Eurovision scandal looms, as politics replaces music

The Eurovision Song Contest may once again become heavily politcised. While last year no one stood a chance to beat the patriotic Ukrainian band, this year a Croatian group is trying to take advantage of the Russia-Ukraine war. Let 3's performance is a parody of the Russia-Belarus relations, according to analysts.

HOT WORLD FEBRUARY 15. 2023 07:38

In Croatia, the song Mama SC! (Mom SHCH!) by the band called Let 3 has won the Eurovision national final, scoring 279 points, while the song in the second spot only received 155 points. Since then, the performance has launched an avalanche of comments on social media, with some people liking it and seeing it as a winner, and others arguing that the contest should not be about politics, but about music. Some even suggested that these types of entries should be banned from the festival.

A song about Putin, Lukashenko and a Belarusian tractor

As the lyrics is in Croatian, the international audience will definitely need a little research and some political background knowledge to understand it, although the costumes and outfits are telling. Hrvoje Cvijanovic, a professor at the University of Zagreb, took to Facebook to render an explanation for the interpretation of the message the costumed rock band wanted to convey. The line „Mama kupila traktora” meaning „Mom bought a tractor” is repeated in the first part of the song. Hrvoje Cvijanovic, who teaches political science, says that the word „mama” or „mom” refers to Russia, while the „tractor” represents Belarus (the brand name of the tractor the country manufactures is also Belarus). In other words, it means that Russia bought Belarus. The tractor is also meant to recall the gift tractor Putin received on his 70th birthday from the Belarusian president. The depiction of Alyaksandr Lukashenko is visually clear.

Next is a line that says „Mama ljubila morona” or „Mom loves a moron”, which means that Russia loves a moron, who is Putin himself and who is taking the country to Armageddon and ordinary people to war, according to the analyst’s explanation.

Lenin’s figure also appears at one point in the choreography. He is dressed in black, holding two rockets and snarling ferociously at the audience.

Let 3 is trying to deploy every trick imaginable in order to win: in addition to the highly political content, some members of the all-male group are wearing skirts, and, of course, make-up.

Some Eurovision fans would disqualify the Croatian band

Besides its supporters, the group also has a large number of opponents on social media.

People seem to be getting fed up with the fact that Eurovision’s focus is shifting from the songs, the music and the singers towards political messaging and gender lobbying – think of Austria’s Conchita Wurst appearing as a bearded woman, or Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra, last year’s winners.

Many took to Twitter to share their outrage: „Immediately exclude Croatia, or at least their song”, „I wish zero points to the Croats”, „What is wrong with you people?”, wrote viewers increasingly disappointed with the contest. They also called the Croat group’s performance „sick” and „disgusting.”

Last year’s victory was secured by political messaging

Last year’s Eurovision Song Contest was won by Ukraine, but the war is now prevented Kyiv from hosting. Instead. the event will be held in the UK, last year’s runner-up, in Liverpool on 9, 11 and 13 May. Thirty-seven countries have confirmed their participation. A change from last year is that Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro have already indicated their absence from this year’s contest. The list of contenders is not yet complete, with national selection rounds taking place in late February and early March in several countries. Betting offices are expected to publish their odds later. If everything goes like it did last year, we will soon know not just the top favourites, but also who the certain winner is.



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