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Number of mosques applying for state funds triples

Belgium's Flemish provinces provided more than 720,000 euros in support for mosques built on their territories in 2018. As a result, the number of Islamic houses of worship applying for state support has doubled in 2019, and the mosques supported by the Belgian state may also be eligible to receive additional funding from abroad.

Christmas sweaters are bad for the environment

We will soon have to give up on every tradition ahead of the Christmas period, as UK-based charities have recently suggested to ditch the festive Christmas sweaters that are bad for the environment in favour of “ethical” wear.

Boris Johnson unveils restrictive post-Brexit immigration plan

In order to avoid uncontrolled immigration to the UK, Prime Minister Johnson is considering to introduce a new “Australian-style, points-based immigration system” which ranks incomers on certain criteria (qualifications,...

Firefighter beaten to death near Christmas market in Germany

A 49-year-old off duty firefighter was killed and his friend was taken to hospital with severe head injuries after a gang of teenagers attacked them in the southern German city of Augsburg....

Jewish center names Corbyn as top anti-Semite of 2019

Ahead of the UK's upcoming snap elections on Thursday, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has compiled a new list, naming Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the most antisemitic public person of 2019.

Antifa radicals threaten to assassinate AfD MP

Radical left-wing activists have threatened to assassinate Christina Baum, an MP of the anti-migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. They placed a wooden cross in front of her husband's dental office with various inscriptions,...

France to ban nativity scenes

The southern town of Beziers, led by right-wing politician Robert Menard, is embroiled in a controversy. The nativity scenes set up at town hall have triggered fierce debates each year since 2014, with some arguing that the crib is an attack on secularism.

Binge drinking sends six teens to hospital each day in the heart of Europe

Alcohol abuse is a major problem among Belgian teenagers, with an average of six young adults ending up in hospital for intoxication each day, according to a study conducted jointly by several Belgian health care funds....

Migrants claim rights while attacking doctors

Afghan migrants hospitalised after a street fight were unsatisfied with medical treatment, thus attacked a doctor in a hospital in Paris. In southern Italy, a road to a harbour was blocked by African migrants as they were not granted immediately of Italian citizenship. In Vienna, a refugee threatened an official by "running amok" if he did not receive his papers urgently.

Stricter regulations for e-scooters in Western Europe

In order to protect pedestrians and reduce the number of accidents, rules on the use of electric scooters are being tightened in several Western European countries....

Convicted killer and sex offender to change gender on taxpayers' money

Man sentenced to life imprisonment for home invasion murder is undergoing gender change on taxpayers' money.

Climate worriers buzz in fear

There appears to be no end to climate activists' efforts to keep the spotlight on the planet's 'climate emergency', and protestors seem to have recently discovered the ideal way to convey their message: Buzzing around in bee costumes during election campaign events and gluing themselves to electric buses.

Teens threaten bomb attacks in the name of ISIS

Two teenagers, the son of a Chechen migrant family and a 14-year-old Croatian boy, were arrested by Austrian police on Thursday after they threatened on social media to carry out bombings in Vienna's busiest areas on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIS)....

UK liberals to simplify gender change

The British government wants to tighten up the Gender Recognition Act's conditions for people wanting to change gender. However, the Liberal Democrats are campaigning for just the opposite,...

German industrial output once more in the red

A new report by Germany's Federal Statistical Office released on Friday reveals that German industrial output fell by 1.7 per cent in October compared to the previous month,...

Hungary-Japan ties have spiritual content

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, in Tokyo on Friday. The leaders said their countries have a mutual interest in the other's success and are turning towards each other with a trust rooted in hundreds of years of history.

Left-wing EU Commissioners celebrate with a Marxist song

The EU's freshly installed leftist Commissioners have revealed their true colours after singing the Italian song "Bella Ciao" together with Timmermans and Gentiloni, shortly after their appointment. For Italians, the song is associated with Marxism and its devoted supporters.

More than a hundred migrants arrive in Europe in recent days

More than a hundred migrants attempted to reach the EU by boat last week, with almost a record high of seventy-nine trying to cross the English Channel to reach the United Kingdom in a single day....

Unemployment and employment in Europe

V4NA's latest analysis reveals which countries rank on top in terms of unemployment and employment. What's more, interesting tendencies can be observed in several countries,...

Deputy mayor calls Germans Nazi for not wanting another mosque

Erfurt's Muslim deputy mayor would build new mosques in Germany as long as there is one in every village. "Nazis can't stop us!" he claimed on Twitter after protesters demanded to stop the construction of a new mosque in the traditionally Christian Germany.

Santa Clauses to provide certificate of good conduct

All Santa Clauses should present a certificate of good conduct and morals in Belgium, a foundation focusing on children urged in a campaign after it emerged that a Santa Claus had been convicted for paedophilia previously.

