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BLM protester runs to police for help

Although people keep protesting against police under the banners of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is never a bad thing to have an officer around. When a baby became unresponsive during a recent demonstration, his mother ran to an officer for help, who saved her son's life.

The video captured the alarming moment at a Black Lives Matter protest. A mother, participating in an anti-police demonstration in Palmdale in late May, took along her 11-month-old baby boy who appeared to swallow a coin, which got stuck in his airway. The toddler stopped breathing and then he lost consciousness.

Although BLM activists were protesting against police, the distressed mother ran to a law enforcement officer for help, who saved the toddler's life: he removed the coin from the airway so the baby could breathe and regain consciousness.

The baby boy was hospitalised after the incident. In that moment "none of that other stuff matters, just the baby", said Deputy Cameron Kinsey, the cop who saved the infant's life.

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