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Channel migrants threaten to throw themselves in water

Illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel in small boats are doing everything to avoid being stopped by the authorities. Approached by naval vessels in a number of recent incidents, they threatened to drown themselves or their children in order to keep the French ships back and be allowed to continue their journey.

The situation is getting worse in the English Channel, where migrants leaving the French coast can enter England without any hindrance, even though the British government paid millions of pounds to France stop migrants from using their country as a launchpad to Britain.

In reality, however, international law prohibits French authorities to stop migrants at sea, who are also frequently helped ashore by the Brits. Brexit party chief Nigel Farage has already voiced his concerns and reported on the issue of illegal arrivals.

Recent news reports suggest that illegal migrants have come up with a new method to keep the French away: they threaten to drown themselves or their children in order to keep French ships back, according to Richard Ford, home correspondent of The Times. The journalist added that in situations like this, French authorities have no choice but to withdraw and escort the migrant boats off to British territorial waters.

The video, where Nigel Farage and his team follow a French warship shadowing a small rubber dinghy, shows a similar incident. The British politician said "we caught the French Navy cheating" and still escorting boats into British waters, trying to cover up the truth about the arrival of illegal migrants.

The incident raises further questions, such as why the migrants - who are in Europe illegally after having crossed the Channel unlawfully - aren't arrested, Breitbart writes. It is also unclear to people why migrants reaching British shores are not returned to France. British Home Secretary Priti Patel recently said the government was planning to bring in new lawsto make it easier to return cross-Channel migrants to France, adding that this will only happen after Britain leaves the EU.

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