Soros's blog expands EU in secret

Hungary's media outlets critical of the government are making a huge effort to appear critical, so much so that they failed to realise that Iceland is not an EU member state. In fact, in March 2015 Iceland's government withdrew its accession request and signaled that it does not wish to restart its EU negotiations. A brief glance into Wikipedia would have helped but, in another absurd blunder, the leader of Hungary's opposition Momentum party described Japan as country in Europe.

HOT JULY 3. 2021 15:08

Hungary’s existing opposition media is trying really hard, undeterred by anything. If it’s in their interest, they will secretly expand the European Union and, apparently, they only believe in their own statistics. To support their recent argument, however, they had to airbrush a tiny little detail and portray Iceland as a member of the EU. A quick glace at Wikipedia or the EU’s official website would have helped to clarify that Iceland in not part of the EU.

Andras Fekete-Gyor, the head of the Hungarian opposition Momentum party and friend of Dutch PM Rutte, would have also clearly failed in geography. Perhaps he spent too much time talking to Dutch colonisers, because he believes that Japan is in Europe. Someone must have let him know and his post has since been corrected, but allow me to add that Mr Fekete-Gyor’s fellow lawmakers have a mandate in the European Parliament, where they make decisions on our future.


Earlier, it was Andras Fekete-Gyor who described „solar panels installed on rooftops as small nuclear power plants”.





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