Anti-Semitic attack leaves one dead

Anti-Semitic attack leaves one dead

Revealing footage of the incident which happened back in February has just come to light. The video shows a gang assaulting a young man, who, in an attempt to flee from his assailants, runs out onto a tramway track and gets run over and killed by the arriving tram. The right-wing presidential candidate points out that this was not a traffic accident but an anti-Semitic attack.


A fatal transportation accident took place on 17 February in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis department in France, where a 31-year-old Jewish man was run over by a tram. The case was reported by the press, but a recently published video sheds a completely different light on the events. The footage, barely 1-minute long, shows as the young man is brutally beaten up by a group of people. The victim, Jeremy Cohen, manages to get away from his assailants, but runs in front of an arriving tram, which kills him.

After the publication of the new evidence, he prosecutor’s office issued a statement in which they wrote that they had initiated an investigation on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter.

Right-wing presidential candidate Eric Zemmour also took note of the events. He wrote on twitter, “How is it possible that neither the media, nor politicians or members of the government talk about the death of Jeremy Cohen, beaten up by scum?”

In Macron’s France, murders of Jews are passed off as tram accidents, tweeted one of Zemmour’s supporters, Damien Rieu, a member of the right-wing Generation Identitaire group disbanded by the interior minister.

After Eric Zemmour threw his weight behind the case by drawing public attention to it in the media, the deceased young man’s father, Gerald Cohen, contacted him and after a 15-minute telephone conversation asked for his help in preventing the authorities from closing the investigation and covering up what transpired.

On a television show, the father asked viewers to contact him if anyone had any information about what had happened.

Emmanuel Macron’s key political rival, Marine Le Pen also commented on the incident, saying what was presented as an accident could be an anti-Semitic murder and demanded an explanation for the silence over the case.

Eventually, Emmanuel Macron also responded in the wake of extensive media coverage. The news portal 20 minutes reported that the president’s cabinet had telephoned the parents of the deceased young man to offer condolences. According to the portal, the president’s office also assured parents that the judiciary was doing everything in its power to shed light on what had happened and to identify the perpetrators.



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