Catastrophe tourism booming at sites of war horrors

Catastrophe tourism booming at sites of war horrors

War tourism is thriving in Ukraine, with many people travelling to the war-torn country to see the devastation for themselves, while a growing number of people venture close to the front lines to hear the explosions and gunfire. But war is not a tourist attraction, it has destroyed the lives of millions.

WORLD MAY 5. 2024 20:06

Ukraine has been at war for two years, and in recent months the country has seen a boom in war tourism. One of the „most popular” destinations is the town of Bucha, which was once the scene of devastating fighting.

Disaster tourism gained momentum after countless images of the country appeared on social media. The cost of such a trip is around €250, and several companies are organising tours that include English-language guides. The companies also guarantee that visitors will be able to talk to locals and that they will only travel on „safe routes”. Devastated locations are targeted, for example to hear explosions or take photos for Instagram.

Some go to Ukraine under the pretense of providing humanitarian aid, while in fact, instead of bringing real aid, they just want to see the war for themselves. As far back as August 2022, Business Insider reported on a company that was organising tours specifically to show what life is like in war. At that time, more than two hundred tours had already been booked.

The organisers inform those signing up for the tour that will see shelled buildings, bomb debris and destroyed military equipment, and also to be prepared for active landmines and air raids.

War, however, is not a tourist attraction and has ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the past year. Many homes have been destroyed, millions have fled the country and air raid alerts continue across Ukraine.

The stream of funerals never ends with the loss of life in the hundreds of thousands .



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