Hungarian vaccination points open, Ukrainian border closes

Vaccination points have been opened, the border guard's system broke down, Transcarpathia's Hungarian press reported. Hungary has set up temporary vaccination points to offer inoculation for the citizens of neighbouring countries living near the Hungarian border, thus ensuring that ethnic Hungarians also get protected against Covid-19 and mitigating the risk of spreading the virus through frequent border crossings. However, those living near the Ukrainian-Hungarian border have had a limited access to the temporary vaccination points due to the closed border.

HOT JULY 4. 2021 16:28

Hungary allows Hungarian citizens and non-Hungarians living on the other side of the Hungarian–Ukrainian border to be inoculated in Hungary. The option is available since Friday. The Hungarian military has deployed special buses for the vaccination of those arriving from the other side of the border at the Zahony railway station and the border crossing points at Barabas and Lonya, the official website of the Hungarian Defence Forces reported.

According to the official announcement of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, the border crossing points at Koson–Barabas and Horonhlab–Lonya, there will be no changes in the normal operation of the crossing point during the vaccination period on the Ukrainian side, reported. However, people wishing to receive the jab complained on social media about being denied entry into Hungary on Friday and Saturday, thereby missing out on the opportunity offered by the Hungarian state. The Border Guard Service cited system failure as cause. It is noteworthy that vaccination coverage is very low in Ukraine and rollout is much slower than in Hungary, writes.

Border crossing has been suspended due to heavy rainfall, causing the „equipment of the border guard service to fail,” the press service of the Mukachevo border guard told on Sunday. Repair is reported to be progress, as of Sunday noon.

Hungarian Defence Forces are planning to station the vaccination buses and medical staff near the Ukrainian border crossing points until 1 August.