Austria scraps quarantine requirement for V4 travellers

There are, however, certain pre-conditions attached.

WORLD MAY 19. 2021 13:14

Entry requirements for Hungarians travelling to Austria will change starting on of Wednesday, 19 May. “As the country belongs to the low risk category, those who possess a PCR test no older than 72 hours or an antigen test no older than 48 hours, as well as those who had received two anti-coronavirus vaccinations can enter Austria without needing to self-isolate,” senior police officer Robert Kiss told Wednesday s press briefing of the Operative Board coordinating Hungary s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Effective from Wednesday, Austria has eased travel restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Countries are divided into three groups. The first group includes countries with a low incidence rate per one hundred thousand inhabitants over a 7-day period. Most European states belong to this group.

The second group includes countries that Austria currently classifies as high-risk based on pandemic-related data. Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus belong to this group. If travellers from these countries do not have a vaccination certificate or proof of a past Covid infection, they are required to self-isolate even if they test negative, and they can only take a PCR test on the fifth day of the quarantine.

Countries where various virus variants have emerged have been classed into the third group, including India, Brazil, and South Africa. The entry requirement from these countries – even for those already inoculated or having recovered from Covid – is a negative PCR test, besides the mandatory quarantine which continues to apply. The ban on imbound flights from these countries, which was imposed on 29 April, was extended until 6 June.



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