V4 country to embark on major easing of restrictions

As the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be subsiding, the country will see a gradual easing of restrictions in May, the prime minister told a press briefing on Wednesday.

HOT APRIL 28. 2021 11:56

Poland is to embark on a major easing of restrictions in multiple phases in May, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told a press conference.

„The last few days have shown that we are moving in a better direction and the third wave of the epidemic is subsiding,” Poland s premier said at the start of the briefing, and then he outlined the plans for restarting the economy. 

„As of 1 May, some activities can be resumed in sports facilities and swimming pools,” Mr Morawiecki said, adding that shopping centres, DIY- and furniture stores can reopen from 4 May. Pupils in the first three years of elementary school can return to school, and art galleries and museums can reopen, the prime minister said.

From 8 May, hotels can resume their operations and from 15 May, restaurants can also receive customers, but only in their gardens and open-air terraces for the time being, the prime minister explained. Higher grade students can return to schools in „hybrid education” from 17 May, and all students can return to face-to-face education from 29 May.

The epidemiological data of the regions were similar, health minister said, which is why the government decided to ease the restrictions not by regions, but across the whole country, he added.

Starting on 1 May, up to 50 people can play sports together outdoors, he said, adding that the reopening sports facilities and swimming pools will only be allowed to operate at 50 per cent of their capacity.

As to retaliers, they cannot have more than 1 customer per 15 square meters, the minister said, adding that hotels are allowed to operate at 50-per-cent capacity.

„We will take the next step on 15 May,” Adam Niedzielski continued, revealing that from that day on, mask-wearing will not be mandatory as long as the 1.5-meter safety distance is observed. Weddings and outdoor parties will be allowed for up to 20 people, with theaters and open-air cinemas also permitted to run at 50 per cent capacity, the minister stressed.



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