Man in charge of 'Green Deal' a hypocritical waster of energy

Man in charge of 'Green Deal' a hypocritical waster of energy

An energy parasite. This is how an average citizen, suffering from rising utility fees that are reaching historic highs, could describe the Vice President of the European Commission, who would slap the enormous extra costs of the EU’s climate goals on people, while he lives a life of luxury and wastes plenty of energy.


Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s vice president for green policy was brutally honest about the short-term consequences of the Green Deal. “The transition’s gonna be bloody hard, and no one should have any illusions that this is going to be easy,” he said during a meeting. The document contains the measures necessary to meet the climate goals set for 2050. These include new taxes that would drastically increase the utility bills of households at a time when utility prices in Western Europe are already at historic highs.

People are close to being crippled by their enormous utility bills but, according to Frans Timmermans, „The one thing we cannot afford is for the social side to be opposed to the climate side.”

In other words, George Soros’s trusted man believes that drastic climate protection measures take precedence over the hardships of European citizens.The EU’s top politician has called on Europeans to switch to renewable energy sources as soon as possible. But such upgrades come at a huge cost, while a large number of households are forced into a stark choice: their bills – or their groceries. However, the EU elite has offered a solution: Mr Timmermans recently said that people should use less gas, claiming that energy savings could be the solution to today’s high prices in the short term.

Very few people know, however, that the ride between Brussels and the luxury home of Mr Timmermans takes an hour and a half, revealing that the vice-president in charge of green policy is preaching water whilst drinking wine. Built in 1937, the vice president’s multi-storey villa – boasting 12 rooms in total – looks like a hotel at first glance.

The building has a “G” energy label, one of the lowest ratings according to the EU’s efficiency standards. It means the occupants of the property use so much energy that it could have been destined for demolition in certain European states.

Thus, while being a huge consumer of energy and electricity, Mr Timmermans demands that people switch to renewable sources with immediate effect, something unaffordable for the average citizen. In the meantime, he did not bother upgrading his home with solar collectors or improve its energy efficiency in any other way. He bought his house for some half a million euros 12 years ago and its value now possibly exceeds 1 million euros.

As we saw the profound luxury enjoyed by the Brussels elite in Tervuren and gained some insight into the lifestyle of Mr Timmermans” – himself a huge waster of energy – we did some additional research only to realise that Mr Timmermans is not the only climate politician in Europe who advocates the smart use of energy in public, while being wasteful with his own consumption habits.

There have been instances when other leading European politicians were also caught in hypicrisy. Manfred Weber, the group leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament, is known for delivering regular, fiery speeches on the importance of fighting corruption while he used all sorts of cunning tricks and legal loopholes to pocket at least 400 thousand euros.



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