars not green enough for radical environmentalists

Members of the radical climate activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) caused hours of mayhem at the Brussels Motor Show over the weekend. In protest against electric and hybrid cars,...

EP's liberal party family wants to implement "Soros Plan"

The EP's liberal group has published its package of proposals concerning migration, with multiple suggestions already "rather familiar from the Soros Plan," the parliamentary spokesman of Hungary's larger governing party, Fidesz, said. Janos Halasz underlined that the vice chair of the Renew Europe group is Katalin Cseh, an MEP of the opposition Momentum movement.

Spain plans to admit millions of migrants

Speaking at an OECD Forum roundtable discussion, the new Spanish left-wing government's minister for social security and migration has said that Spain must take in 8 to 9 million immigrants to address the problems of an ageing population,...

Three men die after triple stabbing in London

All three of the victims were in their 20s or 30s.

Hungarian government: paying compensation to perpetrators instead of victims unacceptable

Reacting to the so-called "prison-business" debate during a radio interview on Sunday, Pal Volner, the Hungarian justice ministry's parliamentary state secretary, said the Strasbourg-based court should not prioritise the needs of "deviant minorities" over the majority of people.

Spain and Italy issue open invitation to migrants

A Spanish government minister has announced to settle in millions of migrants with a view to reinforcing the country's labour market, while Italy's interior minister has promised amnesty to 700,...

Radical Islamist takes lessons between school kids

After five years spent in prison, the radical preacher is taking language lessons at a primary school, in the same building as the school students. Parents are shocked and outraged.

Polish President exchanges badges in attentive gesture

Hundreds of locals showed up in the town of Opole Lubelskie to meet President Andrzej Duda, whose interviews appear to exude a mood of happiness. A lucky man,...

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