After lengthy scapegoating, Left lays the blame for huge fiasco

At the plenary session of Hungary's parliament, the leftist MP presented an audacious explanation as to why the left-wing coalition had suffered a historic defeat in the April 2022 general elections.

POLITICS JUNE 29. 2022 10:36

MP Gergely Arato told the plenary session of the Hungarian parliament why the left-wing opposition coalition against the Fidesz-Christain Democrat (KDNP) party alliance had suffered a devastating defeat. The politician of the Democratic Coalition (DK) party, established by former Socialist PM Ferenc Gyurcsany, reproachfully blamed the opposition’s failure on the ruling coalition, saying it had forced the opposition parties onto one unified list.

According to Mate Kocsis, Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader, this is interesting, because when the opposition parties agreed on their alliance, they proclaimed it to be “of historic significance”. In addition, DK solemnly declared that – since its inception – it had always dreamed of one common opposition list in the elections. Mr Kocsis also recalled all this in a post on social media.



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