Germany to introduce speed limit on motorways

To meet its bold climate protection commitments, the German government is planning to significantly increase the tax content of fuel, withdraw commuter support schemes,...

Human smuggler deceives migrants with fake border fence

A Russian human smuggler pulled up a fence to the north of Vyborg, Russia, but tens of kilometres south from the Finnish border, and offered migrants to smuggle them over it. Arriving to the other side of the “border”, the Russian border guards intercepted the four migrants and enlightened them that they were still on the territory of Russia. The deal cost the migrants 10,000 dollars each.

Macron starts scheming to dethrone von der Leyen

On the day of the European Parliament's vote on the new Commission, Bloomberg published a long analysis of French President Emmanuel Macron's European ambitions and international plans. The timing of the article is hardly a coincidence, and its content and tone leaves no doubt that it was ordered straight from the Elysee Palace. Analysis by Hungarian political scientist Tamas Lanczi.

Austria revokes citizenship of former IS fighter

A 27-year-old Turkish-born man, who had been a member of the Islamic State for years, was deprived of his Austrian citizenship. The man was treated in a hospital in Vienna for gunshot wounds he had received in jihad which cost more than 12,...

NATO acknowledges mass migration poses security challenge

NATO has acknowledged for the first time that mass migration from the south poses a security challenge and the alliance should address this issue, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban after the NATO Summit in London on Wednesday.

Scandal hit Finnish prime minister had fair share of controversy as attorney

A series of scandals involving the Finnish government in the past months have led to the fall of the country's prime minister. Antti Rinne tendered his resignation on Tuesday after his main ally,...

Swedes believe government unable to end gang wars and street violence

Swedes have little faith in the promises of Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, as shown by a recent opinion poll which found that around 90 per cent of Swedish voters believe the government will fail to deliver on its pledge to deal with the gang wars and curb street violence within six months....

PISA survey: 20 per cent of 15-year-old Germans have reading difficulties

Germany has been shocked by the results of the OECD's latest PISA survey released on Wednesday. The assessment reveals that the reading and writing skills of one in five 15-year-old German students remains below the baseline "primary school" level. Although Germany still ranks high in the survey, the performance of German students has deteriorated in some areas compared to three years ago.

Donald Trump offers France "some nice IS fighters"

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron met ahead of the NATO summit in London, but the two leaders have set out opposing views. The French president continues to criticise the members and the operations of the alliance,...

Education rate of V4 countries improves constantly

This analysis of V4NA provides an in-depth look into the level of education in European countries. In addition, V4NA examines which countries have strong tertiary education institutions and give a breakdown of the current situation by each age group.

Former US Congressman stands up for Hungary

While US foreign policy decision-makers are questioning Donald Trump's competencies and powers, they seem to care little how different international and non-governmental organisations influence their decisions, a former member of the US House of Representatives has said. The same tendency is present in opinions towards Hungary, which, according to an organisation linked to Obama's circles, is no longer a democracy but an 'antisemitic autocracy'.

Greta Thunberg continues journey on diesel train after sailing across ocean

Greta Thunberg boarded the Spanish railway company's luxury train to make her way from Lisbon to the crucial climate conference in Madrid. The trip's flaw is that the electric locomotive must be replaced with a diesel-powered train on a 100 kilometre stretch of the 640-kilometre journey between Portugal and the Spanish capital,...

Nigerian mafia network directed from Italian refugee camp busted

Thirty members of a Nigerian mafia network run from Italy have been arrested in several European countries on charges of people smuggling, slave trade, extortion, robbery, sexual violence, forced prostitution and exploitation. Authorities launched an investigation after a pastor at a reception centre in Bari raised the alarm in a letter to police claiming their lives were in danger because of the criminal organisation.

European Commission opens probe into tech giants

The European Commission (EC) launched preliminary investigations on Monday into how US internet giants Facebook and Google gather, process use and monetise European users' data.

Book on transgender sexual experiences in library children's section

Unsuspecting young children can find a book available on the shelves of several libraries featuring transgender teenagers taking about their experiences including a case of oral sex when one of the authors was 6 years old.

Finnish PM resigns during EU presidency

Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne is expected to step down this afternoon amidst a worsening government crisis. Talking to journalists on Monday, the premier said he wants to avoid a situation where the government's programme,...

New players to end golden age of streaming

The streaming services market is flourishing as more and more companies begin to challenge Netflix's current dominance. Apple and Disney have recently launched their own streaming platforms and other tech giants have also announced plans for their own independent solutions....

Security guard steals service weapons from government offices

Swedish police have arrested a young man suspected of stealing six small firearms from the Stockholm government offices, Swedish portal Aftonbladet reports....

Forbes: Christian persecution is a real problem

Following a spate of news reports in recent months regarding the global persecution of Christians, Forbes magazine has also acknowledged that religious violence is on the rise....

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