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Beheading terrorist shot dead in France - video

From their window, someone filmed the police action in which the beheading terrorist in France was shot dead.

The video proves that the perpetrator was repeatedly called to surrender, but he did not. As he continued to threaten police, they shot him.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the attack, in which a secondary school history teacher was beheaded in a suburb called Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, northwest of Paris, an Islamist terrorist attack on Friday night.

Macron: iszlamista terrorista merénylet volt a tanár lefejezése
Macron: Beheading the teacher was "Islamist terrorist attack"

French President Emmanuel Macron called the beheading of a high school history teacher in a suburb called Conflans-Sainte-Honorine,...

On Friday afternoon, police were called, because a man was prowling in the street with a knife. When the arriving officers called him to lay down his weapon, he refused to do so, which can be heard in the newly released video. Since he threatened them and acted aggressively, police shot the 18-year-old to death. Not far from the scene, the officers also found the bloody corpse of a victim lying on the ground, which was later revealed to be the secondary school teacher, who the killer had beheaded with particular cruelty.

The murder took place after the teacher had recently organised a debate on secularism in his class. As part of his pedagogy, the teacher presented the students with the Muhammad cartoons that triggered the attack on Charlie Hebdo, however it caused uproar among several Muslim families.

Lefejeztek egy tanárt a nyílt utcán Párizstól nem messze
Knife-wielding man decapitates teacher on open street near Paris

The scene, only found in horror movies, took place on Friday afternoon in a town near Paris. The case is being investigated by the anti-terrorism prosecutor's office....

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