Brussels' lie factory exposed by Hungarian TikToker

Brussels' lie factory exposed by Hungarian TikToker

A Hungarian TikToker is posting several videos a day with new content from Russia on TikTok. She has already shown how much petrol costs and presented the selection of chocolates and soft drinks available to customers in Russia.

HOT FEBRUARY 2. 2023 10:31

As previously reported by V4NA, the sanctions are not particularly painful to Russians. During our visit to Moscow, we found that international brands are still present, with the products of Coca-Cola, the company that has withdrawn from Russia in spectacular fashion at least twice, remaining available on the store shelves.

Now a Hungarian TikToker also presented proof of this. She shares posts on her TikTok channel several times a day. The videos she publishes clearly show that inflation in Russia is negligible and there is no shortage of western products. And she says that Russians who were left unemployed by departing Western companies have found work for themselves again.

In a separate video, she shows how much the products on the shelves of stores in Russia cost.

She also discussed how much utility fees cost in Russia.

Previously, V4NA reported on how the mega-corporations vociferously announcing their withdrawal did NOT actually pull out of Russia. In other words, they lied boastfully that they were sanctioning the country in this way, some voluntarily, some due to political pressure from Brussels or Washington, but essentially they did not even leave Russia, or they seeped back in different ways.

So this is how the lie factory of Brussels and Washington, which claims that the sanctions are hurting the Russians, collapsed.



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