PM Orban's political director sends message to Sweden

Sweden's PM has asked what the Hungarian MPs' problem is. We'll help him understand with a few examples, political director Balazs Orban wrote on his social media.

POLITICS MARCH 24. 2023 09:01

The Hungarian prime minister’s political director commented on his Facebook page to Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson’s confusion about Hungary’s decision to separate Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership applications and to approve only the latter.

In his post, Balazs Orban writes „the Swedish PM has asked what the Hungarian MPs’ problem is. We’ll help him understand with a few examples”, and then lists the following examples:

3 March 2021
Ulf Kristersson (then leader of the Moderate Party, now prime minister):
For the EU large parts of the job still remain to break the development in Hungary, to put pressure on the Hungarian government and to support the increasingly strong opposition.”
30 June 2021
Jessika Roswall (then EU spokesperson for the Moderate Party, now minister for EU affairs):
It is now required that the EU act clearly and that the new conditionality mechanism stops payments to Hungary.”
10 May 2022
Johan Pehrson (then leader of the Liberal Party, now minister for employment and integration):
„Hungary’s xenophobic and nationalist government continues to violate the principle rule of law and waivers in supporting Ukraine.”

„Good morning, Stockholm!” – PM Orban’s political director wrote, concluding his post.



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