Anti-abortion vandalism: "Why are you doing this?"

Anti-abortion protesters were filmed damaging a monument on Warsaw s Constitution Square at night. It appears though that the vandals motives are understood by less and less people.

HOT WORLD NOVEMBER 29. 2020 13:05

Another historical monument was damaged on the streets of Warsaw, this time on Constitution Square. A reporter has even filmed a woman scribbling symbols of the pro-abortion and LGBT movements on several monuments.

First the activist first spray-painted the words “Abortion Without Borders” in red on the memorial in the middle of the square, as evidenced by the video. A passer-by even asked “why are you doing this?”, but it did not stop the woman, who was seen a little later spray-painting the walls of the historic city center.

“Girl, have some common sense!” another passer-by was heard in the background, while the activist was busy scribbling an LGBT slogan and some lightning bolts on the old stone wall.  



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