Biden s niece avoids jail time

Caroline Biden admitted that she was under the influence of drugs when she crashed her car, but she will not spend a day behind bars because, one day after the elections, she struck a deal with the district attorney. The court says the unusual timing is coincidence.

HOT DECEMBER 20. 2020 14:15

She confessed to having used illicit drugs while driving after she smashed her car into a tree and suffered an accident. She could have been sentenced to six months in jail but she was released after she struck a plea deal with Montgomery county s district attorney. This is the brief story of Caroline Biden, the niece of President-elect Joe Biden, which – although it made headline news on the net over the weekend – has meticulously escaped the attention of left-leaning newspapers.

On  3 December, Ms Biden admitted that during her car accident she was indeed under the influence of prescription medications, which was proved by a blood test along with several other pills. Based on preliminary negotiations she was predicted to receive between 20 days to 6 months in confinement, but one day after her uncle s election, following what many have decsribed as a painstakingly slow negotiation process during the election campaign, she struck a plea deal with the district attorney to receive five months of probation, with 20 days in rehab counting towards her sentence. Her license was also revoked and she was required to participate in a public or nonprofit community service program for 12 hours.

According to a court spokesman, the unusual timing of the plea deal was a mere coincidence.



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