PM Orban: It’s good to be Hungarian!

It is good to be Hungarian!" Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the opening ceremony of the new Ethnographic Museum in Budapest's City Park on Sunday.

CULTURE MAY 22. 2022 17:32

The premier stressed that the government has decided to spend Hungary’s resources on culture, cultural spaces, museums and concert halls, the built environment and the restoration of Budapest’s most beautiful park “in the midst of an uncertain and changing world.”

“While everyone was saying that it could not be done, we were moving step by step, building by building, and on 3 April the Hungarian people confirmed that we were right to do it, and they believe that the biggest cultural project in Europe must be completed. I think we have been given the mandate to deliver the full programme,”

PM Orban said.

The Hungarian PM pointed out that they wanted a building where the natural beauty of Hungarian folk culture could be presented to the fullest. “Today we are celebrating that our treasures have found their rightful place and we have one task left: we must grow up so that we do not celebrate only one day, but find joy in being Hungarian every day”, the PM said. This remarkable building, which is another outstanding example of Hungarian ingenuity and sense of beauty, will help us do that,” Mr Orban concluded.



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