MOL: Region's energy supply steady

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban convened a meeting of the defence council due to the stoppage of the Friendship oil pipeline and a missile explosion in Poland.


The Friendship crude oil pipeline was shut down after a transformer supplying power to it was hit by a missile on the Belarus-Ukraine border, Hungarian media reported. Only the transformer was damaged, the pipeline remained intact. Supply has remained uninterrupted for the time being. Hungarian oil and gas company MOL confirmed that it is able to continuously ensure the energy supply of the country and the region.

Their operational stocks, as well as Hungary’s strategic reserves, are sufficient to keep the refinery in Szazhalombatta operational during the interim period until the damage is repaired, the company wrote in a statement.

As a result of the hit, oil deliveries on the pipeline to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia came to a temporary halt.

„We are closely monitoring events and exploring with our Ukrainian partners the conditions necessary to re-launch the Friendship pipeline,”

MOL’s statement reads.



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