Organization allied with Islamists sends 100-member delegation to EP – video

Organization allied with Islamists sends 100-member delegation to EP – video

Despite the preliminary debates and protests, the FEMYSO organization, which is closely linked to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, is being represented by a sizeable delegation of one hundred people at the two-day large-scale event.

WORLD POLITICS JUNE 10. 2023 14:18

The European Youth Event (EYE) organized by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, offers thousands of young people between the ages of 16 and 30 the unique opportunity to meet the decision-makers, writes the EP on its website. The fifth such event is being held this year on June 9 and 10 in the Alsace city. The EYE’s program offers activities created jointly with institutions, international organizations, civil society, youth organizations and the participants themselves.

The event is also being attended by FEMYSO, who proudly announced this in a video.


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According to one of the young headscarfed girls in the video, thousands of young people from all over Europe come to Strasbourg every two years to discuss important topics with activists, experts and decision-makers.

The activist emphasizes that, as a young European Muslim, she considers it extremely important to be active and monitor the events affecting society. It is also important that young Muslims participate in the democratic process for a cohesive and vibrant Europe.

V4NA previously wrote about the FEMYSO organization, highlighting that they receive quite generous support from the European Union. Since 2007, they have received regular financial support from the European Commission, a total of 210,000 euros so far. As for FEMYSO’s activities in Europe, they mainly consist of communication and poster campaigns lobbying for the freedom to wear the Muslim headscarf, research projects and organizing seminars for European youth. The organization systematically attacks France for its law on secularism which restricts the wearing of visible, conspicuous religious symbols – including the Muslim headscarf – in public places.

However, this isn’t all regarding the dubious affairs surrounding FEMYSO, as the organization is closely linked to the Islamist organization called the Muslim Brotherhood, which was disbanded in France. For this reason, the minister responsible for French citizenship, Marlene Schiappa, called on the relevant European bodies in November 2021 to, like France, do their part in the fight against radical Islamism.

Jean-Paul Garraud, a French right-wing politician and MEP, responded to the news that FEMYSO is sending a delegation of 100 young people to EYE2023 in the European Parliament by pointing out that this is how Islamists are infiltrating the EP.


According to the politician, it is an unacceptable provocation that clearly illustrates the cultural war that the Muslim Brotherhood is waging through the youth.

The French right-wing group called Groupe Identite et Democratie also spoke about what happened, highlighting that the Islamist organization- allied FEMYSO has drawn attention to itself on several occasions, including by sharply criticizing France for the ban on wearing the burkini and the Muslim headscarf.


The Groupe also reminded that last November the organization in question openly promoted the wearing of the hijab and did all this with the support of the European Union.

Regarding FEMYSO’s participation in the EYE2023 event, Groupe Identite et Democratie openly states in its Twitter post that they will never accept the infiltration of political Islam into European institutions.




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